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Egidijus Kavaliauskas Would Love Another Shot At Terence Crawford: “I Know He Is Beatable”

By: Hans Themistode

One time is usually all it takes for the opponents of Terence Crawford to realize that he’s as good as everyone says he is. 

The undefeated three division world champion has never found himself in a close matchup throughout his career. But with a spotless record inside of the ring and near flawless performances each and every time out, the Nebraska native has shown a small chink in his armor. 

In what was thought to be nothing more than a walk in the park against the unheralded Egidijus Kavaliauskas, Crawford had a surprisingly difficult time with the former Olympian. Not only was the current WBO belt holder out boxed early on, but it appeared that he was rocked and dropped in the third round. Regardless of his early success, Kavaliauskas was ultimately dropped on three separate occasions before getting stopped in the ninth round. 

Things may have gone awry, but if he was given a second chance at Crawford, he would do it in a heartbeat.

“If I get the opportunity to fight Crawford, I would do it all over again. I want to face him again,” said Kavaliauskas during a recent virtual press conference. “I know he is beatable. Everyone is. I liked how the fight started, but not how it ended. I lost focus in the middle of the fight.”

The defeat for Kavaliauskas may have given him the first loss of his pro career, but the experience of not only fighting a pound for pound fighter, but giving him a run for his money, did wonders for his self belief.

“At the end of the day, that fight gave me more confidence. I was definitely in the fight. It made me a better fighter. I corrected the mistakes I did make, and now I’m coming stronger.”

With Crawford (36-0, 27 KOs) seemingly tied up with former champion Kell Brook, a rematch is far from likely to ever take place. Still, even if the Lithuanian born contender isn’t afforded a rematch, then he’ll simply work his way from the ground up to force one of the welterweight champions to face him.

“I want to face the best opponents at welterweight. My goal is to become mandatory and fight for another world title. I would like to fight the top names at 147.”

The road to securing a second shot at a world title for Kavaliauskas (21-1-1, 17 KOs) begins this Saturday night when he takes on Mikael Zewski. A win over his man on the night won’t place him in championship contention, but Kavaliauskas does believe that the fans will get their money’s worth.

“Zewski is also a pressure fighter like me. I think we have similar styles, and I really believe we will make a very entertaining fight on Saturday. I know the fireworks will begin in the very first round. This will be an action fight!”

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Terence Crawford vs Kell Brook Inching Towards The Finish Line

By: Hans Themistode

Kell Brook is on the verge of getting exactly what he wants. 

Kell Brook and Mark DeLuca Weigh In Ahead ahead of their fight tomorrow night at the FlyDSA Arena in Sheffield. 7th February 2020 Picture By Mark Robinson.

The former 147 pound belt holder has been on a full fledged campaign to get a showdown with current WBO welterweight champion Terence Crawford. Now it appears that he’ll get his wish as both sides are inching towards the finish line. 

Originally, with Top Rank offering Brook 1.5 million to take the bout with Crawford, their negotiations seemed to be dead in the water. However, sources close to the situation have told The Athletic that they have since upped their offer to roughly two million. 

Although Top Rank seems to have placated the financial worries of Brook, Crawford on the other hand, hasn’t agreed to his purse just yet. Despite that, he has acknowledged that the Brook contest is number one on his radar and his ring return will take place later on this year.

“That’s what they saying is at the top of the list,” said Crawford as he watched his good buddy Jamel Herring dismantle Jonathan Oquendo. If it’s Kell Brook that I’m fighting then it’s Kell Brook that I’m fighting. Hopefully November, that’s the plan”

For Brook, his days of fighting on the big stage were thought to be long gone. After back to back losses to both Gennadiy Golovkin and Errol Spence Jr. in 2016 and 2017 respectively, Brook suffered consecutive orbital fractures and a loss of motivation. Since then, he’s abandoned the 147 pound division all together and began making noise at 154. Yet with three straight victories under his belt against less than stellar competition, Brook has decided to move back down in weight. In the past he’s complained that squeezing down his Jr middleweight frame to the welterweight limit has cost him on fight night. 

With that being said, a matchup with who many consider the best fighter in the world has apparently changed his mind. 

As for Crawford, a showdown with Brook may represent the fourth defense of WBO title, but for fans of the Nebraska native, he isn’t the name most were hoping for. 

Over the past several months, Crawford has gone back and forth with former unified welterweight champion Keith Thurman. In addition to the former titlist, promoter Bob Arum was optimistic of his chances in getting eight division champion and current WBA welterweight belt holder Manny Pacquiao into the ring with Crawford. 

Despite the confidence, nothing ever materialized with either man which left the door wide open for a Brook vs Crawford matchup. 

