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Deontay Wilder Issues Warning to Former NFL Player Brandon Marshall

Posted on 10/18/2019

By: Hans Themistode

When news broke of former NFL wide receiver Brandon Marshall trying his hand at boxing, it was a surprising one. Marshall, who stands at 6 feet 5 inches and weighs roughly 245 pounds, certainly has the size to cause damage in the Heavyweight division. The question is, does he have the skills?

It is difficult to answer that question. Marshall spent over a decade in the NFL where he had loads of success. Six Pro Bowl appearances, several All-Pro team selections and numerous NFL records, including grabbing 21 passes in a game. Simply put, he has carved out what many would consider to be a hall of fame level career.

For as big, strong and dominant as he was on the football field, that doesn’t mean that it will translate into a boxing ring. Still, Marshall is trying his hand in the squared circle. Just a few months ago, Marshall wasted no time in calling out the biggest names in the division.

“Joshua, Wilder, Ortiz, Fury. All y’all boys can get it,” said Marshall. “Y’all not tough and y’all not strong. Where I come from and what I’ve been through in my life, I’m built for this. I’ll see you next May.”

It’s clear that a professional career in boxing is the route Marshall is going. It isn’t everyday that Wilder gets called out from anyone. Let alone someone who has no experience at all in the sport of boxing. The WBC Heavyweight champion heard the remarks of Marshall and surprisingly, he didn’t seem offended by the call out.

Wilder issued a peaceful message to Marshall, but one that was filled with a warning at the very end.

“Brandon Marshall, I love you baby,” said Wilder. “Thank you for being a big fan of boxing but stay a fan baby. If you were built for this, you would have chosen this before football. This is a different lifestyle. You don’t play this. You don’t come in here because you got motivated because you got some inspiration to come and do this. The ones that do this, come from the pits of hell baby. We have no options. We don’t have a plan B, so she pregnant baby, but hey I wish you nothing but love and nothing but success. Many blessings your way and who knows. I always say speak it, believe it and receive it and it’s yours so you keep thinking that way and keep speaking your shit and one day, you’ll have to back it up, but until then, many blessings baby. Love.”

Marshall has officially gotten the attention of the hard hitting belt holder. For now, the former NFL Star seems poised to make his Heavyweight debut sometime in 2020.

The grit and determination he has placed on display during his illustrious NFL career cannot be denied. However, he might want to think about slowing his role. If he continues to call out Wilder and the other current champions in the division, he might just get his wish granted.

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Boxing Insider Interview with Savannah Marshall: The Woman Who Beat Shields

Posted on 11/06/2018

By: Michael Kane

Savannah Marshall (4-0, 2 KOs) recently won the WBA Intercontinental Super Middleweight title in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Marshall, 27, from Hartlepool, England was also the first woman UK amateur world champion and also the only woman to have beaten world champion Claressa Shields when they faced off as amateurs.

Photo Credit: Hennessy Sports Facebook Page

In a question and answer interview Boxing Insider asked Marshall about her career highlights, Shields and more.

Boxing Insider: You had a good amateur career, becoming the UK’s first amateur world champion, winning Gold at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow and representing Team GB at two Olympics. What was the highlight of your amateur career?

Savannah Marshall: It has to be winning gold at the world championships because it fell on my 21st birthday!

BI: Do you feel your amateur background has helped prepare you for the pro ranks?

SM: Yes and no. I personally feel like it’s a different sport. But on the other hand I’ve been in with every style in the amatuers.

BI: Your pro debut was on one of the biggest PPV events ever, having signed with Floyd Mayweather TMT Promotions you fought on the undercard of Mayweather v McGregor in Las Vegas, what was that like to be involved in?

SM: It was brilliant, nothing could compare to that. Even the weigh in was in front of 14000 people.

BI: You are now training with Peter Fury, how beneficial has this move been for you?

SM: Yes 100% I love what Peter teaches, I feel like there is always some thing to learn and improve with him.

BI: You just won the WBA Intercontinental Super Middleweight title in Sofia, Bulgaria. How did it feel to win your first pro title?

SM: It was a great feeling! I haven’t stopped looking at it since I won it.

BI: Did the fight play out as you expected?

SM: No the girl (Yanina Orozco) was a lot tougher and gave me a harder contest than what I first thought from when I watched footage of her.

BI: When are we likely to see you back in the ring and do you have anyone you would like to fight next?

SM: I’m back on 9th Nov in Manchester so a quick turn around. (Opponent TBA)

BI: You are the only fighter to have defeated world champion Claressa Shields, who is taking on Scotland’s Hannah Rankin in November.

Would you like to face her again and do you have anything to say to her after she said a few words about you in an interview the other day, saying you may have beat her but she won gold at the Olympics and she would love to get you over to the States so she can beat you up!

SM: 100% I want that fight to happen. She has chosen her path and mine is different, I want to build myself up and make a name for myself, so that fight can be the biggest it can be.

BI: What is your thoughts on women’s boxing at the moment? It seems to be on the rise with th likes of yourself, Katie Taylor, Shields, Amanda Serrano etc all starting to gain a bit more publicity.

SM: Women’s boxing is really taking off and I’m glad to be a part of it.

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Big Time Main Event with Cintron vs. Brunson in Philly Saturday!

Posted on 06/21/2017

Big Time Main Event with Cintron vs Brunson in Philly Saturday!
By: Ken Hissner

There was a Tuesday night press conference at the 2300 Arena where former world IBF champion Kermit Cintron meets Philly’s Tyrone Brunson Saturday night at the 2300 Arena with a bang-up undercard.


Kings Promotions CEO Marshall Kauffman was at the mic “this main event should be on television. We have two hard hitting fighters in former IBF champion Kermit Cintron, 39-5-3 (30) of Reading, PA, and Tyrone Brunson, 24-6-2 (22), of Philly fighting for the PA Super welterweight title Saturday,” said Kauffman.

He went on to talk about how competitive the undercard is with Anthony Burgin 10-3 vs Victor Vasquez 7-3; Marcus Bates 6-0-1 vs Roberto Pucheta 10-11-1; Jerome Conquest, 7-2 vs Jae Ho Kim, 6-3-1, Steven Ortiz 6-0 vs Tyrone Jones 4-0; Gregory Clark 2-1-1 vs Darryl Bunting 3-1-2; Colby Madison 4-0 vs Joel Caudle 7-0; Brandon Robinson 3-1 vs Rafael Valencia 3-7-1; Chaise Nelson 5-1 vs Jordan Peters 2-0-1; Nick Valliere 5-2 vs Randy Hedderick 2-7-1.

“The winner of the main event will move into the IBF’s top 15 at super welterweight,” said Kauffman.Trainer of Cintron Joe Pastore said “Kermit did this before working back to top. Everyone in boxing takes a risk when they enter the ring.” Brunson said “Thank God. I’ve been in training camp for 7 weeks. We sparred once and the winner Saturday will be from Philly.” Cintron chimed in “he’s a big puncher. I’ll do the job I’m supposed to do and come out the winner.”

Doors open 6:30pm and first bout 7:00pm.

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