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Oscar De La Hoya: “I Think [Jermall] Charlo Earned His Way To Canelo”

Posted on 01/18/2022

By: Hans Themistode

Over the past several years, Jermall Charlo has beseeched Canelo Alvarez to face him in the ring. Yet, despite his urgent pleas, the Mexican star has often looked past him.

Though Charlo has enjoyed a widely successful career, including two world title runs and a growing tendency for scoring concussive knockouts, some in the boxing world have been under the impression that the Houston native has yet to prove himself worthy for a shot at Alvarez.

In 2018, following three triumphant title defenses at 154 pounds, Charlo opted to make the move six pounds north. Shortly after the pernicious puncher officially landed at 160 pounds, he was crowned the WBC interim titlist following a second-round stoppage win over Hugo Centeno Jr. Soon after, Charlo was then moved up to full titleholder with Alvarez, who held said title, being elevated to “Franchise Champion.”

Much like his title reign at 154 pounds, Charlo has mostly blown through the competition. As a result, not only has longtime promoter Oscar De La Hoya taken notice but more importantly, he believes Charlo has earned his stripes.

“I think Charlo just now earned his way to Canelo, like just now,” said De La Hoya to K.O. Artist Sports during a recent interview. “Charlo is one of those late bloomers. He’s a great champion. There’s fighters that kind of gain notoriety later in their careers. You have to really establish yourself. Right now is the perfect time to make that fight.”

As first reported by Mike Coppinger of ESPN, Alvarez is currently locked in intense negotiations with team Charlo. The plan appears to have Alvarez defend his undisputed super middleweight throne against the Houston product on Cinco De Mayo weekend.

Although Charlo currently campaigns one weight class lower, he has stated on countless occasions that if he were able to secure a showdown against Alvarez, he would be willing to move up in weight to challenge the pound-for-pound star.

If negotiations continue to go smoothly, Charlo could very well land the one bout he’s craved for years.

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Paulie Malignaggi Expects Jermall Charlo To Dethrone Canelo Alvarez

Posted on 01/14/2022

By: Hans Themistode

Canelo Alvarez is currently enjoying the views from the top of his pugilistic sport.

Over the course of his career, his lofty placement on virtually pound-for-pound list has been earned through arduous contests against some of the best name’s the sport of boxing has to offer.

Presently, the Mexican native would likely be favored against anyone from 160 pounds to arguably, the cruiserweight division. Still, despite Alvarez being considered an almost indomitable force in the ring, former two-division champion, Paulie Malignaggi, has a hunch as to who can and will defeat him.

“Jermall Charlo is one of the guys I can see beating Canelo,” said Malignaggi on Paulie TV. “He’s just super, super, sharp man. When Jermall is on he’s super, super sharp. Countering, he’s got power. He’s a good fighter.”

As first reported by Mike Coppinger of ESPN, both team Alvarez and Charlo are locked in intense negotiations with both sides nearing a deal for a showdown that would take place on Cinco De Mayo later on this year.

Houston’s Charlo, 31, has enjoyed a long and successful run at 160 pounds. Although he currently campaigns one weight class beneath Alvarez, Charlo has stated time and time again that he would be willing to drop his WBC middleweight title in order to face Alvarez at 168 pounds.

Though the pair have yet to finalize a deal officially, a showdown against Charlo would mark a complete 180 in terms of Alvarez’s original plans.

Following an 11th round stoppage victory over Caleb Plant on November 6th, 2021, Alvarez nabbed the final piece of the super middleweight puzzle. With the win, the Mexican product became the first undisputed 168 pound champion of all time.

With a plethora of options at his disposal, Eddy Reynoso, trainer and manager of Alvarez, petitioned to the WBC sanctioning body to allow his pound-for-pound stalwart to move up in weight to take on WBC cruiserweight champion Ilunga Makabu. Shortly following his request, Mauricio Sulaiman, President of the sanctioning body, accepted Reynoso’s request.

Nevertheless, with Alvarez seemingly heading in another direction, Malignaggi believes that Charlo presents an entirely different set of problems for the newly crowned undisputed titlist.

Should Alvarez not only face Charlo but ultimately beat him, Malignaggi reveals that Alvarez will have earned all of his respect.