In terms of the possible date and location, nothing has been finalized but Arum is zeroing in on mid November. 

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Terence Crawford: “I’m Never Going To Get The Just Due”

By: Hans Themistode

Terence Crawford has become accustomed to getting exactly what he wants. 

The 32 year old wanted to see his name in the bright lights as a professional boxer from a young age and did just that. From there, Crawford set his sights on becoming a world champion. With titles at 135, 140 and now 147 pounds, he’s done it more times than he ever could have imagined. Next up for Crawford was worldwide recognition as one of the best boxers on the planet. Another check.  

Yet with everything that he has accomplished, he can’t seem to get the one thing he craves the most. Respect. 

For years Crawford has heard from fans, media members and his peers that he needs to face better opposition. The pound for pound star would immediately become both annoyed and pissed off when his credentials were questioned. Now, after a dozen years near the top, Crawford now believes he knows when he’ll receive the respect he believes he deserves.

“They’ll give me my credit when I retire,” said Crawford to the Associated Press. 

The three division world champion is coming off the heels of a ninth round knockout win against Egidijus Kavaliauskas in December of 2019. His performance was as dominant as ever, but with Kavaliauskas coming in as an unknown, many have discredited his win all together. 

Crawford (36-0, 27 KOs) hasn’t stepped into the ring this year just yet, but his likely next opponent in Kell Brook has already left fans of Crawford groaning. Brook, a former welterweight champion, has seen better days. He hasn’t officially fought at 147 pounds in nearly four years and at the age of 34, he has pondered retirement on more than one occasion. 

But while many have already questioned his next opponent, Crawford simply sits back and smiles as he believes he knows why. 

“The only reason they say that is because of how dominant I’ve been,” Crawford said. “Ricky Burns, he became champion after (fighting) me. Beltran, he became champion after me. A lot of people discredit those types of fighters. Then everybody gets their credit for beating those types of fighters. But me, being on the pedestal that I am, they look at me and say, ‘Oh, well, those are just stepping stone fights.”

The constant criticism of his opposition is something that used to get under the skin of Crawford. Now however, he takes it as a compliment. According to the three division champion, all of the former greats had their doubters so clearly, he’s doing something right he believes.

“Muhammad Ali, a lot of people didn’t like him. He was the villain. A lot of people didn’t like Mike Tyson, they just knew he was going to knock somebody out. A lot of people say Mike Tyson didn’t fight nobody, a lot of people don’t like Floyd Mayweather. But they respect him because of how talented he is. So when I look at it, I’m never going to get the just due. Just continue to keep winning. That’s it.”

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Yordenis Ugas: “I Would Fight Terence Crawford Without Question”

By: Hans Themistode

Former three division world champion and current WBO welterweight titlist Terence Crawford has been criticized for his level of opposition over the years. Fighters such as Keith Thurman and Danny Garcia have been forced to squint when trying to recognize the names that Crawford has shared the ring with as of late. 

At the moment, the Nebraska native is staring down the barrel of a showdown with former welterweight titlist Kell Brook. A win against his British counterpart may have held Crawford in high regard in the eyes of his peers several years ago, but with two broken orbital bones, an admitted lack of motivation and the absence of a big fight on his resume in years, a win over Brook will do little to placate his critics. 

On the opposite end of Crawford’s ailment’s is perpetual contender Yordenis Ugas. The 34 year old Cuban native has faced his fair share of big name opponents including Jamal James as well as Shawn Porter. Now, his murderers row of competition will be rewarded this coming Sunday when he takes on Abel Ramos with the vacant WBA regular title on the line. 

A win isn’t guaranteed, but if he does what most are expecting then he would love to kick down the door on a number of potential mega matchups in the welterweight division. Including a contest with Crawford.

“I would love to fight the winner of Spence vs Garcia, Keith Thurman and Terence Crawford,” said Ugas to Ray Flores during a virtual interview. “I would fight Terence Crawford without question. That or even a matchup against Mikey Garcia, I’m open to doing that as well.”

For Crawford, he has consistently had one response in regards to matchups with Garcia, Spence, Thurman and others. In short, negotiations can make any of those dream bouts come true. Yet, in regards to Ugas, Crawford hasn’t shown any willingness to work things out. 

“I talked about it but no offer has ever been presented to me.”

While fantasy matchups with Crawford excite Ugas (25-4, 12 KOs), for now, they are just that, fantasies. The 34 year old contender would much rather focus on reality and that would include his title contest this coming weekend. 

“It’s going to be a great fight. I’m really excited about it. I’m always ready to fight the full distance but if I can get the knockout then great. My main goal at the end of the day is to become a world champion.”

