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Promoter Raging Babe Releases Trailer For Episode One Of “Boxing Moms”

Posted on 02/02/2020

By: Hans Themistode

Sports has a way of highlighting just the athlete. 

The stage and spotlight seems ill-equipped to carry more than one person at a time. In the sport of boxing, the stage is as small as ever.  

Professional boxers receive all of the accolades, the notoriety from the fans and media, the championship titles and of course, the money. In a sport as brutal as boxing, it seems only right that they get their just due. After all, they do risk their lives inside of the ring. 

While the limelight shines bright on their abilities, many of them wouldn’t be in the position that they currently occupy if it wasn’t for certain individuals behind the scenes. 

A mother’s place amongst her child’s success is often times overlooked. Trainers, promoters and a long list of others are usually mentioned before a mother ever does. 

Yet, her dedication behind the scenes coupled with her unmatched love are often times the driving force behind their success. 

Unlike many promoters and friends who’s job is to simply be heard and not seen, more times than not, they are given their moment in the sun as well. Mothers on the other hand usually aren’t afforded that. Well, thanks to promoter Raging Babe, all of that is about to change as she debuts her new web series “Boxing Moms” exclusively on YouTube and IGTV. 

It isn’t just about handling the demands of the tickets to the event nor is it simply about making sure that her child is staying away from bad foods and sticky situations, but it’s also about the connection that they often times share on a mental level.

“It’s crazy, you don’t know how to explain it but you’re fighting and out of nowhere all you hear is your mom,” said Joseph Adorno. “You don’t hear anyone else but your mom.”

Adorno’s mother is tasked with keeping both of her children who are professional boxers, Joseph and Jeremy, on the right track. Her responsibilities also stretch far beyond her two children in the boxing ring as she has six children in total. 

The web series “Boxing Moms” will answer the question many of you are now asking yourselves at the moment. Just how does she do it? 

Although the story of the Adorno’s is a fascinating one, the web series will highlight several moms who’s lives, simply put, revolve around keeping their child focused and prepared. 

In the sports world, moms are often pushed to the shadows while their child takes the lead. Especially in boxing. But now, they’ll be given the platform that they deserve in order to highlight their importance. 

Take a look at the trailer below for a sneak peak at what to expect on the web series that is expected to be released on February 13th, exclusively on YouTube and IGTV.

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Raging Babe Returns March 27th with Philly Special at 2300 Arena

Posted on 01/28/2020

“Raging Babe” Michelle Rosado returns to the 2300 Arena, with the second installment of Philly Special, on Friday evening, March 27.  This boxing series showcases up-and-coming local talent in competitive matches. The action begins at 7:30 p.m.  

The event will build on a successful 2019 for Rosado, which kicked off with her first self-promoted Philadelphia event–Philly Special on Feb. 8–and included her Oct. 4 card, “Blood, Sweat & 50 Years,” celebrating the 50th anniversary in boxing for Hall-of-Fame Promoter J Russell Peltz. Rosado was mentored by Peltz in Philadelphia until she struck out on her own.  He will handle matchmaking duties for March 27.  

“Philly Special will showcase the type of fights that make Philadelphia a legendary fight town,” said Rosado.  “Fighters that would rather be carried out than quit, and fights that are more about left hooks, and less about managers’ checkbooks. Real fans, real fighters, real fights.”

Club shows have been Rosado’s passion since she promoted her first event in 2011.   

“Not every fighter is getting signed to a big promotional agreement out of the amateurs,” said Rosado.  “Not every fighter is going to have a manager throwing money at his career. These boxers deserve a platform and an opportunity to advance in boxing–fighters that work their day job during the day, and train at night…they all deserve a shot. Robert Hines, Gary Hinton, Jeff Chandler, Charlie “Choo Choo” Brown, Charles Brewer, Matthew Saad Muhammad, Bernard Hopkins, Jason Sosa, Tevin Farmer, and Julian Williams all began their careers fighting on the Philly club show circuit and went on to become world champions. Club shows matter.”  

The Philly Special lineup will be announced Wednesday, February 5th.  Boxing fans can visit www.ragingbabe.com/phillyspecial to sign up for news and ticket announcements. 

