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Floyd Mayweather Claims He Barely Trained For Logan Paul Exhibition

Posted on 02/24/2022

By: Hans Themistode

Floyd Mayweather has spent most of his childhood and adult life in the sport of boxing. But while the newly inducted Hall of Famer hung up his gloves for good in 2017, he remains a prominent figure.

In many cases, fighters who have ultimately decided to retire, have often found themselves returning to the pugilistic sport sooner rather than later. Although Mayweather built his legacy and amassed his mind-numbing fortune thanks to the sport of boxing, he isn’t planning a return to the ring.

“I don’t miss boxing at all,” said Mayweather during an interview with Fight Hub TV.

Even with Mayweather claiming that he isn’t yearning to return to the ring full-time, he has entertained his undying fans with several exhibition contests. Just last year, the former five-division world titlist accepted a crossover matchup between himself and social media star turned de-facto boxer, Logan Paul.

Heading into their eight-round exhibition, Mayweather was viewed as a prohibited favorite. With Paul having little to no experience in the ring and losing his only pro contest against fellow social media star KSI, many around the boxing world were expecting Mayweather to brutally stop Paul, despite the massive difference in height and reach.

Normally defensive, Mayweather flipped the script during their showdown. The now 45-year-old marched forward, stalked Paul, and landed several big blows throughout the night.

Despite being rocked on numerous occasions, Paul finished their contest on his two feet. Shortly after, the social media sensation gloated over his ability to go eight full rounds with Mayweather. Nonetheless, Mayweather has now revealed that their exhibition was something he hardly trained for and didn’t take seriously.

If, however, the two squared off in a sanctioned full-scale boxing match, Mayweather believes that Paul would’ve been staring up at the ceiling lights in little to no time at all.

“I just had fun, did an exhibition with a YouTuber, Logan Paul, we had fun. Gave the people just a little bit of entertainment. People got to know that there’s a difference between a real fight and an exhibition. All I did was work out from time to time. If it was a real fight, it would’ve been a blowout in the first round.”

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Logan Paul: “What Do You Want From Jake Paul? He Proved You Wrong, He’s Literally The Best”

Posted on 12/28/2021

By: Hans Themistode

There’s an ambivalence about Jake Paul.

From the moment the 24-year-old traded in his social media antics for boxing gloves, the sport has been mostly reluctant to grant him any respect. Yet, according to his equally as famous brother, Logan Paul, Jake should be revered.

After scoring knockout victories over social media star Ali Eson Gib and former NBA player Nate Robinson, Jake Paul listened carefully as many were urging him to face fighters with striking experience. To somewhat placate their wishes, Paul stepped into the ring against Ben Askren. While many were expecting a more arduous matchup, Paul made it look incredibly easy, scoring a first-round knockout win.

For an encore, Paul recently closed the rivalry on former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley. Following a close split decision victory over Woodley in late August, Paul emphatically proved that he was the all-around better striker, registering a knockout of the year contender in the sixth round at the Amalie Arena in Tampa, Florida on December 18th.

Despite the win, Logan Paul is slowly becoming acrimonious as many are still not fully convinced on his younger brother as a full-fledged boxer. However, regardless of their dubious words, Logan Paul believes everyone should put a sock in it.

“He’s 10 out of 10,” said Logan Paul during an interview with The Schmo. “He’s literally the best. There’s no more opposition to this shit, there’s no more questions. What do you want from Jake Paul? He’s done it. He proved you wrong time and time and time and time again, like shut up.”

With Jake Paul dedicating most of his time and effort over the past few years to the sport of boxing, the 24-year-old admitted that following his second win over Woodley, he fully intends on taking a long and much-needed break.

In the mind of Logan, his younger sibling has earned both time off and the respect of his peers. With Logan standing firmly in the corner of Jake for every single one of his victories, his eyes swell up in pride as he took the time to reflect on his younger brother’s sudden rise in boxing.

“As an older brother, I’m so f*cking happy for him. To see my little bro achieve everything he ever wanted and more in the most grand fashion, life is great.”

