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Canelo Alvarez Makes His Decision, Will Face Gennadiy Golovkin In September Before Moving On To Dmitry Bivol Rematch

Posted on 05/23/2022

By: Hans Themistode

Canelo Alvarez’s plans were crystal clear.

After pilfering every world title at 168 pounds, the Mexican star would then audaciously go up in weight to take on WBA 175-pound titlist, Dmitry Bivol. Once Alvarez cleared that hurdle, he would then move on to a third, and presumably final, showdown against Gennadiy Golovkin.

Although Alvarez viewed Bivol as a significant challenge, the former four-division world titlist believed he would ultimately emerge from their contest victoriously. However, as the two faced off on May 7th, Alvarez and his undying fans were given a rude awakening. On the night, Bivol both outboxed and out brawled the pound-for-pound star, en route to defending his light heavyweight crown.

With Alvarez’s defeat, came a certain haze surrounding his once clear future. Initially, Alvarez stated that he would elect to take on Bivol in an immediate rematch. However, after further thought, Alvarez has decided against it and instead, will look to put an end to his rivalry with Golovkin.

“Surely yes [about fighting Golovkin next],” said Alvarez during a recent interview with ESPN Deportes. “We already had that contract, that agreement, so we have to continue what we started.”

By no means is Alvarez, 31, eschewing a second showdown against Bivol. Nonetheless, as the Mexican star eludes to, a matchup against Golovkin was already agreed upon well before he came up short against the current WBA light heavyweight champion.

Ultimately, news of Alvarez opting to face Golovkin for a third time is likely music to the longtime middleweight champion’s ears. Following their initial showdown in September of 2017, Golovkin was left shellshocked as he believed he had done more than enough to pick up the victory. Nevertheless, he was forced to settle for a majority decision draw. Anxious to prove their superiority to one another, the two locked horns once again. While their sequel was a back and forth affair, it was Alvarez who handed the majority decision victory, much to the chagrin of Golovkin.

Although acrimonious over the entire ordeal, Golovkin has returned to the win column over and over again. With four consecutive victories, including three of which came via stoppage, Golovkin is buzzing with confidence.

Most recently, the current unified middleweight champion was last seen in the ring on April 9th, earlier this year. The newly turned 40-year-old brazenly stomped into the Japanese home of Ryota Murata, before violently ending his middleweight title reign via 9th round stoppage.

As Alvarez now prepares to take on Golovkin at 168 pounds, he isn’t ruling out a return to the light heavyweight division. In fact, the Mexican star essentially guaranteed that following his showdown against Golovkin, a second contest against Bivol will be next on his docket.

“I think those are the two biggest fights in boxing, the fight with Golovkin and the rematch with Bivol. Unfortunately we lost, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to try again. The important thing here is perseverance and we’re going to do it again.”

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Janibek Alimkhanuly Bullies Then Brutalizes Danny Dignum

Posted on 05/22/2022

By: Hans Themistode

Although a fairly jam-packed crowd in Resorts World Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, was left shellshocked following Janibek Alimkhanuly’s second-round stoppage win over Danny Dignum, Alimkhanuly predicted an explosive win from the moment both signed their names on the dotted line.

Initially apoplectic over the sudden withdrawal of Demetrius Andrade, the current WBO middleweight champion, Alimkhanuly, somewhat reluctantly, accepted a showdown against Danny Dignum for the WBO interim crown.

While Dignum appeared ready for his big moment, Alimkhanuly refused to allow the 30-year-old step in the way of his championship glory.

From the sound of the opening bell, Alimkhanuly plunged straight ahead, winging looping right hands, unafraid of the firepower Dignum had in his possession. A straight 1-2 combination forced Dignum on his heels. Another combination by Alimkhanuly left his man on wobbly legs, but a straight left hand saw him hit the deck in the waning seconds of the period.

Unable to close the show in the first, Alimkhanuly picked up where he left off in the second. A visibly cautious and worried Dignum pumped a range finding jab. Despite planting his feet in an attempt to keep Alimkhanuly honest, the Kazakhstan native continued to move ahead.