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Raging Babe’s ”Philly Special” Set For February 8th at 2300 Arena

Posted on 01/07/2019

By: Ken Hissner

Michelle Rosado, who has been promoting her own boxing cards in
Arizona since 2011 and working behind the scenes on other shows across
the country, is promoting Friday evening, February 8th at the 2300
Arena in South Philadelphia.

Michelle Rosado is a boxing enthusiast, but to say that she’s
passionate would be an understatement. Rosado has channeled that
passion and energy she felt as a fan into a career on the business
side of the Sweet Science.

Now a successful Radio Host, Boxing Promoter and Marketing Consultant,
Rosado has found her niche in excelling at both the entertainment side
of boxing, as well as the event and fighter marketing aspect of the
male-dominate business.

Rosado is the co-founder and former host of “The Morning Punch-In with
RB & Jae”, a groundbreaking Monday morning drive-time broadcast that
featured unconventional fighter interviews and bleeding edge news. The
podcast has drew acclaim throughout the industry, and became a
platform for boxing top talent to showcase its lighter side.

Dubbed the “Raging Babe” by the Phoenix New Times Magazine, Rosado
parlayed the moniker into a successful boxing and lifestyle brand
under the membership of “The First Lady of Boxing,” Jackie Kallen.
Inspired by Kallen, who has managed six world champions, and whose
life story was the basis for the Paramount Movie Against the Ropes,
starring Meg Ryan, Rosado launched her passion project, the Raging
Babe Bruch in 2012. Both a celebration of women in a male-dominated
industry and a valuable networking event, the Bruch has grown from 12
attendees to more than 80, all with prominent roles at networks,
promotional companies, governing bodies and other boxing
organizations. It was around the same time that she launched her
apparel line, which features t-shirts for male boxing fans and the
underserved female boxing fan demographic.

Rosado grew up in the Philadelphia-area watching boxing alongside her
father, not knowing at the time that her boxing career would take her
full circle, and that she would one day be working events in her old
stomping grounds. Rosado gained invaluable experience and notoriety in
promoting several sold-out events in Arizona, along and with Top Rank
Boxing, and is widely credited with revitalizing boxing in the Valley
of the Sun and Tucson. She then went on to work with Mayweather
Promotions and eventually returned to Philadelphia to work with Hall
of Fame Promoter, J Russell Peltz.

For Michelle Rosado, boxing isn’t work. She doesn’t punch the clock at
the end of the day, and vacations and breaks are largely imposed upon
her by her friends and family. She makes it look easy, and like
everything she touches turns to gold. What is unseen is the passion,
hard work, ambition and humility that drive her success. The Raging
Babe story continues…..She was nice enough to entertain some questions
for Brick City Boxing.

KEN HISSNER: What part of the Philadelphia area did you live and
attend high school?

RAGING BABE: I grew up in Bristol Borough, right outside of
Philadelphia. I attended Temple University. GO OWLS!

KEN HISSNER: Like me you first got a glimpse of boxing from watching
TV with your father. Mine was the second Marciano-Walcott fight. Do
you remember who you watched first?

RAGING BABE: My dad liked Sugar Ray Leonard. He would mention Muhammad
Ali’s name and Wilfred Benitez too. I remember he’d watch all the
fights, but I didn’t really understand who was who back then. I was
too young. I really got into it when Mike Tyson hit the scene by
storm. We’d watch all the Tyson fights!

KEN HISSNER: I understand Felix “Tito” Trinidad was one of your
favorite boxers. Are there any other boxers that were are your

RAGING BABE: My dad loved Tito so of course, I did too. Tito made me
fall in love with boxing. His pride, heart, will, and charisma were
captivating. The first time I cried over boxing was when he was beat
by Hopkins. I cried when Winky Wright spanked him too. Today, I’m a
huge fan of Terence Crawford. His journey has been amazing, his
accomplishments, remarkable. His entire team is awesome. If you
haven’t been to one of his fights in Omaha, put it on our bucket list!
I’ll admit, I cried when he beat Indongo and became the undisputed
champion of the world. I was glad to be there in that moment and to
witness history. Despite being a part of boxing on the business side,
I find boxers and their accomplishments still stir up my emotions. I
am still deeply passionate about the sport.

