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Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul Currently Being Rescheduled

Posted on 01/30/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Floyd Mayweather’s venture into the YouTube boxing business has come to an abrupt end. At least, for now.

Over the course of several months, social media star Logan Paul attempted to lure Mayweather back into the ring one last time after officially hanging up his gloves in 2017. By all accounts, Paul’s methods worked as Mayweather announced on his Instagram account that the two would in fact be sharing the ring against one another in late February.

While getting up close and personal during their training camps was nearly impossible due to COVID-19, the two stars appeared to be gearing up for their showdown. Now however, with just a few weeks left until they were officially set to step foot inside the ring against one another, their bout has been called off due to “COVID and other things.”

Despite the cancelation, sources confirmed that both parties are working behind the scenes to reschedule the event.

For Mayweather, the newly elected hall of famer wrapped up a perfect 50-0 career with a tenth round dismantling of UFC star Conor McGregor. While he formally retired soon after, Mayweather has participated in exhibition matchups such as a three-round contest against Japanese kickboxing star Tenshin Nasukawa in late 2018.

The results, of course, followed the same script as the entirety of his career as Mayweather won in lopsided fashion.

In the case of Paul, he’s successfully made the transition from social media influencer to de-facto boxer. The 25-year-old’s first venture into the sport came in 2018 as he took on Olajide William Olatunji (KSI) during an exhibition matchup. Paul would settle for a draw on the night before ultimately running things back. This time, as an officially sanctioned boxing match.

While he held advantages from a physical standpoint, Paul was outworked and took home the loss. His brother on the other hand, in Jake Paul, has also transitioned from YouTube star to de-facto boxer and currently holds a 2-0 record, albeit against another social media star in Ali Eson Gib and former NBA player Nate Robinson.

Although the buzz surrounding Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul was building considerably, they have chosen to push things back until presumably, COVID-19 has gotten better.

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Logan and Jake Paul – Boxings New Rising Talent?

Posted on 12/08/2020

By: Henry Deleon

Boxing these past few weeks has definitely been something to talk about. Whether it’s great matchups like Teofimo Lopez vs Vasily Lomachencko, or a devastating knockout like the one Leo Santa Cruz suffered at the hands of Gervonta Davis, or maybe it’s the “legendary” matchup between two all-time greats, Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. that gets people chatting. One thing that has definitely kept boxing buzzing these last few months has been the crossover of YouTube stars Logan and Jake Paul.

Jake Paul’s recent victory over former NBA star Nate Robinson has been the talk of the town. Across social media platforms you see things like “you don’t play boxing”, “Nate Robinson had no business Boxing”, “Boxing isn’t for everyone.” Which may be true, but in this scenario only to a certain extent. Nate losing to Paul wasn’t because Jake is an example of what “Boxing” is supposed to be. People need to understand that there is a process one goes through to find out if whether or not they’re cut out for this sport. A process that not only challenges you physically but mentally too; a process that played a major factor in Nate Robinson losing. It wasn’t Jake’s representation of the sport that led him to victory. For many of you who have never fought (I’m not talking street fighting) or stepped foot in a ring, I would like to share a little insight on an aspect that many first-timers go through; to help you understand Boxing a little bit better.

In boxing, there is a psychological phase that people just starting out have to go through. There’s a bunch of emotions, nerves, fears and doubts that tend to kick in that one has to learn to control and overcome.

You spend months training for your first fight, practicing form, combos, footwork, defense drills. All these things you’re practicing over and over again, day in and day out. Trying to engrave them into your mind so that It almost becomes second nature for your body to react and respond in a certain way.

On the day of your fight, you have the pressure of not wanting to look bad in front of your friends, family and anyone else watching. You have the fear of getting hurt or possibly losing. Doubt starts to kick in because you don’t know exactly what to expect. You think you have an idea but then you’re not sure and you begin to question things.

Once in that squared circle and that bell rings you realize you’re head to head with someone who is intentionally trying to hurt you. A lot of that stuff you practiced back in training goes right out the window. The composure, the nice combos, BOOM gone. You’re no longer thinking clearly in that moment, and automatically you go into one of two survival modes, Fight or Flight. If you’re in flight mode, you’re moving around the ring trying to stay away from the other person, which is totally normal, it’s a natural human response to move away from something that’s causing you harm. If you’re in fight mode than you’re probably coming forward letting your hands go, not so much strategically but more to try to overwhelm your opponent so they don’t let off on you, usually resulting in you exerting more energy then you should because you’re inexperienced and unfamiliar on how to pace yourself in that kind of a situation. You could have done all your road work and felt like you were in the best shape of your life going into the fight, but after that first round because of those nerves, you’re exhausted. You go back to your corner, your hearts beating fast, you’re tired. You’re taking big breaths but the air you’re breathing in feels ice cold. Your eyes are wide, you’re like a deer in headlights. You see your trainer talking to you but you’re not quite hearing them. Training for your first fight, is training to learn to survive.

