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Tyson Fury is Training Hard to Live his WWE Dreams

By: Hans Themistode

It’s been an adventurous past few weeks for Heavyweight Lineal champion Tyson Fury (29-0-1, 20 KOs). Just last month at the T-Mobile Arena, in Las Vegas, Nevada, Fury gutted a gritty win over previously undefeated Otto Wallin. Shortly after his victory, Fury was seen making the rounds on the WWE circuit.

What resulted was a back and forth feud with the 6 feet 8, 385 pound Braun Strowman. After dazzling the crowd with plenty of theatrics, the big men will settle their score later this month on October 31st, at Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia. With this being Fury’s first foray into the world of WWE, it would seem like a nerve racking situation, but not for Fury.

“I’m not nervous, not nervous at all,” said Fury. You can expect fireworks. I was born to do this. I’m a natural entertainer as you see with the boxing. Now I’m going into the real entertainment. The best value in entertainment in sports is the WWE.

It comes off as a bit strange that someone who is as accomplished as Fury in his own profession, would venture into an entirely different lane. It might come as a shock to everyone else, however Fury relishes in this role. He is finally being given the chance to pursue a dream he has had for quite some time.

“It’s something I always wanted to do. My whole life I’ve watched and been a huge fan of the WWE, I’ve never had the opportunity to do it with boxing comments, but now I am getting the chance to really get involved. I grabbed this with both hands when it was offered to me.”

It may have seemed like a joke at first, but it is now a reality. Fury is officially onboard with the WWE. He is reportedly making 15 million for his lone appearance later on this month. How exactly did the WWE find Fury in the first place? You can thank current wrestler and Executive Vice President of Talent Paul Michael Levesque, or better known as Triple H.

“Part of my job is to recruit athletes globally,” said Triple H. “From every sport whether it is the Olympics, Soccer, the NFL it doesn’t matter but when you are a showman like Tyson Fury it makes the job so much easier.”

Although Fury is currently a Heavyweight champion, he will be completely out of his realm of comfortability come October 31st. Or at least, that is what it would appear to be. Fury has reportedly been making huge strides in his wrestling abilities. So much so, that even Triple H has marveled at how well he has adapted.

“Just seeing him out in the performance Center in Orland, Florida, he has taken to this like a fish to water. His footwork, his mannerisms, everything is there. The athleticism of what he does as a combat athlete is there and then some. Plus is there a better showman on the planet than Tyson Fury. He was custom made to do this.”

Even with Fury working his tail off on his wrestling abilities, everyone around him has advised that he steer clear of this new adventure.

“All of them did. Bob Arum, Frank Warren, my management group, my promoter, my trainer, everybody wanted me to stop but I’ve got to do what I’ve got to do. I’ve got to take these opportunities. I believe life is too short for regrets. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do.”

Fury is right, life is certainly too short to live with regrets. However, boxing fans are hoping that this will just be a one time occasion for Fury so that he can continue to focus on his upcoming rematch with WBC Heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder in 2020.

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Promoter Frank Warren Expresses Concern Over Tyson Fury’s WWE Stint

By: Hans Themistode

Looking at the six foot nine inch Tyson Fury, he has the complete look of a fighter. When glancing at his undefeated record through 30 professional contest in the boxing ring, it only further backs that remark.

In the world of Heavyweight boxing, everyone is considered a large human being. Yet, Fury stands out amongst the rest because of his size. Throughout his career he has been able to utilize his large frame to his advantage each and every time he has stepped foot in the ring.

For most fighters their talents start and stop in the boxing ring. In the case of Fury however, his brilliance stretches far beyond simply putting on a pair of boxing gloves and dominating his opposition.

Recently, Fury has decided to take his abilities to the world of WWE. It was a shocking move but one that made sense. Fury, who is currently the Lineal Heavyweight champion, has always had an attraction for the microphone. His ability to pontificate himself is second to none.

Fury’s decision to join the WWE isn’t simply predicated on a gimmick. He is reportedly receiving 15 million for a showdown with WWE Super star wrestler Braun Strowman later this month on Halloween.

For fans this might seem to be nothing more than a stunt, but for promoter Frank Warren, he is legitimately concerned with Fury’s newfound endeavors.

“His profile gets bigger every time and he’s doing us promoters a real favour by going on WWE,” he said. “But truthfully, I don’t like the risk of his cut opening up. Tyson’s a law unto himself. It’s risky though, no doubt about that.”

That aforementioned cut that Warren is speaking of was caused due to the left hand of his previous opponent, Otto Wallin.

What was supposed to be nothing more than a warm up fight for Fury, turned into a grueling 12 round affair. One that Fury almost lost. Still, even with the risks Fury is placing himself in, there are several perks that come along with entering the world of WWE.

As Warren stated, the amount of publicity and exposure that he is being afforded at the moment is a promoters dream. His popularity will undoubtedly soar to new heights but still, he doesn’t enjoy it but he understands the choice.

“In an ideal world I’d prefer he didn’t do it, but it’s all about the bigger picture for him. He’s a natural wrestling star.”