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Logan Paul Gives KSI The Edge In Terms Of Punching Power Over Floyd Mayweather

Posted on 09/18/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Logan Paul has the unique experience of facing both a world-class boxer and a world-famous YouTuber.

The social media star turned de-facto prizefighter, was first introduced to the boxing world on August 25th, 2018. On the night, Paul graced the ring against fellow social media sensation, KSI, in a six-round amateur contest. After their first bout was ruled a majority draw, the two would do it again one year later. This time, they would ditch the protective headgear and have a full-blown sanctioned boxing match. Although their contest was razor tight, Paul would go on to lose a close split decision.

To add to his peculiar boxing journey, Paul found himself standing across the ring from one of the greatest boxers of his generation in Floyd Mayweather. The two would tango earlier this year on June 6th, at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida in an eight-round exhibition.

While no winner was announced, their showdown was considered an unbelievable success, reportedly totaling more than one million pay-per-view buys.

As Paul sat back and reflected on his unusual boxing voyage, he was asked to juxtapose the punching power of both KSI and Mayweather. Without giving it a moment’s notice, Paul gave his answer.

“KSI for sure, for sure,” said Paul during an interview with True Geordie. “Not even a competition.”

Despite being nailed by hard shots throughout, Paul has stated on numerous occasions that he was never in any serious trouble during his showdown against Mayweather. On the contrary, Paul appeared to be on wobbly legs at numerous points throughout his contest against KSI. In the third round, in particular, KSI connected on a hard right hand that saw Paul hit the deck.

Fortunately for the social media star, referee Jack Reiss deemed the knockdown a slip. Still, even with that distinction, Paul appeared far more interested in boxing and moving throughout the duration of their contest as opposed to engaging.

Having felt the power of both KSI and Mayweather, Paul is simply of the belief that KSI’s punching power is far superior to that of the former five-division world champion.

“[Floyd’s] clean shots, I was like, cool, good shot. KSI I’m like, keep my f*cking face away from those hands.”

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Jake Paul: “My Brother Beat Floyd Mayweather, Wobbled Him”

Posted on 06/08/2021

By: Hans Themistode

At one point, a matchup against Floyd Mayweather was all Jake Paul could talk about. The former social media star turned professional boxer always believed that a showdown between them would do huge box office business. Yet, after watching his older brother, Logan Paul, take on Mayweather this past weekend, Jake doesn’t see the point in facing him anymore.

“That’s old news, my brother already beat him,” said Jake Paul to a group of reporters following his brother’s eight-round exhibition contest against Mayweather. “My brother beat Floyd Mayweather. Let him die off, he’s old. I mean bro, I would fuck him up. He’s getting old, my brother just fucked him up.”

Contrary to what Jake continues to say, there was no official winner when the two faced off this past Sunday night at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Florida. Their eight-round exhibition was billed as purely an entertainment spectacle as no judges were present during the entire contest.

Still, despite that, Jake cheered for his older brother from his ringside seat and was proud of what he accomplished. While Logan did appear to have success early on, Mayweather began picking him apart during the middle and latter portion of their contest.

Those sentiments, however, would be rebuffed by Jake. Watching his brother’s success was something that didn’t surprise Jake in the slightest. He was, however, taken aback with something else he believes he saw take place.

“Yes,” said Jake when asked if he expected his brother to pull off the win. “I didn’t expect him to wobble him though and to have him hurt in multiple rounds. It wasn’t just one round, it wasn’t just one time, he hurt him multiple times.”

In spite of Jake’s words, at no point did Mayweather seem to be hurt. In fact, it was Logan who on multiple occasions appeared to be on his way to hitting the canvas.

With no official scorecards to go to, Jake claims that not only was he watching their showdown but he was also keeping track with his own scorecards in his head. Following the conclusion of the entire event, Jake revealed exactly how he tallied the scores.

“It was five rounds to three, Logan Paul wins.”

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Logan Paul On Floyd Mayweather Conspiracy: “He Didn’t Help Me Up, Just Shut The F*ck Up”

Posted on 06/08/2021

By: Hans Themistode

With Floyd Mayweather considered as one of the greatest fighters of all time and Logan Paul considered as one of the best social media stars in the world, many believed it was virtually impossible for their exhibition to go the full eight-round distance. Yet, that is exactly what happened.