“I’ve been the one saying you know what, Jermall and [Demetrius] Andrade, although Andrade I feel right now is passing his prime and is not as much of a threat as he was before to Canelo but I felt like Jemall is a major threat. Big, big, props to Canelo. This was the guy I was picking to beat him if they had fought. I’m going to give Canelo even bigger props if he beats Charlo. I picked Jermall to beat Canelo and I gotta stick with my original guns.”

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Caleb Plant Calls Out Jermall Charlo For End Of Year Showdown

Posted on 01/10/2022

By: Hans Themistode

Caleb Plant has always been a man of few words. But, despite keeping to himself, Plant has noticed an unwanted trend.

For a number of months now, WBC middleweight champion Jermall Charlo has mentioned on numerous occasions that a showdown against Plant was a distinct possibility. Still, while Charlo has been somewhat subtle towards the former IBF super middleweight champion, Plant has grown sick and tired of the noncommittal callouts.

With neither man currently occupying a slot on the boxing calendar, Plant reveals that he’s more than willing to face Charlo towards the tail end of the year.

“You’ve been indirect Jermall Charlo,” said Plant on his social media account. “So I’ll be straightforward. We can figure it out by the end of the year. UR EZ WORK.”

Plant, 29, is still licking his wounds following the first defeat of his career. The Nashville, Tennessee, native was forced to hand over his IBF 168 pound world title to Canelo Alvarez. The two clashed on November 6th, at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Though Plant fought well, he ultimately succumbed to the power of Alvarez, losing via 11th round stoppage.

Although both Plant and Charlo currently campaign in separate weight classes, the truculent knockout artist has repeatedly stated that he would be more than willing to move eight pounds north to face Alvarez. Now, Plant is hoping that Charlo continues with his plan to move to 168 pounds but for a showdown against himself instead.

For Houston’s Charlo, he’s enjoyed a long and successful title reign at 160 pounds. On June 19th, Charlo made the lone appearance of his 2021 against Juan Macias Montiel. Heading in, Charlo was considered a sizable favorite. But, with the Mexican product unwilling to crumble underneath the bright lights of his first world title shot, Montiel fought a back and forth war.

In the end, despite showing incredible heart and adept skills, Montiel came up short, losing a wide unanimous decision. If the current WBC middleweight champion were willing to drop his world title and make the move to the super middleweight division, Plant has openly offered to become his first fight at 168 pounds.

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Caleb Plant Would Love To Face Jermall Charlo: “Anywhere, Anyplace, Anytime”

Posted on 12/16/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Caleb Plant is still licking his wounds and sulking over his defeat at the hands of Canelo Alvarez. The two squared off on November 6th, at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada with every single super middleweight title on the line.

Heading into their contest, Plant was considered a gargantuan underdog. In the eyes of many, the Nashville, Tennessee native was simply in over his head. However, from the moment the opening bell rang, Plant earned his respect. The 29-year-old flashed moments of brilliance. In the tenth round, in particular, Plant landed a seven-punch combination, with the final blow snapping back the head of Alvarez.

While Plant ultimately fought the pound for pound star on even terms for most of their contest, his success came to a sudden end in the 11th. Alvarez cornered his man in the penultimate round before dropping him with a left uppercut. Shortly after, the Mexican product finished off the previously undefeated IBF super middleweight titleholder.

Although their contest took place less than two months ago, Plant has already been spotted back in the gym. While he could opt to sit back and enjoy the fruits of his labor, he would much rather sharpen his tools as he sifts through possible opponents for his next ring appearance.

“I don’t wanna lose momentum,” said Plant during an interview with FightHype.com. “I know I put up a great showing, so I just want to get right back to work and keep the momentum going. Keep fighting big names.”

At the moment, the super middleweight division isn’t bereft of talent. But while Plant could chase showdowns against the likes of David Benavidez and Anthony Dirrell, he has his eyes set on Jermall Charlo.

“I love that fight. Anywhere, anyplace, anytime.”

Currently, Charlo resides one weight class lower in the middleweight division. But, regardless of their weight discrepancy, Charlo has stated on numerous occasions that he would be more than willing to drop his WBC middleweight crown in order to take on Alvarez at 168 pounds.

