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Are Those Fury’s Demons on the Horizon?

By: Kevin Dyson

Ever since Tyson Fury beat…sorry drew with Deontay Wilder there has been little else but praise for the big man.

And while part of that is a result of it being pushed as a great story by the press, it stands on its own merits.

In part this has been down to the sight of a new and seemingly more settled and together Fury.

He has waxed lyrical about how much he is relaxed and simply enjoying the sport, especially compared to the years before and after he toppled Klitschko and went into a downward spiral.

He has got himself in great shape, adding improved physicality to his crazy skillset. Even his suits shout IDGAF and he has seemingly filtered out some of his darker aspects.

Of course, this has been aided by the defeat of Anthony Joshua, seemingly confirming Fury’s dismissive view of his countryman and giving him bragging rights in the UK even without a fight between the two.

For all that, he has started to show the re-emergence of concerning traits, despite having a Wilder rematch on the verge of being finalised and the boxing world at his feet.

Firstly he started mouthing off about Wlad Klitschko, moaning that he was trying to cheat him in the build up to their 2015 bout, citing issues with dodgy scales, gloves and the ring itself.

Given the rather mad psychological warfare Fury indulged in throughout the build up, it surprised me to see that the perceived slights still touch a nerve.

We also should not forget that, even if the Klitschko camp did do or intend everything Fury claims, he was also tested positive for nandrolone before the fight, whether as a result of eating boar balls or not. So he is far from an innocent party.

Okay, so his rant was a bit of an anomaly for the new improved Tyson Fury. Maybe it could be brushed off in isolation.

However, it seems as though another fellow Brit, Dillian Whyte, is getting under Fury’s skin in the way the big Traveller is used to doing to his opponents.

I never used to like Whyte, but there is a glint in the eye despite some of the barbs he throws out. It could well be that Fury has to relinquish number one wind up merchant to the Londoner.

Obviously, these are guys who know the value of beef in a fight. But one line from Fury’s comments lead me to believe it is not just show.

A confident and controlled Fury will play the game and indulge in some amusing banter, act a bit vicious but with enough wit to balance it.

Here is what he reportedly said about Whyte to Behind the Gloves.

“He keeps calling me a coward and whatever, let’s see who’s a coward. We’ll see who’s a coward, I’m no coward, you’re a s***house.

“I put it on you in a boxing gym and you s*** yourself, so we’ll see who’s a coward.”

So, yeah, that was six repetitions of coward in a couple of paragraphs. It comes across as genuine and angry. For a guy who dishes it out, it is a bit sad to be honest.

Given Fury v Wilder 2 is going to be next February, this rivalry could have a helluva gestation period.

Fury has questioned Whyte’s stamina, but who has the endurance when it comes to another year of airing their dirty laundry in public.

And just as I finish mulling over the Whyte feud, the ever generous Fury welcomes Andy Ruiz Jr to the top table, mocking him for being the ‘fat kid’ from the film Up! and then dishing out more verbal ‘slaps’.

For a guy who reveled in being the fat guy who beat Klitschko and hailed Ruiz for his win over ‘bodybuilder’AJ despite his physique it is another quick about turn.

And that could be a real concern for the Fury faithful.

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Tyson Fury Claims Deontay Wilder Rematch Set For February

By: Sean Crose

Tyson Fury has declared that he’s going to rematch fellow undefeated heavyweight Deontay Wilder on February 22nd of 2020. “The rematch,” the 28-0-1 Englishman said this past Sunday at the Alhambra Theater in Britain, “has been confirmed and signed, 22 February.” First, however, the 41-0-1 Wilder must get past Luis Ortiz, who gave the hard hitting American fits when they first met in 2018. Wilder ended up with the stoppage win that night, however, and few are coming out and saying he’ll lose the second fight with Ortiz. Should Wilder win when he meets Ortiz again in September, the road may indeed be clear for a second throw down with the colorful Fury.

No official announcement has been made, however, and a request to Wilder co-trainer Mark Breland for confirmation has not (yet) been returned. Fury, however, has made the step of actually naming a date, an odd thing to do if the entire matter were simply based on conjecture. “It’s on, the rematch,” Fury added on Sunday. Fury’s last match was a blowout of Tom Schwarz this past June in Las Vegas. A second fight with Wilder is an event fans have been salivating for after the two first met last December.

At stake was Wilder’s WBC heavyweight crown and perhaps the lineal heavyweight championship, as well (Fury became lineal champ after he bested Wladimir Klitschko in 2015, before temporarily retiring from the sport). Although he was dropped in the bout, Fury looked to be on his way to a fairly clear win when, in the 12th and final round, Wilder sent him to the mat with an absolutely thunderous shot. To the shock of just about everyone, Fury got back on his feet and performed very well for the remainder of the round. The shot heard round the boxing world, however, gave Wilder enough points to earn a draw against the colorful Englishman.