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Eddie Hearn Admits Terence Crawford vs Kell Brook Talks Underway: “We’re Trying To Make That Fight Happen”

By: Hans Themistode

After months of hearing his name associated with the likes of Shawn Porter, Keith Thurman and even Gary Russell Jr–Terence Crawford is heading in another direction entirely. 

The WBO welterweight titlist is on a collision course with former belt holder Kell Brook.  Their clash is far from a reality, but according to promoter Eddie Hearn, everything is pointing in the right direction. 

“I had a couple of conversations with Bob and Carl Moretti yesterday,” said Hearn on IFL TV. “I feel that’s a big fight for UK TV, so we’re trying to help out and get that over the line. Personally, I would love to see Kell get that fight.” 

Before COVID-19 turned the boxing landscape upside down, Brook was amongst Arum’s possible opponents for his welterweight titlist. Although, the long time promoter ranked it his least favorite amongst the remaining options on the table

“There are a number of possibilities,” said Arum to talkSPORT two months ago. “Thurman, Porter or this kid Ugas, the Cuban who’s a good, good welterweight. They’re with Al [Haymon’s] company PBC. But we’re working well together with that company, so I don’t think that’ll be a problem. And then finally there’s Kell Brook. So the first possibility is Pacquiao, if that’s possible. Second possibility is a fight against one of Al’s guys. And the third possibility is Kell Brook.”

For Crawford, his name has appeared in the headlines even more than usual as of late. 

Current 126 pound WBC champion Gary Russell Jr. kicked things off. The Maryland native recently revealed that he broke the jaw of Crawford at the Olympic center several years ago during a heated argument. The former three division titlist quickly went online to dismiss Russell Jr’s claims and threatened to “break his neck.” 

Those threats fell on deaf ears as Russell Jr. offered to move up four weight divisions to face Crawford. Most recently, the long standing champion claimed that an offer was sent out to Crawford for a showdown later this year but a response was never sent back. 

As they continued to go back and forth, Crawford quickly found himself feuding with another former champion, but someone his own size in Keith Thurman. 

“You never got respect in the game at 147,” said Thurman to Brian Custer on the Last Stand podcast recently. “You haven’t pushed the buttons at 147.”

With the two sides continuing to bark at one another, Arum nixed any possibilities of the two squaring off in the ring, claiming that Thurman wanted mind numbing money. Numerous reports were that the former champion’s number was in the 10 million dollar range. 

Now, with Thurman off the table and Manny Pacquiao currently eyeing other opponents, Arum appears to be settling for his least desired option. News that brings a smile to the face of Hearn. But before an agreement surfaces, Hearn has made it clear that Arum will have to dig deep in those heavily funded pockets of his.

“I think [Top Rank] had a conversation with Keith Thurman, and obviously they wanted too much money. It’s difficult at the moment … Crawford wants a lot of money, and Kell wants a lot of money. He deserves it. We’re trying to make that fight happen to assist Top Rank in getting the numbers together.”

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Terence Crawford Willing to Sit Out to Avoid Pay Cut

By: Hans Themistode

Regular everyday hard working people are facing the harsh reality of taking less money for more work due to COVID-19. Unemployment has risen to numbers that haven’t been seen since the Great Depression and simply making ends meet has become more and more arduous. 

The stress of less money can become a burden, but for professional boxers that have graduated to the elite level, seldom are they checking their bank accounts. Their purses have reached seven and sometimes eight figures which allows them to live comfortably. But even with their status in the sports world, COVID-19 has proven that they aren’t too high up on the pyramid to be affected by it. 

With fans not expected to be in attendance for live boxing events for the next several months, the cash flow of most fighters have cratered. Those seven figure paydays are much closer to six in today’s climate. It’s a reality that some are willing to accept at the moment, but not WBO welterweight titlist Terence Crawford. 

August 24, 2015, Omaha, Nebraska — WBO Jr. Welterweight champion Terence Crawford(R) (26-0, 18 KOs) attends a press conference in Omaha, Nebraska Monday to announce his upcoming title defense against world-rated contender Dierry Jean (29-1, 20 KOs), from Montréal, Québec, Canada. Jean lost his passport and was unable to attend. Promoted by Top Rank®, in association with Tecate, the Crawford vs. Jean championship fight will take place Saturday, October 24, at the CenturyLink Center. The championship event will be televised live on HBO World Championship Boxing®, beginning at 9:30 p.m. ET/PT. — Photo Credit : Chris Farina – Top Rank (no other credit allowed) copyright 2015

The three division world champion has yet to step inside of the ring in 2020. But when he does, he’s expecting plenty of zero’s on his paycheck. 

