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Fox Sports 1 Results: Jacobs Scores Eye Opening Knockout Over Lorenzo, Gomez Stops Upsher Chambers

Posted on 08/20/2013

By: William Holmes

Fox Sports 1 has debuted with a strong footing in the combat sports business with the Golden Boy on Fox series as well as the UFC Fight Night series.

Fox Sports 1 Results: Jacobs Scores Eye Opening Knockout Over Lorenzo, Gomez Stops Upsher Chambers

Jacobs Scores Eye Opening Knockout

The Best Buy Theatre was host to Golden Boy Promotions’ boxing series debut on the Fox Sports network.  They immediately jumped into the night’s opening bout between Terrell Gausha (4-0) and Austin Marcum (5-3) in the super middleweight division.

Marcum has spent his entire career fighting in West Virginia while Guasha was a member of the 2012 U.S. Olympic Team.  Needless to say, but Marcus was in way over his head.  Gausha was seemingly landing at will with his power shots in the opening round.  Gausha put Marcum on his knees with an uppercut at the end of the first round.  It might have landed after the end of the round.

Gausha put Marcum away in the second round with a violent body/head combination and left Marcum writhing in pain.  The referee waived off the fight and Gausha earned the TKO victory at 1:04 of the second round.

The co-main event was between Eddie Gomez (14-0) and Steve Upsher Chambers (24-2-1) in the junior middleweight division.  Gomez came into this fight with three more knockouts on his record despite having nearly half the professional experience of his opponent.

Gomez’s advantage in power was evident immediately as his punches were snapping the head of Upsher Chambers.  A straight right hand by Gomez hurt Chambers by the ropes and the fight was nearly stopped in the first round as Gomez was thudding hard combinations on Upsher Chambers by the ropes.

Gomez rocked Upsher Chambers again in the second round and he began to toy with his opponent as his confidence increased.  Gomez began to show off and toy with Upsher Chambers in the third round.  Gomez turned up his aggression in the fourth round and hurt Upsher Chambers with a short left hook as he was charging forward, and he followed that up with a right cross that sent Upsher Chambers reeling towards the ropes.  Another combination followed and Steve Smoker stopped the fight 2:33 of the fourth round.

The swing fight was between Gary Beriguette (1-0) and Kamal Muhammad (0-1) in the junior middleweight division.   This bout featured a lot of clutchin, grabbing and headbutts. Muhammad scored a knockdown in the first round with a short right hand, but it was more due to the fact that Beriguette was overly aggressive.

Beriguette came out aggressively in the second round and scored an early knockdown that may have been caused by a head-butt.  Beriguette spent the rest of the fight leading in with his heads and throwing bombs from the inside.  Both fighters were bleeding badly by the end of the fight but Beriguette’s aggressiveness won him the fight.  The final scores were 39-36, 39-36, and 38-36 for Gary Beriguette.

The main event was between Danny Jacobs (25-1) and Giovanni Lorenzo (32-5) in the middleweight division.  Lorenzo’s losses have all come against top level competition and he was never stopped in a fight.

Jacobs started off the fight by out boxing Lorenzo and avoiding wild exchanges.  His jab was connecting cleanly and Lorenzo’s offense was not effective.  Lorenzo was warned for an illegal blow in the third round and Jacobs suffered a mouse on the left side of his face.  Jacobs’ own blood may have woke him up as he unleashed a wild flurry on Lorenzo and connects with a hard left hook followed up by a vicious right hook that sent Lorenzo face first to the canvas.

Lorenzo was unable to get up and the referee waived off the fight at  2:05 of the third round.

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