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Interview with Peter “Kid Chocolate” Quillin – aiming to be Legendary

By Kirk Jackson

Boxing Insider: Peter, you are coming off an impressive victory over Gabriel Rosado this past October, you have a fight coming up against blah April 19th, how are you feeling and how was your training camp?


Kid Chocolate: I’m feeling good actually, I feel pumped up, motivated and ready to go. I really can’t say anymore, I’m in my hometown and training here has been a blessing.

Boxing Insider: Have you been getting really good sparring? Is it the motivation of being in New York, the motivation of not having fought in a while that has pushed your preparation to a higher level?

Kid Chocolate: Yeah I have been getting some good work. I’m fighting a short guy so I’ve been trying to get guys that are similar to his style. I’ve been having Eddie Gomez as one of the chief sparring partners, he’s been giving me good work. I’ve been blessed man, I’ve been working with guys that are willing to come and bring the best out of me.

Boxing Insider: On April 19th when you face Lukas Konecny, do you know anything about your opponent, is there anything that you could say that would make viewers want to tune in and watch you defend your WBO Middleweight title?

Kid Chocolate: Let’s just say he the lineal champion of the European version of my belt. He has 50 fights and he deserves a fight just as much as anyone else. We know he is a tough guy, who’s willing to go in there and put his best foot forward and that’s all you can ask for as champion. I’m ready and willing to defend my belt against anybody. I’m very thankful for having the team that I have and I’m just looking forward to going even further with my team.

Boxing Insider: When doing some research on your opponent Lukas Konecny, he has an extensive amateur career, he’s a solid fighter although he may not be known to the masses. But with that said, most critics expect you to dominate the fight. We recently witnessed Danny Garcia struggle against an opponent he was expected to dominate, is there any kind of special measures you’re taking to avoid the upset?

Kid Chocolate: I’m just staying away of all the distractions, keeping myself from getting distracted. There’s some guys that haven’t been in the ring and don’t know how things work. Some critics may ask “Why wouldn’t he fight this person? Why is he fighting that person?” Well I tell them that I’m not a matchmaker and I leave that in the hands of the people that usually make the fights for me.

Not only that, he holds a version of my belt and as a champion you just got to be prepared for him man. I’m just proud to be able to go out there and put on the best performance that I can. And not only that, I’m a world champion, so that means I can fight anybody from wherever, not just guys from the United States, I’m fighting guys from all over the world.

Boxing Insider: In regards to the middleweight division, there is another big fight taking place in a few months with Sergio Martinez and Miguel Cotto. It would be great to see you fight the winner of that fight; Martinez is the long reigning lineal champion of the division and you are one of the champions in the division as well. A fight with Cotto would be huge especially in New York because you both have big east coast followings. If you get past Konecny, do you think you will be able to secure a fight with Martinez or Cotto somewhere down the line?

Kid Chocolate: Of course ya know? Let’s just say I am happy for Cotto, to have the chance to build on his legacy. He wants to be the first Puerto Rican champion to win a belt at the middleweight division. A fight for his legacy is important to him, important to a guy who is fighting for his legacy. The same goes for Sergio Martinez, he’s fighting for his legacy.

These are two great fighters, when you’re in the ring with another great fighter it’s only gonna make you better. I’m not gonna trash any of these guys. I’m just happy to be in a position and be in a division with so much talent in it, I would love to be able to grace the ring with some of these guys.

Boxing Insider: With the Cotto and Martinez, you mentioned you would be willing to fight either fighter. Is there a preference of who you would rather face out of the two fighters that would better suit your fighting style?

Kid Chocolate: Well I can’t really say that, because when you step in the ring, it’s kinda like a different kind of story and what you see is different. It’s up to me establish my strengths in the fight with any of those guys, no matter which guy it is.

Boxing Insider: Do you ever get disappointed or discouraged when you do not get to fight some of the bigger names in the sport?

Kid Chocolate: When a lion picks his prey, he usually singles out the weakest one out of all them. I’m not saying I’m necessarily a zebra fighting other lions, but I really can’t say.
Muhammad Ali wouldn’t be Muhammad Ali if he didn’t have Joe Frazier.

Looking at some of the guys in my division, Sugar Ray Leonard wouldn’t be Sugar Ray Leonard if he didn’t have Marvin Hagler, Hagler wouldn’t be Hagler if he didn’t have those guys, fighters like (Tommy) Hearns. All these guys make up the division, I’m very thankful to be in a division that so much talent and so many guys like I said, and to be the best at something is important to me and I want to fight the best.