With roughly two minutes remaining in the period, Alimkhanuly uncorked a barrage of shots on a defenseless Dignum. In one instance, Dignum attempted to avoid the perpetual assault of his man by ducking low and getting back to the center of the ring. However, the moment Dignum crouched, Alimkhanuly landed a perfectly placed uppercut, nearly sending him out of the ring.

Referee Tony Weeks had seen enough, opting against giving Dignum a standing eight count and instead, simply waved off the rest of their bout. An ecstatic Alimkhanuly banged his gloves and stomped around the ring, feeding into a frenzied crowd.

Shortly after grabbing his newly won interim crown, Alimkhanuly refrained from simply calling out one world champion but instead, placed his sights on the entire division.

“I am in the ring right now and I want to tell every champion in this weight class, I am here waiting for you,” said Alimkhanuly following his victory. “I am waiting.”

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Jean Pascal Returns To The Win Column, Outworks Fanlong Meng To Win A Unanimous Decision

Posted on 05/21/2022

By: Hans Themistode

Countless superlatives can be used to describe Jean Pascal. Multiple-time world champion, deleterious knockout artist, resilient, and of course, willing to take on all comers. However, while Pascal has wrapped his waist with gold several times over, numerous disparaging words were hurled in his direction.

Following Pascal’s close but clear victory over Badou Jack in December of 2019, Pascal’s name was dragged through the mud as he failed numerous post-fight drug tests. Both bemused and in utter disbelief, Pascal, at the age of 39, dusted himself off and began his career revival. While the former two-time light heavyweight champion entrenched himself in an arduous training camp, it paid off for him earlier tonight.

A fairly raucous crowd filled Whitesands Events Center in Plant City, Florida, in full support of Pascal. As he walked confidently through the ropes, Pascal nodded in approval. Moments later, a more stoic Fanlong Meng made his own ring walk as he looked emotionlessly at Pascal’s supporters.

In the opening round, Meng pumped a range finding jab in an attempt to find his distance. Pascal kept a high guard, allowing Meng’s jab to bounce innocuously off his gloves. When given the time to strike, Pascal did just that, landing two stinging overhand rights in the waning seconds of the opening round.

In the second, a much more assertive Meng reemerged from his corner. The Chinese native blasted the former world titlist mere seconds into the frame. A strong straight left hand from the undefeated title hopeful pushed Pascal into the ropes. As the Haitian product stumbled around the ring, Meng launched a full-on attack. For the remainder of the round, Pascal retreated and held onto his opponent, refusing to absorb any more blows.

Needing the next few rounds to regain his composure, Pascal came out aggressively in the fifth. He eagerly met Meng in the center of the ring and bullied his man against the ropes. The crowd roared in approval as he peppered Meng’s body with numerous blows before connecting on several straight rights and overhand lefts.

A seemingly flustered Meng continued to lay against the ropes, waiting for his reprieve. That moment, however, would come shortly after. In the seventh, Pascal appeared winded. He lethargically waltzed to the center of the ring. A quick barrage of punches by Meng left Pascal on wobbly legs. The former world titlist languished listlessly in the corner as Meng teed off mercilessly.

Appearing to take the eighth off, Pascal performed at his best in the ninth. During the period, a short and quick exchange on the inside was punctuated by Pascal with a sharp uppercut. Seconds later, Meng hit the deck.

Pascal’s confidence grew in the 10th. After connecting on several unanswered shots, time was called by referee Chris Young as Meng’s corner was ordered to fix the tape around his gloves. Given more time to rest, Pascal seethed and pounded his gloves together, garnering a reaction from his staunch supporters.

Once given the green light to continue, Pascal launched a full-blown assault. Although Meng’s corner appeared worried, the Chinese product remained calm, fighting back vigorously in the waning seconds.

After a nip and tuck 11th, both fighters left it all in the ring in the final round. Pascal took the initiative, pounding his man against the ropes before Meng turned the tables in the remaining few seconds.