Nevertheless, the Mexican native has sauntered his way to the cruiserweight division. Should Charlo decide to move up in weight regardless, Plant would love to welcome him. And while he refrained from going into details on how a matchup between them would play out, Plant gave an unambiguous answer when asked who would win.

“Me getting my hand raised, no doubt.”

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Jermall Charlo: “F*ck Benavidez, He Ain’t Even Got No Belt”

Posted on 11/25/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Jermall Charlo has made his feelings abundantly clear that he is no fan of David Benavidez.

Over the past few months, both sides have taken shots at one another. Recently, however, Benavidez has grown tired of the inconsequential words and has urged Charlo to step inside the ring against him.

Following a seventh-round stoppage win against fringe contender Kyrone Davis on November 13th, a jubilant Benavidez questioned the heart, desire, and willingness of Charlo to face him.

“Does the big Charlo want to get it too?” Asked Benavidez after stopping Davis. “He don’t want to get in the ring with me because he’s a p*ssy that’s why.”

While Benavidez would love to land deleterious blows on the Houston native, he’s more enthralled with the idea of squaring off against pound-for-pound star Canelo Alvarez.

As for Charlo, the 31-year-old WBC middleweight belt holder has stated time and time again that he would move up to the super middleweight division if a matchup against Alvarez can be made. In terms of moving up in weight to take on Benavidez, Charlo has shown little to no interest.

“F*ck Benavidez,” said Charlo on a self-recorded video. “He ain’t even got no belt.”

As for what could be next for the surly knockout artist, he appears to have a bevy of options. In what’s become a consistent theme, WBO middleweight titlist Demetrius Andrade has expressed an interest in unifying titles against Charlo. In addition to the slick former Olympian, Charlo is hoping to finally solidify a showdown against long-reigning middleweight titlist Gennadiy Golovkin.

Outside of his options at 160 pounds, Charlo has also shown a curiosity in a matchup against Caleb Plant. The former IBF super middleweight titlist dropped his world title just a few short weeks ago against Alvarez in a bid to become the division’s first super middleweight champion of all time.

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Jermall Charlo Not Convinced Brian Castano Is The Best Fighter Jermell Charlo Has Ever Fought: “Tony Harrison Would Beat Him”

Posted on 07/25/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Most of the boxing world stood in awe of Brian Castano. Just last weekend, the current WBO 154 pound titlist took on unified champion Jermell Charlo at the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas. Heading in, most observers gave Charlo the edge. While their contest would ultimately end in a split decision draw, there were plenty of onlookers who believed Castano (17-0-2, 12 KOs) did more than enough to pick up the win.

Although Charlo (34-1-1, 18 KOs) has racked up several high-quality wins over the course of his career, in the mind of many, Castano is a step above the rest of the competition he’s faced. For those who believe that’s the case, however, they’ll be immediately met with fulmination from current WBC middleweight titlist, and twin brother of Jermell in Jermall Charlo. Not only is he not convinced Castano is the best fighter his brother has ever fought but in fact, he believes he knows someone in the division who could defeat him.

“He threw a lot of punches,” said Jermall to a group of reporters following his brother’s split decision draw. “If you watch boxing you know. Tony Harrison would beat him.”

In back-to-back fights in 2018 and 2019, both Harrison and Charlo split a pair of meetings. Their first contest came in December of 2018. Despite being the heavy favorite, Charlo had significant trouble avoiding the jab of Harrison. That, in turn, resulted in the first defeat of his career, albeit controversial.

The two would do things again one year later but with vastly different end results. Charlo would score the stoppage win in the 11th after registering three knockdowns throughout the fight. Still, regardless of the explosive ending, Harrison was very much in the fight. At the time of stoppage, judge Tim Cheatham had it 95-94 in favor of Harrison. On the other hand, both David Southerland and Lou Mouret had it 96-93 in favor of Charlo.

With two close fights in the book between them, Jermall isn’t the only one who believes Harrison is a better fighter than Castano.

“I don’t think he was the best fighter he ever fought,” said Derrick James, trainer of Jermell. “He only had his way when Jermell stayed in one spot on the ropes. Other than that, he didn’t do anything. He’s not the best fighter he ever fought. I think Tony Harrison was probably better than him.”