In front of roughly 30,000 fans at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida, both Mayweather and Paul went toe to toe. Leading into their matchup, the overwhelming thought process was that there was simply no way Paul would make it to the final bell. However, after doing just that, Paul has considered it a victory of sorts.

As fans have attempted to grasp how in the world Paul lasted 24 minutes with the greatest boxer of his generation, most have concluded that he actually didn’t. During an awkward sequence at the end of one of the earlier rounds, Mayweather landed a hard right hand. From there, Paul then went in to clench. Skeptics of that exact sequence have said that Paul was actually knocked out but held up by Mayweather. Well, according to Paul, that simply wasn’t the case.

“I’m seeing this narrative go around,” said Paul during a self-recorded video. “Where there’s this one part of the fight where Floyd punches me and I kind of leaned on him a little bit and it looks like I kind of went limp. People are trying to spin it and say that he knocked me out and caught me and kept me up to keep the fight going until the eighth round. Shut the f*ck up. Just shut the f*ck up.”

To further back Paul’s claim, Mayweather came out himself and admitted that although he attempted to score the stoppage, the size and weight disparity was a bit more difficult than he anticipated.

“He can grapple,” said Mayweather following their exhibition. “He’s very, very good at holding. When a guy over 200 something pounds is holding you, I’m trying my best. Even though I have a lot of experience but it’s hard to get a heavyweight off you. I fight at welterweight fighting a heavyweight.”

As highlighted by Mayweather, Paul spent long durations of their contest holding and burning the clock. Under normal circumstances, excessive holding would result in the referee taking points away. However, with no official winner announced, there was no opportunity to do so.

In the end, regardless of what most observers believed would happen, Paul simply wants everyone to give him a bit of credit. He may have been outboxed for the vast majority of their contest, but when it’s all said and done, he went the distance with one of the greatest boxers of all time.

“Stop trying to discredit what happened,” continued Paul. “Make no mistake, he got a lot of good punches in. There’s a couple photos where I got f*cked up in a couple shots. I didn’t know my face could make that shape but never rocked, never blacked out, never obviously got knocked out. He didn’t help me up, he tried to take me out and he couldn’t.”

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Logan Paul On Floyd Mayweather Exhibition: “I Knew If It Went The Distance I Won, Technically”

Posted on 06/07/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Despite both Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul hyping up their showdown, there was never going to be an official winner. The two faced off in a David vs. Goliath sized exhibition contest at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Florida this past Sunday night.

Although neither man wore any headgear and despite their continued claims of hurting one another, according to the rules, no winner would officially be announced. Also, there were no judges sitting in their customary ringside position.

Still, regardless of the clear-cut rules, Paul believes that after going the distance against someone with the status of Mayweather, the rules go out the window as he did in fact win after all.

“I knew if it went the distance I won, technically,” said Paul at the post-fight presser. “But that wasn’t the game plan. When you’re fighting a guy like Floyd the legend, you’re kind of relying on him to figure out the game plan and just play off his. I think I got him with a good shot in that first round which threw him off a little bit.”

As previously mentioned by Paul, the social media star did enjoy moments of success early on. After attempting to feel out his man in the opening round, Paul threw caution to the wind and went for it. Having what appeared to be a weight advantage of over 60 pounds, Paul used all of it in the final seconds of the first round. He threw big shots at the retired Hall of Famer and seemed hellbent on getting him out of there before the end of the bell.

While the momentum may have been firmly in his corner, Mayweather quickly snatched it away as he found his rhythm. The speed and slick combinations may have been a touch slower than they were in his prime, but they were more than enough to push Paul back in the next round.

As the larger man began to tire, Mayweather appeared to be as fresh as a daisy. During the latter portion of their contest, Mayweather aimed for the knockout but with Paul continually grabbing and holding, he was unable to land the fight ending shot he was looking for.

Considering that the overwhelming majority believed that Paul would get knocked out in brutal fashion, he has no shame in admitting that simply leaving the ring upright was a victory in itself.

“Surviving against Floyd Mayweather is great.”