KEN HISSNER: I see you have your boxing event coming up at the 2300
Arena on February 8th. On top you have Christian Carto, possibly the
most exciting young boxer in Philly. I guess you know he’s probably
the biggest ticket seller in the city.

RAGING BABE: I knew that, coming into Philly, with all of its history,
the personalities still involved in boxing, I had to bring my A game.
Boxing is serious business here, and I have a lot to prove. I am
thankful that Carto, despite being offered other opportunities is
toppy my first card here. Christian Carto is the “Philly Special” and
he’s an attraction. He’s one of the top prospects in Philly. In my
opinion, the hottest thing coming out of South Philly in many years.
He’s the best bantamweight in Philly since Jeff Chandler. He has a
bright future and his team is an absolute pleasure to work with. It
made great sense for us to work together. The 2300 Arena is in South
Philly and Carto is from South Philly. Welcome to Carto’s House on Feb

KEN HISSNER: I want to thank you

RAGING BABE: Thank you for the opportunity, and for shining a light on
the talent we have coming out of Philly.

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Thomas Valdez Outlasts Luis Coria Over Eight Rounds In Tucson

Posted on 11/18/2018

By Jake Donovan

For weeks, Thomas Valdez was preparing for a grudge match with fellow Tucson-based super featherweight Jensen Ramirez. He was instead dealt a late replacement in Luis Coria, but found a way to adapt and prevail by split decision in their entertaining eight-round main event Saturday evening in Tucson, Arizona.

Valdez won by scores of 78-74 and 77-75 on two scorecards, while the dissenting judge scored 78-74 in favor of Coria.

Photo Credit: @ragingbabe Twitter account

The bout was fought at a brisk pace and high skill level for all eight rounds, the fight length being the very first adjustment the 5’10” Valdez was forced to make 10 days ago. He was originally slated for a seven-round affair versus the 5’9” Ramirez, the special length being a compromise when their camps reached an impasse over whether to go six or eight rounds.

It became a moot point when Ramirez suffered a broken ankle during training camp and was forced to withdraw. In came Coria, dispatched from Oxnard by famed trainer and former 130-pound titlist Robert “Grandpa” Garcia. At 5’7”, Coria was a full two inches shorter than what Valdez had initially prepared for, and also a far more fluid boxer.

This much was evident in the early rounds, as Coria steadily worked behind his jab while looking to take the local crowd out of the equation. That wasn’t going to fly with Valdez, whose first cousin is reigning unbeaten featherweight titlist Oscar Valdez.

Boxing runs deep through the family bloodstream, but the 29-year old prospect from Tucson by way of Nogales, Mexico wasn’t quite blessed with the same championship pedigree. As such, Valdez had to dig deep to ensure that his local fans didn’t go home disappointed or that his own career resurgence would come to a halt.

Key mid-fight adjustments were made to avoid falling behind on the scorecards, at least in the eyes of two of the three judges. Coria never slowed down, but perhaps relied a bit too much on pure boxing to pull off a road win. The infighting and pressure belonged to Valdez, however, which ultimately secured the hard-fought victory.

Valdez improves to 18-3-2 (7KOs), running his unbeaten streak to 11 straight (9-0-2 over that stretch) since a six-round loss to then-unbeaten Victor Castro in his opponent’s Phoenix hometown five years ago almost exactly to the day.

Coria falls to 9-2 (4KOs) with the bitter defeat, snapping a five-fight win streak, four of which came in an active 2018 campaign.

The bout topped a 10-fight show featuring a healthy mix of knockouts and boxing displays. Among the highlights:

Sebastian Fundora opened the show with a performance worthy of as much conversation as his status as a 6’6” super welterweight prospect. The unbeaten southpaw from Coachella, Calif. moved to 11-0 (7KOs) following a highlight reel 1st round knockout of Jeremiah Wiggins. A blistering combination put Wiggins down and out in a corner, forcing an immediate stoppage.

Local middleweight Arturo Resendiz (2-0, 2KOs) properly followed suit, blasting out winless Brandon Trujillo in just 94 seconds—10 fewer than was needed in his pro debut this past May.

