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Jermell Charlo: “Canelo By Far The Best Fighter In The World Right Now”

Posted on 05/05/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Jermell Charlo has always thought extremely highly of himself. The Houston native presently holds three of the four major world titles at 154 pounds and is currently on the verge of becoming the first undisputed champion the division has seen since Winky Wright in 2004.

With everything that he has accomplished, Charlo believes he should be on everyone’s pound-for-pound list. However, if given the number one spot on said list, he wouldn’t accept it. Simply put, only one name should be universally mentioned as the best fighter in the world.

“Canelo by far the best fighter in the world right now,” said Charlo during an Instagram live session. “Canelo is a f*cking stud. He work hard just like me.”

At the moment, Alvarez is wrapping up his training camp while Charlo is just getting his started. The unified super welterweight champion is set to take on WBO titlist Brian Castano on July 17th. As for Alvarez, he’ll look to add the WBO super middleweight title of Billy Joe Saunders to his WBA, WBC and Ring magazine titles this Saturday night at AT&T Stadium in Arlington Texas. Well, at least Alvarez assumes he’ll be fighting Saunders.

Over the past few days, both Alvarez and Saunders have gone back and forth over the size of the ring they’ll be fighting in this Saturday night. Team Saunders was under the belief that their contest would take place in a 24 ft ring. Yet, according to Tom Saunders, father of Billy Joe, once they arrived in Dallas, they noticed that the ring was actually 18 ft. They balked at the idea of their showdown taking place inside such a small ring. To acquiesce to their demands, team Alvarez offered to increase the ring size to 20 ft but nothing more.

Saunders then threatened to walk away from their contest entirely. But, after negotiations took place behind the scenes, Saunders has revealed that the ring issues have been resolved to his liking.

Throughout the entire dramatized ordeal, Charlo has watched closely from a distance and had some choice words for the British native.

“Billy Joe you on some bull shit. P*ssy you scared of Canelo. The best should fight the best.”

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Brian Castano: “Charlo Is A Great Fighter, A Complete Fighter, My Next Fight I Want A Fight With Him”

Posted on 02/14/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Brian Castano’s name hasn’t even been engraved into his new WBO world title yet, but he is already lining up his next fight. 

With a convincing win over former titlist Patrick Teixeira, Castano has a bevy of names to choose from. Some would result in difficult fights, while others, would allow him to fatten his bank account and milk his newly won title. 

None of those options, however, would allow him to cement his name in boxing history. To achieve that, an undisputed showdown with unified champion Jermell Charlo is the only path he can take. 

“Charlo is a great fighter,” said Castano during an interview with Fight Hub TV immediately following his victory. “Maybe he’s the strongest at 154 pounds. He’s a complete fighter. I want this fight. My next fight I want a fight with him.”

The recently placed target on the back of Charlo by Castano comes as no surprise. With the Houstonian knockout artist holding three Jr middleweight titles, he’s become everyone’s favorite fighter to call out. 

Skipping to the front of the line in the normal world would ensue in a heated argument and fists would ultimately fly. In this case, however, the sea of 154-pound contenders might be forced to part to make way for Castano. 

For the most, the Argentine native dominated Teixeira. His performance, paired with the one world title Charlo isn’t holding, could allow him to push ahead of his peers. 

If that’s the case, Castano believes he’s more than ready to take full advantage. While he has a ton of respect for his skills, grit and determination – Castano is under the impression that Charlo had his moment in the sun already. 

“This is my time. With Charlo, it’s going to be 50/50. He’s a great fighter but I am too. I’m ready.”

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Demetrius Andrade Warns Jermell Charlo: “Come And Test Me For Real”

Posted on 02/09/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Hate is a strong word to use. But for unified Jr middleweight titlist Jermell Charlo, that’s exactly how he feels about Demetrius Andrade.

“F*k Andrade,” said Charlo during an Instagram Live. “I hate Andrade, he’s a btch.”

From the moment both men have crossed each other’s path, there has been a genuine dislike for one another. At one point, the pair appeared to be on their way to knocking each other’s heads off as a bout agreement was agreed to in 2014.

However, their showdown fell through due to financial reasons. Since then, they’ve gone their separate ways. For Charlo, the Houstonian is in possession of three of the four titles at 154 pounds and has established himself as the man to beat in the division. As for Andrade, he’s currently in the midst of his own title reign one weight class higher.

Although Andrade is presently focused on luring some of the bigger names into the ring with him, he would have no problem with taking on Charlo. Provided of course, he moved up in weight.

“We can fight right now,” said Andrade. “Come up to 160. I’m not making 154 no more, I done put some weight on.”

Regardless of the not so kind things Charlo had to say about Andrade, the Rhode Island native has noticed something about his long time rival. In short, the aggressive tone he places on display online is far and away different when Andrade is actually within arms distance.

“When we see each other, that energy don’t come across the line. Come get it, jump the line. Come and test me for real.”

The words spewed by Andrade could easily be misconstrued. With the amount of vitriol Charlo has towards him, a street fight could break out at any moment when they happen to be in the same vicinity.

While Andrade wouldn’t back down from one, he certainly doesn’t want to entice one either. Prior to any blows being landed from either man, Andrade rather a signed contract slide across his desk followed by a substantial deposit into his bank account before things get physical.

“I’ll fight you and get paid but I’m not about to street fight you.”