What made Fury’s performance in Los Angeles that evening all the more impressive was the fact that Fury had come back from a downward spiral of drugs, alcohol, and depression to not only perform adequately in the ring against Wilder, but to perform truly well. It all begged for a rematch. “”This time,” said Fury, “I haven’t been out the ring for a year. This time, I haven’t been abusing too much alcohol, and this time I’m going to knock him the fuck out.”

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Dana White – Fury Number One

By: Michael Kane

UFC President is a long time boxing fan, and has hinted about becoming involved in the sport in the past.

There are rumours around that the UFC owner, Endeavour are in talks to take over Premier Boxing Champions, whose stable of boxers include Deontay Wilder, Andy Ruiz Jr and Errol Spence Jr.

Taking time out from promoting the Khabib Nurmagomedov-Dustin Poirier fight due to take place in Abu Dhabi later in the year, White spoke to BT Sports regarding the heavyweight boxing scene.

With Andy Ruiz Jr blowing the heavyweight landscape wide open with his stoppage of Anthony Joshua, it seems everyone wants to talk about the heavyweight division.

Tyson Fury was recently voted number 1 heavyweight by Ring Magazine and Dana White also feels Fury deserves to be considered number 1.

“Yeah, I wouldn’t say that I disagree with that, you know. He (Fury) looked great in the Wilder fight. Wilder crushed him with that shot he hit him with and he actually got back up, which is crazy.” White said.

“When Wilder hits people they don’t get back up. He actually did. That Wilder-Tyson fight is a fun fight. Yeah, I’d say he (Fury), is number one right now. It would be tough not to call him number one.

“Now, you got four exciting, explosive guy’s with great personalities. Real punching power to finish fights. It couldn’t be better.”

With the news that a Wilder-Fury rematch may take place early next year and Joshua likely to rematch Ruiz Jr later this year, it is hard to argue against the heavyweight division moving into an exciting period.

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What’s Next for Tyson Fury?

By: Hans Themistode

Lineal Heavyweight champion Tyson Fury (28-0-1, 20 KOs) is receiving high praise for his two round destruction of relatively unknown Tom Schwarz (24-1, 16 KOs). Fury wasted little time dispatching of his opponent in front of a raucous crowd on June 15th, in Las Vegas Nevada. To casual fans it was an impressive performance. For those that follow the sport closely, understood that Fury would do exactly what he did on Saturday night.

Fury has now set the stage for a rematch with WBC champion Deontay Wilder. Or at least that is what it seems. The rematch between these two will be highly anticipated, however, it isn’t expected to happen until the first quarter of 2020. Fury still has time to enter the ring once more before his big showdown with Wilder.

The Lineal champion can raise his profile even more with yet another big win under his belt before he takes on Wilder. It’s a risk to have Fury face a high level of opposition, as it could put the Wilder rematch in jeopardy. Many would shy away from such danger, but not Fury. Let’s take a look at who he should take on next before his mega showdown with Wilder.

Alexander Povetkin

Standing at just 6’2 and 39 years of age, Alexander Povetkin (34-2, 24 KOs) would be at a decided disadvantage in a matchup against Fury. Although the former olympic gold medalist is a few years past his prime, he still possesses a ton of power. A fight against Povetkin will at the very least prepare Fury for the sort of power coming his way in a rematch with Deontay Wilder.

Now in no means am I saying that the two having similar power, but Povetkin has placed more than his fair share of contenders on the mat. Fury needs to prepare himself for the onslaught that will be heading his way. Povetkin seems like the perfect test. He may not have the stature to truly bother Fury, but his one punch knockout power will keep the Lineal champion on top of his game.

Jarrell Miller

After testing positive for performance enhancing drugs during the lead up to his bout against former unified champion Anthony Joshua, Jarrell Miller (20-0-1, 18 KOs) was given a light six month suspension by the WBA. Many feel as though his actions deserved a much longer ban but, as is often the case in boxing, Miller got a break. Miller and WBC champion, Deontay Wilder have two completely different fighting styles.

Wilder ends his contest with just one punch, while Miller uses his excellent cardio and high punch output to outwork his opponents. A matchup between Miller and Fury would provide the Lineal champion a fight that would boost his already soaring profile. As for the matchup itself, Fury should be able to defeat the loud mouth Miller. The build up to their contest would be legendary, as both men are fantastic on the mic.

Joseph Parker

Former WBO Heavyweight champion Joseph Parker (25-2, 19 KOs) has a date with long faded Heavyweight contender Eric Molina on June 29th. Provided he gets through that contest unscathed, a matchup between both Parker and Fury would be an interesting one. The former title holder has suffered back to back defeats at the hands of Anthony Joshua and Dillian Whyte but he is far from done at competing with the best in the world.

