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Deontay Wilder Makes Last Minute Change With Fight Gloves: “Since They Wanna Have Little To No Padding, We’re Going To Have The Same”

Posted on 10/09/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Deontay Wilder simply won’t move off his stance that he was cheated during his second showdown against Tyson Fury on February 22nd, 2020.

When looking back at the tape, Wilder couldn’t believe what he was watching. At various times during their contest, Fury’s gloves appeared to bend unnaturally. Not only did Wilder point to the unusual formation of Fury’s gloves but the one-time WBC heavyweight titlist also stated on numerous occasions that it felt as though Fury’s gloves were loaded with a hard egg-like substance.

As the Alabama native waits patiently for revenge, he’s been alerted to something abnormal with the gloves of Fury yet again. Although the two are scheduled to face off later on tonight at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, Wilder isn’t going to summarily sweep this latest incident under the rug.

“We had a little situation with the gloves,” said Wilder to 78SportsTV. “I already got word of some funny stuff going on in the back of the gloves.”

Wilder, 35, proceeded to not only voice his displeasure with the gloves Fury selected but he also went as far as to present the commission with evidence to further back his claim.

“When I got into the room I immediately asked about the gloves. I was telling them [the commission officials] about certain things that happened in the first event with his gloves being funny, how they were bending and folding, even showing certain clips of it. They said they’ve been around boxing 25, 30 years, everybody feels since they’ve been around it they are some type of expert. But if you haven’t put a glove on and hit someone in the face to understand what type of damage it could do, or how mechanically a glove can work, it’s 25, 30 years down the toilet.”

Footage that was captured by team Wilder depicts the gloves that Fury has chosen to wear later on tonight. The gloves in question, are the same exact kind Fury chose for their second meeting last year.

In accordance with the rules before every boxing match, gloves are thoroughly inspected by the commission. That would include cutting open said gloves and checking the padding. However, as team Wilder took a close look at the gloves themselves, they noticed that there was little to no padding.

Initially, team Wilder was apoplectic with Fury’s selection. Nevertheless, once they were given the green light, Wilder has ultimately bit his tongue concerning the matter.

“You can cut open a glove all day and look inside and still not know what’s going on,” continued Wilder. “What happened was Fury’s glove that he chose, which is the same thing he had last time, had little to no padding. The rest of it was horsehair, we thought horsehair was illegal and out of the question.

“They opened up my glove and my glove padding is at least two to three inches thick. His glove looks like they’ve already been used, already folded, bended, like they’ve been thrown in the trash and got back out and say, ‘we’re gonna reuse these’.”

Contrary to Wilder’s belief, horsehair gloves are in fact, not illegal and are fully permitted. But while Fury isn’t bending the rules, Wilder continued to voice his displeasure with what’s taking place.

“My argument was that this is not enough padding in these gloves. They were trying to convince me the horsehair in the gloves makes up for everything because the horsehair is actually harder than the foam. I was telling them they were wrong because the thing about the horsehair is that over time the horsehair can spread. If it spreads, the horsehair gets thinner, that way you only feel that small padding that’s under the horsehair but they said it was okay, so we said cool.”

With Wilder’s words giving him no help in the matter, he’s decided to take things into his own hands. In an effort to level the playing field, Wilder has now opted to swap out his own gloves.

“I’m very happy with what’s going on with the gloves. Since they wanna have little to no padding, we’re going to have the same. May the best man win.”

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