Over time, the more you put yourself in that situation the more comfortable you become. The better you learn to pace yourself, the better you learn to think, the more you learn to see, the better you learn to apply what you’ve been practicing. You learn to remain relaxed under the pressure of someone trying to hurt you. Then when you start to win, you begin to build confidence that will eventually overshadow whatever doubts you once had.

Now back to my YouTube “friends.”

Jake Paul had this slight psychological advantage over Nate Robinson, probably why he managed to score a knockout. It wasn’t “skill” that resulted in the Paul knockout because let’s be real, for a pro fighter, his ability is without a doubt questionable. His victory was a complete fluke. It was simply the fact that Nate Robinson was unfamiliar with how to swim in these kinds of currents. Jake Paul has had a bit more experience in that sense, and due to a previous victory, a bit more confidence going in. Is he a skillful fighter? No, He was just fortunate enough to go in there with someone who didn’t quite know what they were getting themselves into.

It’s a different ball game when you are in the ring with someone who is no longer training to survive, but training to hurt you. Someone who has perfected how to see and think clearly under the pressure that boxing brings. Someone who isn’t going to be easily phased because you landed one or two good shots or scared that they might get tired. Someone who has been doing this all their lives and that survival mode doesn’t exist in them anymore. Someone who’s mentality is all about breaking the other person down physically and mentally, inflicting pain and seeing the other person hurt.

Logan Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather, scheduled for February 20th, 2021, will be a perfect example of that. You basically have a“wannabe” fighter going toe to toe with a seasoned and experienced professional fighter. A one-sided fight, an amateur vs. a pro, hence why they made it an “exhibition”. Do not be surprised once Mayweather starts countering Logan, that Logan will freeze up and become hesitant, no longer letting his hands go. Don’t be surprised if Floyd stops him, though it’s an exhibition so I doubt they’ll allow it to get to that extreme.

There are levels to this sport and there are levels for a reason. Many people question if this is a fight that Floyd Mayweather should be taking part in? Some might make the argument and say Floyd has done more than enough for the sport to be able to pick and choose who he fights, even if it is for a quick payday. Others argue if he’s taking part in an exhibition bout, then why not against some other former fighter? Floyd has always emphasized the fact that “if it makes money then it makes sense.” So there really is no surprise in why he would partake in this. For those who think the Paul brothers shouldn’t even be at this level of the sport, at least it may be rewarding to see Floyd give Logan a proper beat down, that shows these YouTube fighters what it’s like being in the ring with a legitimate fighter, and not another YouTube or former NBA star, no?

The Paul brothers have a large following that converts into viewers and potential ticket buyers. Networks and promotional companies are tickled by this and therefore will continue presenting them with these kinds of platforms to perform on. Some may say it’s a spit in the face to the genuine participants of the sport who have sacrificed their entire lives in the hope of that big payday that’s going to one day change their lives. Some world champions don’t even see the payouts the Paul brothers have generated. But the question remains, is this good for boxing? Is this what boxing should represent? Well, it really comes down to all of you reading this article, the fans. You guys are what make this sport. Are these cross overs something you all wish to continue watching?

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Floyd Mayweather Announces February 20th, 2021 Exhibition Bout Against Social Media Star Logan Paul

Posted on 12/06/2020

By: Hans Themistode

For the past few months, former five-division world champion Floyd Mayweather has dropped several short video clippings of himself working in the gym. Now, he has finally revealed why.

On February 20th, 2021, Mayweather will face off against social media star turned de-facto boxer, Logan Paul, in an exhibition boxing match. No site has been announced as of yet, but the event will be shown on Fanmio on Pay-Per-View.

Rumors of Paul and Mayweather facing off against one another have been circulating for months now. Paul though, was mum over the possibility not long ago.

“I can’t say shit right now,” said Paul to TMZ reporters in September. “You know I can’t say shit.”

Shortly following his muted response, Paul recorded himself hitting the heavy bag inside of a boxing gym while he pleaded with Mayweather to sign the contract in order for their showdown to take place.

