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Get Great Calves with This Boxing Workout

By Bryanna Fissori

Just because there are no kicks in boxing does not mean you get to skip leg day. Power starts from the ground up. Follow this boxing workout to build beautiful calves and generate power in those punches.

Warm Up:

Jog around your boxing workout space or outside if necessary.
1 minute: Jog normally
30 seconds: High knees- raise your knees to at least waist level as you jog
30 seconds: Butt kickers- kick the heels of your feet toward your butt as you jog
30 seconds: Shuffle to the inside (keep legs wide and hips low)
30 seconds: Shuffle similarly to the outside
30 seconds: Skip like you are bigfoot. Jump high and swing your arms freely
30 seconds: Jog normally
30 Seconds: Shoot hoops- Plant both feet and jump up as high as you can, swinging your hands upward just like as if you were shooting a basketball. Take several jogging steps between shots.
30 seconds: Jog normally
30 seconds: Job backwards (carefully)
30 seconds: Walk/recover

Use this 1-3 minutes of rest time to stretch out your calves. This can be done by placing your hands on the ground (like downward dog in yoga) and shifting your weight from one heel to the other, causing a stretch in the calf of the downed heel.

2 minutes: Jump Rope (jump rope is often used as part of a boxing warm up but for this workout it is part of the exercise routine)

1 minute: Frog jumps – start standing with your feet parallel. Jump forward as far as you can, landing in a low squat position to absorb impact. These will assist in explosive boxing movement.

1 minute: Inch Worms- Place your hand by your feet as if you were touching your toes. Leave your feet planted on the ground and walk your hands as far forward as possible without falling on your face. Then walk your feet up to your hands and repeat. This serves as an ab workout as well as a stretch to increase mobility in the legs, primarily calves and hamstrings.

*This is a low intensity move and should also serve as a recovery period.

2 minutes: Jump Rope

Try and stay on the ball of your foot
30 seconds: Hop back and forth on one foot
30 seconds: Switch and hop back and forth on the other foot
30 seconds: Hop side to side on one foot
30 seconds: Switch and hop side to side on the other foot
10 second: break
30 seconds: With both feet together hop front to back
30 seconds: With both feet together hop side to side
These will assist in balance and endurance

1 minute: Inch Worms

2 minutes: Jump Rope

1 minute: Bounding:- Standing on one foot in a fighting stance or with feet even. Leap with one foot as far as comfortably possible either at an angle or side to side depending on your space. Once you land on you lead foot, quickly regain balance push off in the opposite direction leading with your other foot. This should create a zigzag pattern if moving forward at 45 degrees per leap, or side to side if space does not a lot forward motion. This will help with explosive lateral boxing movement.

1 minute: Inch Worms

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