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David Benavidez Urges Caleb Plant To Forget Canelo Showdown: “You Talk All That Shit, You Gotta Come Show Me”

By: Hans Themistode

For years now, IBF super middleweight champion Caleb Plant and former WBC belt holder David Benavidez have thrown shots at each other over social media. Fans however, would love to see both fighters throw blows inside of the ring.

After surfacing as one of the top candidates for a showdown with Canelo Alvarez, Plant (20-0, 12 KOs) has expressed an interest in making that matchup happen later on this year. Yet, with there reportedly not being enough time to promote an event of that magnitude, Alvarez now appears to be on the verge of inking a contract to face off against WBA belt holder Callum Smith instead.

Plant, not pleased with the recent developments, turned to social media to post an image of a wolf devouring another animal with the caption: “Put a fucking date on it and let me pull up and do my thing. I’m ready this year. Whenever, wherever.”

Despite his pleas, Plant appears to be on the outside looking in, at least for the time being. If however, the IBF belt holder still wants a high profile matchup, then Benavidez (23-0, 20 KOs) would love to face him.

“You talk all that shit you gotta come show me,” said Benavidez on his social media account. “We ain’t running from nobody.”

Plant, 28, was last seen inside of the ring in mid-February against fringe contender Vincent Feigenbutz. Plant toyed with his man before ending the night in the tenth round. The win for the Nashville, Tennessee native marked the second of his title reign. For Benavidez though, the soon to be 23 year old has had numerous title reigns truncated.

After winning the vacant strap against Ronald Gavril via split decision in 2017, Benavidez would win the immediate rematch more convincingly. Shortly after the contest, a suspension due to cocaine would see his victory short lived as he was suspended for four months and stripped of his title. He would return to the ring one year later and make short work of J’Leon Love and followed that up with a ninth round stoppage over Anthony Dirrell to win his title back.

Again, his reign was short lived, this time on the scales before his contest against Roamer Alexis Angulo. The forfeiture of his title though, hasn’t stopped the pugnacious knockout artist from calling out Plant for a showdown.

For the 23-year-old, his patience is growing thin.

“Let’s get this shit done I’m tired of waiting to fight you. Since you got so much balls why don’t you send that contract this way. Let’s finally give the people this fight.”

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Canelo Alvarez Reportedly Eyeing Showdown Against Caleb Plant

By: Hans Themistode

With his legal issues reportedly behind him, Canelo Alvarez could be on the verge of entering the ring after sitting idly by for an entire year.

According to multiple reports, Alvarez is eyeing a showdown with IBF super middleweight champion Caleb Plant in mid-December. Nothing is official as of yet, but a deal could be imminent.

For Alvarez, 2020 has been a trying year. After unifying titles in his victory against former middleweight belt holder Daniel Jacobs in May of 2019, Alvarez quickly followed it up with an 11th round knockout win over Sergey Kovalev. The win netted the Mexican product a world title in his fourth weight class having moved up to light heavyweight.

Shortly, after stopping Kovalev in their contest, Alvarez (53-1-2, 36 KOs) wasted little time in vacating his newly won title and elected to campaign in the super middleweight division. The options seemed endless for his next contest. However, a public feud with streaming company DAZN and Golden Boy Promotions, paired with a worldwide pandemic, and Alvarez was left sequestered on the sidelines.

With that being said, things appear to be looking up for the Mexican superstar. Roughly two months ago in September, Alvarez sued both parties for their lack of getting him a fight and for a breach of contract. Alvarez was guaranteed north of 30 million per fight with his then record setting 11 fight 365 million dollar deal.

Yet, with DAZN not willing to pay Alvarez fully what he believed was owed to him, along with their insistence in him facing opponents of their choosing, he filed suit against everyone involved. No solution was reported on the case but with Alvarez’s trainer in Eddy Reynoso releasing a statement that his fighter is in fact a free agent and no longer legally bound to either DAZN or Golden Boy Promotions, everything else regarding the case seems to have fallen in his favor.