“Hey Floyd, I know you’ve had the contract for a while now,” said Paul. “At first I thought you didn’t want to sign it because you didn’t want one punch to ruin your legacy. Now, maybe, I think you haven’t signed it because you don’t know how to sign your name. Sign the fucking contract Floyd.”

For Mayweather, he never provided any truths to the rumors. Now however, he has officially announced that he will in fact face Paul in the second month of 2021.

For the future first ballot hall of famer, he hasn’t stepped into the boxing ring for an official match since his 10th round stoppage win over UFC star Conor McGregor in 2017. Prior to that, he hasn’t faced a full-time boxer since a 2015 one-sided unanimous decision against Andre Berto. With that being said, Mayweather did enter the ring in late 2018 against the unheralded Tenshin Nasukawa in an exhibition match. Mayweather wasted little time on the night, bulldozing him via first-round stoppage.

Now, he’ll look to continue that trend as he takes on the much bigger Paul. After coming up short in his lone ring appearance against fellow social media star KSI in November of 2019, Paul has yet to step foot back inside of the ring.

At six feet two inches, Paul will carry a six-inch height and four-inch reach advantage into the ring with him against the former 12-time champion. Also, Mayweather spent the bulk of his career fighting from 130 to 154 pounds. For Paul, on the other hand, he normally tips the scale at roughly 200 pounds. A weight limit has not been released as of yet, but for now, Mayweather vs Paul is official for February 20th, 2021.

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Logan Paul On Possible Floyd Mayweather Showdown: “You Know I Can’t Say Shit Right Now”

Posted on 09/18/2020

By: Hans Themistode

Contrary to popular belief, Floyd Mayweather has neither agreed or signed anything. 

Rumors have quickly circulated that the former five division world champion was set to jump back into the ring with YouTube star Logan Paul for what is believed to be an exhibition bout. 

News of Mayweather’s fight agreement was first broken by DramaAlert host Daniel Keemstar and later verified by Mike Feinberg of “The Fighting News.” 

“Floyd Mayweather Jr. is coming out of retirement and has just signed a contract to fight an exhibition match against YouTube sensation Logan Paul,” said Feinberg. “I don’t understand the fight. Paul tried his hand at professional boxing. Couldn’t even beat the other nobody no one’s ever heard of before. He’s now going to be fighting one of the best in Floyd Mayweather. It’s going to be a joke of a fight, but it’s signed and is official.”

Although Feinberg has placed his word that the fight will not only take place, but that he has also seen the fight agreement with Mayweather’s signature, Logan Paul, on the other hand, was completely mum when questioned by TMZ reporters on the reality of a fight with Mayweather actually taking place. 

“You know I can’t say shit right now,” said Paul.

The usually loquacious Paul may have done his best to keep any fight news under wraps, but for what it’s worth, he did nod his head in approval when asked if he could hang with the 43 year old Mayweather. 

Paul of course, isn’t a traditional boxer, and too many, isn’t one at all. 

The social media star first made his appearance in a boxing ring in August of 2018. On the night, he took on fellow social media star in KSI. The two would see their contest end in a draw before ultimately signing up to do it all over again one year later. 

After an entertaining rematch, Paul saw himself on the short end of the stick as he came up just short, losing via split decision. 

Mayweather similarly, hasn’t officially stepped foot inside of a ring since his first round knockout win against Tenshin Nasukawa in December of 2018. He’s since kept himself in shape though, and has dedicated most of his time to train up and coming stars such as Gervonta Davis and Devin Haney.

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Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Logan Paul Exhibition Match Reportedly Signed

Posted on 09/17/2020

By: Hans Themistode

With older fighters such as Roy Jones Jr. and Mike Tyson ending their retirement to have an exhibition matchup, former five division world champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. has decided to jump in on the fun. 

The now 43 year old has reportedly agreed to take on YouTube star Logan Paul before the year comes to end.

News of their fight agreement was first broken by DramaAlert host Daniel Keemstar. 

To further verify that this contest will actually take place, Mike Feinberg of “The Fighting News,” has not only been told by a “reputable” source that this news is real, but he also claims that he was shown a picture of the actual bout agreement with Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s signature attached to it.

“Floyd Mayweather Jr. is coming out of retirement and has just signed a contract to fight an exhibition match against YouTube sensation Logan Paul,” said Feinberg. “I don’t understand the fight. Paul tried his hand at professional boxing. Couldn’t even beat the other nobody no one’s ever heard of before. He’s now going to be fighting one of the best in Floyd Mayweather. It’s going to be a joke of a fight, but it’s signed and is official.”