With all due respect to Tom Schwarz, but he just isn’t the right opponent for Fury to take on before a bout with Wilder. Parker would provide a much more stern test. It’s a fight Fury could very well lose but, if he truly believes that he is the best Heavyweight in the world then a matchup with Joseph Parker is paramount.

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Fury Makes Easy Work Of Schwarz In Vegas Debut

By: Sean Crose

Tyson Fury put his 27-0-1 record on the line Saturday night when he faced off against the unheralded 24-0 Tom Schwarz of Germany. Many had expected Fury to engage in a rematch with WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder after their controversial draw last December. Fury opted to sign with Bob Arum’s Top Rank Promotions, however, and so ended up fighting Schwarz rather than Wilder. ESPN made much of Fury’s claim to the lineal heavyweight championship, perhaps because the Englishman had no major belts to enter the ring with. He did have an exact knockoff of Apollo Creed’s Uncle Sam outfit however, which he strutted into the ring with at the MGM Grand, accompanied by James Brown’s “Living in America.”

Fury controlled the movement and tempo of the first.

Fury came out in the southpaw stance and began landing effectively in the second. Schwarz started bleeding while Fury began showboating. So dominant was Fury in the second that the fighter began mimicking Ali avoiding punches. Seconds later, Schwarz was on the mat. The brave German slugger got up, but wasn’t able make it to the end of the round. Referee Kenny Bayless wisely stopped the bout before the bell ended the round. It was a total wipeout, though not an entirely unexpected one.

The post fight interview was gracious at first, then went the Tyson Fury route. After thanking Christ, Fury acknowledged the American audience. “Thank you America,” he said. “and God bless you all.” Admitting that he wanted to enjoy himself in the ring, Fury claimed that he wanted Deontay Wilder next year after fighting again in 2019. And then the fighter was asked to entertain the audience. Without missing a beat, Fury belted out an Aerosmith song, much as he did after shocking Wladimir Klitschko in 2015.

It was an easy night’s work over a man he was clearly expected to beat. Still, with Andy Ruiz having recently stunned Anthony Joshua, there had been an air around the fight world that anything could happen. Yet Schwarz had neither the skill nor the experience of Ruiz, which essentially meant he didn’t have the chance at an upset that Ruiz had.

Earlier in the evening, veteran light heavyweight Sullivan Barrera dropped a UD decision to Jesse Hart. It was an ugly, grueling fight, one which made it clear that Barerra’s days at the top echelon in the division might be winding down, for the man took a considerable amount of shots to the head.

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Tyson Fury’s Test

By: Hans Themistode

Life is filled with tests isn’t it? You never know exactly when they are going to come, but you know they are heading your way. The biggest names amongst boxings Heavyweight division are being bombarded with a slew of tests.

WBC Heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder (40-0-1, 40 KOs) was given the first exam. It came in the shape of number one contender Dominic Breazeale (20-1, 18 KOs). With the bad blood these two shared there was no doubt that this would be a difficult assignment for Wilder. Think again. The WBC champion aced his exam with an impressive first round knockout. It was a jaw dropping performance for Tuscaloosa native.

On June 1st, it was unified Heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua’s (22-1, 21 KOs) turn to deal with his own exam. His seemed like an easy one. The once beaten Andy Ruiz (33-1, 22 KOs) was a tough and rugged competitor, but not someone who was given much of a chance at pulling off the upset. It was a matter of how Joshua would win, as opposed to if he would win. With his Heavyweight rival Deontay Wilder putting on such an impressive performance, Joshua needed to follow that up with his own dominant showing.

To the surprise of many, Joshua failed his test. Ruiz did not simply win, but he flat out dismantled the now former unified champion. Joshua would hit the deck a total of four times before succumbing to his adversary in the seventh round.

Two tests down, and one to go. Last but certainly not least, is Lineal Heavyweight champion Tyson Fury (27-0-1, 19 KOs). On Saturday night June 15th, he will have his exam placed in front of him. Tom Schwarz (24-0, 16 KOs) will look to create his own monumental upset in Las Vegas, Nevada.

There is an incredible amount of pressure on the shoulders of Fury coming into this contest. On paper, this is a contest that Fury should win with ease. However, as boxing has shown as time and time again, nothing happens quite how it should.

Deontay Wilder asserted his dominance when faced with his own test, while Anthony Joshua failed his miserably.

The world will have its eyes set upon Tyson Fury and Tom Schwarz. This final exam will bring us one step closer too revealing who truly is the king of the Heavyweight division.

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The Two Sides of Tyson Fury

By: Kevin Dyson

It is one of the many contradictions that surround Tyson Fury.

Over the course of his career, big Traveller’s personality has arguably become ever more unconventional and entertaining.

At the same time, at least until the Wilder fight, his bouts have been getting somewhat dull. Much of this has been the way he has consolidated his most effective attributes, his speed and awkward movement.

I first noticed this direction of travel in his second fight against Dereck Chisora in 2014.