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Jermell Charlo: “I’ll F**k Canelo Up”

Posted on 02/03/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Jermell Charlo is as confident as they come. To the unified Jr middleweight champion, he is head and shoulders above the rest of his contemporaries. Ranking himself number one in the division isn’t solely based on just his belief, but mainly because of the level of opposition he has fought during his career, along with the three world titles currently draped around his tattooed shoulders.

At the moment, only the WBO belt alludes the Houston native. At some point though, Charlo believes he’ll get his hands on that one as well. While he has big plans to continue clearing out the division, Charlo realizes that he will never be afforded the opportunity to face pound for pound star Canelo Alvarez.

“I’ll f**k Canelo up,” said Charlo on his Instagram live. “F**k Canelo. Too bad he ain’t at 154. He ain’t coming this way.”

Had Charlo become the unified champion that he is today several years ago, his dream bout against Alvarez could have been a reality. Roughly six years ago, the pair campaigned at the Jr middleweight division. However, Alvarez was fixated with more established foes such as Shane Mosley, Erislandy Lara and of course, Floyd Mayweather.

The Mexican native last officially campaigned at 154 pounds in 2016, a knockout win over former titlist Liam Smith. Since then, Alvarez has fought at middleweight and light heavyweight before formally settling in at super middleweight.

Moving up a division or two is inevitable for Charlo. But with all but one of the world titles in his possession, the Houstonian is in no rush to start all over again.

“I got all of the belts here so if I go up weight, I lose my belts and my status. I worked too hard to get it.” 

The realization that a showdown with Alvarez isn’t likely to happen doesn’t make the normally surly Charlo upset. Instead, the unified belt holder seems to find solace in what he believes would have been a highlight level win if they did ever meet.

“If Canelo was in my weight I would knock him the f**k out.”

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Erickson Lubin: “I Definitely Feel Like I Took The Sport For Granted”

Posted on 02/02/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Erickson Lubin has placed a lot of time between himself and the worst night of his boxing career.

After winning ESPN’s prospect of the year in 2016, Lubin found himself standing across the ring from Jermell Charlo. Everything seemed perfect for the Florida native. With one more win against the aforementioned Charlo, and Lubin would have completed a lifelong dream of becoming a world champion.

However, what was supposed to be his dream moment turned into a nightmare as he was laid out within minutes of the very first round.

Before the loss to Houston’s Charlo, Lubin (23-1, 16 KOs) went from a quiet, hardworking, low-key boxing talent, to someone who became full of himself. The Jr middleweight contender looked to his left and heard fans screaming his name, then looked to his right and listened to the pundits as they crowned him as one of boxing’s brightest stars.

Nevertheless, the consistent praise went straight to his head and Charlo took full advantage.

“I definitely feel like I took the sport for granted because of the hype and everything,” admitted Lubin to former world champion Cornelius Bundrage. “I needed that transition from taking a loss and having to face adversity. That Charlo loss definitely taught me how to be patient. I was lacking in patience like I wanted to be a world champion so fast. I saw the light and I was like I was young and I wanted to be the youngest to do this and the youngest to do that. It kinda humbled me, I won’t take boxing for granted ever, ever again.”

The price for Lubin’s lack of focus as he alluded to, was a painful one. Gone were the mentions of him becoming a household name as his stock to a major hit. While Lubin could have returned to the ring much earlier than he actually did, the now 25-year-old took the time to evaluate his skills and the team surrounding him.

After being completely honest with himself, Lubin realized he needed to make changes. Not only would he make some adjustments to the manner in which he fought but he also enlisted the help of renowned trainer Kevin Cunningham. By all accounts, the combination of the two has been a sagacious decision.

“I had just turned 22 days before the fight. But I believed in myself since I was 18 and I believed that I could’ve became world champion anytime they gave me the opportunity. I feel like I just needed to be a better pro and just learn more of the pro-style. You can see it in my game now. I’m a whole better fighter. Moving away from home and getting with Kevin has been a big help. I just knew that he could take my game to the next level.”

Although the loss may have been excruciating, Lubin has pushed forward and is now in the midst of a five-fight win streak. Now, he finds himself in a familiar position as he is once again the mandatory challenger to Charlo.

Looking back on their first fight, it’s difficult to peel away anything good from the results. To many, the abrupt ending of their first showdown appears fluky. Anyone can get caught with a big shot, especially early. But for Lubin, he refrains from calling Charlo’s one-punch knockout win against him lucky. He simply gives Charlo the credit he deserves but vows that the second time around he’ll be more than ready.

“I don’t look at it as a lucky punch. Other people might say it was a lucky punch to keep me happy but I know boxing. It was a nice placed shot. He set me up with a nice shot. When it’s time, I’ll definitely be ready for my mandatory which is Charlo.”

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Erickson Lubin Eyeing Matchups With Jarrett Hurd And Julian Williams If No Charlo Rematch Says Head Trainer

Posted on 10/10/2020

By: Hans Themistode

The risk often outweighs the reward. That’s frequently the case when a fighter finds himself in a mandatory position.

Too many times have we seen fighters scratch and claw their way to the number one ranking in a specific sanctioning body, only to lose everything in the blink of an eye due to one bad night at the office.

The options are usually reduced to two at that point. Either said fighter sits back and waits a protracted amount of time for his shot, or he takes on an heralded opponent with little to no chance of an upset happening.