As for his interest in Plant (20-0, 12 KOs), Alvarez has long viewed a matchup between them as an intriguing one. Plant, 28, won the IBF super middleweight title with an upset win over Jose Uzcategui in 2019. Since then, he has gone on to defend his title twice. The first came against Mike Lee via third round stoppage at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada. His second defense took place earlier this year at the expense of Vincent Feigenbutz.

Plant has always thrown his name into the mix in terms of a possible showdown with Alvarez. Still, the Nashville, Tennessee native believed his chances were slim.

At the moment, there are still details to be worked out, but with Reynoso revealing on ESPN Deportes that he has kept Alvarez in the gym with the hopes of landing him a marquee fight, it appears that Alvarez will, in fact, enter the ring before the year comes to a close.

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Caleb Plant: “I am The Best 168 Pound Champion”

By: Hans Themistode

Caleb Plant seemingly came out of nowhere. 

For much of his career he was viewed as a good boxer who was nothing more than that, not great. So when it was announced that he was taking on then IBF belt holder Jose Uzcategui in early 2019, a knockout win for the champion was a guarantee. Yet, Plant went on to dominate his man over 12 rounds and win his first world title. 

He was the new hot face in the Super Middleweight division. Fast forward one year later however, and he’s been made to feel somewhat obsolete due to the arrival of a certain fighter. Something that Plant disagrees with whole heartedly.

“Canelo is not controlling 168,” said Plant during a recent interview with Boxingscene. “I’m controlling 168. I’m going to be right here for a minute.”

Canelo Alvarez has been somewhat of a rabbit over the past few years. Jumping from weight class to weight class in search of carrots, or in his case, titles. 

By all accounts it’s been mission accomplished by Alvarez. He successfully captured three world titles from Gennadiy Golovkin in 2018 in the Middleweight division. Three months later he moved up eight pounds to stop WBA Regular champion Rocky Fielding. 

Alvarez spent his 2019 campaign unifying Middleweight titles against Daniel Jacobs before moving up yet again to grab the WBO Light Heavyweight belt off Sergey Kovalev. Now, with so much flux in weight, he seems settled into the 168 pound division. 

Alvarez, along with WBC belt holder David Benavidez, WBO champion Billy Joe Saunders and WBA titlist Callum Smith has Plant looking at plenty in terms of competition. But the names and fame that they attract isn’t concerning to the IBF champion. He simply wants them to line themselves up against the wall and watch them fall over like bowling pins.

“I feel that I am the best 168 pound champion that there is. I am the most well rounded. I have the best boxing IQ. I have all of the tools to beat every champion. All of them are good at this and that, but they can’t make the adjustments that I can.”

With most of the world still forced to sequester themselves as they deal with COVID-19, no fans are expected to be in attendance for a boxing match anytime soon. Plant could opt for a soft touch for his ring return. Someone to just keep the COVID-19 induced rust off. But that doesn’t interest him at the moment. He wants to make it clear that he isn’t eschewing anyone.

“I want a unification match,” said Plant. “I’m not doing any catchweights or 10-round fights. I’m a world champion, 12-round fighter who will fight in my weight class at 168. I’m 13 pounds away from weight right now. I’m in shape. I’ve been running. The only thing that I haven’t been doing is sparring because we have a pandemic on our hands.”

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Caleb Plant to Daniel Jacobs: “I Just Don’t Think He’s An A Class Fighter”

By: Hans Themistode

Caleb Plant has always let his feelings be known about the Super Middleweight division. 

The IBF champion has taken shots at former belt holder Anthony Dirrell, calling him “old” and saying he “doesn’t have much left in the tank.” He’s dismissed the chances of WBA belt holder Callum Smith beating him. And Plant’s war of words with WBC titlist David Benavidez has also been in the news for the past few years. But now, Plant has his eyes set on another big name fighter. One who’s new to his division.