“You have to pay me,” said Crawford during The Last Stand podcast with Brain Custer. “Don’t tell me that I have to take a pay cut because of a pandemic. I don’t feel that’s right.”

The world titles, fame and piles of cash haven’t always been associated with Crawford’s name. His current status in the boxing world may qualify him as arguably the best fighter in the world thanks to his speed, power and boxing IQ but it’s his memory that drives him the most. 

At times, the WBO titlist sits back and remembers what it was like when he first came onto the scene. No television slots, no world titles and fighting in the most obscure places in the world. Coming out of that difficult situation on the other side has helped build him into who he is today. But if you believe he’s willing to go back to fighting for pennies, then you don’t know Terence Crawford.

“I’ve been there before. I didn’t come out of the Olympic trials and get this big signing bonus and be on TV like all my 2008 alumni’s. I’m the one that had to work from scratch. Fighting in bars with cow shit smelling all through the arena. Fighting in Iowa City with 50 people. Like I was doing that.” 

There aren’t many options on the table for Crawford. Fans in attendance spend millions of dollars at boxing events. So without them buying overpriced popcorn and beer while cheering for their favorite fighters from ringside, it would be difficult for Crawford or anyone of his status to rake in the sort of money he once did during a worldwide pandemic. 

But while many believe Crawford will simply have to bite the bullet and accept a lesser paycheck at the moment, the pound for pound star has no issue with sequestering himself until he can get what he believes he deserves. 

“Yea, maybe,” said Crawford when asked if he would be willing to sit out until fans are in attendance . “If that’s the route that we have to take then so be it.”

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Bob Arum on Manny Pacquiao vs GGG Possibility: “It’s a Stupid Fight”

By: Hans Themistode

Manny Pacquiao has made a career out of fighting in multiple divisions. Throughout the entire history of boxing, the Philippine legend is the only man to win titles in eight weight classes. At the age of 41 though, he could have his eyes set on a ninth. 

According to longtime Pacquiao trainer Freddie Roach, his man has been linked to a possible showdown with four division world champion Mikey Garcia. The interest from Roach’s side is evident. “I like that fight,” said Roach during a recent interview with Chris Mannix from DAZN. But a matchup with Garcia would seem to leave Pacquiao in the same position he was in before they stepped into the ring against one another. Meaning, a win over Garcia would do little to bolster his already all-time great resume. 

There isn’t much Pacquiao can do at this point to add the cherry on top of his hall of fame career. But there is one fight out there that is currently being floated around that could take Pacquiao’s historic career to another level.

“Manny might want to go a little bit higher and fight GGG (Gennadiy Golovkin) or one of those guys who’s supposed to be the best. I would not advise him to go to 160 pounds, no. That would be a little crazy. But putting him at 147 was a risk at one time … and it worked out really good for us. One thing about Manny, he doesn’t just want to beat anybody. He wants to beat the best out there. He wants to fight the top guys.”

Risks have been the foundation that Pacquiao has built his career on. But that aforementioned risk would turn into sheer stupidity if he were to move up two weight classes to take on GGG according to promoter Bob Arum. 

“It’s a stupid fight,” Arum told Sportsmail. “I know Golovkin appears to be over the hill, but it’s a fight that could be very dangerous for Pacquiao. He isn’t even a welterweight really let alone a middleweight. His best fighting weight is 140, at 147 I think he’s pretty much outsized by all the good welterweights.”

Arum has always had a sweet spot for Pacquiao. He managed the future fall of famer for over 13 years and the two formed a great relationship. But not only does Arum believe that moving up two weight divisions to face GGG incredibly dumb, but he also believes that Pacquiao has more work to do in his current weight class.

“I know he fought Keith Thurman, who had lost his desire to fight and had been out so long, but he would have a real test against Terence Crawford or Errol Spence, guys like that. Maybe he could beat them, I don’t know. He thinks he can, but to go up any higher would be silly.”

At the moment, a fight with GGG seems to be extraneous. Instead, a showdown with WBO titlist Terence Crawford could be next on the WBA champions plate. But before fans of the sport can high five one another and plan fight parties however, there are still a few stumbling blocks.

“It’s difficult because everywhere is on lockdown right now. This is a fight that we aren’t even thinking about doing on US soil. There’s a few places in the Middle East that certainly have the funds to stage a big fight, and certainly many would be willing to do it, but not in these circumstances. It’s no good talking to Saudi Arabia, Bahrain or Kolkata until they get a better handle on this coronavirus. Once the picture becomes clearer we can start to work things out. Manny is very interested in fighting Crawford. But someone has got to put up the money and there’s got to be a site.”