Jr middleweight contender Erickson Lubin isn’t a fan of either option. And while he’s already ranked number one in the WBC for Jermell Charlo’s title, that doesn’t mean he isn’t willing to risk it all.

“We are hoping for the mandatory shot at Charlo next,” said Lubin’s head trainer Kevin Cunningham to BoxingScene.com. “If Charlo isn’t next, I’m sure the fans wouldn’t mind seeing Erickson Lubin versus Jarret Hurd or Erickson Lubin versus Julian Williams. Most fighters that get in mandatory position sit until they get the title shot. Hammer wants to stay busy. He is willing to face the other top guys until he gets a shot.”

Lubin, 25, has a second chance at a first impression. After winning ESPN’s prospect of the year in 2016, the Florida native was fast tracked to a world title shot against the aforementioned Charlo one year later.

The hype train surrounding him was quickly derailed as a Charlo right hand left him down and out in the first round. He’s since bounced back in a huge way, winning five straight and finding himself in the mandatory position once again.

If Lubin gets his wish, he’ll be facing Charlo in his next fight with revenge on his mind. But he’ll find his man a bit heavier this time around thanks to several additional world titles due to his eighth round stoppage win over Jeison Rosario.

As much as Cunningham would love for his man to begin his own title reign, he knows that Charlo has a bevy of options in front of him.

“Hammer’s sitting in a good position and we’re waiting to see how things play out. Big props to Jermell Charlo for his KO win over Rosario. I agree with Max Kellerman, Charlo is the undisputed junior middleweight champion. Hammer’s Charlo’s WBC mandatory but Charlo has mandatories with the WBA and IBF also. There’s also talk of a Charlo-Teixeira unification for the WBO.”

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The Charlo Twins Against The World

Posted on 09/27/2020

By: Hans Themistode

Both Jermell and Jermall Charlo have always been the flashiest, loudest and most confident in the room. The rest of said room, haven’t always been appreciative of their pugnacious ways, but they could care less.

WBC middleweight titlist Jermall Charlo and now, unified Jr middleweight champion Jermell Charlo–held the first ever doubleheader Pay-Per-View event this past Saturday night. It was billed as a two for one special as the pair of twins headlined separate events in what many considered the biggest test of their careers.

Jermall, 30, defended his title in one sided fashion against Sergiy Derevyanchenko. At no point was the two division titlist in any sort of trouble as he pounded the Ukrainian native round after round. On the other end of the coin, Jermall’s twin in Jermell, had an even more explosive night. Dropping former unified champion Jeison Rosario several times over before stopping him violently in the eighth round.

A twin doubleheader for a pair of identical Houston born twins was unique in every sense of the word. But after showing that something different can work, Jermell is hoping that they can start a new trend.

“Man I hope man, I hope,” said Jermell when asked if these twin doubleheaders could continue down the line. “It’ll be something new for the world of boxing.”

Both Charlo twins have always looked dominant inside of the ring. But many wondered what they would do when faced with real competition on a big stage.

In Derevyanchenko, Jermall (31-0, 22 KOs) faced someone with one helluva edge in terms of experience. With over 350 wins in the amateurs and two super close fights against Daniel Jacobs and Gennadiy Golovkin, the latter in which many believed he did enough to win, Derevyanchenko was a real test for Jermall.

For Jermell (34-1, 18 KOs), his contest against Rosario was thought to be more dangerous when considering how he previously left former unified champion Julian Williams unconscious in only five rounds.

Simply put, predictions surrounding how they would fair were split down the middle. With being said, both Charlo’s simply kept their heads down and continued to prepare. But just because they had tunnel vision leading up to their matchups, doesn’t mean they weren’t paying attention to the doubters and “haters.”

Now that things have gone their way, their calling everyone out. Even those who cut their check.

“I hope that we proved all of these haters wrong tonight. I saw a whole lot of yak on that Instagram and Twitter. I heard our boss that owns Showtime in Stephen Espinoza, say don’t be surprised if both of the Charlo’s lose. He thought that me and my brother were both going to lose.”

Watching how both Charlo’s dominated their opposition, something seemed to be missing. There was no roar of the crowd when Jermall landed any of his head cracking shots. And no one jumped to their feet when Jermell left Rosario convulsing on the ground.

It was dead silent. But while fighting in an empty arena is something that most boxers are growing accustomed to amid COVID-19, Jermell believes no one has ever cheered them on in the first place.

“We feel like we’re alone in this world and that’s why we’re taking everybody out one by one.”

With no night clubs open to celebrate with a few bottles, the Charlo twins took a more mundane approach to the biggest wins of their career.

“I just celebrate with my brother,” said Jermell. “He’s my biggest fan. It’s just me and my brother against the world. This is something that we wanted our whole lives.”

The 154 and 160 pound divisions remain one of the hottest in all of boxing. With fighters such as Golovkin, Canelo Alvarez and Demetrius Andrade hovering around Jermall’s fight neighborhood and Jarrett Hurd, Julian Williams and Erislandy Lara hovering around Jermell’s, neither Charlo is worried about the long list of contenders waiting for them.

“We hear to stay,” said Jermall.

“The Charlo twins are taking the fuck over,” exclaimed Jermell.