The first fight, in 2011, was a belter of a fight. The second was a stroll for Fury, exemplifying the improvements he had made. Unfortunately, the entertainment was lacking.

That carried through to Fury’s crowning moment against Wlad Klitschko the following year. The tepid nature of the fight was largely overlooked given the significance of the Ukranian’s decade long tenure coming to an end.

The build up to the fight was also far from bland, no more than that moment when Fury arrived in a Lamborghini dressed in Adam West era Batman gear and, with the help of cousin Hughie, created one of the most WTF moments in boxing history.

This is just one example of the big man’s complex nature, something that attracts and repels in equal measure.

When he is in good form, there are few boxers who exude the sort of charisma, humour and self deprecation that Fury has in abundance. These are the moments that show exactly why he has been dubbed the people’s champion.

Odd moments were endearing. When the UK’s Channel 5 bought up rights for his fights, they seemingly had little idea of how to do a conventional broadcast, which was perfect for Fury. Weird extended interviews showed him in a good light, even with strange vignettes like chatting over a table stacked with a mountain of crap food he had cut from his diet.

There has always been a dark side, though. His vicious homophobic tinged abuse of rival David Price, himself one of the soundest in the sport, was unpleasant.

His relentless dissing of Anthony Joshua has also been a sticking point. All of the slagging of Joshua “the bodybuilder” was a bit sad (and somewhat hypocritical when you see the physique of brother Tommy).

It looked as though the beef may have cooled after he tweeted a fairly conciliatory message in the wake of Joshua’s loss to Andy Ruiz Jr.

Unfortunately, his dual personality didn’t take long to return to aggro setting, claiming AJ is ‘finished’.

I have changed my mind several times about whether all of this is just Tyson Fury or simply mind games. His battle with himself post-Wlad points towards it just his nature.

Having gone back down in my estimation after the AJ grief, I was glad to see the good guy back in the Tom Schwarz build up, including vomit inducing suit, comedy catalogue posing and that magnetic charisma.

I have decided that my support for Fury will be just as contrary. Either he puts on a performance and ensures that the rebirth of the division remains, or faces a similar humbling to that of AJ. Either will do…

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Tyson Fury: “Boxing Keeps Me Really Happy”

By: Sean Crose

“The only title that I care about,” says undefeated 27-0-1 heavyweight Tyson Fury, “is the lineal championship of the world. It goes back a long, long way, and that’s the one I’m defending with pride and honor.” These words come in the leadup to Fury’s fight on Saturday night against the also undefeated 24-0 Tom Schwarz in Las Vegas. Tyson was last seen in the ring back in December, when he famously rose from a thunderous knockdown from WBC heavyweight champ Deontay Wilder.

“I think it was a higher power that brought me to my feet,” says Fury of getting up from the mat, “to spread the word on mental health and to help other people. I hope it inspired many people as I enjoyed getting up off that canvas and fighting on. And it takes more than a punch to knock me down and make me stay down.” Fury, of course, has made public his battles with mental illness, alcohol, and drug abuse since he came back from a near fatal depression to battle the feared Wilder to a draw.

As for the largely unknown Schwarz, the 25 year old German makes it clear he’s ready to shock the world, much as Andy Ruiz did by knocking Anthony Joshua off the top of the heavyweight perch several weeks ago. “I’m fighting for my family and my country,” says Schwarz. “I have a lot of inspiration. I’m ready to shock the world. This is a great time in the heavyweight division, and I am happy to be part of it. On Saturday night, it’s my time. I am prepared. Tyson Fury picked me for a reason, and I promise a great fight, a dramatic fight, and a memorable moment for all boxing fans.”

Schwarz also indicates that he and his team will be ready when the bell rings to face surprisingly slippery big man Fury. “My trainers and I have seen every fight of Tyson’s many times,” he says. “We’ve analyzed his style and have prepared our best strategy. I have a surprise for Tyson Fury, and he will see what it is on Saturday night.”

Yet Fury – who many see as the lineal heavyweight champ – nowadays gives the air of a man who might well take a defeat in stride. Not that he isn’t looking to win. He just simply takes a broader view of things than he once did. “I box because I like to keep happy and it keeps me happy to fight,” the thirty year old Englishman explains. “I plan to box until I can’t box anymore. I feel fantastic at the minute. Boxing keeps me really happy, and I’m very happy with where I am in my life at the minute. I want to box on. I don’t see myself retiring. I just turned 30 years old. I’ve got over 10 years left in this game, so you’ll have to keep seeing me for the next 10 years, I’m afraid. Keep entertaining, keep putting on great shows.”

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Tyson Fury vs. Tom Schwarz and Barrera vs. Hart Fight Previews

By: William Holmes

On Saturday night Top Rank Promotions in association with Frank Warren’s Queensberry Promotions will bring the lineal world heavyweight champion, Tyson Fury, to Las Vegas to meet undefeated challenger Tom Schwarz.