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Floyd Mayweather: “I’m Not Going To Be Able To Perform Like 20 Years Ago, That’s A Part Of Age But You Age Gracefully”

Posted on 06/07/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Floyd Mayweather sauntered his way to the ring with a large team walking firmly behind him. Once inside, he took off his prefight outfit and stood across the ring from Logan Paul. The two faced off in an eight-round exhibition contest this past Sunday night at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida.

Just before the bell rang, Mayweather appeared to look the same. He was seemingly in great shape and the aura that has surrounded his career felt identical. Yet, once the action began, he looked drastically different. The otherworldly reflexes that allowed him to dip and slide out of the way of his opponent’s punches over the years simply weren’t there.

Known for his timing and defense, Mayweather was a bit off early as the much bigger Paul found small doses of success during the opening round. But, in typical Mayweather fashion, he managed to turn back the clock for short stretches. The newly inducted Hall of Famer would make Paul miss and immediately make pay.

Although he dominated down the stretch, Mayweather failed to score the stoppage or record a knockdown. Following the eight-round spectacle, Mayweather stepped to the post-fight podium smiling but speaking softly. While many were expecting to see the Floyd Mayweather that amassed a spotless record after 50 pro fights, the former five-division world champion simply shook his head and laughed. Though he may look the exact same physically, he acknowledged that the sublime skills he once had have eroded.

“Of course at my age, I’m not going to perform like when I was 19, I’m not supposed to,” said Mayweather during the post-fight presser. “Is my hair going to be all black forever? Absolutely not, when I get older it’s going to turn all grey and I understand that but that’s a part of life. Am I going to be able to fight like I was when I fought Diego Corrales or Arturo Gatti? Absolutely not and I understand that.”

In both of those instances that Mayweather alludes to, he looked spectacular in stopping both men.

For years, Mayweather appeared to be impervious to age. Even at 38, Mayweather looked as good as ever in defeating Manny Pacquiao over the course of 12 rounds in 2015. At no point has he ever looked vulnerable in the ring or a half step slower. With that said, he did last night. But that isn’t to point a critical finger in his direction. After dominating everyone that was placed in front of him over his two-decade-plus career, Father Time has simply tapped Mayweather on the shoulders. And although some of his fans have grown despondent over a fighter who is now a shell of his former great self, Mayweather isn’t interested in looking like a sympathetic figure. He fully accepts and embraces the position he is currently in.

“I’m almost 45 years old, I’m not going to be able to perform like 20 years ago, of course not. That’s a part of age but you age gracefully.”

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Floyd Mayweather Vs. Logan Paul: Official Fight Prediction

Posted on 06/06/2021

By: Hans Themistode

It’s somewhat difficult to make a prediction for tonight’s eight-round exhibition contest between Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul. Reason being is that technically, there will be no winner.

Later on tonight at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Florida, the pair headline a pay-per-view card in front of a jam-packed crowd. There will be no judges but knockouts will be allowed. With that said, a winner will not be announced at the end of their showdown.

Still, despite the wacky rules, both men have talked a good game. Paul has towered over the much smaller Mayweather during their fight lead-up and poked fun at his diminutive size. In his mind, he believes he could crush the former five-division champion with the flick of his finger.

Yet, whenever the YouTube star begins warning Mayweather that he’s picked on the wrong person this time, the newly inducted Hall of Famer simply laughs and counts to 50. That number, of course, represents the other men who have said something similar but were forced to eat their words when they realized defeating Mayweather is nearly impossible.

But, as mentioned earlier, there will be no official winner tonight. Nevertheless, Mayweather could opt to outbox Paul. The newly turned boxer doesn’t have the skills or experience to keep up in that department but it’s highly unlikely Mayweather decides to go that route. Having stopped Tenshin Nasukawa in the first round of their 2018 exhibition as well as UFC star Conor McGregor in the tenth round of their boxing vs. MMA showdown in 2017, there’s simply no way Paul makes it to the final bell.

From a physical standpoint, Paul has it all. He’s taller, longer, heavier and simply the much bigger man. But size doesn’t win fights, they never have and they never will.