Alfonso Olvera—who suffered an upset loss on his last appearance at this venue in July—returned to the win column with a six-round decision over Virgil Green. Scores were 60-54 (twice) and 59-55 for Olvera (11-5-1, 4KOs) in their welterweight heat.

The show was presented by Michelle Rosado’s Raging Babe Events and Peltz Boxing, and streamed live on Facebook.

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Why Jake LaMotta Will Be Remembered

Posted on 09/21/2017

By: Sean Crose

Legendary middleweight champion Jake LaMotta has died, leaving a long and memorable legacy upon exiting this world at 95 years of age. Growing up tough in the Bronx (his father reportedly forced him to fight other children so the family could have extra income) LaMotta grew to become one of the most iconic fighters of an iconic era (the 40s through the 50s). One simply doesn’t beat a 40-Ray Robinson without getting some much deserved credit after all. Yet the man known far and wide as “The Raging Bull” (he was also called “The Bronx Bull”) will be remembered for a variety of reasons as time moves on.

First and foremost, there’s the fact that LaMotta could fight. Really fight. Don’t let that single victory against Robinson sway your opinion. LaMotta fought many of the top fighters of his era aside from Robinson, such as Fritzie Zivic and Marcel Cerdan, who he lifted the middleweight title from (Cerdan was unable to meet LaMotta for a rematch because he tragically died in a plane crash before he could face his victor a second time).

What was most memorable about LaMotta in the ring, however, was the brutal style the man chose for himself. Never a slickster or power puncher, the guy would literally take a ton of punishment in order to pull out the win. Not that LaMotta was just some unpolished bruiser. The fighter had skill, as well, enough to keep some of the assaults he took from his opposition from doing more damage than they actually could have. Ultimately, however, LaMotta was the picture of aggression and sheer determination when he was in the ring. He once credited his style with being borne of frustration, as LaMotta reputedly wouldn’t allow himself to have sex before a fight. Whether this assertion was true or not is ultimately irrelevant, however, in the face of the fighter’s incredible bravado.

Yet LaMotta will also be remembered for having a large degree of shadinesss thrown into to his story – at least during the earlier parts of it. He had spent time in a reform school, after all. He also wasn’t much of a role model as an adult, throwing a fight for the mob, going through six marriages and having a history of spousal abuse. To LaMotta’s credit, though, the fighter grew remorseful with age, admitting he had been “a no-good bastard” in his younger years. Bad behavior, it should be noted, doesn’t always bring about remorse, nor does it often bring about a public admission of guilt.

Which, of course, leads to the famed Martin Scorcese film which was – on the most basic level, at least – based on LaMotta’s own life. Buoyed by Robert DeNiro’s classic performance (in which he literally went from fighting shape to overweight in the course of making the film), “Raging Bull” the movie is an intense study of jealousy, brutality and one man’s slow self awareness. And, as far as public consciousness goes, it elevated it’s subject from a famed boxer to memorable figure in the culture at large…something LaMotta remained until his death in Miami on Tuesday, and will most likely remain for years to come.

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Raging Babe Presents Thursday Night Fights at the Armory: The Return

Posted on 08/15/2017

Rosado returns to finish what she started in the Bull City.

This time last year, “Raging Babe” Michelle Rosado touched down in Raleigh for the first time, determined to help a local boxing promoter make his mark in North Carolina. Rosado and her company, Raging Babe, did just that, and have now emerged as North Carolina’s newest boxing promoter. On October 19th, Raging Babe promotes its own event at the Durham Armory, aptly named The Return. The card will feature some of the best young talent from across North Carolina in competitive fights, matched by Hall of Fame Matchmaker and mentor to Rosado, Russell Peltz.

With a combined 50+ years of experience in the rough and tumble world of boxing, Rosado and Peltz brought a well-tested formula to Wilson in their first North Carolina endeavor in February. The sell-out event was followed up by the debut of Thursday Night Fights in Durham. Throwing a boxing event on a Thursday night was a hard sell for Rosado. “I had to really work on the promoter to get them to give Thursday Night Fights a shot. Durham is a fight town. I knew that if we threw a solid, quality card, with good fights, that fans would come out on a Thursday night, and they did.” When planning The Return, Rosado opted to bring back Thursday Night Fights, and return to the Durham Armory.