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Jaron Ennis on Terence Crawford: “Whatever He Can do, I Can do Better”

By: Hans Themistode

When you think of the Welterweight division, you think of unified champion Errol Spence Jr, WBO belt holder Terence Crawford and WBA titlist Manny Pacquiao. Names such as Danny Garcia, Yordenis Ugas and Shawn Porter are also mentioned near the top of the division as well. 

Yet, in the case of 22 year old Jaron Ennis, he believes that he is better than them all. With 23 knockouts from his 25 career wins, Ennis has scored a permanent spot on sports shows with eye-catching knockouts. 

Of all the current champions and contenders, if the fighter nicknamed “Boots” had his pick of the litter, he’d be facing off against Crawford. Not many are clamoring at a shot against who many believe is the best fighter in the world, but Ennis on the other hand, is dying to get his hands on him.

“It’s gonna be me in there just doing my thing, because I’m fighting somebody that is sharp like me,” Ennis said. “So, it’s gonna be me out-thinking him and me putting my combinations together, doing my thing and coming out with that win. Don’t get me wrong, he’s definitely a great fighter but whatever he can do, I can do better.”

Ennis may have his eyes set on the top of the division, but he still has plenty of work to do near the bottom of it. Currently, he ranks number 12 in the WBO and number 14 in the IBF. If he continues to deliver wins at his current pace though, he could find himself standing across one of those very champions he has mentioned. 

He isn’t going to be picky, but whomever he faces, he would rather it isn’t Spence.

“I don’t feel like nobody would get the credit they deserve if they beat Errol Spence,” Ennis said. “They’ll be like, ‘You was supposed to do that because he was in that car accident.’ But I feel it would go the same way with Spence as with Crawford. I would out-think him. I’m smart, being this young. I can out-think anybody. I can out-think ‘em, out-smart ‘em, and I have tricks. I’ve got something they don’t have. When you have tricks, you can beat anybody. With Crawford and Errol Spence, I feel like I have more tricks than them, and I can out-think ‘em.”

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Errol Spence Jr: ” Ugas is a Very Good Fighter But Nobody Knows Who He is”

By: Hans Themistode

Being a great fighter just isn’t good enough. At least according to unified Welterweight champion Errol Spence Jr. 

At the moment, the Dallas native is sitting at a table with a pen in his hand waiting to sign a contract. The names that he has been most linked to are WBA belt holder Manny Pacquiao, WBO titlist Terence Crawford and former two division world champion Danny Garcia. One name that is currently trying to place himself into the mix however, is Welterweight contender Yordenis Ugas. 

Pacquiao, Crawford and Garcia all share a few things in common. They aren’t only great fighters but they also bring a certain level of cachet to the table. 

Simply put, neither of those aforementioned fighters can walk to their respective drug store or go out on a midday stroll without getting mobbed by fans. Especially in the case of Pacquiao. 

Ugas on the other hand, can go unnoticed. 

His low profile suits him. He isn’t loquacious and may even come across as introverted. Inside of the ring however, it’s a whole different story. 

The phrase “I let my fists do the talking for me,” is a great way to describe Ugas. But while that has led him to winning ten of his past eleven fights, it won’t get him on the radar of Spence. 

“Ugas is a good fighter,” Spence told Brian Custer, a Showtime broadcaster. “He’s a very good fighter. I think he’s a guy that, you know, that’s always extremely focused. He has, you know, that Cuban training factor, where, you know, he’s always training, he’s always focused. It looks like he’s always in shape. But, you know, as far as big names, he’s not a big name. You know, I think that’s the only knock to him. You know, a great fighter, but not a big name. I mean, he’s not Danny Garcia, not Pacquiao, you know, he’s not Terence Crawford.”

At one point, Spence was once in that same position. Screaming for a big fight at the top of the mountain tops while most who were at the top of said mountain barely heard him. In fairness though, Ugas did receive his shot at stardom in a 2019 contest against Shawn Porter. To the chagrin of those watching at the Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, California, Porter was given the split decision win.

The bitter taste of defeat was quickly washed away following two wins over Mike Dallas Jr and Omar Figueroa Jr. Now, he finds himself rated third in the WBC rankings. A belt that Spence just so happens to hold position of. Still, it’ll take more than a climb up the rankings to entice Spence into fighting him.

“That’s the only knock to him. Once he gets there, once he gets behind me, then I’ll turn around and we’ll fight. But, you know, right now, you know, it’s not a guy that, you know, I’m just gonna be calling out to fight because, I mean, hardcore boxing people know him. But outside of that, you know, nobody know who he is.”