Fury will be competing at the MGM Grand Garden Arena and this card will be streamed live on ESPN+.

The co-main event of the evening will be between Jesse “Hard Work” Hart and Sullivan Barrera in the light heavyweight division.

The undercard will be shown on ESPN+ and will feature boxers such as Mikaela Mayer, Lizbeth Crespo, Andy Vences, Isaac Lowe, and Guido Vianello.

The following is a preview of the co-main event and main event of the evening.

Jesse Hart (25-2) vs. Sullivan Barrera (22-2); Light Heavyweight Division

This will be Jesse Hart’s first fight in the light heavyweight division after spending his career in the super middleweight division. He’ll have a tough fight in front of him as Sullivan Barrera has spent most of his career fighting in the light heavyweight division.

Hart is eight years younger than Barrera, who is currently thirty seven years old. Hart will also have a one inch height advantage and a four and a half inch reach advantage.

Both boxers have been fairly active the past two years. Hart fought four times in 2018 and twice in 2017, while Barrera fought twice in 2018 and three times in 2017.

Hart appears to have an edge in power, as he has stopped twenty one of his opponents while Barrera has stopped fourteen.

Both boxers had successful amateur careers. Hart was an Olympic alternate and a National Golden Gloves Champion. Barrera was a World Junior Championship Gold Medalist.

Hart’s two losses were close ones to Gilberto Ramirez. His wins have come against the likes of Mike Gavronski, Demon Nicholson, Alan Campa, Andrew Hernandez, and Mike Jiminez.

Barrera has defeated the likes of Sean Monaghan, Felix Valera, Joe Smith Jr., Vyacheslav Shabranskyy, Karo Murat, and Jeff Lacy. His losses were to Andre Ward and Dmitry Bivol.

With Barrera pushing 40, it’s hard to imagine him being in the same kind of physical condition he was in when he beat Karo Murat and Jeff Lacy. However, he does have the better professional resume and has been in the ring with better boxers than Jesse Hart.

This fight will likely be a close one, but this writer has to give a slight edge to Hart based on age.

Tyson Fury (27-0-1) vs. Tom Schwarz (24-0); Heavyweight Division

Tyson Fury is one of the heavyweight divisions biggest attractions, and with the recent loss by Anthony Joshua it appears a rematch with Deontay Wilder should happen in the future.

However, Fury first has to get past the undefeated and largely not well known Tom Schwarz.

Fury is thirty years old and still in his athletic prime. Schwarz is twenty five years old, but still relatively untested.

Fury appears to have more power than Schwarz as he has stopped nineteen of his opponents while Schwarz has stopped sixteen. Fury will have a three and a half inch height advantage.

Fury fought three times in 2018, but did not fight at all in 2017 or in 2016. Schwarz fought once in 2019, four times in 2018, and twice in 2017.

Fury has an edge in amateur experience as he had success on the European Circuit. Schwarz does not have the amateur pedigree of Tyson Fury.

Fury looks like he is in great shape and has remained in the gym since his draw with Deontay Wilder. He has beaten the likes of Francesco Pianeta, Sefer Seferi, Wladimir Klitschko, Dereck Chisora, Steve Cunningham, Kevin Johnson, and Vinny Maddalone.

Schwarz does not have the professional resume of Tyson Fury. He has beaten the likes of Kristijan Krstacic, Julian Fernandez, Senad Gashi, Samir Nebo, and Adnan Redzovic. None of these fighters are considered top level contenders.

This should be an easy fight for Fury to bounce back from after his draw with Wilder, and it’s hard to imagine Schwarz derailing Fury in Schwarz’s first fight in the United States.

All signs point to Tyson Fury winning the fight comfortably and by a wide margin.

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Tyson Fury On Anthony Joshua: “Bodybuilding Ain’t Boxing”

By: Sean Crose

Tyson Fury appeared on the Rich Eisen Show to talk about his upcoming bout with Tom Schwarz at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on June 15th. The colorful Fury also spoke of getting up from “the shot” last December and, of course, Andy Ruiz’ recent stunning defeat of Anthony Joshua for Joshua’s numerous heavyweight title belts. Fury, who draws attention by nature, showed up to the interview wearing an “LA style pimp shirt” and shorts which were “pink to make the girls wink.” Although few have heard of Schwarz, Fury made it clear he isn’t going to underestimate his foe. “I never overlook my opponent,” he said.

The fighter also took a moment to sell the bout. “This guy must have a point to prove,” Fury claimed of Schwarz. “This is a big rivalry, Germany versus England…may the best man win.” The fighter made a rather odd statement concerning the match’s outcome. “We never can tell, can we?” he asked Eisen rhetorically. One of the interesting things about the Englishman is that he possesses a keen ability to look at matters through a unique perspective. This was certainly the case when the subject of Joshua came up during the conversation.

