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Adrien Broner Gives His Thoughts On Conor Benn Consistently Calling Him Out: “F*ck Buddy”

Posted on 04/13/2022

By: Hans Themistode

Eric Jamison, AP

Adrien Broner has been incredibly inactive over the past few years. But that hasn’t stopped some of the top names in the welterweight division from calling him out.

Amongst a long list of fighters that are poking and daring Broner to face them in the ring, is highly touted 147-pound prospect, Conor Benn.

Slowly but steadily, the 25-year-old nicknamed “The Destroyer”, has upped his level of competition over his past few ring appearances. In 2021, in particular, the British native produced his best year yet.

To start off his pugilistic campaign, Benn made quick work of Samuel Vargas, stopping him in the first round. To close out his year, Benn scored a one-sided unanimous decision victory over Adrian Granados before registering a fourth-round knockout victory over Chris Algieri.

Desperate to face a more notable name, Benn revealed that he would be willing to travel across the pond in order to face Broner in America. In an attempt to help facilitate said showdown, Eddie Hearn, Benn’s promoter, revealed that he reached out to team Broner with an offer but was summarily turned down.

Although Broner has remained out of the spotlight, he had a few choice words for Benn and his persistent callouts.

“F*ck buddy,” said Broner to Behind The Gloves. “He broke.”

Despite winning world titles in four separate weight classes, Broner has struggled to get in the win column as of late. Over his past four bouts, Broner has gone just 1-2-1. In addition to his less than stellar record, Broner has been sequestered on the sidelines. Broner has fought just once in both 2018 and 2019, settling for a majority decision draw against Jessie Vargas and a wide unanimous decision defeat at the hands of Manny Pacquiao.

Broner failed to enter the ring at all in 2020 but did return to action in 2021, scoring a highly controversial unanimous decision win over journeymen, Jovanie Santiago in February of 2021.

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Eddie Hearn Led To Believe Amir Khan Will Invoke Immediate Rematch Clause And Face Kell Brook Once Again

Posted on 03/07/2022

By: Hans Themistode

Well before Kell Brook violently closed the door on his rivalry with Amir Khan, Eddie Hearn was already envisioning a showdown between the former IBF welterweight titlist and current welterweight contender, Conor Benn.

Considering that Benn has walked through everyone placed in front of him, Hearn believes he has a future superstar and soon-to-be world champion on his hands. More than anything, the longtime promoter is attempting to boost Benn’s popularity while increasing his overall resume.

Although Hearn is convinced that a win over Brook would do just that, he reveals that coming to terms on a financial agreement with Brook is utterly impossible at this point.

“I don’t want to tell you what he asked for but it was slightly OTT (over the top),” said Hearn during an interview with IFL TV. “I basically offered him more than he got to fight Amir Khan. They asked for over three times what I offered them.”

In Hearn’s opinion, Brook’s brazen monetary request places an all British contest against Benn on ice for the time being. However, even if Brook were to lower his pecuniary demands, Hearn believes he’ll still be forced to dig deep into his pockets to acquiesce another British star, something he isn’t willing to do.

“I’ve heard actually, that Amir Khan is going to invoke the rematch clause, bizarrely. People have already contacted us saying, ‘would you like to pay us step aside to not invoke the rematch clause.’ You go on and do Khan/Brook 2.”

Just a few short weeks ago, Brook and Khan settled their pugilistic rivalry in the ring. Following years of pent frustration and persistent call-outs, Brook handed Khan a one-sided beating in front of a jam-packed British crowd at Manchester Arena.

Brook pummeled Khan into submission, forcing referee Victor Loughlin to call a halt to their contest in the sixth round. Before the two fought in the ring, however, as part of their long and drawn-out negotiations, Khan installed an immediate rematch clause on his side of the deal. While it’s unclear if Khan will, in fact, invoke his right to face Brook once more, Hearn is led to believe that there’s a good chance that the former Olympic silver medalist and one time unified 140-pound titlist will do so.

Until Brook gets things in order, Hearn isn’t interested in stalling the career of the 25-year-old Benn. With victories over Adrian Granados and Chris Algieri in 2021, Hearn is anxious to continue Benn’s maturation process. As for what could be next, Hearn refrained from naming an exact target. He did, however, unveil when everyone can expect to see Benn walk through the ropes again.

“His next fight will be announced for April 16th.”