Let’s look at this from two different perspectives. On one hand the WWE, no matter how real it looks is ultimately fake. Much of it is scripted and the wrestlers do their best to prevent each other from sustaining injury. With that being said, tons of injuries do occur as a result of it.

Remember Rey Misterio? The high flying wrestler has suffered from a long list of injuries to both his biceps which resulted in over 3 surgeries and his knee as well. Former champion Edge suffered a neck injury in 2003 which required surgery. In 2005, a torn pectoral muscle forced him back to the sidelines. Four years later in 2009 a torn Achilles tendon caused him to once again hit the sidelines for over a year. Due to his injuries, he was given no choice but to retire as he was diagnosed with spinal stenosis which causes the spine too narrow.

So in many ways the WWE can present Fury with just as much dangers if not more so than professional boxing.

Warren and a host of others have shared their concern and for good reason. Fury might be enjoying his new career ventures, but those who are heavily invested in his championship status as a boxer have plenty to be concerned about.

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Tyson Fury Admits Uncertainty for Deontay Wilder Rematch

By: Hans Themistode

Lineal Heavyweight champion Tyson Fury (29-0-1, 20 KOs) waged war against WBC belt holder Deontay Wilder (41-0-1, 40 KOs) back on December 1st, 2018. The contest, which took place at the Staples Center in Los Angeles California was a thrilling one.

Fury was knocked down in the early goings of the match but seemingly outboxed Wilder for the remainder of the contest. The United Kingdom born Fury was seemingly on his way to a decision victory until he was once again knocked down in the final round. The knock down saved Wilder from a loss as the contest was ruled a draw.

For fight fans everywhere, how could they complain? They witnessed one of the best Heavyweight title fights in recent memory and with their contest ending in a draw the two big men were sure to do it again. Those sentiments proved to be true as both champions revealed that they signed off on a rematch which is slated to take place sometime in February of 2020, provided of course, Wilder wins his November 23rd rematch against Luis Ortiz.

Wilder vs Fury 2 is easily one of the most anticipated fights of the 2020 calendar. Unfortunately for the fans however, it is a contest that could go by the wayside.

As of late, Fury has made a surprising turn into the world of WWE. The popular wrestling broadcast has grown an attachment of sorts to Fury.

Recently, Fury was seen on WWE’s Raw episode engaging in a back and forth feud with current Super star wrestler, Braun Strowman. After several altercations with one another, Fury signed up to settle his beef with Strowman later this month on Halloween in Saudi Arabia.

What seemed to be nothing more than just harmless fun for Fury, has quickly turned into something more.

Following his last boxing ring appearance in which he outpointed a very tough Otto Wallin over 12 rounds on September 14th, Fury was told that he should stay away from physically strenuous activity to allow the cut he suffered from that contest to heal. The most ideal time for Fury to return to normal physical activity would be sometime in mid November.

With Fury now involving himself in the WWE, many have feared that he could place himself at risk for the Wilder fight. Fury has reassured everyone that his October 31st contest will not come in the way of his showdown with Wilder next year.

Yet, in the span of just a few days, Fury has made a complete 180. Fury is Reportedly receiving 15 million for his lone contest in the WWE. The large sum of cash has given Fury cause to pause on his matchup with Wilder.

“There’s a hell of a chance of that,” said Fury when posed with the question of whether he would forgo his rematch with Wilder in order to stay with the WWE.

For Fury this isn’t simply some publicity stunt in order to collect large sums of money. He is taking his possibly new career very seriously.

“I’ve been training at the WWE facility in Orlando,” said Fury. “I was supposed to be resting while the eye mended but I’m excited about 385lbs of Braun coming at me. Yeah, me against Wilder is the biggest fight in boxing but I’m not thinking about that now. I’m just enjoying my life – and concentrating on WWE.”

Although the WWE must be thrilled with Fury seemingly coming onboard for the time being, this isn’t the news that boxing fans wanted to hear.

At this point, there is nothing more that can be done. Fans who are hoping to see a rematch between Wilder and Fury will simply have to wait and see how this plays out.

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Tyson Fury Invades The WWE

By: Hans Themistode

The current Lineal Heavyweight champion of the world Tyson Fury has decided that no one in the boxing ring can deal with his size, strength and overall boxing ability. Through 30 fights in his career he has gone undefeated and he has looked impressive as well.

Instead of taking on fighters in the boxing ring, he has switched his focus to another squared circle. The one associated with the WWE. Fury has made several appearances at WWE events but his most latest act which took place at last nights RAW episode saw Fury enter the ring against another big man, Braun Strowman.

It isn’t often that Fury is considered the smaller man when he enters the ring, but standing at 6 feet 8 inches and weighing roughly 385 pounds, Fury was completely overmatched when he stood across the ring from Braun Strowman.

Photo Credit: Tyson Fury Twitter Account

The beef between these two began when they got into an altercation which forced the security team from the WWE to hold Fury back. It was a pretty funny act on the part of Fury. He was animated as he was removed from his ring side seat and escorted out of the building.

It seemed as though the rivalry between these men would be over from there right? Wrong.

Fury has never backed away from a challenge and he sure wasn’t going to now. This past Monday night, Fury entered the ring and wanted something very specially from Braun.

