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Wilder Unimpressed With Fury’s Knockout Claims: “He Has Pillows As Fists”

Posted on 02/14/2020

By: Hans Themistode

When WBC Heavyweight titlist Deontay Wilder and Lineal champ Tyson Fury faced each other back on December 1st of 2018, at the Staples Center, in Los Angeles California, the contest was viewed as the puncher vs the boxer. 

For all intensive purposes, that is exactly how it played out. 

Fury boxed and moved for the entirety of the 12 rounds. Wilder on the other hand, kept loading up for one big shot. Each man had their moments but a winner could not be determined. 

If you appreciated the sweet science that is associated with boxing, then you gave the edge to Fury. If you are a fan of explosive power, then the two knockdowns that were scored by Wilder was the way to go for you. 

With the rematch between them just a few days away on February 22nd, Fury has decided to change up just about everything. It isn’t just that Fury has gone in a different direction in terms of trainers, dropping Ben Davison in favor of Sugar Hill Steward, but his herky jerky boxing style won’t be there either. Or at least, that’s what he claims. 

With Fury believing that he received an unfair decision, he’s opted to go for the knockout. Even going as far as to predict that he’ll get the job done in just two rounds. No, he doesn’t seem to be speaking hyperbolically either. 

Wilder may not be the best boxer in the world, but his power is second to none. With 20 stoppage wins of his own in 30 career contests, Fury may seem to have a bit of pop in his fists. 

On December 1st, in Las Vegas Nevada, the contest between these two men may have looked grueling on the outside but to Wilder, it felt as though he had just left a pillow fight from a slumber party. 

“There was no rounds where I was threatened by his power,” said Wilder during a recent conference call. “He has pillow as fists, that’s how soft they were. Even after the fight, sometimes you may feel sore but after the fight I didn’t feel anything. I took the punches that he landed and I walked right through it. I don’t respect none of the power that he has. He’s just a tall big man that can move around the ring. That’s about it. In terms of power there is none there.” 

With the help of Fury’s old trainer Ben Davison, he’s learned the art of hitting his opponents without getting hit in return. But that wasn’t good enough anymore. 

Since the switch in trainers, Fury is convinced that the new found power he has picked up from working with Sugar will lead to the knockout victory. 

Wilder on the other hand is incredulous to that statement.

“I don’t care what trainer he brings in, you don’t develop power in just a couple weeks or months. What fighter has his trainer developed into getting power? How the hell is he going to do it for Fury? It’s impossible.”  

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