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Jermell Charlo vs Jeison Rosario Weigh-In Results

Posted on 09/25/2020

By: Hans Themistode

Jermell Charlo could hardly keep his eyes off Jeison Rosario’s world titles.

The WBC Jr middleweight titlist has long wanted to become a unified champion and in just a few more hours, he’ll get a chance to do just that. 

Jeison Rosario stepped onto the stage at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, Connecticut with his shoe coverings and face masks on, and easily came in under the Jr middleweight weight limit by weighing in at 153½ pounds. 

An amped up Charlo soon followed. The Houston native also had no issues as he tipped the scales at 153¾ pounds. 

For Rosario, he’ll look to make oddsmakers and his doubters look silly once again in his first Pay-Per-View headliner. 

Earlier this year, the 25 year old Rosario walked into a pre COVID-19 raucous Philadelphia crowd and ripped away the IBF, WBA and IBO world titles away from then champion Julian Williams. 

During the lead up of that contest, Rosario, a 15-1 underdog, was mostly dismissed. Predictions of how a Williams vs Charlo matchup would play out quickly became the talking point. 

One deleterious left hand however, left those hypothetical thoughts moot. 

Simply put, Rosario beat down the Philadelphia native via fifth round stoppage. That success hasn’t exactly translated to respect as oddsmakers have made a sizable underdog at 5-1 against Charlo. 

The pugnacious 30 year old has been on the road to a unification for several years now. Since winning the WBC title four years ago, a matchup with then champion Jarrett Hurd was presumptively next. Then of course, the titles began their merry go round-esque tour of the division. 

First, Hurd lost his titles to Williams. Then Charlo lost his belt to Tony Harrison. Williams was brutally stopped by Rosario and last but not least, Charlo violently ended his rivalry with Harrison and became a world champion again. 

Now, that brings us to tomorrow night. There’s a lot of the line for both men. Sure three world titles will be handed to the winner, but so will the consensus number one spot in the Jr middleweight division. 

The action for this card kicks off at 7 p.m. Eastern Time, with the Pay-Per-View costing $74.95.

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Double The Trouble For The Charlo Twins?

Posted on 09/24/2020

By: Kirk Jackson

Double the Trouble for the Charlo Twins?

Let’s try this again, take two.

The last time the Charlo brothers collectively headlined a Premier Boxing Champions event, it did not turn out too well for the talented twins.

The scene of the crime dates back to December 22, 2018, at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. The card, televised by FOX, featured Jermell Charlo defending his WBC Jr middleweight title against Tony Harrison and Jermall Charlo defending his WBC interim middleweight title in the main event against substitute replacement Matt Korobov.

Jermell lost a closely contested unanimous decision to Harrison, while Jermall won a highly competitive unanimous decision against Korobov.

This go-round, WBC middleweight champion Jermall “Hitman” Charlo (30-0, 22 KO’s) takes on Sergiy “The Technician” Derevyanchenko (13-2, 10 KO’s) while brother Jermell “Iron Man” Charlo (33-1, 17 KO’s) faces Jeison “El Banana” Rosario (20-1-1, 14 KO’s) in a Jr middleweight unification match.

Without question, this event features the greatest collection of talent and competition since the life-altering pandemic shook things up earlier this year.

Focusing on the respective main events; each Charlo brother is the A-side, the attraction of the match-up and each is positioned in a dangerous fight with a solid chance of suffering defeat.

As stated earlier, the last time the Charlo brothers collectively headlined an event, Jermell lost. Some may think of it as a jinx or curse, other pundits believe this was the result of matchmaking. Harrison is a highly-skilled, underrated fighter, with athleticism to match Jermell’s.

The Detroit native utilized successful tactics that Austin Trout and John Jackson implored in previous battles against Jermell. Harrison’s height posed a problem, along with his long reach and swift, consistent jab that disrupted Jermell’s timing and kept him off balance. Harrison lateral side to side movement, various angles and ability to fight off the back foot posed problems for “Iron Man” as well.

“I bounced back from that loss to Tony Harrison in 2018 last year, but there were still things I needed to learn and develop. We’re going to end 2020 with a bang. This is the Charlo show,” said Jermell, during a virtual media workout.

“After I lost in 2018, I told everyone that it just gave me jet fuel and that when I come back, I’m coming back full throttle. That’s what I’m about. I have nothing to lose. I’m not letting him take anything from me. I’m even more dangerous than I was before. I’m an old school fighter right here. I’ve been dedicated to this game and I’m not going anywhere. Stay out of my way, because I’m the man trucking things.”

Although Harrison and Rosario are different styled fighters, what can Rosario implement to have success against a highly motivated, focused Jermell?

There are five factors that may work in the favor of Rosario this weekend.

“It’s no pressure for me, it’s more motivation,” Rosario told CBS Sports last week through a translator. “I have always come in as the underdog even though I don’t think as one. If I am supposed to lose, no one told me the script. They didn’t tell me that. Somebody forgot to tell me the script that I’m supposed to lose in this fight. I’m used to it and there is absolutely zero pressure on me. This is just another night where I will be able to showcase my talent.”

One of the attributes, or series of intangibles rather, that may aid Rosario is his lack of fear, intimidation and pressure. If this holds true, by the time these gladiators enter the ring, he will have the ability to be loose and perform at a high level. Some athletes fold under pressure and there’s a saying stating pressure busts pipes… More on that later.