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Ronnie Shields: “Who Are We Avoiding? (David) Benavidez Has Nothing To Offer Jermall (Charlo)”

Posted on 07/23/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Jermall Charlo had a tougher than expected time in his last ring appearance. The current WBC middleweight belt holder took on fringe contender, Juan Macias Montiel, in the backyard of Charlo in Houston, Texas on June 19th.

While the stoppage was expected, Montiel left many with their jaws wide open as he pushed the truculent knockout artist like never before. Despite his struggles, Charlo still cruised to a unanimous decision win on the night. Immediately after, Charlo turned his attention to current unified super middleweight titlist, Canelo Alvarez.

For a number of years now, Charlo has called for a showdown against the Mexican product. But while he’s made it clear that he’ll face Alvarez at any weight class, former super middleweight champion David Benavidez continues to interject. The two-time belt holder has made it clear that he wants Charlo as soon as possible.

With the WBC titlist showing little to no interest in moving up in weight to take on Benavidez in the immediate future, fans have claimed that Charlo is terrified to take on the heavy-handed knockout artist. Yet, in Ronnie Shields opinion, Charlo’s trainer, he finds the notion that his fighter is scared of Benavidez completely laughable.

“Who are we avoiding?” Asked Shields during an interview with Fight Hype TV. “Business says, we don’t need Benavidez to get to Canelo. If we needed Benavidez to get to Canelo, then we would’ve done that. Jermall is already champion of the world. Benavidez is nobody, he has nothing, he has nothing to offer Jermall.”

At the moment, Shields believes that the fame and notoriety of Benavidez mean very little. What does matter, however, is championship hardware, something Benavidez is currently lacking.

“It would’ve been better if Benavidez would’ve still been champion. If Jermall beats him now, he just beat another opponent. Benavidez brings nothing to the table, he doesn’t have anything. He was champion of the world but lost his belt on the scale. Now he’s chasing and trying to get the belt back. If we fight him, it doesn’t mean anything.”

After regaining his title in September of 2019, Benavidez, 24, had an unfortunate mental lapse. In preparation for his showdown against Roamer Alexis Angulo in August of 2020, Benavidez failed to make the 168-pound limit and was subsequently stripped of his world title. He’s since vowed to make amends and is working diligently to regain what was once his.

The road to a third world title for Benavidez starts in just a few more weeks against former titlist, Jose Uzcategui. At the moment, Benavidez ranks number one in the WBC sanctioning body. Alvarez, who holds the full title, is a matchup that both Benavidez and Charlo would love to have sooner, rather than later.

Recently, Benavidez offered to stage an elimination bout of sorts against Charlo, with the winner receiving the ultimate prize.

“We both want Canelo,” said Benavidez on his Instagram account with a picture of himself and Charlo. “Let’s earn the shot at him by fighting each other. Winner gets Canelo, how about that?”

The suggestion of a winner take all matchup, however, has left an incredulous look on the face of Shields. Regardless of whether Charlo takes on Benavidez or not, Shields fully expects his man to land a mega showdown with Alvarez extremely soon.

“Jermall is already in the conversation with Canelo. Why would Jermall need to go fight Benavidez to get to Canelo? What sense does that make? Why would he need Benavidez when we’re already going to get Canelo. He needs Jermall to get to Canelo and we don’t.”

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Ronnie Shields, Trainer Of Jermall Charlo, Throws Cold Water On The Possiblity Of A Demetrius Andrade Showdown: “Some Things Are Unforgivable”

Posted on 07/21/2021

By: Hans Themistode

For as much as both Demetrius Andrade and Jermall Charlo don’t like each other, they share a considerable amount of similarities.

The pair turned pro in 2008 just a mere two months apart. Andrade (30-0, 18 KOs) captured his first world title at 154 pounds in 2013. Charlo (32-0, 22 KOs) quickly followed him one year later to win his first world championship one year later in the same weight class. Charlo would then bring home his second world title in as many weight classes in 2018 when he nabbed the WBC middleweight title. Following the same pattern, Andrade would do the same six months later, winning the WBO middleweight championship against Walter Kautondokwa.

At the moment, both Charlo and Andrade are considered the best that the 160-pound division has to offer. To end all debate on who should be crowned the best fighter in the weight class, fans have urged both men to step into the ring with each other. However, according to Ronnie Shields, trainer of Charlo, he advises that fans don’t hold their breath.

