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Raging Babe’s ”Philly Special” Set For February 8th at 2300 Arena

Posted on 01/07/2019

By: Ken Hissner

Michelle Rosado, who has been promoting her own boxing cards in
Arizona since 2011 and working behind the scenes on other shows across
the country, is promoting Friday evening, February 8th at the 2300
Arena in South Philadelphia.

Michelle Rosado is a boxing enthusiast, but to say that she’s
passionate would be an understatement. Rosado has channeled that
passion and energy she felt as a fan into a career on the business
side of the Sweet Science.

Now a successful Radio Host, Boxing Promoter and Marketing Consultant,
Rosado has found her niche in excelling at both the entertainment side
of boxing, as well as the event and fighter marketing aspect of the
male-dominate business.

Rosado is the co-founder and former host of “The Morning Punch-In with
RB & Jae”, a groundbreaking Monday morning drive-time broadcast that
featured unconventional fighter interviews and bleeding edge news. The
podcast has drew acclaim throughout the industry, and became a
platform for boxing top talent to showcase its lighter side.

Dubbed the “Raging Babe” by the Phoenix New Times Magazine, Rosado
parlayed the moniker into a successful boxing and lifestyle brand
under the membership of “The First Lady of Boxing,” Jackie Kallen.
Inspired by Kallen, who has managed six world champions, and whose
life story was the basis for the Paramount Movie Against the Ropes,
starring Meg Ryan, Rosado launched her passion project, the Raging
Babe Bruch in 2012. Both a celebration of women in a male-dominated
industry and a valuable networking event, the Bruch has grown from 12
attendees to more than 80, all with prominent roles at networks,
promotional companies, governing bodies and other boxing
organizations. It was around the same time that she launched her
apparel line, which features t-shirts for male boxing fans and the
underserved female boxing fan demographic.

Rosado grew up in the Philadelphia-area watching boxing alongside her
father, not knowing at the time that her boxing career would take her
full circle, and that she would one day be working events in her old
stomping grounds. Rosado gained invaluable experience and notoriety in
promoting several sold-out events in Arizona, along and with Top Rank
Boxing, and is widely credited with revitalizing boxing in the Valley
of the Sun and Tucson. She then went on to work with Mayweather
Promotions and eventually returned to Philadelphia to work with Hall
of Fame Promoter, J Russell Peltz.

For Michelle Rosado, boxing isn’t work. She doesn’t punch the clock at
the end of the day, and vacations and breaks are largely imposed upon
her by her friends and family. She makes it look easy, and like
everything she touches turns to gold. What is unseen is the passion,
hard work, ambition and humility that drive her success. The Raging
Babe story continues…..She was nice enough to entertain some questions
for Brick City Boxing.

KEN HISSNER: What part of the Philadelphia area did you live and
attend high school?

RAGING BABE: I grew up in Bristol Borough, right outside of
Philadelphia. I attended Temple University. GO OWLS!

KEN HISSNER: Like me you first got a glimpse of boxing from watching
TV with your father. Mine was the second Marciano-Walcott fight. Do
you remember who you watched first?

RAGING BABE: My dad liked Sugar Ray Leonard. He would mention Muhammad
Ali’s name and Wilfred Benitez too. I remember he’d watch all the
fights, but I didn’t really understand who was who back then. I was
too young. I really got into it when Mike Tyson hit the scene by
storm. We’d watch all the Tyson fights!

KEN HISSNER: I understand Felix “Tito” Trinidad was one of your
favorite boxers. Are there any other boxers that were are your

RAGING BABE: My dad loved Tito so of course, I did too. Tito made me
fall in love with boxing. His pride, heart, will, and charisma were
captivating. The first time I cried over boxing was when he was beat
by Hopkins. I cried when Winky Wright spanked him too. Today, I’m a
huge fan of Terence Crawford. His journey has been amazing, his
accomplishments, remarkable. His entire team is awesome. If you
haven’t been to one of his fights in Omaha, put it on our bucket list!
I’ll admit, I cried when he beat Indongo and became the undisputed
champion of the world. I was glad to be there in that moment and to
witness history. Despite being a part of boxing on the business side,
I find boxers and their accomplishments still stir up my emotions. I
am still deeply passionate about the sport.

KEN HISSNER: I see you have your boxing event coming up at the 2300
Arena on February 8th. On top you have Christian Carto, possibly the
most exciting young boxer in Philly. I guess you know he’s probably
the biggest ticket seller in the city.

RAGING BABE: I knew that, coming into Philly, with all of its history,
the personalities still involved in boxing, I had to bring my A game.
Boxing is serious business here, and I have a lot to prove. I am
thankful that Carto, despite being offered other opportunities is
toppy my first card here. Christian Carto is the “Philly Special” and
he’s an attraction. He’s one of the top prospects in Philly. In my
opinion, the hottest thing coming out of South Philly in many years.
He’s the best bantamweight in Philly since Jeff Chandler. He has a
bright future and his team is an absolute pleasure to work with. It
made great sense for us to work together. The 2300 Arena is in South
Philly and Carto is from South Philly. Welcome to Carto’s House on Feb

KEN HISSNER: I want to thank you

RAGING BABE: Thank you for the opportunity, and for shining a light on
the talent we have coming out of Philly.

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