“Last week I was here minding my own business,” said Fury. “Braun tried to make me look like a fool. I ended up getting choked out, so tonight I’m here to demand an apology.”

Instead of apologizing, Braun made it clear that Fury was in the wrong ring.

“I will literally eat you for lunch,” said Braun.

After a few more minutes of back and forth arguing, the two larger than life big men stood eye to eye. Soon after it was Fury who pushed back the current WWE super star which then made him retaliate by picking Fury up and dragging him across the ring.

In true WWE fashion a huge brawl ensued. For the next five minutes we witnessed fake punches, imitation grappling and plenty more. It was highly entertaining to say the least.

In what was possibly the most enjoyable act of the night, as security separated the two men, Fury pushed them all out of the way and jumped on Braun. Rights, lefts and uppercuts by Fury landed on Braun but in the world of the scripted WWE Braun simply walked through those punches without even a scratch.

After they were finally separated for good, Braun continued his rant about Fury.

“Tyson’s a tough son of a bitch but he’s gonna get these damn hands before it’s over and done with!”

It looks like this will be a long and animated beef between Fury and Braun. Who will come out is anyone’s guess but the last time I checked, Fury has never been defeated no matter which ring he has entered.

Who knows how much longer Fury will stay in the world of boxing, but it is clear that he might just have a future in the WWE.

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Tyson Fury Involved In Televised WWE Melee

By: Sean Crose

Boxing and professional wrestling have always had a mutually beneficial relationship. Bring in a big time fighter from the sweet science and the wrestling ring starts to sizzle. One needn’t think of the outrageous Muhammad Ali – Antonio Inoki bout of 1976 to grasp the relationship between professional grappling and professional fisticuffs. One needn’t even have seen the infamous Hulk Hogan scene in Rocky III (though one is well advised to if one hasn’t). All anyone has to do to understand how well the relationship works is look back at Floyd Mayweather’s battle with wrestler Big Show at WrestleMania 24.

For the boxing/wrestling connection, more often than not, tends to be wildly over the top and fun…as wrestling at its best should be. Over the past several days, the connection has reared its head again, as Tyson Fury – the undefeated heavyweight some argue is the lineal champion of the world – has made his presence felt in the world of WWE. On Friday, Fury was spotted ringside at a televised event, the program SmackDown. During the course of the evening, Fury ended up in the ring, going face to face with Braun Strowman, a top wrestler roughly the same height as the nearly seven foot tall boxer.

Things came to a head Monday evening when Fury was once again showcased in front of a live and broadcast WWE audience. As Sky Sports puts it: “there was another head-to-head between the two giants last night too, with things reaching a boiling point when Fury taunted Strowman about the lack of heavyweight title victories in his career.” Strowman then attacked Fury, security got in between the two, and the now full blown enemies were kept away from each other…until Fury knocked out the security guards. The two brawlers subsequently ended up getting it on in the ring until a bevy of wrestlers broke them up. It was a classic boxing-wrestling scenario (some might even call it high art), one which will undoubtedly lead to other noteworthy events. Don’t be surprised to see Fury in the role of pro wrestler in the very near future.

Not that Fury will leave boxing behind. There’s a major rematch with Deontay Wilder in his planned future, so long as Wilder defeats Luis Ortiz in a rematch of their 2018 battle on November 23d. Yet there are, admittedly, far less entertaining ways for Fury to spend his time before facing Wilder again. Loud, obnoxious, and frequently funny, Fury is a boxer born to be embraced by pro wrestling fandom. In a sense, he is taking up the torch as part of a long tradition.

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Tyson Fury Overcomes an Explosive Otto Wallin Upset Bid

By: Hans Themistode

What a fight!

Lineal Heavyweight champion Tyson Fury avoided a major upset tonight. The T-Mobile arena in Las Vegas, Nevada played host to Fury and formerly undefeated contender Otto Wallin. This was nothing more than a glorified sparring match. At least, that’s what it was supposed to be.

Photo Credit: BT Sport Twitter Account

Fury had been in the ring with some of the very best including long time unified champion Wladimir Klitschko and current WBC belt holder Deontay Wilder. Wallin had never stood across the ring from anyone in the top 20 of the division, let alone someone who many believe is the best that the division has to offer. A quick knockout against the obscure Wallin was expected. Unfortunately for Fury, this is the sport of boxing and usually nothing goes according to plan. Tonight, he quickly found out that his seemingly soft touch, was anything but.

Things started off a bit ragged. Fury, who had the advantages in terms of height and reach tried to stay on the outside but Wallin would hear none of it. He bullied his way on the inside and made it a real dog fight from the very beginning. Fury began to find his range in the second, buzzing Wallin several times and making him pay for his over aggression.

With things seemingly even on the scorecards, Wallin had himself a huge third round as he landed a left hand on the elusive Fury which opened up one of the worse cuts you’ll see in a boxing match. Blood was pouring everywhere as Fury found it hard to see due to the cut. To make matters worse for Fury, the Nevada state commission deemed that the cut was in fact due to a punch which meant that if the fight was stopped, he would lose and the contest would not have to go to the scorecards.