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Terence Crawford Warns Errol Spence Jr: “Danny Garcia Ain’t No Joke”

By: Hans Themistode

When Errol Spence Jr. left the scene of his one car accident in October of 2019, without any major injuries, hardly anyone could believe it. His high powered sports car was completely totaled, and footage of the wreck left many incredulous to the injury report that stated he only had a few loose teeth and minor facial scrapes. 

A warm up fight for the unified Welterweight champion made sense, but he would hear none of it. 

Now, Spence (26-0, 21 KOs) got his wish in the form of two division world champion Danny Garcia as his next opponent. Many have already penciled in win number 27 for the Dallas native. But WBO belt holder Terence Crawford is telling everyone whoa, not so fast.  

“I don’t know what his status [is] on his injuries, or his health,” said Crawford on the Ak and Barak show. “But all I know is, you know, it’s gonna be a good fight, and Danny Garcia ain’t no pushover. Like I’ve been telling people, he ain’t no joke. And Errol ain’t, either. So, that’s gonna make for a great fight. I wish both of them well and the best.”

Spence was last seen inside of the ring squeezing out a decision win against Shawn Porter. It may have been his toughest fight to date, but Crawford believes that statement can change the moment Spence faces off with Garcia. 

“The way Errol fought Shawn Porter, I kind of think it suits Danny’s style better,” Crawford said. “You know, because I feel like Shawn has a more rugged type of strength than Danny. But I think Danny is more sturdier and punch harder. You know, Shawn got that bull strength, but Danny got like that, ‘You’re not pushing me back’ strength. So it’s gonna be exciting to watch because Errol got that same strength like Danny. Like, ‘All right, I’m gonna out-power you, out-will you, you know, out-punch you.’ So, now it comes to who’s gonna out-will who, who’s gonna take whose punch better. You know, both of ‘em can box, at the same time, so it’s gonna make for an exciting fight.”

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Danny Garcia Doesn’t Want to Hear Any Excuses From Errol Spence Jr

By: Hans Themistode

Former two division world champion Danny Garcia isn’t a fan of making excuses. 

He didn’t try to justify his lackluster performance in a win against Mauricio Herrera in 2014. He also took losses against Keith Thurman and Shawn Porter square on the chin and didn’t make any excuses for coming up short. 

So now that the Philadelphia native is set to take on Errol Spence Jr following his horrific car accident, he doesn’t want Spence, nor any of his fans to make any excuses should he come out on the short end of the stick. 

“If you ain’t ready, don’t get in the ring. You know?” Said Garcia on the Ak and Barak show. “That’s just that simple. You know, I know they say Manny’s older now, but he’s coming off a big win. So, if he’s old, don’t get in the ring. If Spence ain’t better, don’t get in the ring. “I don’t wanna hear no excuses. I never made no excuses.”

Garcia may not see an issue with fighting Spence during his first fight back, but current WBO Welterweight champion Terence Crawford would hear none of it. A Crawford vs Spence showdown has been on the minds of boxing fans for quite some time now. But with Spence escaping tragedy in a horrific car accident, he now becomes a question mark. So much so, that if Crawford was presented with a contract to take him on next, he would crumple it up and throw it in the trash. 

“I told him ‘Don’t come back trying to fight me because that ain’t the fight you really want on your first fight to come back.” Said Crawford to Chris Mannix a few months ago. “I wouldn’t even take that fight if it was offered to me because it’s a lose-lose situation for me.”

Crawford has become accustomed to criticism. His resume has been picked apart and his level of opposition has been ridiculed for much of his career. So it comes as no surprise that he isn’t willing to give his critics something else to talk about. 

“If something was to happen and I knocked him out or beat him up bad, they (media and fans) would say ‘He’s not the same Errol Spence. He’s coming off a car accident,’ and that would never end for my whole career. I just want to see him at the old Errol Spence that he used to be. Then me and him are going to fight.”

While Crawford is looking to avoid giving more fuel to his naysayers, Garcia on the other hand, isn’t worried about it.

“Not at all because if you ain’t a hundred percent, don’t get in the ring.”

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Terence Crawford: “Danny is a Great Fighter”

By: Hans Themistode

Former Two division world champion Danny Garcia (36-2, 21 KOs) receives a lot of flack. 

His run at 140 pounds was spectacular. Wins over Amir Khan, Erik Morales, Zab Judah and Lucas Matthysse propelled him to the top of the division. 

The accolades and praise he collected during his run was well warranted. But fast forward five years later, and those cheers have turned into boo’s. Garcia’s run at 147, has left a lot to be desired. Sure he’s picked up wins against former champions in Paulie Malignaggi, Robert Guerrero and Brandon Rios but they were all believed to be past their collective primes. Add those lackluster wins with losses against Keith Thurman as well as Shawn Porter, and the criticism has been through the roof.