“He’s been beat,” said Plant when asked about his thoughts on former Middleweight champion Daniel Jacobs. “He’s been in some tough fights and I just don’t think that he’s an A class fighter. Not everyone is an A class fighter right now, but as they go through their career they continue to get better and better and they become an A class fighter. He’s not going to do that. He’s not on the way, he isn’t 25 or 27, he’s out man he’s had his chance.”

This unexpected beef between them started a few weeks ago when Jacobs was asked a question about who he believes is the best champion in his new weight class.

“To say who’s the best is kinda hard to say. But I would say, I mean, all those guys are top,” Jacobs said. “I would probably put Plant at the bottom of those names that you just named. I think Plant is good, but I think, you know, I think he can be beat. He’s beatable. I see a lot of flaws in his game.”

Most fighters tip toe into a division, Jacobs (36-3, 30 KOs) though, stomped his way through. 

The former Middleweight belt holder made it look easy against the perpetually underachieving Julio Cesar Chavez Jr on December 20th, 2020. Handing him an early Christmas present in the form of a fifth round one sided beating. 

Now that he’s gotten his feet wet, Jacobs is ready to jump right into the deep end. A matchup with Plant (20-0, 12 KOs) isn’t entirely likely but with COVID-19, forcing the sport of boxing into an expected tailspin, there is no telling what matchups we could be presented with when things resume. 

On paper, Jacobs has the advantage in roughly every category. Whether it’s strength of resume or just overall punching power, Jacobs has the edge. Something that Plant wouldn’t and couldn’t argue. But being called “beatable” by a fighter who already has three losses on his resume is something that Plant doesn’t want to hear come out of the mouth of Jacobs.

“He keeps saying how beatable I am but as of now I’m undefeated. You’re old, you’re on your way out.”

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Daniel Jacobs Rates David Benavidez The Best and Caleb Plant The Worst Amongst The 168 Pound Champions

By: Hans Themistode

Daniel Jacobs seemed to be enjoying his brief time at his new division. After years of struggling to make the 160 pound limit, Jacobs made the call to move up eight pounds. The results so far have been pretty good. A fifth round stoppage win against Julio Cesar Chavez Jr in his last ring appearance. 

Although it’s long been proven that Chavez Jr won’t live up to his father’s name, he is still a solid opponent. Jacobs made it look easy when the two faced off on December 20th, at the Talking Stick Resort Arena, in Phoenix Arizona. 

With Jacobs no longer having to worry about cutting any extra weight, he feels somewhat free in his new weight class. Still, that doesn’t mean things will be easy. 

October 27, 2018; New York, NY, USA; Danny Jacobs and Sergey Derevyanchenko during their bout for the vacant IBF middleweight championship at the Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden. Mandatory Credit: Ed Mulholland/Matchroom Boxing USA

At the moment, the 168 pound division is known as one of the best in all of boxing. With champions such as IBF belt holder Caleb Plant, WBC champion David Benavidez, WBA titlist Callum Smith and WBO champ Billy Joe Saunders, the path to another title won’t be easy for Jacobs. Yet, during a recent FaceTime interview with promoter Eddie Hearn, he did give his opinion on who he believes is the weak link out of that championship bunch. 

“To say who’s the best is kinda hard to say. But I would say, I mean, all those guys are top,” Jacobs said. “I would probably put Plant at the bottom of those names that you just named. I think Plant is good, but I think, you know, I think he can be beat. He’s beatable. I see a lot of flaws in his game.”

With just 20 fights under his record, Plant would seem to have the least experience. But many peg him as the best boxer at 168. 

With boxers, along with most of the world, having absolutely nothing to do thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic, it shouldn’t take long for Plant to hear what Jacobs feels about him. 

The former Middleweight champ doesn’t just have an eye on Plant though, but every single one of the champions. Including the one name he believes is better than the rest. 

“As far as Benavidez, he’s probably the strongest that I’ve seen amongst those guys that you just mentioned. But now that I’m coming up to the super middleweight division, it’s interesting. And now these guys have my attention. I’m gonna be studying, looking forward to what’s next, what’s best for me and my career.”

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