Although Rosario has a shorter reach, both men see eye to eye as they measure the exact same height. He is just as big size-wise as well. Punching power may be the deciding factor in this match-up. Although the knockouts tallied on his record may not truly reflect Jermell’s developed punching power, over the course of the last few years, he’s repeatedly left his opponents in a state of unconsciousness.  

Rosario is a heavy handed, proficient knockout artist as well. His last performance against Julian “J-Rock” Williams exemplified such, stopping the Philadelphia-bred fighter in five rounds. How often will Rosario’s hands connect? And is Jermell’s chin and body truly made of iron?

Ah, now back to pressure – the pressure that bursts pipes. Even though he lost the rematch, Harrison experienced great success applying pressure against Jermell last year. Harrison spent a good portion of the middle rounds walking Jermell down, stalking and stinging with his jab and even outfighting Jermell in their exchanges within the trenches. It looked as though the young lion was at times uncomfortable with the pressure.

Granted, different athletic ability and skill sets with Rosario and Harrison, but it’s a formula for Rosario to follow. Given his disadvantage of reach and necessity to impose his strength on the inside, it’s imperative for Rosario to successfully apply consistent pressure. The application of mental and physical pressure could make things uncomfortable for Jermell.

The fifth factor is placing all these ingredients together. Jeison Rosario has come a long way and he steadily improves with every fight. At 25, he hasn’t reached his peak, but he will need to continue his development and showcase those results. He will need to display high-level boxing catered to his skill set, to adjust to whatever Jermell brings to the table.

Simply put, the 154 pound belt holder won’t have an easy time unifying titles on the night. With that being said, his twin brother’s task may be even more arduous.

With two failed opportunities to wrap championship gold around his waist against Daniel Jacobs and Gennadiy Golovkin respectively, Sergiy Derevyanchenko is hoping that the third time is the charm.

Both defeats were highly competitive bouts, with knockdowns suffered against each opponent possibly serving as the difference.

Jermall is aware of Derevyanchenko’s talent and the threat he poses as a challenger. But he is fully prepared and this is the fight he wanted.

“This is just the beginning for me. There’s been 30 fighters who’ve tried to beat me, and all 30 failed,” Jermall said in a recent virtual media interview. “We’ll get a chance to get in there and do what we do best on Saturday. Talk is cheap. We’ll see where that green belt goes on Saturday.”

“I’m focused and locked in. I’m ready to fight. Sergiy can say what he wants to say about me, it’s going to be a fight on Saturday.”

For Derevyanchenko, there are factors that may come into play for his benefit. Work rate, style, experience, jinx and desperation.

The Ukrainian has a great style of utilizing angles with superb footwork and unleashing a myriad of punches at differing angles with his work rate. While Jermall has displayed the ability to box from the outside and fight off his jab, any opponent of either Charlo, is probably best suited with attacking and forcing either Charlo to be reactive, as opposed to being the initiators.

Forcing Jermall to be reactive is important because sometimes, he tends to load up on his shots. The “Hitman,” may get lulled into looking for that one power shot to change the fight. If this is a constant theme for Jermall this weekend, Derevyanchenko has the opportunity to outwork and tally up points.

“I’m going to put pressure on him from the beginning. I’m going to use my legs, my jab and combinations to get the win,” Derevyanchenko said. “This is a big fight. When I win, even more opportunities will open up. I’ll be able to unify and take my career to the next level.”

The biggest factor will be experience. Jermall has more fights as a professional and a steady level of opposition faced. His most recent ring outing against Matt Korobov for example, was a great learning experience. However, having faced Jacobs and Golovkin, many pundits believe Derevyanchenko’s experiences against his list of high-level opposition will serve him well in the fight this weekend.

Derevyanchenko will have to start fast, something he didn’t do against Jacobs or Golovkin, as he cannot afford to fall too far behind on the cards. Jermall represents a different type of fighter with his combination of skills, power and accuracy. He also displays a greater measure of discipline, compared to his earlier fights. Derevyanchenko will have to lean on his experiences and make the adjustments round after round, minute after minute, punch after punch.

Following the cue from Korobov, Derevyanchenko will have to use range effectively to frustrate and neutralize Jermall’s offense. Feint, smother, get outside far from Jermall’s comfort zone and repeat. Illustrate why he is regarded as the technician.

The last factor to consider, is the twin effect. Because they’re so close and are both passionate people, it can be quite the task managing emotions, while preparing for a fight only hours apart.

Both brothers admittedly remarked on the difficulties of preparation while worrying about the other. Granted, it can also be inspirational, but there can be negatives aspects as well.

At stake for Jermall Charlo is the chance to grab a firm hold of the middleweight division. With Saul “Canelo” Alvarez’s absence, uncertainty with Demetrius Andrade and Gennady Golovkin’s perceived unwillingness to participate in unification’s with anyone not named the aforementioned Alvarez, the two-division world champion wants to exercise his dominance at 160 lbs., before moving up in efforts to conquer the super middleweight division.

“I’m stronger, I’m smarter, I’m better than I used to be,” Jermall said. “He’ll [Sergiy Derevyanchenko] come straight at me and fight. Everyone is doubting me. They are doubting me. I’ve been doubted for years. There’s no anger here.”

“I don’t care what they say about me. I don’t care what they think about me. I’m a fighter. I challenge myself. Hey, I’m the best in the world.”