I can never be discouraged, every day is a blessing. Every time I step in the ring and get a pay-day, I’m able to get out and get a story told to my fans. As a fighter, I can never deny my blessings. I know more blessings are in store for me. I’m grateful for the things God has instilled in me. Hard work, sacrifice, discipline is going to be prepared for any fight that I’m in.

To win the belt and to hold the belt is very impactful for me. Hopefully in the future I am to continue to fight for everybody, not just my country the United States, but also as well for Cuba, for my Mom and for anyone all around the world.

Boxing Insider: In regards to Cuba, there has been a lot of success in recent years with Cuban fighters in the sport. Erislandy Lara, Yuriorkis Gamboa, Guillermo Rigondeaux, Joel Casamayor in years past and of course there is yourself. How does the success of all these great Cuban fighters make you feel?

Kid Chocolate: It makes me feel good. I’m a Cuban-American, I fight for Cuban pride, and I’m very prideful to fight for what Cuba stands for. There’s Guillermo Rigondeaux, Erislandy Lara and there’s me.

I love when Cuba fights for opportunity because that’s what it’s all about when it comes to being able to fight for a better day. Me going to Cuba in 2010, I learned a lot about myself, and being a Cuban-American, and them being able to fight for things we never thought we would get.

Boxing Insider: Do you stay in contact with anyone of these fellow Cuban fighters?

Kid Chocolate: Yeah Rigondeaux I speak to him, I spoke to him after his last performance he’s definitely one of the best fighters in my eyes. He leaves a lot of comments on my pictures on Instagram. He deserves a lot of credit for being a world champion and only having a handful of fights. I’m always praising him, I’m always sending him love.

Erislandy Lara has a good relationship with me as well. He’s looking to target some of the big names of his division (154), even some at 160.

I’m not interested in fighting my brother (Lara). For my personal reasons, there’s no amount of money in the world they could give me to fight my brothers. Would you ask the Wladimir Klitschko to fight his brother (Vitali)?

Boxing Insider: Speaking of Instagram, there was a recent episode of the Kid Chocolate Show can you tell us about that?

It’s basically giving my fans insight of my life and what happens on a daily basis. It will be released every Saturday, there’s a lot of focus on my father, a lot of focus on my team. Shows you how my team conducts business and not only that, you get to see a inside look of a boxer like me.

And the people that want to see me, I’m gonna give them those moments where they can see me and I really hope yall check it out. And I have to thank my whole team putting everything together for me.

Boxing Insider: You have the defense of your WBO Middleweight title coming up April 19th, did you set any goals at the beginning of the year that you want to accomplish at the end of the year?

Kid Chocolate: Let just say I’m trying to be legendary at this moment in my life. Every time I step out there I’m trying to be as proficient as possible. I’m trying to be legendary. Like with Bernard Hopkins and what he’s accomplished in his career, I want some of the same things for myself.
I’m expecting my first kid with my wife, I’m very motivated of being able to raise this kid that will have the same values that I have. I’m very motivated to support my kid and I want to be champion pops for my kid.

Boxing Insider: For those who don’t know, can you tell us about “Animal Status?”

Let me just tell you what that means to me. Being in your natural mind state, being self-motivated. From they way we dress, they way we work, just goin hard at it, whatever it is you do, not letting anyone deny you, that’s “Animal Status.”

Boxing Insider: So on April 19th, we should expect Konecny to run into some “Animal Status” right?

Kid Chocolate: Of course! I’m gonna be turnt all the way up to “Animal Status” and if he is turnt up on “Animal Status” then we gonna have a “Animal Status” of a fight and the fans will enjoy it. Tune in April 19th live on Showtime and I’m gonna be the best that I can be and I appreciate all the support.

Boxing Insider: Is there anything that you want to say to your fans?

Kid Chocolate: Let me just say first and foremost thanks to God for giving me the opportunity and sending me the blessings, I’m appreciative of my blessings. I’m not idolizing myself, I really appreciate all the blessings. I want thank BoxingInsider for catching up with the latest and greatest on me. I want to thank the fans for showing me support, showing me love and encouragement.

My friends, my family, my team, my camp, Al Haymon, all my sparring partners. I want to thank my wife, everybody following me on twitter @KidChocolate, everybody following me on Instagram @KidChocolate, everybody check out my website, check out the Kid Chocolate Headphones, check out the Swag Store. Show your support for Team Kid Chocolate and tune in April 19th.

Thank you for your time Peter, congratulations on the new addition to your family and we will be watching April 19th, good luck!

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