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Undefeated lightweight Devin Haney Sparring Video, and Media Work Out Quotes

Top undefeated lightweight prospect Devin Haney and his father, manager and trainer Bill Haney Sr. met with members of the Las Vegas media on Thursday as Haney continues preparations for his Friday, Sept. 28 showdown against three-time world title challenger Juan Carlos Burgos on ShoBox: The New Generation.

The 10-round main event headlines a tripleheader live on SHOWTIME (10 p.m. ET/PT) from Pechanga Resort Casino in Temecula, Calif. The 19-year-old Haney (19-0, 13 KOs) returns for his second consecutive challenge of 2018 on ShoBox. His opponent Burgos (33-2-2, 21 KOs) is a veteran of 37 fights whose only defeats have come in world championship bouts.

Photo Credit: Mario Serrano / Devin Haney Promotions

Here is what the Haneys had to say from the City Athletic Boxing Gym in Las Vegas.


On his upcoming fight with world title challenger Juan Carlos Burgos:

“Juan Carlos Burgos is a tough opponent who’s been in multiple world title fights and has a lot of experience. This will definitely be my toughest fight to date on paper, and on September 28, I will show the world what Devin Haney is made of.”

On having his first show as a promoter:

“I believe I’m the youngest promoter in boxing history and it makes me very excited to make that claim. I look forward to putting on great fights. I’m going to be the next superstar in the sport, and I want to give other fighters opportunities to showcase their talents. It’s a dream come true and I couldn’t be happier to be fighting on SHOWTIME under Devin Haney Promotions.”

On fighting at Pechanga Resort Casino:

“Pechanga is a beautiful venue where a lot of big fights have taken place. I’m thrilled to be fighting at the new arena, and it’s a great time for DHP because I know we are going to pack the house.”

On making his second appearance on SHOWTIME:

“Man, it’s a blessing to be fighting on SHOWTIME not once, but twice, before my 20th birthday. The national exposure we get is incredible. Everyone knows SHOWTIME is the king of boxing and I will shine just like I did last time. The fans can expect another great performance.”

On what fans can expect from him on fight night:

“The fans can expect fireworks! I will show the world my style, the ‘Devin Haney’ style! Everything that I do will be on display.”


On the progress of his son’s development:

“Devin is really coming into his own. Everyday he’s getting better and better. There is no limit to his ability when it comes to boxing. He’s a prodigy like no other in the sport. He will be a superstar in boxing.”

On his recent training camp:

“Training camp is going as planned and Devin is looking unbelievable. We’ve been doing a lot of strength and conditioning training at the SNAC facility with Victor Conte, and it’s been fantastic. Right now Devin is strong and very sharp.”

On stepping up in competition against Juan Carlos Burgos:

“Burgos is a dangerous fighter with world championship experience who went 12 rounds with one of the best fighters [Mikey Garcia] in boxing. These are the type of fights that take a fighters’ career to the next level, and I believe Devin is ready to graduate.”

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Devin “The Dream” Haney & Joshua “Don’t Blink” Greer, Jr. Win Friday Night

By: Ken Hissner

Hard Hitting Promotions, Greg Cohen Promotions and Devin Haney Promotions over Sho-Box before a standing room only crowd at the 2300 Arena in Philly Friday night.

In the Main Event Super Lightweight Devin “The Dream” Haney, 19-0 (12), of Las Vegas, NV, forced Mason “Rock Hard Mighty” Menard, 33-3 (24), of Rayne, LA, to retire after nine shut out rounds to win the vacant USBA Lightweight title.

Photo Credit: Showtime Boxing Twitter Account

This one was a mismatch from the opening bell with Haney dazzling Menard who couldn’t land but a handful of punches the entire fight. Haney had a machine gun like jab throughout. He would land the right hand almost at will though Menard had his hands held high at all times. Round after round Haney dominated. He made this vacant USBA title bout look so easy. He forced Menard to not come out for the tenth and final round. Haney will deservingly be in the top ten of the IBF rankings with this shout out of a match.