Jermell Charlo seeks redemption (from the last PBC Charlo Twin headliner) and wants to show the world who the best Jr middleweight is.

“When you think of a lion, you think of family and vicious animals. You have to fight for it,” Jermell said. “We took the road when we was younger and made it out. From where I’m from, not many kids make it out.”

“Rosario, he is just one man and I am just one man. If you are better than me, beat me. You may think it’s just that easy, it ain’t that easy. I want all the belts and right now, I feel like I’m the king of the division.”

Both brothers face stiff tests this weekend. The action in the ring will more than likely match the intrigue of the surrounding plots for each participant. We’ll see if Lions do in fact rule the jungle this weekend.

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Trainer Derrick James On Jeison Rosario: “He’s A Devastating, Violent Puncher”

Posted on 09/23/2020

By: Hans Themistode

Jeison Rosario didn’t seem to be anything special. 

He began his career like any typical prospect. Meaning he ran right through lower level opposition. In his first official step up contest however, he was brutally knocked out by fringe contender Nathaniel Gallimore. Two fights later, Rosario would have to settle for a split draw against Mark Hernandez, further solidifying his spot on the bottom of the totem pole. 

Yet with six straight wins under his belt, trainer Derrick James is noticing a pattern. 

“He gets better and better with each fight,” said James during an interview with Fight Hub. “He’s put together some pretty good fights, he’s a tough guy, he’s a big guy and a big puncher.”

Rosario, 25, further cemented the thoughts of James in his last contest when the heavy underdog in Rosario walked into the backyard of then unified Jr middleweight champion Julian Williams and not only won the titles, but ripped them away from the lifeless body of the Philadelphia native as he was left slumped over the ropes in the fifth round.

“I watched that fight and I thought man, this guy is pretty good.” 

Rosario may have upset the odds once this year, but bookies and wise guys aren’t expecting him to make them look silly two times in a row as he takes on a Derrick James led fighter in WBC Jr middleweight belt holder Jermell Charlo this Saturday night. 

Something interesting has happened to the aforementioned Charlo. During the early portion of his career, judges knew his name quite well. Reason being is that most of his contest lasted until the final bell. Sure he had a bit of pop in his punches, but for the most part, he seemed more than content with out boxing his opponents. 

Yet, the moment he won his world title in 2016, a light switch turned on for the Houston native. Whether he went the full 12 rounds or stopped his opponents in their tracks, he realized that his paycheck remained the same. 

From there, he began leaving his opposition unconscious early and often. 

Still, even with Charlo’s tendency of laying out his opponents, he may take a backseat to Rosario in terms of power. The Dominican Republic native has knocked out three of his past four opponents and 14 of his total 22 pro contests have ended in a Rosario stoppage win.

When questioned about his power, Charlo seemed both unimpressed and unconcerned. James on the other hand, has his antenna’s up.

“He’s a devastating puncher. He’s a very violent puncher. He punches with violent intent.” 

The knockouts always get the most attention, but doing so will leave many to believe that he’s a one trick pony. Thankfully for Charlo however, James isn’t most people and he’s done a thorough background check on every skill that Rosario has in his arsenal. 

“He’s patient and blocks shots, he’s also good at counter punching. He’s just a well rounded fighter. But the better the opposition is, the better Jermell is. But I’m sure Rosario is the same way. I think you could be possibly looking at fight of the year.”

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Erickson Lubin: “Jermell To Me Is A True Champion But I Don’t Feel Like He’s Better Than Me”

Posted on 09/16/2020

By: Hans Themistode

The world titles in the Jr. middleweight division have found themselves on a never ending merry-go-round. 

The first stop for the IBF and WBA titles was at the feet of Jarrett Hurd. The Maryland native would see his title reign last roughly a year and a half until his championship belts decided it was time to make another trip, this time to Philadelphia. 

Julian Williams found himself next up on the merry-go-round, winning the titles from Hurd in May of last year. Yet by the time the Philadelphia native reached out to put the world titles on his mantle, Jeison Rosario snatched them away from him, stopping the now former champion in the fifth round of his first title defense. 

The most recent stop on the merry-go-round was in Detroit where Tony Harrison gladly took his turn. Much like Williams though, Harrison saw his title reign truncated the moment he attempted to defend his controversially won belt against Jermell Charlo. 

Even with the numerous short title runs, the record books will always say that fighters such as Harrison and Williams were once world champions, but for contender Erickson Lubin, their title runs shouldn’t even count.

“A lot of what’s been going on is these champions will win the belt one time and then they fight again and lose it. To me their not considered a true champion,” said Lubin on the Premier Boxing Champions podcast. “Like yeah they won the belt and that’s cool and all but when I win the belt I’m looking to keep the belt until I retired. A true champion in my book is someone who gets the belts and defends them. They defend the belts, keep winning the belts and go up in weight classes and win more belts.”

Lubin (22-1, 14 KOs) has his own chance to place himself in front of the championship line. This weekend, the former amateur standout will take on former Olympian Terrell Gausha in a WBC eliminator contest. Should he win, Lubin will find himself fighting for another world title. 

Three years ago, Lubin was on the brink of etching his name as a world champion. Yet, he ran smack into the right hand of Charlo on the night which ended his dreams in the first round. Fast forward to today however, and the highly rated contender believes that he’s better than ever. 

