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Promoter Raging Babe Releases Trailer For Episode One Of “Boxing Moms”

Posted on 02/02/2020

By: Hans Themistode

Sports has a way of highlighting just the athlete. 

The stage and spotlight seems ill-equipped to carry more than one person at a time. In the sport of boxing, the stage is as small as ever.  

Professional boxers receive all of the accolades, the notoriety from the fans and media, the championship titles and of course, the money. In a sport as brutal as boxing, it seems only right that they get their just due. After all, they do risk their lives inside of the ring. 

While the limelight shines bright on their abilities, many of them wouldn’t be in the position that they currently occupy if it wasn’t for certain individuals behind the scenes. 

A mother’s place amongst her child’s success is often times overlooked. Trainers, promoters and a long list of others are usually mentioned before a mother ever does. 

Yet, her dedication behind the scenes coupled with her unmatched love are often times the driving force behind their success. 

Unlike many promoters and friends who’s job is to simply be heard and not seen, more times than not, they are given their moment in the sun as well. Mothers on the other hand usually aren’t afforded that. Well, thanks to promoter Raging Babe, all of that is about to change as she debuts her new web series “Boxing Moms” exclusively on YouTube and IGTV. 

It isn’t just about handling the demands of the tickets to the event nor is it simply about making sure that her child is staying away from bad foods and sticky situations, but it’s also about the connection that they often times share on a mental level.

“It’s crazy, you don’t know how to explain it but you’re fighting and out of nowhere all you hear is your mom,” said Joseph Adorno. “You don’t hear anyone else but your mom.”

Adorno’s mother is tasked with keeping both of her children who are professional boxers, Joseph and Jeremy, on the right track. Her responsibilities also stretch far beyond her two children in the boxing ring as she has six children in total. 

The web series “Boxing Moms” will answer the question many of you are now asking yourselves at the moment. Just how does she do it? 

Although the story of the Adorno’s is a fascinating one, the web series will highlight several moms who’s lives, simply put, revolve around keeping their child focused and prepared. 

In the sports world, moms are often pushed to the shadows while their child takes the lead. Especially in boxing. But now, they’ll be given the platform that they deserve in order to highlight their importance. 

Take a look at the trailer below for a sneak peak at what to expect on the web series that is expected to be released on February 13th, exclusively on YouTube and IGTV.

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