Super Bantamweight Glenn Dezurn, 9-2-1 (6), of Baltimore, MD, was stopped at 1:47 of the 8th round losing to Joshua “Don’t Blink” Greer, Jr., 17-1-1 (9), of Chicago, IL.

From the opening round up until the sixth round Greer dominated. Dezurn started to turn things around in the sixth and seventh rounds. In the eighth round Greer landed a hard right to the chin of Dezurn and down he went. He was up at the count of 8 from Referee Benjy Esteves, Jr. Greer raced across the ring having Dezurn defenseless forcing Referee Esteves, to wave it off!

Light Heavyweight Alvin “Iron Majik” Vermall, Jr., 15-1-1 (12), of Catskill, NY, was defeated by southpaw Charles ”The Truth” Foster, 16-0 (8), of New Haven, CT, over 8 rounds.

In the first round the taller Foster used his jab with Vermall trying to get inside. Foster keeps measuring Vermall who is missing more than landing. Foster landed a lead left to the mid-section of Vermall. Foster ended the round with a hard left uppercut to the chin of Vermall. In the second round Vermall rocked Foster with a right uppercut. He keeps leaping in trying to land the big punch on Foster who is not co-operating. Referee Rosato warns Foster for hitting behind the head. Foster landed a 3-punch combination. Vermall came right back just before the bell landing a solid right to the chin of Foster. In the third round Foster keeps pawing with the jab with Vermall rushing in and ending in a clinch. Foster uses an occasional left uppercut to the chin of Vermall who seems frustrated not getting his punches in.

In the fourth round Vermall leaped in with a left hook to the head of Foster. Foster lands a lead left to the chin with Vermall coming right back with a right to the chin of Foster. Too many clinches on the part of both. Vermall ends the round with a solid right to the chin of Foster. In the fifth round Vermall comes out trying to make a brawl of it while Foster lands a chopping left to the head of Vermall who comes in low. Foster lands a solid left uppercut to the chin of Vermall. Vermall hurt Foster with a wild right to the chin at the bell.

In the sixth round Foster is trying to keep Vermall at bay but Vermall jumps in with wild punches to the head of Foster. Foster continues to get the better of the always coming forward Vermall. In the seventh round

Super Bantamweight Arnold “Arni” Khegai, 12-0-1 (5), of Odessa, UKR, defeated Adam “Mantequilla” Lopez, 16-3-2 (8), of San Antonio, TX, over 8 rounds.

In the first round Khegai is pushing Lopez back with little action in the round. In the second round Khegai landed a lead right to the chin of Lopez. Khegai landed a right hand to the chin of Lopez driving him back halfway across the ring. In the third round Lopez landed a 3-punch combination rocking Khegai. Khegai landed a lead right to the chin of Lopez just prior to the bell. In the fourth round Khegai landed a lead right to the chin of Lopez who came right back with a left hook to the head of Khegai. Halfway through the round things started to heat up a bit.

In the fifth round Khegai landed a chopping right while in a clinch and then was warned for using the cuff of his glove. Both fighters have received numerous warnings. In the sixth round Referee Benjy Esteves, Jr. took a point from Khegai. Both boxers are throwing wild punches with neither gaining an edge. In the seventh round both boxers are throwing bombs and then falling into a clinch. It’s been a very sloppy showing up to the eighth and final round. In the eighth round Khegai rocked Lopez with a right hand to the chin. Lopez came back with a combination to the head of Khegai. Khegai landed a left hook to the chin of Lopez heard throughout the arena.

Judge Braswell and DiPalo had it 78-74 and Carter 78-73. This writer had it 77-74.

Lightweight southpaw Jeremy “King” Cuevas, 9-0 (7), of Philadelphia, stopped Hector Marengo, 7-12-4 (4), of Arecibo, PR, at 1:51 of the second round.

In the first round Cuevas landed a lead left to the chin of Marengo knocking him back several steps. Cuevas landed a lead left to the head of Marengo stunning him. It was all Cuevas with little action. In the second round Cuevas landed a flurry of punches pinning Marengo in a corner. Cuevas landed a dozen punches finally dropping Marengo to a knee. Cuevas jumped on him causing referee Shawn Clarke to wave it off.