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Kell Brook Would Welcome A Showdown Against Conor Benn: “I Can Show The Young Pup That I’m Still Here”

Posted on 12/23/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Through clenched teeth, Kell Brook could barely hold his excitement for his upcoming showdown against Amir Khan. For nearly a decade, the boxing world has wanted to see both Khan and Brook square off in the ring. However, due to a long list of issues, neither side had been able to come to an agreement on a deal, until now.

The two will officially look to put their rivalry to bed on February 19th, at Manchester Arena in the United Kingdom. Although neither man is considered to be in their prime, the boxing public is still heavily interested in their contest. Once tickets became available, they were sold out in ten minutes, the fastest-selling fight in British boxing history.

At the age of 35, Brook has produced several lackluster performances over the past few years. Still, despite his recent form and regardless of his age, Brook reveals that his rivalry with Khan has reinvigorated him.

“Me mojo has come back,” said Brook during an interview with TalkSportBoxing. “I’m putting the work in. I can’t wait to show the boxing world that I’m coming to take his head off.”

With Brook expecting a jam-packed crowd at the Manchester Arena, the former IBF welterweight belt holder will be oblivious to most of the crowd. But while Brook is fully focused on proving that he’s always been the superior fighter to Khan, he does admit that Conor Benn will have at least some of his attention on the night as he’s expected to be sitting ringside.

The 25-year-old has steamrolled his competition of late, something that Brook has taken notice of. Ultimately, the young up-and-comer is hoping to face the winner of Khan vs. Brook in his next ring appearance. Despite sharing a close and personal friendship, Brook appears to be more than willing to put that aside.

“I know that Conor Benn is banging the drum for some big fights. I love a challenge. He looked fantastic, sensational in his last fight against [Chris] Algieri. We’ve sparred together and we’re very, very good friends. I think it would be a fantastic matchup – me and Benn.”

Most recently, Brook came up woefully short in his bid to win a world title against WBO belt holder Terence Crawford. Brook made the long trek from the United Kingdom to the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada, on November 14th, in 2020 to face the pound for pound star.

Early on, Brook’s jab bothered Crawford. However, his success proved to be transient as the multiple division titlist violently and suddenly stopped his man in the fourth. While it wasn’t the result Brook was ultimately hoping for, he appears upbeat about his boxing future.

If the former titleholder wins his upcoming showdown against Khan, he would be more than willing to show Benn a thing or two in the ring.

“I can show the young pup that I’m still here.”

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Conor Benn: “I’d Love The Adrien Broner Fight”

Posted on 09/08/2021

By: Hans Themistode

The days of calling Conor Benn a welterweight prospect are long gone, at least in the British native’s opinion.

The 24-year-old continued his climb up the 147-pound ranks with a one-sided win against Adrian Granados. The two clashed at Headingley Rugby League Stadium, in Leeds UK, this past Saturday night.

Considering their aggressive come-forward styles, Benn was left speechless with the box and move approach of Granados. While Benn was hoping to have a firefight, he ultimately adjusted to the fringe contender’s game plan and cruised to a win on the night.

Although Benn is now kicking up his feet and enjoying his well-earned time off, the British product is also pondering his future. Having taken care of business in previous fights against Sebastian Formella and Samuel Vargas, Benn is no longer interested in facing 147 pounders near the bottom of the welterweight barrel. Instead, he’s taken aim at one of the most polarizing and recognizable figures in the division.

“I’d love the Adrien Broner fight,” said Benn during an interview with Boxing Social. “He’s a four-division champion. That would be some fight. I would love to share the ring with Adrien Broner.”

At the age of 32, Broner has faced some of the biggest names in the sport of boxing, including Mikey Garcia, Shawn Porter, and Manny Pacquiao, coming up short in each of those bouts. Most recently, however, the flamboyant former multiple division champion ended a two-year layoff with a controversial win over journeymen Jovanie Santiago.

While Broner appears to be in the twilight of his career, he would still represent a massive step up in competition. In addition to Benn craving the matchup, Eddie Hearn, promoter of Benn, has recently revealed that he’s attempting to broker a deal between both sides.

Regardless of Hearn’s attempts, Broner and Benn reside on opposite sides of the world. During Broner’s 13 year career, only once has he fought outside of the United States, a first-round knockout win over Jason Litzau in Jalisco, Mexico in 2011.