From the moment the final bell rang, both fighters rose their hands victoriously in the air. Nevertheless, only one man would leave with the victory.

As the crowd waited nervously, they erupted as Pascal was handed a fairly wide unanimous decision victory.

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Jean Pascal Vs. Fanlong Meng Undercard Results: Michael Dutchover Ekes Out Split Decision Over Clarence Booth

Posted on 05/20/2022

Clarence Booth had grown sick and tired of the up and down performances followed by lackluster results. In 2017, after going 1-2, the Florida native took what he believed was a well-needed break. After re-energizing his batteries, Booth reeled off numerous pristine performances. That trend, however, would end earlier tonight.

From Whitesands Events Center, in Plant City Florida, Michael Dutchover dazzled the crowd. With Booth’s hometown fans standing firmly behind him, he attempted to turn his fortunes around as they engaged in an all-out war.

Dutchover, to his credit, continued to find success. As a result, Booth reacted desperately, winging looping shots that failed to land on their mark. Dutchover’s overall boxing ability and iron clad chin, proved to be enough as he eked out the split decision victory.

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Jean Pascal Vs. Fanlong Meng Undercard Results: Antonio Moran Grinds Out Hard Fought Decision Over Jeffrey Torres

Posted on 05/20/2022

Jeffrey Torres was relentless in his pressure as he faced off against Antonio Moran. Even with the Mexican born slugger planting his feet and firing away, Torres refused to take a backward step.

As the two continued to swap fists at Whitesands Event Center in Plant City, Florida, it was Moran who got the better of most of their exchanges. At the conclusion of eight hard-fought rounds, the two continued the action well after the bell. Regardless of what appeared to be bad blood, both men embraced shortly after, to the approval of the deafening crowd.

In the end, to the crowds dismay, Moran was awarded the close unanimous decision victory.

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Jean Pascal Vs. Fanlong Meng Undercard Results: Jusiyah Shirley Punishes Miguel Angel Perez Aispuro

Posted on 05/20/2022

Jusiyah Shirley (5-0, 4 KOs) refused to allow his hometown fans leave Whitesands Events Center without receiving major bang for their buck. Following four consecutive knockout wins to begin his career, Shirley was unable to secure his fifth straight against journeymen Miguel Angel Perez Aispuro (12-13-2, 8 KOs). He did, however, punish his man, resulting in a lopsided unanimous decision victory.

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Jean Pascal Vs. Fanlong Meng Undercard Results: Daniel Blancas Makes It Look Easy Against Heinrich Coorssen Caceres

Posted on 05/20/2022

Daniel Blancas (2-0, 2 KOs) looked incredibly confident as he walked through the ropes tonight to take on his inexperienced opponent. In the opening fight of Jean Pascal’s return to the ring against Fanlong Meng, both Blancas and Heinrich Coorssen Caceres (0-1) waged an all-out war.

Caceres, to his credit, refused to wilt under Blancas relentless pressure. While the debutant managed to reach the final bell, he was handed a wide unanimous decision defeat.

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Gilberto Ramirez Destroys Dominic Boesel, Eyes Dmitry Bivol Showdown

Posted on 05/14/2022

By: Hans Themistode

Gilberto “Zurdo” Ramirez has begged, pleaded, and urged the top names at 175 pounds to step into the ring against him. Although he has yet to lure the current titleholders to ink their names on the dotted line, Ramirez may have forced their hand.

The unbeaten 30-year-old from Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico punished Dominic Boesel during the main event of their DAZN headliner earlier tonight at the Toyota Arena in Ontario, California.

From the sound of the opening bell, a confident Boesel walked calmly to the center of the ring. Moments later, he was greeted by a stiff jab from Ramirez. As the former 168-pound titlist continued to tag his man, an eye-catching exchange took place as Ramirez connected with a right hand on the elbow of Boesel.