After declaring he wanted to “leave him (Joshua) with a little bit of dignity,” Eisen mentioned the fact that Fury had previously gone from treating Joshua’s defeat with true sportsmanship, to suddenly changing gears before the media. “Psychological warfare,” Fury responded, “you build them up then you smash them down.” Fury then indicated that he had given the matter some thought. “If it was me and I got knocked out by an old, fat guy, they (Joshua and his promoter, Eddie Hearn) would destroy me.” Moving on to Joshua himself, Fury claimed that “bodybuilding ain’t boxing.”

“Stick to your own sport and leave the fighting to the fighting men,” Fury continued, adding that Joshua “didn’t want to continue” in his battle with Ruiz. The widely regarded lineal heavyweight champion of the world then sought to separate himself from Joshua. “If there’s an ounce of breath left in my body…then I’ll continue to fight on,” said Fury. “At the end of the day, it’s the fight in the person.” Although his words for Joshua may have come across as harsh, Fury had nothing but good to say about Andy Ruiz. “I thought Andy Ruiz win was amazing,” he said. “I’m absolutely over the moon for Andy. Couldn’t have happened to a nice guy.”

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Wilder to Face Ortiz, Opens Up Fury Against Whyte Later in Year

By: Michael Kane

Deontay Wilder used social media to announce his next opponent over night.

He will face Luis Ortiz later in the year in a rematch, they both faced each other in March 2018, in a bout in which Ortiz had Wilder rattled only to be knocked out in the 10th round.

This announcement puts any potential rematch with Tyson Fury or a unification fight with Anthony Joshua back until next year at the earliest.

Joshua, who is preparing in New York for his U.S debut on Saturday said recently that he wanted face to face talks with Wilder to try and thrash a deal out, Joshua was expected to call out Wilder if he beats Andy Ruiz Jr on Saturday.

There is pressure from fans, especially in the UK for Joshua and Fury to face the best, if no deal can be made for either to face Wilder, could we see the two meet each other? Unlikely at this stage. Both are with different TV companies in the UK and U.S.

The fighter who could win from this situation is Dillian Whyte should he beat Oscar Rivas next month. It seems a fight between Whyte and Fury could be next on the cards with Eddie Hearn saying a deal had been done. Although it would seem Eddie Hearn was talking with his tongue firmly in his cheek in an effort to get Fury to face Whyte.

“It’s very likely that the Oscar Rivas fight will be for the interim WBC title, and then we have confirmed we are happy to fight Tyson Fury next,” Hearn told IFL TV.

“Because he came out and said he will fight Dillian Whyte for the Diamond belt, so, we wrote to the WBC and said, ‘Great news, Tyson Fury will fight Dillian Whyte for the Diamond belt’. So, we’re in for that now.

“After (Whyte) beats Rivas, he will become the mandatory (for Wilder). That’s what we requested, but Deontay will be allowed another fight in October or whenever he’s going to fight, and we’ll fight Fury next, and then after Dillian beats Fury, he’ll fight Wilder.”

Tyson Fury’s coach, Ben Davison has said that Fury won’t fight a final eliminator but that a fight with Whyte would make sense if they can’t tie down Wilder or Joshua.

Davison told metro.co.uk, “Dillian Whyte stylistically is not the toughest fight for Tyson, but with that being said, Tyson’s not going to fight a final eliminator, that’s ridiculous.

“He’s the lineal heavyweight champion of the world and everyone knows he beat Deontay Wilder, the WBC champion of the world. Why would he have to fight a final eliminator? That’s the bad bit of it.

“But, Tyson is chasing fights with Deontay Wilder and Anthony Joshua and if those fights can’t be made, don’t get it twisted, we’d gladly make that match-up with Dillian Whyte.”

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Fury vs. Whyte Likely for 2019

By: Shane Willoughby

Everyone is desperately waiting to see Tyson Fury defend his self-proclaimed lineal championship against the fierce, 57 ranked contender Tom Schwarz.

Whilst the result of the fight is clear, one thing that isn’t so conclusive is what’s next for The Gypsy King?

After Fury walks his way to an easy points decision – winning every round. Who’s next to try and dethrone him of his never present, elusive and infamous title?

It is highly unlikely we see Fury vs Joshua this year with AJ most likely having to fight his WBO mandatory. And with Bob Arum saying he doesn’t want to make Fury vs Wilder until 2020, the former heavyweight champion might be running out of significant fights.

After Schwarz, Fury might have run out of meaningful opponents. With that said, he could always bring back Bermaine Sterverne or Chris Arreola as the fans won’t mind paying for those fights.

Saying that both Stervene and Arreola are ranked in the top 40 so that might be too big of a jump for the self-proclaimed lineal champion.

All jokes aside there is one opponent who is more than credible and possibly gives Fury some limelight.