A winner may not get announced, but going the distance will Logan Paul is as good as a loss for Mayweather. So don’t expect the big hulking physical specimen to reach the end of the eighth round.

It’s difficult to pinpoint when exactly it’ll happen, but at some point, Mayweather will make Paul question himself internally and before he’s able to answer and dig deep, he’ll be staring at the ceiling lights as Mayweather stands on the ropes screaming to the crowd.

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Shannon Briggs Isn’t Counting Logan Paul Out Against Floyd Mayweather: “I Don’t Know Who’s Going To Win But I Like His Odds”

Posted on 06/06/2021

By: Hans Themistode

November 9, 2019; Los Angeles, CA, USA; KSI and Logan Paul during their bout at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA. Mandatory Credit: Ed Mulholland/Matchroom Boxing USA

In the eyes of many, there’s little to no doubt that Floyd Mayweather will walk into his contest against Logan Paul, the exact same way when he walks out. The retired former five-division world champion is set to take on the social media star later on tonight at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Florida.

Currently, Mayweather is pegged as the huge favorite. According to multiple betting websites, a bettor would have to plunk down roughly $1,000 in order to pocket $100 on Mayweather winning. As for Paul, he’s viewed as a long shot. For example, according to the betting market, a gambler could place a $100 bet on the former YouTuber and take home approximately $500.

The nature of the lopsided odds stems from Mayweather being considered arguably the greatest boxer of all time and Paul mostly thought of as a novice. Regardless of that notion, former heavyweight champion Shannon Briggs, simply doesn’t agree with it. In his mind, with the size advantage heavily in favor of Paul, no one should be counting him out.

“He got size and he got power so I like his odds,” said Briggs during an interview with FightHype.com. “I don’t know who’s going to win but I like his odds. Logan can punch, he’s a big guy.”

Although Briggs admits that he hasn’t spent any time with Paul during his training camp, he still vividly remembers what he’s capable of. Before Paul made his boxing debut against fellow social media star KSI in 2019, Briggs worked closely with him. He stood by his side during press conferences and kept an eye on him during his sparring sessions.

Needless to say, Briggs was thoroughly impressed with what he saw. While Paul would ultimately go on to lose that contest against KSI, he has spent the past few years working on his craft.

On one end, Briggs knows good and well that a handful of years in the gym won’t equal to the decades upon decades of work that Mayweather has under his belt. But while Briggs concedes the experience and overall skills department, he points to the one thing that Mayweather won’t have in his favor.

“Logan is a big strong guy and he can punch. His technique is very fit to fight a better fighter.”

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Zab Judah Has High Praise For Logan Paul: “He Looks Like A Young Muhammad Ali”

Posted on 06/06/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Like most of the world, Zab Judah simply can’t wait to see former pound-for-pound star Floyd Mayweather take on YouTuber turned de-facto boxer, Logan Paul. The two are scheduled to face off against one another later on tonight at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Florida in an eight-round exhibition.

Although their contest has been promoted as purely an entertainment spectacle as opposed to an actual fight as no winner will be formally announced, many are incredulous that this contest is actually taking place. With Mayweather spending over 35 years in or around the boxing ring, Paul has recently picked up the sport just a few years ago. Despite that, Judah has spent plenty of long hours with Paul in the ring when the cameras weren’t rolling. And although it does appear at times that he’s making a mockery of the sport, Judah assures you that he’s doing everything right behind the scenes.

“I’ve seen him,” said Judah about Paul during an interview with VLAD TV. “I’ve watched his growth and I’ve seen his dedication. He’s really training. His body don’t tell no lies. He’s a white kid and he’s chiseled. He put in hard work and dedication.”

In addition to his hard work, Paul will walk into his showdown against Mayweather with several advantages working in his favor. For starters, Paul holds a six-inch height and four-inch reach advantage. Also, after weighing in yesterday, Paul tipped the scales 34.5 pounds heavier than Mayweather. And, with no hydration clause, Paul figures to weigh significantly more than Mayweather later on tonight.

Still, despite checking all of the boxes, no one in the boxing community believes the skills of Paul comes even remotely close to Mayweather’s. Everyone besides Judah. While he wouldn’t go as far as to say that Paul can outbox Mayweather but considering who he compared him to, Judah doesn’t believe it’s beyond the realm of possibility.