Shortly after, Boesel turned in pain before resuming the action. Round two saw Ramirez overwhelm his man with a barrage of punches as he languished against the ropes. While he was primarily a headhunter, Ramirez refused to neglect working the body, doing so with approximately one minute left in the round.

Although Boesel proved to be game, egging Ramirez on in the fourth round, the hard-hitting Mexican happily obliged, landing pernicious shots against the fringe contender until he was forced to take a knee. Under normal circumstances, when said fighter opts to take a knee, they are immediately issued a standing eight count. However, considering how severely hurt Boesel was, their bout was waved off.

With the victory, Ramirez not only advances his career record to a pristine 44-0, he now emerges as the WBA mandatory challenger to current belt holder, Dmitry Bivol. While Ramirez has stated on numerous occasions that he would like nothing more than to fight Bivol, the Russian native could be forced to take on pound-for-pound star, Canelo Alvarez. The two recently battled on May 7th, at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Although he was pegged as a considerable underdog, Bivol rose to the occasion, handing Alvarez only the second defeat of his Hall of Fame bound career. Just mere moments after suffering defeat, Alvarez revealed that he fully plans on enacting his immediate rematch clause, a statement he has somewhat backed away from.

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It’s Time For Gennadiy Golovkin To Move On

Posted on 05/11/2022

By: Hans Themistode

Gennadiy Golovkin was always a patient hunter. But one who never wasted his time on prolonged prey.

After victimizing his foes in the ring, Golovkin would normally remove his blood-soaked gloves, grab the nearest microphone and publicly call out his next target. Seldom, however, would Golovkin’s desired opponents issue a direct response.

The current unified middleweight titlist begged for a showdown against Miguel Cotto. Yet, when the former four-division world titlist openly ignored him, Golovkin turned his attention elsewhere. In addition to placing a target squarely on the back of Cotto, Golovkin has also called out the likes of Sergio Martinez and Jaime Munguia.

Ultimately, to Golovkin’s disgust, he was unable to lure any of those previously mentioned names into the ring. Still, while acrimonious, Golovkin moved on. So why won’t he do the same now?

At the age of 40, and having fought Canelo Alvarez on two separate occasions, Golovkin has appeared hell-bent on facing the Mexican star for a third, and presumably final time. In all fairness, Golovkin had officially gotten his wish granted.

Initially, after mulling over several offers, Alvarez opted to accept Eddie Hearn’s lucrative three-fight deal. In Alvarez’s perfect world, he would willingly leave his undisputed 168-pound throne and successfully snag Dmitry Bivol’s WBA light heavyweight title. From there, Alvarez would then return to 168 pounds for a third bout against Golovkin, before closing out his year with either a homecoming fight in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico – or a trip over the pond to London, to face who appeared to be the frontrunner in Joshua Buatsi.

Of course, Golovkin needed to hold up his end of the bargain, as he was scheduled to face off against Ryota Murata. Despite turning 40 years of age one day prior to their April 9th showdown, Golovkin brutalized his man, scoring the stoppage victory in the ninth round.

As Golovkin flicked on his television set this past Saturday night to take in the sights of Alvarez’s showdown against Bivol, a part of him, albeit reluctantly, was heavily rooting for his longtime rival. But while Golovkin nodded and smiled in approval as Alvarez started strong, Golovkin placed an incredulous hand over his mouth as he watched the rest of their bout unfold.

Outside of the first initial few rounds, Bivol dominated the pound-for-pound star. At times, a visibly gassed Alvarez languished against the ropes, breathing deeply, hoping for a reprieve from a relentless Bivol. Alvarez’s amnesty, however, never came.

Bivol, beaming with confidence at this point, closed strong, lacing Alvarez with a nonstop barrage of pernicious shots, doing so until the sound of the final bell. Alvarez, 31, had on his best poker face as he waited patiently for the final scores to be announced. While he raised his hand in victory, it was Bivol’s name that was announced shortly after.

With the Mexican star tasting defeat for the first time in nearly a decade, he impetuously declared that he would enact his immediate rematch clause, a statement he has somewhat backed away from. If Álvarez does, in fact, opt to face Bivol once more, Golovkin should turn his back on their lucrative and personal rivalry.