Simply put, the fight isn’t going to happen.

“It goes back years before to when Andrade signed a contract to fight his brother Jermell and Andrade was champion,” said Shields during an interview with Fight Hub TV. “Andrade backed out of the fight. Once he did that, they said they’ll never give him an opportunity to make money with them, in the sport of boxing.”

In 2014, a matchup between Jermell Charlo and Andrade was thought to be signed sealed and delivered. Their contest was set to be the co-feature to Amir Khan vs. Devon Alexander at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada. Team Andrade was perturbed with what they believed was a low-fight offer to face Charlo.

According to Andrade’s father, Paul, his son was offered a contract of $250,000. Those numbers, however, were deemed unsatisfactory. Instead of pulling out of the fight immediately, team Andrade waited until the week of the fight to do so. Their thought process was that they wanted to give both sides more than enough time to increase the initial offer. Once team Andrade realized that more money was not coming down the pike, they opted to remove themselves from the card.

Although Charlo was found a replacement opponent, he lost a then, career-high payday and the opportunity to fight for a world title. Both Jermell and Jermall have pointed to that infamous incident as the main reason why a showdown between them is unlikely to ever occur.

But while fans believe Jermall Charlo and his team should move past those issues of the past, Shields doesn’t have that same thought process. With a chance to set the record straight on what exactly happened nearly a decade ago, Shields pulled back the curtain on everything that took place behind the scenes.

“Of course everybody wants to see it but some things are unforgivable,” explained Shields. “To me, that’s one of those things. You denied his brother an opportunity to fight for a world title, for no reason. Well, the reasoning was, he left his promoter and went to Jay-Z. Jay-Z didn’t like the fight and told him not to take it so he didn’t take it. That’s something he has to live with for the rest of his life.”

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David Benavidez: “I Know I Can Stop Charlo, I’ll Probably Try To Go Down To 160″

Posted on 07/06/2021

By: Hans Themistode

David Benavidez currently has tunnel vision. The former 168-pound titlist is in the midst of an arduous training camp as he prepares to take on former super middleweight belt holder, Jose Uzcategui on August 28th.

Although Benavidez knows that the hard-hitting Venezuelan is no pushover, he can’t help but notice the long list of options that are possibly awaiting him if he gets the job done. Amongst those options, is current WBC middleweight titlist, Jermall Charlo. Both Benavidez and Charlo have spent the past several months hurling verbal threats at one another. Recently, Charlo was last seen in the ring on June 19th, against, Juan Macias Montiel.

Considering that Montiel has never been viewed as a top contender, Benavidez (24-0, 21 KOs) expected the pugnacious Houstonian to get rid of his man in devastating fashion. Yet, not only did Montiel survive a 12 round war with Charlo but he pushed him unlike most are used to seeing. For the most part, Charlo has always lobbied criticism in the direction of Benavidez, but, after watching his most recent performance, Benavidez believes that Charlo needs to look in the mirror.

“I thought he was going to stop Montiel,” said Benavidez during an interview with Little Giant Boxing. “That shows that there’s flaws in his game. He’s talking about everybody has flaws but he has flaws of his own.”

As the persistent trash talk between them continues, there appears to be one major roadblock in the way of making their showdown a reality, weight. With Charlo (32-0, 22 KOs) stating on numerous occasions that he plans on staying at 160 for quite some time, Benavidez is realizing that in order to get Charlo in the ring, he’ll need to shed a few pounds.

“I’ll probably try to go down to 160 if he really wants 160. It would be a great fight. I’m not saying it would be easy but I know I can stop Charlo.”

Dropping down in weight would seemingly be difficult for Benavidez. Not only has he never competed at anything lower than 163 pounds, but earlier in his career, the Arizona native fought as high as 180. Still, if a fight with Charlo can be made, the former two-time 168-pound belt holder is willing to acquiesce to his weight demands.

Nonetheless, Benavidez is trying his best to keep Charlo off his mind. With a hard-hitting former titlist standing in his way in less than two months, Benavidez knows good and well that he has to keep his eyes on the prize.

“We have to see how everything goes,” continued Benavidez. “I can’t talk about a fight ahead of this one, I have to take care of this one first. I’m excited, not only because he’s a former world champion but because he brings fireworks to the table. It’s going to be a war.”