“He looks like a young Muhammad Ali,” continued Judah. “Watch how he box. I’m talking form-wise, dance-wise, just watch. I ain’t retarded, I know boxing. I’m not saying he is Muhammad Ali but his style mimics Ali.”

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Floyd Mayweather Vs. Logan Paul Official Rules Breakdown

Posted on 06/05/2021

By: Hans Themistode

While the anticipation has intensified, so has the confusion.

In approximately 24 hours, Floyd Mayweather will return to the ring to take on Logan Paul in an exhibition contest set to take place at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida. Despite Paul holding a significant height, reach and weight advantage heading in, most, if not all of the boxing world, fully expects Mayweather to get the win. However, the rules of their bout have made it seem as though both Mayweather and Paul will walk away with their hand raised.

As noted by ESPN, an official winner will not be determined. The customary three judges scoring a bout will not be present but, knockouts are allowed. In addition to that, the three knockdown rule is also in effect. Meaning, if either Paul or Mayweather scores three knockdowns in the same round, the contest will be immediately waved off.

Although originally, both Mayweather and Paul had agreed to fight in 12 oz. gloves, they have decided to increase the likelihood of a knockout by wearing 10 oz. gloves instead. Still, even if a stoppage victory is recorded, an official winner will not be announced.

As for the rest of their contest, it will very much resemble a normal boxing match. There will be no headgear and their showdown is scheduled to last eight, three-minute rounds.

While Mayweather is the prohibited favorite, the newly inducted Hall of Famer has given Paul a break of sorts. With the weigh-ins taking place shortly, Mayweather is expected to tip the scales at roughly 160 pounds. As for Paul, he is allowed to weigh as high as 190. In addition to that, Mayweather has not enforced a rehydration clause. In other words, Paul will be allowed to weigh as much as he wants come fight night.

With Mayweather stating on numerous occasions that his matchup with Paul is strictly to entertain the fans, considering the rules of their contest, it appears as though it will be just that, entertainment.

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Leonard Ellerbe: “Honestly, His (Floyd Mayweather) Legacy Is Already Cemented But If For Some Reason The Incredible Happens It Would Definitely Tarnish His Legacy”

Posted on 06/05/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Although Floyd Mayweather has made more money than anyone in boxing history, he’ll look to pocket several more million this coming Sunday night. The newly inducted boxing Hall of Famer is set to take on YouTuber turned de-facto boxer, Logan Paul, at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Florida.

Having faced a long list of all-time greats and defeated them all, Mayweather is comfortably in the conversation for the greatest of all time. During his prime years, Mayweather toyed with his opposition before ultimately cruising to victory. According to CompuBox, Mayweather retired with the highest plus-minus in its history with +24.7. In addition to that, Mayweather’s opponent landed only 19.2% of their punches while he connected on 43.9% of his own.

Yet, despite the long list of superlative words used to describe Mayweather and his unbeaten career, CEO of Mayweather Promotions, Leonard Ellerbe, believes it could all go up in smoke if the unthinkable happens Sunday night.

“Honestly, his legacy is already cemented,” said Ellerbe during an interview with SecondsOut. “But if for some reason the incredible happens, which I don’t even want to think about, it would definitely tarnish his legacy. The last thing that Floyd would want to happen is to be the laughing stock of the entire world. Can you imagine if this dude hits Floyd with a shot and even drops him? Can you imagine? That’s what does make me nervous.”

During his near 25 year career, Mayweather has seldom if ever appeared hurt in the ring, let alone dropped. Yet, in order for Paul to win their showdown, he’ll need to take the fight straight to Mayweather. According to the rules of their contest, there will be no judges scoring the bout but a stoppage and knockout can take place.

While Mayweather was always known for his ability to hit and not get hit, his power was virtually nonexistent during the latter part of his career. Outside of the final fight of his career which took place against UFC star Conor McGregor in 2017, Mayweather hasn’t scored a stoppage win since 2011 against Victor Ortiz.

Still, not many are expecting Paul to land a significant blow against Mayweather. If, however, he does, Ellerbe believes it could be lights out for the former five-division world champion.