There’s nothing more for Golovkin to gain at this point in his career from facing Alvarez. His perpetual rival’s aura of invincibility has already been stripped away.

During their first encounter in 2017, most of the boxing world was bemused by the final result as Alvarez appeared lucky to have been given a split decision draw. In their immediate sequel one year later, while Alvarez scored a majority decision victory, both pugilistic media minds and rabid fans of the sport were ambivalent with the final call.

Not only has Bivol successfully ended Alvarez’s reign atop boxing’s Mount Everest, but, by and large, he’s also dampened his third showdown against Golovkin.

While no one else will allow the Kazakstan native to fatten his wallet the way a bout against Alvarez can, he does have both lucrative offers and mouthwatering showdowns that stand before him.

For years on end, Jermall Charlo has publicly called for a middleweight unification bout against Golovkin, something the now 40-year-old has never truly entertained. In addition to Charlo, Demetrius Andrade has remained loquacious over a matchup against Golovkin.

The seemingly countless zero’s that were expected to come with a showdown against Alvarez has ostensibly evaporated. So has a chance at revenge. That doesn’t mean Golovkin and Alvarez won’t meet again, however. But for the time being, while both bouts will be forever etched in boxing history, there’s no need for a third.

Charlo, Andrade, or even an audacious move to 168 pounds to take on David Benavidez, are all on the table for Golovkin if he so pleased. Whatever Golovkin ultimately chooses, it’s time for him to leave his rivalry with Alvarez in the rearview mirror.

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Dmitry Bivol Eager For Canelo Alvarez Rematch: “I Want To Prove That I’m Really Better Than Him”

Posted on 05/10/2022

By: Hans Themistode

Despite reigning as light heavyweight champion for the better part of the past five years, Dmitry Bivol capitulated to many of the demands of Canelo Alvarez.

Although Alvarez came into their May 7th, showdown as the challenger, it was Alvarez who was allowed to walk second and introduced last prior to their bout. Bivol, while a proud champion, was willing to do essentially whatever it took to get boxing’s premier star into the ring.

After gnashing his teeth while saying yes to all of Alvarez’s requests, the 31-year-old Russian had officially landed the one bout he craved above all others.

Heading in, Bivol paid no attention to oddsmakers pegging him as a considerable underdog on the night. Also, the WBA light heavyweight titlist ignored Alvarez’s staunch supporters who predicted he would be violently stopped on the night.

A stone-faced Bivol calmly made his way through the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, first. He also stood patiently as Alvarez was given his grand entrance. Nevertheless, from the moment the opening bell rang, Bivol marched forward and took the fight to the former pound-for-pound king.

Although Alvarez as of late, has punished his foes, resulting in stoppage victories in four of his previous five bouts, Bivol showed his resolve. The normally offensive brilliance of Alvarez, by and large, was rendered useless as Bivol maintained his defensive principles while piling up the points.

With all three judges scoring the bout handing Bivol a 115-113 unanimous decision victory, the former pound-for-pound king revealed that he would pursue an immediate rematch, words that became music to the ears of Bivol.

Openly, the Russian native admits that while he fully intended on winning against Alvarez in their first bout, he more so wanted to use their initial bout as a way to be thrust into the limelight. In what now appears to be an upcoming sequel, Bivol has now shifted gears. With his star power receiving a considerable bump, Bivol wants to show the rest of the world that while Alvarez is a terrific fighter, he’s simply a cut above.

“First fight was important to me because I wanted to introduce myself to the boxing fans,” said Bivol during a recent interview with FightHype.com. “Second fight, I want to prove that I’m really better than him. He is the bigger name but I am better.”

In addition to allowing Alvarez to dictate both the ring walks and introduction, Bivol also reveals that he took a massive financial blow. According to multiple reports, Alvarez earned somewhere in the ballpark range of approximately $50 million, including roughly 70 percent of the pay-per-view revenue. Bivol, on the other hand, may have pocketed around $2 million plus a lower-end portion of the pay-per-view revenue.