The usual calm and cool Fury was now losing his patience in the fourth round. Blood was flowing from his eye and he had several words for Wallin while the two were in the ring as it became a target for Wallin’s offensive attack. Soon after, another cut was opened up and Fury found himself in even worse trouble. He was boxing well but from the looks of the cuts it seemed as though he was in real danger of being defeated tonight.

The half way mark of the contest saw referee Tony Weeks place a brief hold on the bout as he forced the ring physician to take a look at the wounds of Fury. Luckily for him he was allowed to fight but Wallin continued to do well. Fury had a sense of urgency in his attacks now. The Lineal champ is known for his abilities to outbox his opponents but with his cuts threatening to put an end to this contest early he was forced to put the pedal to the metal. Wallin welcomed the more aggressive Fury with his own aggression and continued to get the better of him.

No one can ever question the heart of Fury as he turned up the heat in the second half of the fight. He landed big shot after big shot which forced Wallin back. It was also becoming apparent that Wallin was beginning to fatigue in there.

In the championship rounds was were Fury truly showed his grit. He hit Wallin with everything he had and had his man hurt on several occasions. With his opportunity slipping away, Wallin gave it one last hurrah in the final round. He landed several huge left hands in the round which made Fury paw at his injured left eye. Fury began to back up and seemed to be in trouble. Wallin, unfortunately didn’t have enough time to continue his attack as the bell rang.

The three judges watching the bout were called to give their verdict on how they saw this contest play out. It was a unanimous decision victory for Fury as the judges scored it 116-112, 117-111 and 118-110 all in favor of Tyson Fury.

The win may have taken away the undefeated record of Wallin but he has cemented himself as a true contender in the Heavyweight division. As for Fury, he now heads towards a 2020 clash with WBC champion Deontay Wilder.

“Deontay Wilder,” yelled Fury during his post fight interview. “I want you next bum.”

With Wilder already having to deal with his own challenge in Luis Ortiz on November 23rd, these two are on a collision course for the first quarter of 2020.

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Tyson Fury’s Easy Road Might Cost Him

By: Hans Themistode

The rematch we all have been waiting for is coming. WBC Heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury have already agreed to terms for a contest that is slated to take place in the early parts of 2020.

Their first bout had everything. Back and forth action, big blows landed and two knockdowns, one of which was landed in the 12th and final round. To sum it all up, it was a great fight. If part two is anything close to what we seen on December 1st, then fans are sure to be in for a treat.

Before these two meet back up in the ring, they have some business to attend to first. Wilder has a rematch booked with Luis Ortiz set for late November. He was last seen in the ring in May, completely obliterating Dominic Breazeale. Wilder has known for quite sometime that he would be matched up with Fury again sometime soon. It isn’t just a big fight but it would also bring him a career high payday as well.

Having a big fight is important, but winning it is critical. The WBC titlist has left no stone unturned in that regard. With the understanding of a big fight against Fury coming his way sometime in the near future, Wilder could have opted for several soft touches. That however, has never been the way Wilder has conducted his business as a champion.

Although his contest against Breazeale was one way traffic, Breazeale was and still is a legitimate Heavyweight contender. The only losses on his record are too, of course Wilder, and former unified champion Anthony Joshua. At six feet seven, Breazeale is tall and has plenty of power in both of his fists. The thrashing he suffered at the hands of Wilder shouldn’t take away from the skill he actually possesses.

How about the rematch between Wilder and Ortiz? Their first contest was a competitive one. Ortiz was doing a great job of staying out of the range of Wilder’s big shots while landing several of his own. It looked as though simply outboxing Ortiz was going to be a difficult task for Wilder, so instead, he went back to what he normally does. In the fifth round he landed a right hand which dropped Ortiz. The following round saw even more drama as Wilder was caught with a left hand which left him stumbling around the ring. Wilder showed a true warriors heart as he managed to drop Ortiz twice in the tenth before the referee called off the contest.

Outside of Fury, no one had ever pushed Wilder to that extent in the ring. A rematch with Ortiz is a dangerous one and could very well spoil the supposed rematch of Wilder and Fury, but the WBC belt holder could care less. Call Wilder what you want, but he is a man that takes risk with his level of opposition.

There is a method to the madness deployed by Wilder. Both Breazeale and Ortiz will provide him with the sort of competition that will propel him forward in his rematch with Fury.

The Lineal champion has a different approach he would rather take. Much like Wilder, Fury has already been involved in one contest with another one coming up shortly. On June 15th, at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas Nevada, Fury took on the obscure Tom Schwarz.

It was a mismatch on paper and very much so in the ring as Fury dismantled Schwarz via second round knockout. Schwarz was hailed as a true contender, a great fighter, one of the best in the world. None of those words were true. He was simply an opponent who was in over his head.

For Fury’s second contest he vowed to take on a legitimate contender. Someone who would push him to the brink. Jarrell Miller’s name was floated around, so was Kubrat Pulev. Even Dillian Whyte was given a shout out as a possible name. Whomever of those names that would be chosen would make the fans happy. So who exactly did Fury choose? Otto Wallin.

He may sport an undefeated record in his 20 professional fights but Wallin has fought no one. He is very much in the same league as Schwarz in many respects.