Contractually, Mayweather is set to tip the scales later tonight at approximately 160 pounds. As for Paul, he was given a weight limit of 190 but can rehydrate as high as he would like. Meaning, Mayweather could be significantly outweighed come fight night.

As Ellerbe stands back and analyzes the situation, he doesn’t like what he sees. Although he’s backed Mayweather for decades and still continues to do so, he admits that Mayweather isn’t the same fighter he used to be and that in turn could lead to a long and painful night.

“He’s working against a bigger man,” continued Ellerbe. “Logan Paul will be a heavyweight on Sunday night. So you have a welterweight essentially, boxing a heavyweight, any damn thing can happen. Floyd has all the skills but I’m realistic. He hasn’t done anything in four years. He keeps his body in fitness shape but not boxing shape and this guy has been working his tail off for the past couple of years. When you’re throwing punches with mean intentions, anything can happen.”

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Logan Paul: “Who Did You Knock Out Floyd? He Hasn’t Knocked Anybody Out In A Decade”

Posted on 06/03/2021

By: Hans Themistode

No matter how big, strong and physically imposing Logan Paul may appear, Floyd Mayweather finds the notion of the former YouTuber beating him in a fight laughable. The two are set to face off in an eight-round exhibition contest this coming Sunday at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Florida.

Despite giving up roughly six inches in height, four inches in reach and approximately 30 pounds in weight, Mayweather has stated on numerous occasions that their showdown will only go as long as he’s willing to allow. Meaning, if the newly inducted Hall of Famer chooses to get rid of Paul in the first round, he’ll proceed to do just that. Yet, in the mind of Paul, he doesn’t quite understand what gives Mayweather the right to walk around as if he’s a knockout artist.

While there’s no denying his overall boxing skills, when it comes to one-punch knockout power, Paul has a difficult time giving Mayweather any respect in that category.

“He hasn’t knocked anybody out in a decade and it was Victor Ortiz on some bull shit,” said Paul to a group of reporters. “Who did you knock out Floyd? I ain’t these guys. No offense, Victor is tough but I’m big and I can take a shot.”

The circumstances in which Mayweather stopped Ortiz, was in fact a bit awkward. After being penalized for head butting Mayweather during the fourth round of their contest in 2011, Ortiz attempted to apologize. Although Mayweather appeared to accept his apology, he quickly decked Ortiz when he seemingly wasn’t ready. He immediately hit the canvas and was subsequently counted out.

But while Mayweather wasn’t known for his power throughout his career, he did score a stoppage victory in recent memory. In the 50th and final fight of his career, Mayweather went on to stop UFC star Conor McGregor in the tenth round of their 2017 showdown.

Still, whether it comes by stoppage or not, Mayweather is carrying a major edge in terms of overall skills and experience. For Paul, on the other hand, having lost his pro debut to fellow YouTuber KSI in November of 2019, the 26-year-old hasn’t stepped foot inside the ring again.

With that said, that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been training every day to work on his skills. And while he admits that he doesn’t look the smoothest in his training videos, Paul remains confident in what he’ll be able to do come Sunday night.

“I can talk about my skills all day but it doesn’t matter. I can hit pads and look mediocre but until I’m in the ring, until I’m fighting, until I’m sparring – people don’t realize that I actually got good in the sport. People are going to be surprised.”

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Fools Gold: Can Logan Paul Be A Real Boxing Star?

Posted on 06/03/2021

By: Hector Franco

“You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.” – Abraham Lincoln.

The return of Floyd Mayweather Jr. to the squared circle will take place this weekend in the form of an exhibition at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida.

The rules for the eight-round exhibition include knockouts being legal, no headgear, no judges, no official winner being read, and 10 oz. gloves will be used by both participants.

The opponent he will be facing will be the biggest opponent he has faced standing at 6’2 and will outweigh Mayweather by over 30 pounds. However, his opponent isn’t a former professional boxer coming out of retirement or a mixed martial artist, but YouTube sensation Logan Paul.

The 26-year old Paul is a former Division-I high school wrestling champion from Ohio, giving him an athletic background.