Financial ramifications aside, Bivol has no qualms about the sacrifices that were made in order to secure the biggest victory in his career. This time around, however, with part two lurking, Bivol is more assertive in his monetary demands.

“I can earn more money for a rematch and get more attention.”

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Terence Crawford On His Pound For Pound Placement Following Canelo Alvarez’s Recent Defeat: “We Know Who #1 Is Now”

Posted on 05/09/2022

By: Hans Themistode

Admittedly, Terence Crawford knew he had plenty of competition.

The Omaha, Nebraska, native and current WBO welterweight champion has always been proud of his pugilistic achievements. Having won world titles at 135, 140, and now – 147 pounds, Crawford not only considers himself the best welterweight in the world but the best overall fighter on the planet.

But, despite his bravado and unwavering self-belief, Crawford was somewhat accepting of his position amongst his fellow fighters.

In the mind of many, Canelo Alvarez was viewed as not only boxing’s premier attraction but also, its best fighter. While Crawford tipped his cap in acknowledgment of Alvarez and his overall achievements, the 34-year-old welterweight belt holder still adamantly backed himself as the best fighter in the world.

Regardless of his position, Crawford reluctantly accepted his placement behind the Mexican native. Nevertheless, following Alvarez’s lackluster defeat this past weekend at the hands of Dmitry Bivol, Crawford now believes he has officially usurped Alvarez on virtually every pound-for-pound list.

“We know who #1 is now,” said Crawford on his social media account.

Bivol, the current WBA light heavyweight belt holder, marched through a sea of dubious voices at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, this past Saturday night. As Alvarez’s supporters continued to scream and shout in his direction, the Russian native remained stone-faced and focused on the task at hand.

Although Alvarez has openly admitted in the past that fighting at 175 pounds places him at a significant disadvantage, after aggregating every world title at 168 pounds, the Mexican product craved a new challenge.

During the early portions of his light heavyweight bout, Alvarez appeared to dictate the action. However, as the rounds slowly ticked by, an increasingly elusive Bivol began finding his rhythm. Alvarez, 31, while known for his defensive acumen, languished against the ropes for long durations, resulting in Bivol piling up the points en route to a unanimous decision victory.

Considering Alvarez’s recent defeat, coupled with Crawford’s continued run of dominance, the switch-hitting star believes he should rise unopposed to the top of the pound-for-pound charts.

In Crawford’s most recent trip to the ring, the 34-year-old successfully defended his WBO crown against former two-time world titlist, Shawn Porter. In doing so, Crawford became the first man to stop Porter in his tracks, accomplishing the feat in the 10th round.

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Eddy Reynoso Eyeing Canelo Vs. Bivol Sequel: “There’s No Doubt That We Want That Rematch, We Didn’t Lose The Fight”

Posted on 05/08/2022

By: Hans Themistode

Al Bello

Eddy Reynoso beamed with pride and confidence as he watched his fighter, Canelo Alvarez, make his way to the ring late last night.

As a jam-packed crowd in T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, roared vociferously, Reynoso remained steadfast in his belief that his Mexican star would keep his staunch supporters on their feet.

While pegged as a considerable underdog, Dmitry Bivol was both unfazed and undaunted by the task at hand. In the opening round, the Russian native appeared content and willing to allow Alvarez to bully him against the ropes. As the rounds slowly ticked by, however, he slowly began finding his rhythm.

At times, Alvarez’s backers sat quietly as Bivol blasted his man mercilessly. A visibly tired Alvarez admitted that during the championship rounds, he was running on fumes, something Bivol would take full advantage of.

Despite languishing against the ropes for long stretches, Alvarez proudly rose his hand in triumph as the sound of the final bell blared through T-Mobile Arena. Nevertheless, while Alvarez believed he was only moments away from arguably his greatest achievement, it was Bivol who was left grinning from ear to ear as all three judges scoring their light heavyweight bout handed the Russian star a close but clear unanimous decision victory.