Lightweight Branden “The Gift” Pizarro, 10-1 (4), of North Philly Badlands, shut out Israel “Isra” Villela, 6-10 (2) of Cancun, MEX, over 6 rounds.

In the first two rounds Pizarro dominated with his jab while Villela got in a right to the body and a left hook to the head. Pizarro briefly turned southpaw. In the third round Pizarro continued to move well using his jab with an occasional right to the head of Villela. Pizarro got warned by Referee Bashir for pulling Villela by the back of the neck. In the fourth round the flashy Pizarro landed a right uppercut to the body of Villela. Villela was chasing Pizarro until he ran into a flurry of punches. Villela landed a right to the head of Pizarro who shook his head as if there was little on it. Pizarro landed a right to the head followed by a left hook to the body. Pizarro landed a hard right uppercut to the chin of Villela that got the fans into it.

In the fifth round Villela landed an overhand right to the chin of Pizarro. Pizarro switches from orthodox to southpaw with little coming from southpaw. The fans start chanting “Branden, Branden”, just prior to the bell. In the sixth and final round Villela walked into a Pizarro left hook to the chin. Both boxers warned for infractions by the referee. Pizarro ended the round with a left hook to the chin of Villela.

Judge Carter, Weisfeld and DiPallo had it 60-54 as did this writer.

Light Heavyweight David “One-Two” Murray, 7-2-1 (6), of Wilmington, DE, was knocked out by Jamaican Craig “Danger” Duncan, 11-1-1 (9), of Apopka, FL, at 2:45 of the fourth round.

In the first round both fighters are known for their punching power which means there is little action with one waiting for the other to land a bomb. The last thrown punch of the round was Duncan landing the first right hand to the chin of Murray. In the second round Duncan continues to stalk Murray finally both are opening up. Duncan carries his hands to his side finally landing an uppercut to the body of Murray. Duncan pinned Murray against the ropes. Murray landed a right to the head of Duncan.

In the third round Duncan comes out using a lot of feints and landed a right to the head of Murray. Murray landed a right of his own to the head of Duncan seconds later. Duncan forced Murray to hold after landing a pair of body shots. With half a minute left in the round Duncan landed a flurry of punches. In the fourth round Murray landed a double left hook to the head of Duncan. Duncan came back pinning Murray against the ropes with both fighters landing haymakers. Duncan landed an uppercut to the chin of Murray and down he went to a knee. Duncan landed a lead right to the chin of Murray who went face first down and out cold. It took about 10 minutes before Murray was assisted from the ring.

In the opening bout returning after 18 months Super Lightweight, Milton ”El Santo” Santiago, 17-0 (3), of North Philadelphia, shut out Jorge L Munguia, 13-12 (5), of Tegucigalpha, Honduras, over 6 rounds.

In the first round both fighters were mixing it up. Santiago landed a combination dropping Munguia. Santiago ran across the ring jumping right on Munguia knocking his mouthpiece out. Santiago was warned twice about hitting behind the head by Referee Ron Bashir. In the second round Santiago continue to press Munguia who wouldn’t give up. Santiago landed a lead right to the head of Munguia. Munguia started pressing Santiago until he ran into a combination from Santiago.

In the third round Santiago was warned for a third time by Referee Bashir this time for using his head. Munguia was warned for a low blow. Santiago controlled the round but the action slowed down. In the fourth round Santiago backed Munguia into a corner but Munguia fought himself out of the corner. Santiago is going to the body with uppercuts from both hands. Munguia is very game. In the fifth round Santiago is still throwing punches but Munguia shows him no respect fighting back. Santiago is warned for pushing. Munguia is throwing punches but can’t match Santiago. In the sixth and last round missed with a pair of uppercuts. Both boxers raised their arms up trying to get the fans into it. Santiago has a pleasing style but little power or Munguia would have been out by now. Munguia was warned for a low blow.