Dillian Whyte vs Tyson Fury is possible for the end of 2019 as both fighters are in dire need of big fights and mainstream attention.

Whilst the body-snatcher has a credible opponent of his own in Oscar Rivas who he faces in July, its not quite the opponent that will propel him to the levels he needs to reach.

The fight between Whyte and Fury didn’t seem likely when WBC chairman Mauricio Sauliman first mentioned it; with both men appearing to turn it down for their own respected reasons.

Since then both British fighters have come out and expressed their want for the bout.

When you factor in the idea that they are both looking for decent opponents, the decision to make that fight is a no brainer. Not to mention the fact that this will be a massive fight in the UK.

However, it’s not like Fury is getting crumbs to fight these bums anyway.

Earlier this year Dillian Whyte looked to be heading to ESPN, following his countrymen Fury. With Whyte still a free agent this fight doesn’t appear to be a hard one to make as the ever-present promotion politics is absent.

Both the Gypsy King and the body snatcher must deal with their respected opponents first, but the fight between the two is more than possible. Especially, if the WBC order it as a final eliminator.

And Fury doesn’t have a track record for pulling out of fights, he has only done it to Alexander Ustinov, Vladimir Klitschko and Deontay Wilder.

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European Boxing News and Notes

By: Oliver McManus

The European Boxing Notebook has been brought out of retirement and is firmly back on the Boxing Insider schedule. Frank Warren has been a busy, busy man so let’s get straight into it and dissect the plethora of information coming out of Queensbury Promotions over the last fortnight.

Fury-Schwarz on PPV
Tyson Fury’s co-promotional debut with Top Rank takes place on June 15th with the ‘lineal’ champion facing Tom Schwarz: an unbeaten German who is ranked with the WBO. Taking place at the MGM Grand, in Las Vegas, this was professed to be a “tune up… exposure” fight to endear the ‘Gypsy King’ to his newfound American market. Given the stated nature of this contest, you’d be forgiven for assuming it would be available via a regular subscription. No such luck, evidently, with Frank Warren and BT Sport taking the decision to air it on their pay-per-view platform, BT Sport Box Office.

Tom Schwarz isn’t exactly an ideal opponent to warrant ‘pay-per-view’ and, actually, the American broadcasters share that opinion with the fight being streamed on their digital platform only – ESPN+.

Joe Joyce, Brad Foster and Louie Lynn pen deals with Queensbury
A trio of signings announced for Frank Warren who has been ‘making moves’ since the turn of the month by shrewdly capturing the signature of three exciting talents.

Joyce is the obvious headline grabber and what he lacks for in overt charisma he makes up for, and then some, in natural boxing talent. There’s nothing particularly unlikable about the 33 year old but Queensbury will need to market him correctly in order to maximize his commercial and sporting ability. The understated heavyweight has made an immediate impact as a professional, featuring Stateside, but it’s nice to see him back on home soil as he reaches the boiling point of his career. Given his age he can’t afford to allow the politics of boxing to keep him stagnant and ,whilst he awaits decisions from Agit Kabayel and Manuel Charr, he’ll be keeping busy on May 18th against Alexander Ustinov and, again, on July 13th against an opponent to be confirmed.

Brad Foster, meanwhile, is yet another British champion snapped up by Warren with the domestic super bantamweight kingpin set to be a star of the future. He captured the British title with a comprehensive out-pointing of Josh Wale in a contest that proved his class. Snapped up by Warren, less than a month later, he’s immediately involved in another test of his quality when he faces Ashley Lane, Commonwealth champion, on May 18th.

Louie Lynn, on the other hand, looked for a while as though he would sign with Matchroom – certainly he was keeping busy on their cards – but ultimately has inked a three year contract with Queensbury. The undefeated (4-0) featherweight has seen his quarter of wins come within the distance – all against notably durable fighters – and Warren is the best in the business at developing a young prospect. Good move!

Dubois-Gorman confirmed
The fight we were starting to think had drifted into the distant future has, like a bolt from the blue, been resurrected and will take place on July 13th. Arguably the two most explosive prospects in British boxing, the heavyweights square off with the vacant British title at stake. The contest was mandated last year for Dubois’ English title but, now Hughie Fury has stepped aside, has received a significant upgrade and the winner will see their name alongside Anthony Joshua and Lennox Lewis as Lord Lonsdale belt holders – no pressure, then.

At the time of writing Dubois was a reasonable betting favourite with odds of 4/11 available – Gorman viewed as a reasonable outsider at 2/1 – but those prices are shifting on a daily basis and are a good sign of how hard it is to predict a winner with certainty.

June 15th update
Two cracking domestic contests have been added to the undercard of Josh Warrington vs Kid Galahad – on June 15th – on a night that really doesn’t need hype to sell it. JJ Metcalf return was the first to be announced, having recovered from injury to record an eighth round knockout over Santos Medrano, in April. He’s immediately back in title contention, having been set to face Liam Williams, on December 22nd, with a fight against Jason Welborn for the vacant Commonwealth super welterweight title.