“I been grinding ever since I took my loss and I been improving ever since I took my loss. I was dangerous before I loss but now that I took that loss I got with Kevin Cunningham and we improving in everything.”

The trash talk leading up to Charlo and Lubin’s matchup was entertaining to say the least. At every turn both fighters would jaw off at one another to no end. 

In short, there was no love lost. The two may not see eye to eye, but Lubin respects his skillset. With that being said, even with a knockout loss, he still doesn’t believe he plays second fiddle to anyone. Including Charlo. 

“Jermell to me is a true champion. He was able to get that belt and defend it. Even though he loss to Tony Harrison he went back and made a statement. He proved that the first fight was controversial, so to me he’s a true champion. But I don’t feel like he’s better than me. He did beat me so he’s considered better then me to the fans and everyone else but I can’t wait. When the time comes we’ll definitely be ready.”

Not only does Lubin need to get past Gausha this weekend, but Charlo has some work to do as well. The current WBC belt holder will meet with unified champion Jeison Rosario in a FOX Pay-Per-View headliner on September 26th.

Lubin doesn’t expect it to be easy, but for the first time in his career, he’s on team Charlo.

“It’s a toss up but I’m thinking that Charlo is going to beat him,” explained Lubin. “Charlo is more of the seasoned veteran and he’s more athletic in my opinion. If he sits in there and trades shots with Rosario then that’s a bad idea in my opinion. But he moves his feet way more and he has some punching power. With Rosario I feel like he’s never been on this stage before.”

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Erislandy Lara Eyeing Another Title Opportunity: “I Want The Winner Of Charlo-Rosario”

Posted on 08/28/2020

By: Hans Themistode

Erislandy Lara has always found himself in the most intriguing matchups in the Jr middleweight division. 

Two years ago in 2018, Lara (26-3-3, 15 KOs) and former unified champion Jarrett Hurd gave fight fans their money’s worth when the two went head to head. One year later, Lara and his dance partner in Brian Castano gave one helluva performance. 

Even Lara’s most recent ring appearance against Ramon Alvarez brought a bit of buzz seeing how Ramon is the older brother of pound for pound star Canelo Alvarez.

This Saturday however, the buzz is relatively low for what many expect to be a truncated night the moment Lara lands a significant punch against Greg Vendetti (22-3-1, 12 KOs). 

Taking a backseat is something that the Cuban born fighter isn’t accustomed to, but even he knows there is a much more significant contest taking place in the very weight class that he’s presided in seemingly forever. 

On September 26th, a pair of title holders in Jermell Charlo and Jeison Rosario will meet up in a Fox Pay-Per-View unification bout. Lara, 37, believes he knows who the winner will be, but that won’t stop him from tuning in on the night with popcorn in hand.

“That’s going to be a good fight,” Lara told BoxingScene,com. “Rosario will not back down to Charlo and that makes for an exciting fight because we all know Jermell is a powerful puncher. I have to give the edge to Charlo because of his experience.”

Lara’s choice of Charlo stems from both respect for his skills and a once close friendship. The two formerly trained under the guidance of trainer Ronnie Shields until Charlo abruptly left to partner up with Derrick James. 

The move proved to be a sagacious one as Charlo went on to become a world champion two times over and developed from a pure boxer, to a jaw breaking knockout artist. 

While working under the same umbrella, a matchup between the two seemed as likely as Tyson Fury taking on Floyd Mayweather. But now that they haven’t worked together for years, both fighters have been more than receptive to the idea of a showdown.

In a perfect world for the former title holder, he’ll blast out Vendetti in short order then sit back and wait for the winner on September 26th.

“Of course, I want the winner of Charlo-Rosario because I want to fight the best. I’m ready to face anyone in the world.”

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Jermell Charlo: “If Floyd Wants To Come Back Then Best Believe He’s Going To Fight Me First

Posted on 08/14/2020

By: Hans Themistode

His exhibition contest against Tenshin Nasukawa notwithstanding, Floyd Mayweather has not entered a boxing ring since his 2017 tenth round knockout against Conor McGregor. Yet, that hasn’t stopped countless boxers from calling him out. 

Adding his name to the Mayweather sweepstakes that has seemingly been long closed, is current WBC Jr middleweight titlist Jermell Charlo. 

Mayweather has always kept the door open just enough for those around the boxing world to speculate if he would return. He recently claimed in late 2019 that he would in fact enter the ring sometime this year but nothing actually materialized from his announcement. 

Whether or not he does return to the ring is an ambiguous question. But if he does decide to lace up the gloves again, Charlo believes there is only one name that he should be calling.

“If Floyd wants to come back then best believe he’s going to fight me first,” said Charlo during a recent Instagram live rant. “If he wants to fight a boxer and not an MMA fighter though. If he wants to fight a boxer and he wants a hard fight, then call me.” 

A matchup between Charlo and Mayweather has never come close to happening in the past, and seems like an even bigger pipe dream at this current moment. Mayweather, 43, has been linked to eight division world champion and former rival Manny Pacquiao as well as several MMA stars including Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov. 

Charlo on the other hand, has his own business to take care of. On September 26th, at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville Connecticut, he’ll take on unified champion Jeison Rosario on pay-per-view.  

In no way is Charlo overlooking his opponent, but a win, at least according to him, is a guarantee. 