With another soft touch booked for Fury, assuming that he wins, he will officially head into his 2020 rematch against Wilder without taking on dangerous competition. Yet, if you ask Fury, he believes that it’s Wilder who is taking the softer route.

“I don’t know what they’re thinking,” said Fury. “You know, it’s all fun and games to Tyson Fury. If it wasn’t fun and games for him, he would’ve rematched me instantly. If he had the heart of a warrior and a mindset of a warrior and a champion, he would’ve rematched me instantly. Not waited until someone came and saved him, so he can have an excuse to cop out of the rematch.”

Despite what he says, it’s clear that Fury did not want to jeopardize his Wilder rematch. He can continue to hype up his two most recent opponents as much as he wants but fans understand exactly what they are seeing. Two opponents who should not, at least at this point in their careers, be in the same ring as Fury. With Wilder on the other hand, he has decided to take the hard road. He didn’t need to. He could have easily chosen to take on fighters who stood no chance against him, but that wouldn’t get him fully prepared for Fury now would it?

Fury can continue to pump up his resume with names who aren’t deserving but in 2020 it could cost him against a Deontay Wilder who will be ready both physically and mentally to stake his claim as the undisputed best Heavyweight in the world.

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Mike Tyson: Marijuana Businessman

By: Sean Crose

Although he’s long been known as a terror both in and out of the ring, Mike Tyson is now earning a reputation for something else – being a legal marijuana dealer. Scratch that. Being a big time legal marijuana dealer. According to an article in Market Watch, the former heavyweight titlists’ company, Tyson Ranch, earns half a million dollars a month in sales. The Tyson Ranch itself, located in California, may also be on the way to becoming a theme park – a theme park where the theme will be marijuana. No matter what one’s opinion of marijuana may be, there’s little doubt the venture has been bringing the now 53 year old Tyson plenty of new found attention.

Aside from being written of in such publications as Market Watch, Yahoo, and Weedmaps, Tyson’s product has been talked about by Howard Stern, and has been promoted by Tyson himself on the Today Show. “Tyson,” the Today Show narrator told viewers, “wants to grow a marijuana empire.” Tyson himself says on camera that he thinks “weed is the miracle drug of the future.” The individual once known as “the baddest man on the planet” argues that marijuana has been a savior of sorts for him. Not only does he credit it for breaking him of cocaine and booze, Tyson also feels marijuana has helped him successfully deal with mental health issues.

Whether or not Tyson’s claims will be universally accepted as truth, of course, remains to be seen. Since blasting onto the heavyweight scene in the mid 80s, the man has had more ups and downs than a roller coaster. Tyson, though, clearly wants the world to know he’s serious about the marijuana business, that he and Tyson Ranch, are more than simply jokey, stoner movie material. “I work every day,” he told Weedmaps. “I’m involved with all the decision making. It’s my baby.”

Tyson admitted to the publication that he smoked marijuana for his 2000 bout with Andrew Golota, and that he was originally fined for it, but that the fine was lifted due to a technicality. “I think all athletes should smoke marijuana if that’s what they choose to do,” Tyson – who is far keener than he’s been given credit for – told Weedmaps. “I’m not pushing it on anybody. I’m just telling people who are like me, who experience pain from a long career, cannabis.” Tyson also claimed that his life would have been a lot less tumultuous had he used marijuana in his younger years.

Since first entering the public consciousness in the mid 80s, Tyson has never failed to drop collective jaws. This remains true even now, long past the days when the fighter was known for dropping opponents. On a recent podcast, Tyson admitted that he and others on Tyson Ranch go through roughly forty thousand dollars’ worth of marijuana a month. At the very least, no one will ever be able to say this businessman doesn’t have the utmost belief in his own product.

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Is Otto Wallin An Easy Win For Tyson Fury?

By: Hans Themistode

Lineal champion Tyson Fury (28-0-1, 20 KOs) caught a lot of flak for his June 15th contest against Tom Schwarz. After coming off a highly disputed draw against WBC belt holder Deontay Wilder, Fury was expected to take on a stiff challenge.

Schwarz proved that he was not in the same league as Fury or any of the top Heavyweights. It was a one sided beating when they met up at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada. Fury landed every and anything he wanted which led to a second round knockout.

Now that the rematch between Wilder and Fury is officially taking place in the first quarter of 2020, the boxing world is thrilled. First things first however, they both must get thorough their respective matchups. Wilder has a November date with Luis Ortiz in what will be a rematch. It’s a dangerous fight for Wilder. One that he could very well lose.

Fury doesn’t seem to be taking the same level of risk that Wilder is. He’s set to take on Otto Wallin on September 14th at the T-Mobile arena in Las Vegas. Fury is very much expected to run through Wallin, much like he did against Schwarz. In fact, both Wallin and Schwarz share eerie similarities to one another.

Wallin is currently undefeated and in his mid twenties in terms of his age. So was Schwarz. They both aren’t known to the public but at least according to their records have similar punching power. They are also the exact same height, standing at six feet five and a half.