His first fight on a Warren show since last June is an instant opportunity to return to the spotlight and, against a world title challenger, he’ll be acutely aware of potential follow-up opportunities.

Welborn will be looking to, once more, upset the odds: having done so against Tommy Langford on two occasions last year. Doing the media rounds prior to this contest he has said he’s convinced he belongs back at world title level and Metcalf, formerly ranked by the WBC, is a good place to get back on that ladder.

Zelfa Barrett vs Lyon Woodstock Jr is another exciting clash between emerging contenders with the Commonwealth belt attached. Over the last 12-18 months we have seen Warren unafraid to pit his fighters against each other but, more than that, show a commitment to developing the careers of both men afterwards – Zak Chelli vs Umar Sadiq was how it all started. Woodstock, himself, was involved in one of those “crunch tests” against Archie Sharp last October and what a barnstormer that was.

Barrett is no stranger to ‘getting involved’ having also been on the wrong end of a bittersweet, fight-of-the-year worthy, defeat – against Ronnie Clark in February 2018. Both fighters have recorded wins since with Barrett twice out-doing Edwin Tellez and Woodstock seeing off Sergio Gonzalez earlier in the year. If this is anything like either of their previous ‘domestic tussles’ then we are in for an absolute cracker.

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Fury vs. Schwarz Heading to PPV on BT Sports in UK

By: Shane Willoughby

Oh Frank Warren, you’ve only gone and done it! After his constant claims that Eddie Hearn is ‘robbing’ the fans, Frank Warren has only gone and put Tyson Fury (27-0-1) vs Tom Schwarz (24-0) on pay-per-view on BT Sports.

Fury is set to defend his lineal championship on the 19th June, in Las Vagas. The Gypsy King’s return to the States was expected, especially after his new American T.V deal with ESPN.

However, what was surprising was when it was announced that he was going to take on Tom Schwarz. WHO?!

In the eyes of many Fury should be the WBC champion after arguably beating Deontay Wilder last December.

The self-proclaimed lineal champion looked to be ready for the top fighters in the division; done with the likes of Sefer Seferi and Francesco Pianeta. Unfortunately not!

Tyson Fury will be facing German heavyweight Tom Schwartz. If that wasn’t a hard-enough pill to swallow for the English fans, not only do you have to wake up at 5am to watch the fight, but you also have to pay.

Mr Warren what have you done? It was only last year the Hall of Fame promoter stated, ‘I wouldn’t pay 99p for Whyte vs Parker’; which turned out to be one of the best fight cards of the year. Now he has put Fury vs Schwarz as PPV on BT Sports.

If Whyte vs Parker wasn’t worth 99p, Frank Warren, you must be selling this fight for at least 50 pence.

Interestingly, no fights have been yet added to the undercard. Warren might have to make Eubank Sr vs Nigel Benn III to have this card qualify as a PPV.

It’s difficult to see how Fury vs Schwarz keeps people awake in the first place, not to mention the fight being in the early hours of the morning, and when you add the barrier of PPV, it’s hard to see how this PPV will sell.

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Fury Open to Facing Whyte for WBC Diamond Belt

By: Michael Kane

Last week WBC supremo Mauricio Sulaiman suggested that he wanted to make an interim title fight between Tyson Fury and Dillian Whyte.

Dillian Whyte was quoted as saying he didn’t think Fury would accept.

Well Fury has responded, he doesn’t want an interim title fight, he wants the fight to be for the WBC Diamond belt.

Both Fury (27-0-1, 19 KOs) and Whyte have fights scheduled for the next couple of months. Fury takes on German Tom Schwarz (24-0, 16 KOs) in the first fight of a big TV deal with Top Rank and ESPN on June 15th in Las Vegas.

Whyte (25-1, 18 KOs) will face Oscar Rivas (26-0, 18 KOs) in London in July, a fight he had wanted to be confirmed as mandatory for the WBC title.

Fury took to Instagram to set his only condition on accepting the Whyte fight.

“I propose that we make me and Dillian Whyte for the WBC Diamond belt and not the interim belt.”

“I’ll take care of Dillian Whyte,” he continued, “and knock him out within six rounds. I accept the challenge, thank you very much.

“I’d fight Dillian Whyte and day of the week and twice on a Sunday . Make it for the Diamond belt, not the interim version and you’ve got a deal. Let’s get it on!”


Whyte was quick to reply on the post by saying, “Let’s do it then, Tyson Fury. I’d fight you anytime, anywhere, seven days a week and five times on a Sunday. I look forward to putting you to sleep. Let’s go baby!”

Both fighters need to get past their immediate opponents before any such fight can take place.

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