Never has Garcia and three division world champion Terence Crawford ever been on the same page. But in this instance, Crawford (36-0, 27 KOs) is tired of hearing the Garcia scrutiny.

“Danny Garcia is a great fighter,” Crawford (36-0, 27KOs) insisted during a recent video interview with ESPN’s Cameron Wolfe. “I’ve been telling a lot of people about Danny Garcia ever since they’ve been saying that he’s cherry picking. I know he’s not.”

Garcia’s detractor’s mostly come from those on the outside looking in. Crawford on the other hand, has first hand experience as to why he believes that Garcia is such a great fighter.

“Me and Danny actually fought twice. I know what strengths he presents. He can box, he can bang. He’s strong, he can take a punch. He’s always in shape. When you fight Danny, you always have to be on your A-game. If you’re up on points, he’s going to bring it and you have to be ready for it.”

With the series tied at one a piece, both Garcia and Crawford could be on their way to settling the score once and for all with Garcia currently ranked number one in the WBO. With the history that these two share, you could say that there a match made in Heaven.

“I just feel like my style and his style are good for each other,” Crawford believes. “You have two counter punchers, two strong fighters, a little bit of history behind it. We’re both 1-1. Anything Danny can do, I can do as well.”

“What I think separates us is my boxing IQ, me being able to switch up and being able to box and my speed.”

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Yordenis Ugas Calls Out Terence Crawford: “I Won in The Amateurs”

By: Hans Themistode

Not too many people can boast of picking up a win against Terence Crawford in the ring. As a pro, he’s beaten all 36 of his opponents. But in the amateurs, he’s had a few slip ups. Crawfords record in the non paid ranks stood at 58-12, and by the time 2008 rolled around, he was the highest ranked Lightweight in the United States. 

Crawford picked up wins against future world champions in Danny Garcia and Mikey Garcia, but amongst his 12 defeats was to current Welterweight contender Yordenis Ugas. 

After a decade plus since their last meeting, plenty has changed. But Ugas believes that the scoreboard will look the same regardless.

“I think I can win that fight,” said Ugas on Instagram Live. “We already fought in the amateurs, and I won 26-10. I think he’s a great fighter, and one of the best in the division. But so am I, and it would be a great fight together. I’ll be ready when boxing is back.”

With the boxing schedule on a hiatus due to COVID-19, the thought of having a tuneup fight before jumping into a high stakes matchup hasn’t even crossed the mind of Ugas. In fact, Crawford isn’t the only big name that he currently has an eye on.   

“I would like to fight the WBA champion [Manny Pacquiao]. I think I did everything to become a world champion, and I think I won the fight. Let’s see if Spence takes the challenge.”

The world championship belt in which Ugas is referring to is his 2019 WBC title fight against then champion Shawn Porter. Ugas came up just short in that contest, losing via split decision. Since then, he stopped Mike Dallas Jr. earlier this year. He also made it look easy in handing the previously undefeated Omar Figueroa Jr., a one sided loss. 

If Ugas can hold onto his number one position within the WBA, he could find himself matched up with Manny Pacquiao the moment this pandemic comes to an end.

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Shawn Porter Views Terence Crawford Clash as On The Table

By: Hans Themistode

The Welterweight division is viewed as one of the best in all of boxing. But it’s also becoming one of the most stagnant. Errol Spence Jr, Danny Garcia, Shawn Porter, Keith Thurman and Manny Pacquiao are the names that are constantly brought up when the division is spoken of. Mix and match them however you want, but most likely you’ll find a competitive matchup regardless.

Contests between them are easy fights to make. They all have ties to Premier Boxing Champions (PBC), so the political issues that have robbed fans of great matchups are non-existent. While a fight between Manny Pacquiao and Errol Spence Jr or Danny Garcia and Shawn Porter are head turners, WBO titlist Terence Crawford is left with matchups against Egidijus Kavaliauskas and Jose Benavidez Jr. Respectable names of course, but not the sort of fights fans want to see. 

Crawford, a three division world champion, is no closer to a mega showdown with Spence or anyone else on the PBC roster. While the rest of the world has swept matchups with Crawford and another big name fighter under the rug, former two time Welterweight champion Shawn Porter still thinks there’s a chance.

“I don’t know exactly what was gonna be said or done,” Porter said Friday as part of Premier Boxing Champions’ Facebook Live. “But there’s still light in that tunnel for those who want ‘Showtime’ Shawn Porter versus Terence ‘Bud’ Crawford.”