We all just witnessed what Fury can do to an unknown fighter with seemingly the same skill set. Taking a look at the resume of Wallin doesn’t exactly provide confidence as this will be a massive step up in class. It isn’t just the difference in skills but there is also a big difference in terms of activity. Wallin hasn’t truly fought in over a year.

His contest against Nick Kisner earlier this year ended in the second round thanks to a nasty head butt which put an end to that contest earlier than expected. Wallin was then supposed to jump in the ring against BJ Flores but that fight was scratched at the very last minute as well. The last time Wallin fought a full contest was on April 21st, 2018 when he defeated Adrian Granat.

This seems like a calculated move by Fury. Take on a fighter who on paper, looks to be a formidable challenger, but in reality they are inexperienced and a bit rusty. His future opponent Deontay Wilder is taking risk after risk while Fury seems to be playing it safe, but is he really? Wallin is an unknown to the public and nothing about his skill set would present a belief to anyone that he can win this fight.

It looks as though Wallin is just being used as a soft touch. Remember, this is the sport go boxing so anything can happen but it sure doesn’t seem like Wallin has a shot during this contest.

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Fury Weighs In On Ruiz-Joshua Rematch

By: Sean Crose

Tyson Fury, a man who has never been known for having a loss for words, has been weighing in on the rematch between Andy Ruiz and Anthony Joshua, which is scheduled to go down December 7th in Saudi Arabia. According to Business Insider, Fury feels Ruiz might be walking into the ring with an edge due to the fact that he’s based in California. “If anything,” Fury is quoted as saying about the match’s unique location, “Andy Ruiz might be more used to the heat because he’s Mexican and lives in California. It’s always hot there whereas Joshua lives in London and it’s not always hot there.”

Ruiz stunned the world last June in New York City when he stopped Joshua at Madison Square Garden. The bout was essentially seen as being nothing more than a tune up for the then undefeated Joshua. Ruiz, who was chosen to fill in for Jarrell “Big Baby” Miller after Miller had tested positive for a banned substance and dropped out of the fight, faced Joshua having had only a few weeks to train. Ruiz’ underrated skill set and determination allowed the Californian to shock the world, however, and to leave the Garden that night with Joshua’s numerous title belts in his possession.

The rematch between Ruiz and Joshua is of keen interest to Fury, of course, as the heavyweight division is stocked with fighters who are now positioning themselves to be king of the divisional hill. Fury, who many feel is still lineal champ, since he bested Waldimir Klitschko in 2015, fought WBC titlist Deontay Wilder to a highly memorable draw last December. He and Wilder are said to be rematching in February. It’s a situation where each of the four men involved – Joshua, Ruiz, Wilder, and Fury – hope to stand alone as the unquestioned heavyweight champion of the world when the dust finally settles.

Fury appears to at least suspect that Joshua will once again be bested by Ruiz. “He’s already been knocked out,” Fury said of Joshua to Business Insider, “so that favors Ruiz. I think fighting fire with fire with someone who is quicker than you and puts better shots together is a disaster.” Fury, who is famous for trying to get inside other fighter’s heads, may simply be engaging in psychological warfare. On the other hand, he may be quite serious in saying he feels Ruiz has the edge heading into December 7th.

“I don’t really see the fight going any differently,” he said, “unless AJ comes out and boxes on his toes, which we know he can’t do.” Although he’s known for a great deal of trash talk, Fury has made it clear that Joshua shouldn’t be entirely written off by fight fans. “Why should he be criticized or why should anybody go off him a bit more because he just lost a fight?” Fury asked Business Insider. “Everybody will lose a fight. Muhammad Ali lost fights, Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield, Lennox Lewis, everybody.”

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Otto Wallin Looks To Shock Tyson Fury – And The Fight World

By: Sean Crose

“Fury is not your normal type of fighter or heavyweight,” says undefeated 20-0 heavyweight Otto Wallin. “He’s a big guy and knows how to use that to his advantage and he does it well.” Wallin is referring to the 28-0-1 Tyson Fury, who is considered to the be lineal heavyweight champion of the world, and who will be fighting Wallin on September 14th at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. It’s the chance of a lifetime for Wallin, a 28 year old native of Sundsvall, Sweden, one the fighter clearly intends to make the most of.

“My training base is in New York,” he says, “where I live and we’ll be doing the training over here until one week before the fight.” Some fighters like to travel in order to train for major matches. The 6’5 plus Wallin is happy where he is. “We’ve got a nice private gym,” he says, “and we have all we need.” This will be Wallin’s second fight in the United States. His first was an ill-fated match against Nick Kisner last April in Atlantic City, a bout that was declared a no contest due to an accidental head butt. Wallin will be preparing for more than just potential head butts in the leadup to Fury, however.

For Fury is a unique case. Not only is he extremely large and slick, the Englishman is also a master of head games. Watch Fury’s interactions with then longtime heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko back in 2015 before he bested the Ukrainian legend in a huge upset. Fury’s interactions with Klitschko were in a master class of bullying and mind games. It’s a tactic Wallin feels well prepared for. “He’s probably looking to get inside of my head like he usually does,” says Wallin, “I’ll just laugh it off and be myself at all times. I’ve got a good team around me that will keep me on the right track.”