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Daniel Jacobs: “We Tried To Fight Charlo In His Last Fight But To No Avail”

Posted on 06/29/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Fans were none too pleased when Jermall Charlo vs. Juan Macias Montiel was announced. The prevailing thought process surrounding their contest was that Charlo would simply bulldoze right over his man.

Despite those thoughts, both Charlo and Montiel actually produced a fan-pleasing fight as the two went to war for 12 rounds at the Toyota Center, in Houston Texas on June 19th. Ultimately, Charlo would go on to win via wide unanimous decision. While few are complaining about how their showdown unfolded, Daniel Jacobs, long-time rival of Charlo, revealed that he initially attempted to lock in a date with the Houstonian to settle their beef once and for all.

“What you don’t know is that we tried to fight Charlo in his last fight but to no avail,” said Jacobs during an interview with FightHype.com. “He has to do what’s best for him. No hard feelings from me, we have big plans that I can’t yet reveal but we got something cooking.”

Charlo, 31, has long wanted to get his hands on the Brooklyn, New York native. After constant back and forth trash talk for quite some time, the pair nearly came to blows several years ago. Jacobs stepped right into the face of Charlo during a heated confrontation. The two ended the night by agreeing to face each other in the ring sometime soon. That, of course, has yet to happen.

As for what Jacobs could be alluding to when he mentions “big plans,” the former middleweight titlist is rumored to be in the running for a showdown against WBO light heavyweight titlist, Joe Smith Jr.

The cancer survivor is coming off a controversial split decision win over Gabriel Rosado in November of 2020.

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David Benavidez To Jermall Charlo: “We Both Want Canelo, Let’s Earn The Shot At Him By Fighting Each Other”

Posted on 06/24/2021

By: Hans Themistode

David Benavidez and Jermall Charlo flat out don’t like each other. The two have spent the past several months throwing verbal haymakers at one another through social media and whenever a microphone is present.

Although Charlo campaigns at a lower weight class, the WBC middleweight titlist expressed a desire to go up in weight to face Benavidez. Yet, once the former two time super middleweight titlist openly took him up on his offer, Charlo seemingly backtracked, claiming that he wouldn’t face anyone under the age of 25 and also stating that if Benavidez wanted to fight him, he would have to squeeze down to the 160-pound limit.

While Benavidez and Charlo appear to be polar opposites with a clear disdain for one another, they do share one thing in common. The pursuit of a showdown against pound-for-pound star Canelo Alvarez. Although Charlo continues to lobby for the fight to take place next against the Mexican star, Benavidez has an idea.

“We both want Canelo,” said Benavidez on his Instagram account with a picture of himself and Charlo. “Let’s earn the shot at him by fighting each other. Winner gets Canelo, how about that?”

If Charlo was to take Benavidez up on his offer, the Houstonian will first have to rest up. Just this past weekend, the former two-division champion defended his WBC crown against Juan Macias Montiel. In what many believed would be a walk in the park, it was anything but that, as it turned into an absolute dog fight. Charlo had his hands full in front of his hometown Houston fans at the Toyota Center. Despite the back and forth war, Charlo would walk away from their contest with hands raised in victory but was visibly beat up.

As for Benavidez, the 24-year-old made it look incredibly easy against Ronald Ellis in his most recent ring appearance, stopping him in the 11th round. Now, the Phoenix, Arizona native will look to send another body to the canvas when he takes on former 168-pound belt holder, Jose Uzcategui. The two are scheduled to get it on August 28th at a yet to be named venue.

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Juan Macias Montiel Earned Jermall Charlo’s Respect: “He Challenged Me, He’s A Great Fighter”

Posted on 06/20/2021

By: Hans Themistode

From the moment Jermall Charlo vs. Juan Macias Montiel was announced, most of the boxing world groaned in disappointment. The overwhelming thought process was that Charlo would simply run right over his man. Yet, after a closer than expected contest, many were forced to eat their words.

Both Montiel and Charlo stood toe to toe at the Toyota Center, in Houston, Texas last night in front of a jam-packed crowd. After buzzing his man early, Charlo immediately went for the kill. But while he threw the entire kitchen sink at him, Montiel stood firm in the line of fire and not only survived but had plenty of eye-catching moments of his own.