As both Alvarez and Reynoso retreated to their dressing room in disbelief, the pair have already revealed that their rivalry with Bivol has only just begun. In the end, while Reynoso refuses to fulminate over the judge’s decision, he believes they ultimately handed the victory to the wrong fighter.

“Yes, there’s no doubt about that, we want that rematch,” said Reynoso to a group of reporters. “We felt that we didn’t lose the fight, just some rounds. We want that rematch to see what we can do better.”

After wrapping every world title around his waist at 168 pounds, Alvarez, 31, craved an even bigger challenge. In an effort to meet his wishes, Reynoso viewed a light heavyweight showdown against Bivol as the ultimate risk.

Having produced a spotless record through 19 professional bouts, Bivol gladly accepted team Alvarez’s decision to face him. Reynoso, who also manages Alvarez in addition to training him, is of the belief that the former pound-for-pound king followed his pre-fight game plan to perfection.

Still, regardless of Alvarez’s execution, and despite Reynoso maintaining that his fighter should have been given the victory, he won’t allow himself to take the spotlight away from Bivol. More than anything, the former trainer of the year believes that while Bivol has sullied Alvarez’s record, the Mexican native can walk with his head held high.

“You have to give good credit to Bivol and what he did but Saul is a winner and he will come back stronger.”

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Montana Love Tested, Wins Unanimous Decision Over Gabriel Gollaz Valenzuela

Posted on 05/08/2022

Montana Love has never been short on bravado.

The flamboyant 140 pounder sauntered his way to the ring in front of a fairly jam-packed crowd in T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, being accompanied by his pet dog. Love smiled, danced, and took in the sights. But while he appeared to be enjoying the moment, he made sure to take care of business.

Love cautiously stepped to the middle of the ring as fringe contender, Gabriel Gollaz Valenzuela, eagerly followed suit. In an effort to use his four-inch reach advantage, Gollaz stuck his jab into the face of his man early and often. A smiling Love dipped low, carefully evading Gollaz’s persistent jab. Moments later, Love connected on his first blow of the night, a straight left hand. Just mere seconds later, history repeated itself as Love connected once again with a straight left hand. This time, Gollaz hit the deck.

As Love waltzed back to the center of the ring to begin the second round, Gollaz made him pay for his excessive confidence. In a quick and seemingly inconsequential exchange, Gollaz connected on an overhand right, sending Love to the deck.

For the duration of the round, Love backpedaled, moved cautiously, and attempted to hold until his legs were underneath him.

Well aware of his man’s power, Love boxed a more calculated fight for the remainder of the bout. At times, he landed his vaunted straight left hand, while using his defensive acumen to remain out of harm’s way.

While it may have resulted in Love being vehemently booed by the Las Vegas, crowd, he was given the fairly wide unanimous decision victory.

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Jake Paul Apathetic Towards Dmitry Bivol Vs. Canelo Alvarez: “No One Wants To See That Fight”

Posted on 05/07/2022

By: Hans Themistode

Getty Images

An unprecedented amount of Canelo Alvarez fans have swarmed the Las Vegas, area. The reason for their presence is a simple one, as Alvarez is set to return to the ring later on tonight to take on WBA light heavyweight champion, Dmitry Bivol.

But while Alvarez’s undying supporters have come out in full force, Jake Paul is of the belief that the pound-for-pound star’s upcoming trek to the ring will be a box office failure.

“Dmitry Bivol?” Questioned Paul. “No one wants to see that fight.”

Regardless of Paul being apathetic toward Bivol’s upcoming showdown against Alvarez, the Russian native believes he has what it takes to solve one of boxing’s most bemusing puzzles.

After failing to enter the ring for the entirety of his 2020 calendar year, Bivol bounced back nicely in 2021. Up first for the light heavyweight titlist, was a tougher than expected test against Craig Richards. While he would ultimately go on to pick up the unanimous decision victory, Richards fought Bivol on mostly even terms.