Should he win the lineal title off Fury, Wallin will be seen as the first heavyweight champion from Sweden since Ingemar Johansson, who won the crown from Floyd Patterson in the late 1950s. I asked Wallin (we conducted the interview via email) if he felt any pressure being a Swedish fighter with an opportunity to do what what the famous Johansson did. “I don’t feel any pressure at all,” he replied. “What Ingemar Johansson did is just a huge inspiration and he already showed that it’s possible and that it can be done!”

Coming hot on the heels of Andy Ruiz’ stunning victory over Anthony Joshua last June, Wallin will face Fury with the whiff of upsets in the air. There is also a suspicion that Fury is already overlooking Wallin while planning to have a rematch of his terrific bout last December against Deontay Wilder. Wallin, however, isn’t one too make too much of such conjecture. “I have no idea what’s in Fury’s head,” he says, “but surely he has not much to win and everything to lose in this fight and that’s great for me. He probably feels a ton of pressure and knows that he needs to look good in this fight.”

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Tyson Fury Set To Face Otto Wallin On September 14th

By: Sean Crose

“I am pleased to be back in Las Vegas,” says Tyson Fury, the man many consider to be the lineal heavyweight champion of the world (the man who beat the man who beat the man who…).I loved my time there in my last fight and I am going to put on a show at the T-Mobile Arena.” Fury was referring a match with Otto Wallin, which has been scheduled to go down at Vegas’ T-Mobile arena on September 14th. The bout will be aired live on ESPN+ and will be presented by Bob Arum’s Top Rank, Fury’s American promotional company.

“Otto Wallin is a world-ranked fighter and is tall,” Fury says, “something we want with the Deontay Wilder rematch around the corner. He is also a southpaw, which will bring its own obstacles, but I will be fully focused to get this job done because the rematch needs to happen.” The rematch, of course, is a second fight with the aforementioned Wilder, who Fury fought to a draw last December in one of the more memoable heavyweight title clashes in recent memory. Fury looked to be cruising towards a win (despite being dropped once) when Wilder sent the Englishman to the mat with an absolutely thunderous shot in the final round. Fury remarkably got up, then performed well until the final bell.

“Tyson Fury electrified Las Vegas last time he fought, and he is set to do it again against a tough kid in Otto Wallin,” said Top Rank chairman Arum. “Tyson knows what’s at stake,” he added, in reference to the upcoming Wallin fight, “and I expect him to have another masterful performance. He is the best heavyweight in the world and is only beginning to show everyone what he’s capable of.”

The 20-0 Wallin, of course, is thrilled that the opportunity of a lifetime has presented itself. “This is the type of fight I’ve been waiting for since I was a kid and my father started showing me some boxing moves in our kitchen,” the 28 year old Swede claimed. “I’ve made a lot of sacrifices to get to this point and I’m very happy it’s starting to pay off. I want to thank my team and my supporters for making this happen.” Wallin, of course, is eager to prove himself.

“I know I’m an underdog in this fight,” he says, “but I’m ready for this opportunity and I’m going to grab it with both hands. Anybody can get beat and especially in the heavyweight division. I like the fact that I have everything to gain and Tyson has everything to lose.”

The 28-0 Fury’s last fight was a two round blowout of Tom Schwarz back in June at the MGM Grand in Vegas. It was a violent, but expectedly one sided victory for the fighter known as “The Gypsy King.” Wallin’s last battle was declared a No Contest due to the fact that he and opponent Nick Kisner clashed heads accidentally and the bout had to be stopped. The match, which went down at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, was Wallin’s US debut.

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Are Those Fury’s Demons on the Horizon?

By: Kevin Dyson

Ever since Tyson Fury beat…sorry drew with Deontay Wilder there has been little else but praise for the big man.

And while part of that is a result of it being pushed as a great story by the press, it stands on its own merits.

In part this has been down to the sight of a new and seemingly more settled and together Fury.

He has waxed lyrical about how much he is relaxed and simply enjoying the sport, especially compared to the years before and after he toppled Klitschko and went into a downward spiral.

He has got himself in great shape, adding improved physicality to his crazy skillset. Even his suits shout IDGAF and he has seemingly filtered out some of his darker aspects.

Of course, this has been aided by the defeat of Anthony Joshua, seemingly confirming Fury’s dismissive view of his countryman and giving him bragging rights in the UK even without a fight between the two.

For all that, he has started to show the re-emergence of concerning traits, despite having a Wilder rematch on the verge of being finalised and the boxing world at his feet.

Firstly he started mouthing off about Wlad Klitschko, moaning that he was trying to cheat him in the build up to their 2015 bout, citing issues with dodgy scales, gloves and the ring itself.

Given the rather mad psychological warfare Fury indulged in throughout the build up, it surprised me to see that the perceived slights still touch a nerve.

We also should not forget that, even if the Klitschko camp did do or intend everything Fury claims, he was also tested positive for nandrolone before the fight, whether as a result of eating boar balls or not. So he is far from an innocent party.

Okay, so his rant was a bit of an anomaly for the new improved Tyson Fury. Maybe it could be brushed off in isolation.