After two wildly successful events, followed by a dramatic falling out with the now defunct promotional company, Rosado was reluctant to return to the Tar Heel State. She realized, though, after so many months of putting her sweat and passion into boxing in North Carolina, she owed to herself and the gyms, fighters and fans she met there to return, and fulfill the commitments she made to them to deliver quality fights, while treating the fighters ethically and with respect.

“It took a while to get to know the personalities, the gyms, the fighters and their stories,” said Rosado. “For a long time, North Carolina was a place that managers and promoters brought their fighters to rack up wins. The fighters here deserve so much more than that, as do the fans. I made it a point to let everyone I met in North Carolina know that we were here to work on changing that.”

In planning The Return, Rosado has felt that she could fully put her passions and ideas to work for North Carolina boxing. “I’m excited for the opportunity to do it my way,” said Rosado, who has put on events in Phoenix, Tucson, Philadelphia and Danbury, Connecticut. “I’m happy to work with any fighter that wants to step up and fight. There are no easy touches on my cards. We want to pack the venue and give fans a night to remember. Russell is putting together a phenomenal fight card. The main and co-main events are going to have people so excited – I get goosebumps thinking about it. These guys are really stepping up to give the fans some of the best fights Durham has seen in a while. I wasn’t even sure we could put these fights together, and all of these fighters signed on the dotted line with no hesitation. They are daring to be great, and putting their undefeated records on the line, and I can’t wait to formally announce what we’ve been working on these last few weeks.”

Rosado is also planning to work with the fighters to help the community in and around Durham. “I want to bring positivity to Durham, and to North Carolina boxing. These guys are given a stage to showcase their talent, and we want to use that platform to give back to the community in any way we can.”

The complete fight card will be announced August 24th, and tickets for The Return go on sale that morning. Tickets can be purchased through the fighters or at ragingbabe.com.

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Press Release: Raging Babe Brunch Returns September 16th-Proceeds to Benefit Prichard Colon Foundation

Posted on 07/24/2017

September, 16th is a huge day for boxing in Las Vegas, with Saul “Canelo” Alvarez facing Gennady “GGG” Golovkin in a must-win contest for the king of the middleweight division. As boxing’s elite descend on the Las Vegas Strip, the Raging Babes of Boxing will once again gather to network, laugh and bond over brunch.


This year’s event will be held at the Mandalay Bay’s Border Grill, with views of Mandalay Bay’s beach, and the unlimited mimosas that brunch attendees have come to expect over four years of Raging Babe events. More importantly, attendees will enjoy opportunities to meet and network with some of boxing’s top executives, most important behind-the-scenes players and inspirational women from across the industry.

The event continues to grow, with over 50 women attending the last brunch “New York, New York,” in 2016, and Raging Babe founder Michelle Rosado expects a full house for September’s brunch. Rosado settled on “Shine Bright” for the event’s theme. “Who shines brighter than the women of boxing,” said Rosado. “This event has grown to be so much more than a bunch of women sharing a meal. Experiences, talents and stories of heartbreak and triumph are shared at these events. They have come to mean a lot to the women working tirelessly to advance this sport of ours.”

As past events have done, Shine Bright will honor one of boxing’s most influential women with the Luminary Award. “I can’t wait to share our honoree’s story,” said Rosado, who indicated the award winner would be announced soon.

Shine Bright will benefit a cause close to Rosado’s heart – the recovery of boxer Prichard Colon. “Prichard has made some great strides in his recovery, but the fact remains that the therapy he needs, the medical expenses, the support that his family needs, doesn’t end. His family has sacrificed everything to help him get better, and he sacrificed everything to entertain us in the ring.” Rosado, along with boxing manager and entrepreneur Livvy Cunningham, created the Facebook group, “Pray 4 Prichard,” which has been a place for the Colon family to find encouragement and support via messages from boxing fans all over the world. A percentage of the proceeds from Shine Bright will benefit the Prichard Colon Foundation, which funds the hefty monthly insurance premiums that are essential to Colon’s recovery.

For information on attending or sponsoring the Raging Babe Brunch, Shine Bright, please contact [email protected].

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