Benn’s career, on the other hand, has been the polar opposite. In his relatively brief time in the pros, Benn has fought all but one of his bouts in the United Kingdom, a second-round stoppage win over Brando Sanudo at the Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, New York in 2017.

Although he’s enjoyed his time pleasing the hometown crowd, if a showdown against Broner can come to fruition, Benn revealed that he would have no issue with traveling halfway across the world.

“I’d love the Broner fight, I would go stateside. It would be a massive show.”

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Conor Benn Wins Wide Decision Against Adrian Granados

Posted on 09/04/2021

By: Hans Themistode

No matter who was placed in front of him, Conor Benn made it look incredibly easy whenever he walked through the ropes. With the British native taking care of business against Samuel Vargas earlier this year, knocking him out in the first round in what was supposed to be a step-up fight, Benn found a much more durable and sterner test in Adrian Granados.

The two squared off at the Headingley Rugby League Stadium on the undercard of Josh Warrington vs Mauricio Lara 2.

From the moment the opening bell rang, Benn attempted to have an early night. He rushed to the middle of the ring and began uncorking huge power shots in the direction of Granados. Seemingly caught off guard, Granados simply smiled as he avoided the oncoming onslaught of his man. In return, the long-time journeymen pumped out a strong jab which consistently snapped the head back of Benn.

As the following round kicked off, the aggression of Benn only increased. He stalked forward, dipped low, and fired several hard shots, most of which missed over and over again. Unwilling to stand toe to toe, Granados instead opted to box and move. The 32-year-old used Benn’s aggression against him as he made him miss then immediately made him pay.

Benn’s answer to the elusive Granados was to up his aggression until his man wilted beneath it. While Granados never appeared to be in serious trouble, Benn did find several moments of success. By the midway point of their contest, Benn abandoned his attacks upstairs and instead, went to the midsection of Granados. His willingness to invest in the body began paying off in the later rounds as Granados slowed down just enough for Benn to get his offense going.

In an attempt to give the fans what they wanted to see, Benn begged his man to stand in the middle of the ring and exchange shots with him in the waning seconds of the final round. Not interested in fulfilling the wishes of Benn, Granados mostly backed away with his hands in the air.

As the final bell rung, Granados was sure he had done more than enough to pick up the victory. Ultimately though, he was incredulous with the scorecards as he lost a wide decision. The three judges scoring the contest had it as followed, 100-90, 99-91, and 97-93, all in favor of Benn.

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Eddie Hearn Has Big Plans For Conor Benn: “I Love The Adrien Broner Fight”

Posted on 08/30/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Conor Benn is very much in the early stages of his career. But that doesn’t mean promoter Eddie Hearn isn’t already planning his future.

The British born 147-pound prospect has dominated everyone placed in front of him. Like all young fighters, Benn is slowly receiving an uptick in his level of competition. In November of 2020, Benn comfortably defeated Sebastian Formella via unanimous decision. He then followed that up with a first-round knockout win over the normally durable Samuel Vargas.

Next up for Benn, is a matchup against Adrian Granados this coming Saturday at Headingley Rugby League Stadium in Leeds, Yorkshire, United Kingdom. While Hearn isn’t anticipating an easy night at the office, the long-time promoter does expect Benn to pick up the win. If that does in fact happen, Hearn is already planning a huge step up in competition for his next ring appearance.

“If he beats Granados comfortably, I love the Adrien Broner fight,” said Hearn during an interview with IFL TV. “I think it’s a massive fight.”

At one point, Broner was in the exact same position as Benn. Young, confident, explosive, and talented. Those attributes ultimately led Broner to world titles in four separate weight divisions. Since his early success, however, Broner’s career has gone downhill. For a year and a half stretch, Broner went 0-2-1 in his three ring appearances.

Despite that, he did manage to pick up a win in his most recent showing, outpointing journeymen Jovanie Santiago in February earlier this year. While he may not be the fighter that he once was, Broner would still represent a massive step up in competition for Benn.

The thought of a Benn vs. Broner matchup is one that makes Hearn smile in excitement. Regardless of whether it’s Broner or someone else entirely, Hearn is fully convinced that Benn is on his way to superstardom. But first things first, Hearn wants Benn to remain focused on the task at hand.

“Conor is focused on Granados. This is all that matters. Do a job on Granados, then, we’ll start talking about what’s next. The future is amazing for Conor Benn.”

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