However, it seems as though another fellow Brit, Dillian Whyte, is getting under Fury’s skin in the way the big Traveller is used to doing to his opponents.

I never used to like Whyte, but there is a glint in the eye despite some of the barbs he throws out. It could well be that Fury has to relinquish number one wind up merchant to the Londoner.

Obviously, these are guys who know the value of beef in a fight. But one line from Fury’s comments lead me to believe it is not just show.

A confident and controlled Fury will play the game and indulge in some amusing banter, act a bit vicious but with enough wit to balance it.

Here is what he reportedly said about Whyte to Behind the Gloves.

“He keeps calling me a coward and whatever, let’s see who’s a coward. We’ll see who’s a coward, I’m no coward, you’re a s***house.

“I put it on you in a boxing gym and you s*** yourself, so we’ll see who’s a coward.”

So, yeah, that was six repetitions of coward in a couple of paragraphs. It comes across as genuine and angry. For a guy who dishes it out, it is a bit sad to be honest.

Given Fury v Wilder 2 is going to be next February, this rivalry could have a helluva gestation period.

Fury has questioned Whyte’s stamina, but who has the endurance when it comes to another year of airing their dirty laundry in public.

And just as I finish mulling over the Whyte feud, the ever generous Fury welcomes Andy Ruiz Jr to the top table, mocking him for being the ‘fat kid’ from the film Up! and then dishing out more verbal ‘slaps’.

For a guy who reveled in being the fat guy who beat Klitschko and hailed Ruiz for his win over ‘bodybuilder’AJ despite his physique it is another quick about turn.

And that could be a real concern for the Fury faithful.

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Tyson Fury Claims Deontay Wilder Rematch Set For February

By: Sean Crose

Tyson Fury has declared that he’s going to rematch fellow undefeated heavyweight Deontay Wilder on February 22nd of 2020. “The rematch,” the 28-0-1 Englishman said this past Sunday at the Alhambra Theater in Britain, “has been confirmed and signed, 22 February.” First, however, the 41-0-1 Wilder must get past Luis Ortiz, who gave the hard hitting American fits when they first met in 2018. Wilder ended up with the stoppage win that night, however, and few are coming out and saying he’ll lose the second fight with Ortiz. Should Wilder win when he meets Ortiz again in September, the road may indeed be clear for a second throw down with the colorful Fury.

No official announcement has been made, however, and a request to Wilder co-trainer Mark Breland for confirmation has not (yet) been returned. Fury, however, has made the step of actually naming a date, an odd thing to do if the entire matter were simply based on conjecture. “It’s on, the rematch,” Fury added on Sunday. Fury’s last match was a blowout of Tom Schwarz this past June in Las Vegas. A second fight with Wilder is an event fans have been salivating for after the two first met last December.

At stake was Wilder’s WBC heavyweight crown and perhaps the lineal heavyweight championship, as well (Fury became lineal champ after he bested Wladimir Klitschko in 2015, before temporarily retiring from the sport). Although he was dropped in the bout, Fury looked to be on his way to a fairly clear win when, in the 12th and final round, Wilder sent him to the mat with an absolutely thunderous shot. To the shock of just about everyone, Fury got back on his feet and performed very well for the remainder of the round. The shot heard round the boxing world, however, gave Wilder enough points to earn a draw against the colorful Englishman.

What made Fury’s performance in Los Angeles that evening all the more impressive was the fact that Fury had come back from a downward spiral of drugs, alcohol, and depression to not only perform adequately in the ring against Wilder, but to perform truly well. It all begged for a rematch. “”This time,” said Fury, “I haven’t been out the ring for a year. This time, I haven’t been abusing too much alcohol, and this time I’m going to knock him the fuck out.”

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Dana White – Fury Number One

By: Michael Kane

UFC President is a long time boxing fan, and has hinted about becoming involved in the sport in the past.

There are rumours around that the UFC owner, Endeavour are in talks to take over Premier Boxing Champions, whose stable of boxers include Deontay Wilder, Andy Ruiz Jr and Errol Spence Jr.

Taking time out from promoting the Khabib Nurmagomedov-Dustin Poirier fight due to take place in Abu Dhabi later in the year, White spoke to BT Sports regarding the heavyweight boxing scene.

With Andy Ruiz Jr blowing the heavyweight landscape wide open with his stoppage of Anthony Joshua, it seems everyone wants to talk about the heavyweight division.

Tyson Fury was recently voted number 1 heavyweight by Ring Magazine and Dana White also feels Fury deserves to be considered number 1.

“Yeah, I wouldn’t say that I disagree with that, you know. He (Fury) looked great in the Wilder fight. Wilder crushed him with that shot he hit him with and he actually got back up, which is crazy.” White said.

“When Wilder hits people they don’t get back up. He actually did. That Wilder-Tyson fight is a fun fight. Yeah, I’d say he (Fury), is number one right now. It would be tough not to call him number one.

“Now, you got four exciting, explosive guy’s with great personalities. Real punching power to finish fights. It couldn’t be better.”

With the news that a Wilder-Fury rematch may take place early next year and Joshua likely to rematch Ruiz Jr later this year, it is hard to argue against the heavyweight division moving into an exciting period.

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