Coming in, most believed that at some point, particularly early, that Charlo would land something to end the night. But as Montiel continued to keep coming, it became clear that the Mexican native simply wouldn’t be deterred. Although Charlo has mostly been known as a knockout artist, the Houston native believes that if he did find a way to end the night prematurely, he ultimately would’ve been criticized. In the end, Montiel was simply far better than advertised and Charlo made sure he took the time to tip his cap to him.

“You don’t have to knock everybody out to make the best fights,” said Charlo during the post-fight press conference. “If I knocked him out they wouldn’t have gave me credit. I had a warrior in there. I appreciate him fighting me with everything he got. He challenged me and I stood up to the challenge.”

The challenge that Charlo alludes to, is something that he’s rarely if ever, received in his career. No matter how high the level of opposition, the Houstonian always made it look easy. On this night, however, he had a real fight on his hands.

The scorecards, which read – 120-108, 119-109 and 118-109, simply didn’t tell the whole story. During the back half of the fight, it was Montiel who appeared to be the fresher and stronger fighter. He landed several combinations during the championship rounds and appeared to visibly hurt Charlo to the body, something he adamantly denies.

Still, nevertheless, Charlo made the fourth successful defense of his WBC middleweight title. Regardless of where he goes from here, Charlo will always remember when he was forced to ask himself questions in the ring when things weren’t going his way and as press conference continued, he again continued to heap praise on his unheralded opponent.

“He was a true warrior. He’s a great fighter, very, very awkward. I dug deep, he dug deep and a fight broke out.”

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Jermall Charlo On Juan Macias Montiel Title Defense And His Immediate Future: “I Want To Stop This Guy, We Need To Get Golovkin, Canelo And Andrade In The Ring”

Posted on 06/14/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Jermall Charlo is currently watching the days slowly go by. This coming weekend, the WBC middleweight champion will put his belt and undefeated record on the line when he takes on the hard-hitting Juan Macias Montiel. The two are scheduled to face off in Charlo’s hometown of Houston Texas, at the Toyota Center.

Despite Charlo being the heavy favorite, Montiel (22-4-2, 22 KOs) has talked a big game. With every single one of his wins coming via stoppage, the Mexican native plans on making Charlo another knockout victim. Regardless of his brazen trash talk, Charlo can’t help but smile and nod when he discusses the verbal threats by his upcoming opponent.

From the moment the opening bell rings, Charlo (31-0, 22 KOs) doesn’t want to box and move. With all the nonstop knockout talk, Charlo wants Montiel to stand and bang in the middle of the ring with him.

“Montiel can’t make any mistakes,” said Charlo during an interview on The Jake Asman Show on SportsMap Radio. “I have just as many knockouts as him and I’ve knocked out way stiffer competition than he has. He’s a confident kid and I understand why, he’s fighting for my belt. Followers get your popcorn before the fight, he coming to bang and I want to see how long he stays in the blender.”

Charlo, 31, says that he is fully focused on the task at hand. Still, with that said, a matchup against Montiel didn’t exactly excite the fight fans when it was first announced. With the middleweight division flooded with a plethora of great fighters, many were expecting a much more established name for Charlo’s first fight of the 2021 calendar.

Before it’s all said and done, the Houstonian wants to leave an indelible mark in middleweight history. That, in turn, would mean a matchup against some, if not all, of the current belt holders in his division, something Charlo is desperately hoping happens next.

“I want to stop this guy,” continued Charlo. “I want to show y’all that Jermall Charlo is for real and we need to get Golovkin, Canelo and Andrade in the ring.”

Amongst those previously mentioned names, Golovkin is possibly the one fighter Charlo has chased longer than the others. While fans are crossing their fingers and hoping they face off in the near future, Charlo revealed that his team attempted to make their showdown a reality.

“We reached out to him. Hopefully, the fight happens one day.”

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Canelo Alvarez Fed Up With Oscar De La Hoya: “Go F*ck Yourself”

Posted on 06/03/2021

By: Hans Themistode

At one point, Oscar De La Hoya and Canelo Alvarez were seemingly the best of friends. The promoter/fighter relationship they shared appeared to be just fine over the years as De La Hoya sought to find Alvarez the biggest fights possible.