The light at the end of the tunnel that Porter is referring to looks a long ways away considering the future of sports in general is unknown due to COVID-19. With that being said though, the sports world will eventually unpause from its forced hiatus. And when that happens, it doesn’t matter if you are a part of the PBC roster or if you are promoted elsewhere, everybody is in play. 

“Everybody’s on the table. Everybody’s on the board. As y’all already know, Shawn Porter is not a ducker. I don’t duck anyone. If it’s bringing the money and it’s bringing the excitement, it’s bringing ‘Showtime’ Shawn Porter. So, that’s what I’m here to do. If it happens to be Bud, that will be a conversation that he and I are gonna have.”

Before a fight between Porter and Crawford can even be thought of, the two will in fact need to discuss it. Reason being, their friendship. The two have been close with one another for years now, and haven’t exactly shown a willingness to push that friendship to the side in favor of cash and notoriety. But even if a fight between them doesn’t materialize, Porter will be just fine. Remember, rematches with Danny Garcia, Keith Thurman and Errol Spence Jr are right at his fingertips. Crawford on the other hand, doesn’t have a notable challenger in sight. A problem that he has been criticized for time and time again. 

“I do agree that Terence needs a quote, unquote true opponent. “And I’m a little different from most of y’all out there. But, you know, and I think most fighters will say this – we go out there and we put our lives on the line against everyone every time we get in the ring. I mean, the guy could be 0-10 and something still could happen. You know, so in that respect, you have to respect the fighter for whoever he has fought and whoever he’s fighting.” 

“Terence’s last fight was against a guy, I think he was from Australia [Lithuania’s Kavaliauskas], I could be wrong. A lot of people were criticizing him about that. And my mindset was it’s still a big fight, good fight for you, against a good fighter. And again, anything can happen. So when you say true fighter, of course there’s levels to this, so we’ll be respectful to that. But at the same time, Terence has not been a multi-time world champion by accident. The dude is the real deal. He’s just a great fighter, great athlete, great person. And so, you know, you have to respect everyone that he fought.”

Everyone certainly deserves respect, but the amount that is dished out isn’t the same. Porter has already gotten his. Sure he’s come up short a few times, but not only has he picked up a number of huge wins. More importantly he knows what it feels like to be under those bright lights. 

Under normal circumstances everyone would go in their own direction. PBC would stick to their own stable of fights, while Top Rank and Matchroom would do the same. But COVID-19 has changed everything, and maybe for the better. 

“We’re at a point right now where everybody’s gonna kinda have to reset and get everything back into order. You know, some of the fighters that, you know, were champions before all of this happened, there’s no telling what’s gonna happen once we get back going.”

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Terence Crawford Barks at The Idea of Taking Less Amid Pandemic: “You’ve Gotta Pay Me”

By: Hans Themistode

While most of the world is crying broke due to the current pandemic, WBO Welterweight champion Terence Crawford is screaming to show him the money. 

Boxing inside of an empty venue isn’t ideal. But it might be the only way for the sport to return fairly soon. Just a few months ago, professional boxers were making more money than ever before. But social distancing equals no fans at events, and no fans at events equal less money. 

The thought of his less than usual paycheck hasn’t even crossed Crawford’s mind. 

In fact, his promoter Bob Arum will need to break out the checkbook and write a few extra zeros if he expects to see arguably his best fighter enter the ring without any fans in attendance. 

“If it was to happen, then they have to pay me more,” said Crawford during an interview for Chris Mannix on Sports Illustrated. “You know, they have to pay me more. Fighters of my status and on my level, we get paid for the people that’s coming there as well. So, you know, if I can’t get paid off of people coming, then I’m gonna have to get paid up front.”

If Crawford found himself in another profession, then he might be willing to acquiesce. Boxing is an entertainment based sport. But it’s also the hurt business. And there’s just no way to get Crawford to take that sort of risk for less money.  

“You know, you’ve gotta pay me, you know, to go up there and do what I do because it ain’t free. Just like people gotta pay, you know, to do anything else in the world. You know, you gotta pay us fighters because, you know, we’re taking a big risk and [a] health risk at the same time. You know, you can’t play boxing. One false move and you can be six feet [deep].”

“I done took less money, you know, almost my whole career, you know. Just because I knew where I was trying to go and what I was trying to accomplish. So, you know, we past that part [of my career].”

Words such as insensitive, money hungry and greedy are currently being hurled in the direction of Crawford. But much like in the ring, his defense is impregnable, and his focus is still on winning.

“I’m gonna be ready. Like I said, whatever it is, I’m gonna be ready.”

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