Should he walk out of that contest with his hand raised, Charlo will have a near perfect record and three of the four titles at 154 pounds. Still, even with his popularity soaring and his trophy case overflowing, the Houston native believes that Mayweather will and should steer clear of him should he return.

“I’m going to be honest, fighting me, the risk is not the same,” explained Charlo. “The reward and the risk does not match and I understand that. So I would tell Floyd do everything that he can to keep making money and feed his family. But there are some people in this boxing world that you want to stay away from and I know consciously that I’m one of them.”

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Jermell and Jermall Charlo Are Ready For The Next Step: “Now is Our Time to be PPV Stars; Pound For Pound”

Posted on 07/22/2020

By: Hans Themistode

Both Jermell and Jermall Charlo have spent their entire lives sharing. As twin brothers this comes as no surprise. But on September 26th, they will share a once in a lifetime moment with one another as they’ll headline a FOX PPV. 

Jermall, who holds the WBC middleweight title, will look to pull off the biggest win of his career when he takes on former two time title challenger Sergiy Derevyanchenko (13-2, 10 KOs). The Ukrainian born contender is best known for his work against Daniel Jacobs in October of 2018 and Gennadiy Golovkin in October of 2019. On both occasions, he found himself on the short end of the stick, but saw his stock rise with each defeat.

With a third crack at the championship apple, Derevyanchenko is hoping to hear the announcer say “And New” once the night is over. The thought of losing his title however, hasn’t crossed the mind of Jermall. With matchups against Canelo Alvarez and Gennadiy Golovkin possibly in his immediate future, the WBC titlist is focused solely on Derevyanchenko. 

“This guy is rated number one in the world,” said Jermall to Brain Custer during a recent Zoom interview. “He’s going to take the job seriously and so am I.”

The word boring has never been associated with a Jermall Charlo fight, and come September 26th, he isn’t expecting that narrative to change. 

“We’re going to both meet in the middle and let our hands go. May the best man win. My game plan will be to shut his game plan down.”

Jermall (30-0, 22 KOs) has always wanted the spotlight to himself, but he is more than happy to share it with his twin brother and fellow champion Jermell (33-1, 17 KOs).

Meeting him on the night will be the upset minded Jeison Rosario (20-1-1, 14 KOs), who holds two major titles in the Jr middleweight division. The Dominican Republic born champion made the betting world look silly earlier this year against then champion Julian Williams. Rosario stepped into the former champions backyard in Philadelphia and didn’t just take the titles from Williams, he ripped them away with a fifth round stoppage.

Despite his big time win, Jermell is expecting his title reign to be truncated the moment they step inside the ring against one another.

“I don’t want to leave it up to the judges, I learned that in my past,” said Jermell to Brain Custer. “I deliver knockouts, that’s what I do.”

There is a lot riding on the line for the Charlo twins on the night of September 26th. For Jermall, a win over Derevyanchenko won’t simply shut the mouths of his critics, and for Jermell, winning his contest against Rosario will bring him much more than an additional two titles. 

No, for the Charlo twins, they believe that this is their shining moment while the rest of the world is sequestered at home with no other choice but to tune in. 

Titles and big wins are secondary for them.

“We will let everyone in the world see the great things that me and my twin brother have done in the sport of boxing,” said Jermall.

“Now is our time to be PPV stars. Everyone will say that they are boxing, and that they are pound for pound.”

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Jermell Charlo and Jeison Rosario Are on Course For A Unification Contest Later This Year

Posted on 07/21/2020

By: Hans Themistode

One title has never been enough for WBC Jr middleweight belt holder Jermell Charlo. For years, he begged for a showdown with WBA/IBF champ Jarrett Hurd and seemed to be on his way to having his wish granted. 

Yet, as fate would have it, their showdown was not meant to be. Charlo suffered a surprise loss to Tony Harrison while Hurd took one on the chin against Julian Williams. Charlo however, would go on to grab his title back from Harrison and immediately set his sights on Williams. But once again, fate stepped in as Jeison Rosario snatched the titles from him earlier this year. 

With the IBF and WBA titles going from fighter to fighter like a carousel, Charlo is hoping that he’ll be next to claim them as he and Rosario are headed towards a showdown. 

According to Steve Kim of ESPN, Rosario’s request to bypass his mandatory and jump straight into a unification matchup with Charlo was accepted by the IBF. Sources have also told Kim that negotiations are moving along in a positive direction and the contest is being targeted for late September.

For Charlo, news of a showdown with Rosario is music to his ears. Since the unified champion placed himself on the map with his fifth round pounding over Julian Williams, Charlo was the first person to raise his hand to be his next opponent. 

Any thoughts of a competitive matchup between the two will be laughable to Charlo. Once the pair step inside of the ring together, he is expecting one way traffic.

“I’m here to eat,” said Charlo to Ray Flores of Premier Boxing Champions several months ago. “If he’s in the way then he’s getting trucked. It’s been a dream to get all of the belts.”

Pre-fight trash talk is something that Charlo has always excelled in, but as for Rosario, he showed no interest in puffing out his chest and making threats to Charlo several months ago. He simply wants to step inside of the ring and prove who is the best fighter in the Jr middleweight division. 

“I want to unify the 154-pound division,” said Rosario to Ray Flores several months ago. “My objective, if I have my choice, is Jermell Charlo. He is the best in the division, and I want to prove that I am truly the best at 154.”

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