Paul first entered the world of boxing in 2018 when he took on another YouTube star in the United Kingdom’s Olajide William Olatunji, better known by his alias KSI.

Their first encounter was an amateur boxing match that ended in a majority draw at Manchester Arena in Manchester, England. From a financial standpoint, it was a massive success selling 1.3 million PPV buys.

Over a year later, in November 2019, at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, a rematch took place between Paul and KSI, this time at the professional level in a six-round match. Paul would lose a split decision after losing two points in the fourth round for illegal punches.

To say that Paul is making a jump in his level of competition is an understatement. Going from KSI to even this version of Mayweather could be compared to learning the alphabet to then attempting to complete a dissertation for your Ph.D. at Harvard.

However, a loss to Mayweather for Paul isn’t likely to impact his social media following or stop him from continuing a boxing career. The expectation is for him to lose and lose badly. Mayweather is the one who is in a lose-lose situation as all he gains from this fight is a gargantuan paycheck.

“I’m not going in there with the fight meaning the entire world to me,” Paul stated during his media workout. “I have nothing to lose. This whole thing is going to be fun for me. I’m going to play with Floyd-gonna dog him and hit him hard. I’m going to break him down physically, mentally, everything.”

If there were a time when Floyd Mayweather was going to lose in a boxing ring, even in an exhibition, it would be at the age of 44, with almost three years gone by since his last exhibition in 2018.

“What I’m about to say might turn people crazy,” stated longtime trainer and ESPN boxing analyst Teddy Atlas to The Athletic. “But as well as Floyd knows how to pick his spots, guess what? Logan Paul is picking his spot well too. People might say, ‘How can you say that?’

“Well, he’s going against a great fighter who’s 44 years old, who hasn’t fought for three years and is a counter puncher. Floyd is not a go-get-you guy. Also, Floyd didn’t have a lot of time to prepare for this. They shortened it up. You know what? Pretty damn smart!”

Win or lose, Logan Paul does have a future in boxing. He can choose to participate in matches that are strictly events to be taken as more entertainment than sport or attempt to become a real professional starting from the ground up.

Whatever happens, there will be a stage available and an audience watching for Logan Paul. The risk in facing professional boxers that are in their prime is a risk, but with the amount of money and attention he generates, he would be a fool not to try.

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Logan Paul Laughs At Brother Jake Paul Stealing Floyd Mayweather’s Hat: “He Told Me He Was Going To Do It”

Posted on 05/06/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Logan Paul went into today’s press conference with Floyd Mayweather with every intention of treating it seriously. His brother, Jake Paul, on the other hand, had other ideas.

Both Logan and Mayweather met for the first time in person earlier today to promote their June 6th showdown that will take place at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida. Mayweather warned Logan that come fight night, he’s going to end up flat on his back. As for Logan, he hurled jokes in the direction of Mayweather and claimed that the newly inducted Hall of Famer had no punching power.

Once the two finished posing for pictures, Jake sprung into action. The younger brother of Logan jumped into the face of Mayweather and challenged him to a fight. Not one to back down, Mayweather shouted back that he had no problem facing Jake next. With things getting heated between the pair, Jake grabbed Mayweather’s hat and began running off. Mayweather immediately grabbed him and momentarily placed Jake in a headlock while several members of Mayweather’s team broke the altercation up.

While most of the media members that were in attendance were stunned by what was taking place, Logan was not. Just before Jake made his move towards Mayweather, Logan says he was informed of his plan.

“Yeah, he told me he was going to do it,” said Logan while laughing. “I told him not to.”

During the entire ordeal, Mayweather was irate with what just took place.

“I’ll kill that motherfucker,” said Mayweather once his hat was stolen. “I don’t know who this motherfucker thinks he playing with. I don’t play those types of games, I’ll fuck you up.”

In the midst of it, Jake was seen on camera taking several shots from Mayweather’s security team. Throughout it all, Logan was nowhere to be seen. Yet, before fans attack him for seemingly failing to have his little brother’s back, he says there’s a good reason why he wasn’t able to lend a helping hand.

“It was a setup. He (Floyd Mayweather) had his boys get me before I could even get involved.”

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