Whenever asked, De La Hoya wouldn’t hesitate to name Alvarez the best fighter in the world. With that said, things have changed ever since the pair split.

After several years of working closely with one another, Alvarez legally broke free from De La Hoya and Golden Boy Promotions. Since then, De La Hoya has proceeded to criticize Alvarez and that trend continued once again.

In what appeared to be a picture of Alvarez on Instagram giving a young fighter tips in the ring, De La Hoya took the time to bash the Mexican star for his technique and accused him of ducking a certain fighter.

“Please, this guy does everything wrong,” said De La Hoya on his Instagram account. “Head up when he throws hooks, on his heels, flat footed. What else? Oh he avoids @twincharlo.”

The Instagram handle De La Hoya is referring to belongs to current unified Jr middleweight world champion, Jermell Charlo. While De La Hoya did point him out, the long-time promoter and former multiple division champion could have been alluding to current WBC middleweight champion and twin brother of Jermell in Jermall Charlo.

For a number of years now, Jermall has called for a showdown with Alvarez at every turn. When both De La Hoya and Alvarez were working together, De La Hoya claimed that he sent a lucrative offer to Jermall for a matchup with Alvarez. Yet, he also claimed that Jermall turned it down.

Although Alvarez has mostly ignored his former promoter, this time around, he let him have it.

“Do me a favor and go f*ck yourself,” said Alvarez in response to De La Hoya.

While Jermell Charlo initially stood back to watch the explosive responses between the pair, he chimed in to accuse De La Hoya of lying several years ago and seemingly took the side of Alvarez.

“Listen [I don’t know] if @OscarDeLaHoya lying or not, but in 2014 he promised me or @KingGabRosado the winner get @Canelo..I Won, but he ended up fighting Kirkland, @OscarDeLaHoya Gotta sick again, HOW DO U GO AGAINST YOUR OWN COUNTRYMAN viva Mexico !!!”

Despite it all, Jermell Charlo admits that at one point, a showdown with Alvarez was the one he craved the most. However, with four Jr middleweight titles currently wrapped around his waist and an undisputed contest with WBO belt holder Brian Castano set to take place on July 17th, Charlo isn’t complaining about the path he ultimately took.

“I’m the 154, twin. I WANTED THAT FIGHT 8 years ago, that ship sailed. The road I wanted to take God didn’t let me. Followed his plan and still made it to a satisfying position in my career & life.”

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Julian Williams Looks Back At Loss To Jermall Charlo: “I Was Whipping His Ass”

Posted on 05/27/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Julian Williams vividly remembers the night he fought Jermall Charlo. After the two talked smack to one another for several months, Williams goaded Charlo into staying at the 154-pound division for one final fight.

With the two facing off for Charlo’s IBF world title, the Houstonian would ultimately prevail via fifth-round stoppage. Although the highlights may accentuate the fight ending blow, Williams thoroughly remembers handing Charlo a beating beforehand.

“I was whipping Jermall’s ass,” said Williams during a recent interview with Brian Custer on the Last Stand Podcast. “I won the first round, he knocked me down in the second, I won the third and fourth and I was whipping his ass in the fifth.”

According to the three judges scoring the bout, they all somewhat disagree with Williams assessment. Zachary Young and Eddie Hernandez handed Charlo the first round and of course, the second when he scored the knockdown. Both judges awarded Williams with the third and fourth. In the mind of judge Pat Russell, on the other hand, he believed Charlo won the second and fourth rounds.

In short, their contest was extremely competitive before Charlo ended things violently in the fifth.

Currently, neither man campaign in the same weight class. While Williams remains a steady contender at 154 pounds, Charlo has since moved up to the middleweight division. Discussing their showdown which took place roughly five years ago somewhat annoys Williams. Considering the fact that he believes he was easily beating Charlo before the stoppage, any mention of those thoughts could lead to widespread criticism.

With that said, Williams doesn’t want his words to be misconstrued in any way. He gives full credit to Charlo for getting the job done against him. However, he simply feels as though he was winning the fight.

“I was whipping his ass but that’s a credit to him. He was getting handled and he was able to zone in and land a perfect shot. He caught me with a good shot.”

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