At the tail end of Bivol’s year, he looked remarkably better against Umar Salamov, as he scored the lopsided unanimous decision win. With the 31-year-old producing a spotless record through 19 professional bouts, Paul shrugs his shoulders as he downplays the overall drawing power of the Russian native.

Ultimately, Paul is of the belief that Alvarez has two well-known and more distinguished fighters who are more worthy of his time in the ring.

“Fight (David) Benavidez, quit ducking Benavidez, quit ducking (Jermall) Charlo.”

As Paul eludes to, both Benavidez and Charlo were offered to Alvarez as part of a two-fight deal made by Premier Boxing Champions Al Haymon. Benavidez, and Charlo for that matter, have urged the pound-for-pound star to face them inside the ring. But, despite their constant callouts and regardless of Paul’s chastisement, Alvarez opted against facing either foe.

Although initially apoplectic by his decision, both Charlo and Benavidez have moved on.

In the case of Benavidez, the former two-time super middleweight champion will square off against David Lemieux on May 21st, with the winner being awarded the WBC interim crown. As for Charlo, while he has stated on numerous occasions that he would eagerly and swiftly acquiesce to Alvarez’s weight demands and face him at 168 pounds, for now, he’ll remain in the middleweight division where he’ll attempt to defend his prized WBC title against Maciej Sulecki on June 18th.

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Kell Brook Officially Hangs Up His Gloves, Announces Retirement At The Age Of 36

Posted on 05/07/2022

By: Hans Themistode

As Kell Brook looks back on his noteworthy career, he’s immediately filled with both joy and satisfaction.

In 2004, at the tender age of 18, Brook entered the ring for the first time as a professional. Nearly a decade later, the British star achieved a lifelong dream of becoming a world champion.

Yet, having taken on some of the best names that the sport of boxing has to offer, Brook believes his time underneath the pugilistic bright lights has come to an end.

“I’ve had a long chat with my family and my parents, and it’s over for me,” said Brook. “I’ll never box again.”

Brook’s recent revelation comes off the back of arguably his proudest achievement. Following years of back and forth banter with long-time rival Amir Khan, the two officially squared off in the ring to put their bad blood to bed.

A jam-packed crowd filled Manchester Arena on February 19th, 2022. A visibly irate Brook marched forward from the opening bell, keeping a high guard while the lightning fast blows from Khan bounced inconsequentially off his gloves.

As Brook began finding his range, he battered his man, ultimately resulting in a sixth-round stoppage victory. Shortly after, Brook revealed that despite being 36 years of age, he felt young and spry. Further backing his words, team Brook quietly began negotiations for his next ring appearance with welterweight contender Conor Benn and former middleweight interim titlist, Chris Eubank Jr., emerging as frontrunners.

However, over the past few days, talks between both parties had gone cold as Brook has opted to instead, hang up his gloves for good.

Brook, while completely satisfied with how his career played out, is unsurprisingly poignant as he holds back tears and stutters over his words. Throughout it all, Brook acknowledges his dark moments, including suffering back-to-back broken orbital bones in consecutive defeats at the hands of Gennadiy Golovkin and Errol Spence Jr.

Still, regardless of his sour moments, Brook also smiles at his prestigious and memorable victories. Nonetheless, more than his unforgettable victory over Shawn Porter which led to his first world title reign and more salient than sharing the ring with pound-for-pound star Terence Crawford, Brook is most proud to be leaving the sport he once loved on his terms.

“It’s a little emotional to be actually saying this out loud. My mom [Julie] is relieved. I think everyone around me is pleased. It’s been a long journey and all I’ve known. “I’ve been a world champion, and that night against Shawn Porter in California will live with me forever. As will my last fight with Amir.

“I’ve been in the ring with Golovkin, Spence, Crawford, and I finally got my fight with Amir Khan. After that, I don’t think I needed to go on anymore. Truth is, boxing is a very, very tough, dangerous sport, one in which you can be legally killed in the ring, and I’ve finished now with all my faculties intact.”

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