Judges Page had it 60-54 Judge Carter, Weisfeld and this writer had it 60-53.

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Two Events Same Night in Philly 2300 Arena & SugarHouse on Friday

By: Ken Hissner

When will the PA Boxing Director learn you cannot have two boxing events on the same night like he did December 1st? 2300 Arena in South Philly is sold out per Will Ruiz of Hard Hitting Promotions with co-promoter Greg Cohen Promotions Showtime event Friday at Front & Oregon. At SugarHouse Casino Marshall Kauffman’s Kings Promotions are on 1001 Delaware Avenue.

Photo Credit: Devin Haney Twitter Account

The main event at 2300 has Devin “The Dream” Haney, 18-0 (12), of Las Vegas, NV, taking on Mason “Rock Hard Mighty” Menard, 33-2 (24), of Rayne, LA, for the USBA Lightweight Title over 10 rounds. At the Press Conference Wednesday Haney was there but Menard a no show. Doors open at 6:30 and First Bout at 7:15.

Showtime will have four of the eight bouts aired starting at 9pm. The co-feature has Super Bantamweight Joshua “Don’t Blink” Greer, Jr., 16-1 (8), taking on Glenn Dezurn, Jr., 9-1-1 (6), of Baltimore, MD, in a 10 round bout
Light Heavyweight Alvin “Iron Majik” Varmall 15-0-1 (12), of Catskill, NY,takes on Charles Foster, 15-0 (8), of New Haven, CT, in a 8 round bout. Super Bantamweight Adam “Mantequilla” Lopez, 16-2-2 (8), of San Antonio, TX, takes on Arnold “Ami” Khegai, 11-0-1 (8), of Odessa, UKR, over 8 rounds. They are the four Showtime bouts.

Four Philadelphia boxers in 6 round bouts will fill out the card with Lightweight southpaw Jeremy “King” Cuevas, 8-0 (6), of Philly, taking on Hector Marengo, 7-11-4 (4), of Arecibo, PR. Lightweight Branden “The Gift” Pizarro, 9-1 (4), of Philly, taking on Israel “Isra” Villela, 6-9 (2), of Cancun, MEX. Light Heavyweight David ‘One-Two” Murray, 7-1-1 (6), of Philly, taking on Craig “Danger” Duncan, 10-1-1 (8), of Apopka, FL. Opening the show will be the return of Milton “El Santo” Santiago, 16-0 (3), of Philly, after 18 months taking on Jorge L Munguia, 13-11 (5), of Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

At the press conference were Haney, Greer, Dezurn, Varmall, Lopez, Cuevas, Murray, Duncan and Santiago. “This will be my sixth appearance tying a record on Showtime. Thank God, my team, my dad, Hard Hitting and Greg Cohen. Come Friday I want to show them I’m up there with those at the top,” said Haney. “Thank God, I have a pillow for Dezurn to put him to sleep on,” said Greer. “I want to thank my coach, parents and am looking forward for a great fight and to put another guy to sleep bringing Showtime back to Philly,” said Cuevas.

At the SugarHouse Casino in the main event will be Super Lightweight Mykal “The Professor” Fox, 16-0 (4), of Forestville, MD, taking on Anthony Mercado, 11-3 (10), of Arecibo, PR, over 8 rounds. Eleven Sports will cover the event. There will be seven other bouts with a pair of 6 rounder’s and 6 bouts at 4 rounds.

Returning to the ring after 21 months is “The Fighting Ring Announcer” Super Bantamweight Alex Barbosa, 5-3-1 (1), of Philly. The rest of the undercard has Bantamweight’s Romuel Cruz, Jerrod Miner and Desmond Moore of Philly. Also, Super Featherweight’s Joshafat Ortiz of Reading and Jordan “The Kidd” Peters, of D.C., Heavyweight Michael Polite Coffie, of NY. Lightweight Thomas Mattice, 11-0 (9), of Cleveland, OH, was added this week.

Doors open at 6pm and Starting time for first bout is 7pm.

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