Like all Mayweather ring appearances, the future hall of famer will make a huge, although unspecified amount of money. Sources close to the situation are under the belief that their bout will be broadcasted on the YouTube channel of Paul due to his large social media following. 

Despite Paul outweighing Mayweather by nearly 50 pounds, it is unclear whether or not there will be any specific weight stipulations. 

For Paul, this will be his third attempt in a boxing ring. In late August of 2018, both Paul and fellow YouTube sensation KSI, met in a highly anticipated exhibition matchup. The result may have been lackluster as they fought to a draw, but plenty of fans tuned in to watch them go at it. 

Realizing the buzz they created, the two decided to do it again one year later, this time without any protective headgear and sanctioned as an official boxing match. This time around, a winner was determined as Paul came up just short, losing via split decision.  

He’ll now look to pull off the biggest upset in boxing history when he takes on the undefeated Mayweather. 

The money man himself hasn’t officially fought against a real boxer in five years. He did, of course, pummel UFC star Conor McGregor via 10th round stoppage in August of 2017. He made another ring appearance shortly after, but it was nothing more than a one sided exhibition matchup against Tenshin Nasukawa in 2018. 

During their bout, an overweight Mayweather known for his “hit and not get hit,” mentality, didn’t attempt to avoid any of Nasukawa’s shots and simply walked him down and laid a beating on him which resulted in a first round knockout. 

There’s no word on when things will officially take place, but as long as the money is right, Mayweather will make the time.

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KSI Defeats Logan Paul by Split Decision in Bizarre Fight

Posted on 11/10/2019

By: Hans Themistode

The biggest contest in boxing has officially taken place.

No, we aren’t talking about Deontay Wilder’s title defense against Luis Ortiz on November 23rd. Nor are we referring to unified Heavyweight champion Andy Ruiz taking on Anthony Joshua in Saudi Arabia on December 7th.

Photo Credit Matchroom Boxing Twitter Account

We are of course discussing the two widely popular internet sensations KSI and Logan Paul.

The two squared off live at the Staples Center, in Los Angeles California in front of a star studded crowd.

The contest was a continuation of their first bout from last year which ended in a draw. The first bout was considered an amateur boxing event. This time around, they decided to ditch the headgear and turn professional to compete in a six round bout.

Hardcore boxing fans may have found this event to be nothing more than a joke, but others found it to be very interesting. The attention that these two generated even grabbed the attention of the betting public as young boxing star Ryan Garcia revealed that he laid down ten thousand dollars on Logan Paul to win the contest.

This event wasn’t just for casual fans. WBC Lightweight champion Devin Haney outclassed Alfredo Santiago. While WBO Suppr Middleweight titlist Billy Joe Saunders knocked out the obscure Marcelo Esteban Coceres in the 11th round.

With those contests out of the way, everyone’s attention was now shifted to the main event.
Without a great deal of experience for either man, much of the bout looked sloppy and uncoordinated.

As soon as the opening bell rang, KSI wasted no time trying to make it a short night. He swung wildly at Logan but didn’t land anything significant. Logan seemed to be the calmer of the two, but still, he didn’t flash much offense either in the opening round.

The following round was much of the same as it turned into a slug fest with both men looking for the knockout. Surprisingly enough, KSI landed several jabs throughout the round which seemed to give him the edge.

Things got really heated in the third round. KSI landed a shot to the back of the head of Logan which sent him to the deck. He managed to bounce back up as the referee for some reason ruled it as a slip rather than a knockdown. In the following round, Logan returned the favor as he landed an upper cut which landed right on the money.

The punch actually looked like one that a professional fighter would throw.

As KSI went crashing down, Logan got a bit too excited and hit him in the back of the head while he was already on the ground. That of course triggered the referee to stop the contest and give KSI some time to recover.

Whatever momentum Logan gained in that moment was lost as the referee negated the knockdown and took away two points for his actions.

The final two rounds were lackluster as both men were exhausted.

It was a close contest throughout, but Logan’s point deductions in the fourth round came back to haunt him as he loss a close split decision. The scores were as read, 56-55 for Logan Paul, 57-54 for KSI and 56-55 for KSI once again.

After the bout, Logan Paul showed a genuine amount of respect for his opponent.

“You are one of the toughest people I know,” said Logan Paul. “I don’t like being a dick to you.”

With their everlasting feud now behind them, the sport of boxing will look to return back to normal. Then again, maybe a contest like this will happen once again.

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