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Shawn Porter Confirms That He’s Next In Line For Danny Garcia vs Errol Spence Jr. Winner

By: Hans Themistode

Keith Thurman, Yordenis Ugas, Mikey Garcia, Terence Crawford and Manny Pacquiao are all great fighters, but former welterweight titlist Shawn Porter doesn’t want to hear his name associated with any of them. 

Rumors and speculation on who the Ohio native will be facing next are unnecessary because according to him, his next opponent is already set in stone.  

“I think the conversation remains the same,” Porter said. “The conversation is me fighting the winner of Errol Spence Jr. and Danny Garcia. I don’t think that’s something Al Haymon is looking to change and or looking forward to changing. That’s what I’m being told, that I get the winner.”

Spence Jr., and Garcia are set to meet on November 21st, on a FOX Pay-Per-View. Porter of course, will be an interested observer. 

Back in September of 2018, Porter won a close, but unanimous decision against Garcia to win the vacant WBC crown. His reign was short lived though as he lost his title just one year later to Spence Jr. via split decision. 

Porter has since bounced back with a one sided beatdown over the formerly undefeated Sebastian Formella. With the win, Porter now finds himself with a permanent seat at the table. So if either Garcia or Spence Jr. attempts to eschew him, he’s made sure that it won’t be possible. 

“I’m supposed to be the mandatory for the WBC and the IBF. For me, you can’t go wrong either way. I think that’s amazing. I never saw that coming. I can fight either guy, Errol Spence or Danny Garcia, and it’s a big fight. So I am definitely going to be in the front row (on Nov. 21) watching intently.”

Under normal circumstances, picking a winner would be easy for Porter. He’s faced both opponents in the ring and considers Spence Jr. more skilled, a harder puncher and an overall better fighter than Garcia. 

With that being said, the circumstances surrounding Spence Jr. aren’t exactly normal. 

The unified champion is fresh off a horrific one car wreck in October of last year. The damage he sustained has reportedly been very little but many have speculated otherwise. Porter though, is going with his original thought and believes “and still” will be said following 12 rounds of action.

“This is not a knockout win for Errol Spence. I can see Danny Garcia pulling off some rounds, but I think it will be a unanimous decision for Errol Spence,” Porter said. “I think he’s in good enough health to get back in the ring (following a car accident last October). I think it’s Errol Spence’s fight.”

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Errol Spence Jr. Not Particularly Worried About What Danny Garcia Brings To The Table: “Danny Just Has One Gear”

By: Hans Themistode

Versatility hasn’t always been the name of Errol Spence Jr’s game. But after abandoning his come forward/bully style to out box one of the best pure boxers in the world in Mikey Garcia, Spence proved that the layers to his abilities are complex. 

The same however, can’t be said for his opponent come November 21st, in Danny Garcia. At least according to Spence Jr. 

“I got so many gears,” said Spence Jr. during a recent joint interview with both Garcia and Brian Kenny. “I can box, I can fight, bang, use angles. Danny just has one gear, counterpunch and be patient. With me, you have to train for everything.”

At the moment, Spence Jr. (26-0, 21 KOs) is the prohibited favorite to retain his WBC and IBF titles when the two meet in roughly two months. Something that Garcia shakes his head at. The Philadelphia native has never been the type to defend himself from doubters. But he couldn’t help but laugh and give Spence Jr. an incredulous look when he spoke on his skillset.

“I would have to disagree with that. I out box the sluggers and out bang the bangers. I’ve faced the hardest hitters and my chin done stood up to the test. I beat them because I was better, not just because I was a counter puncher.”

Those aforementioned sluggers and bangers that Garcia (36-2, 21 KOs) refers to comes from his days at 140 pounds. From 2012 to 2015, the former unified champion went on a run that saw him take down the divisions best including a prime Amir Khan, Lucas Matthysse, Lamont Peterson and a host of others. 

That string of victories not only allowed him to wrap several world titles around his waist, but it also made him the man to beat. That success however, hasn’t exactly translated to the 147 pound division. Garcia did manage to pick up a vacant world title against Robert Guerrero in 2016, but he lost it shortly after in the biggest contest of his career against Keith Thurman. That loss, coupled with another, this time at the hands of Shawn Porter, has convinced Spence Jr. that Garcia may have been the man at 140, but at 147 he’s just a regular guy.

“At 140, I’m not going to lie, he was doing his thing and was a great champion. But at 147 he’s fallen short. At the end of the day I’m going to dictate everything that is going to happen in the fight.”

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Danny Garcia on Spence Showdown: “It’s Time To Take What’s Mine”

By: Hans Themistode

Timing is everything in the sport of boxing. 

Fans often groan over the forced marination of a big time fight as boxing builds the anticipation for it. For former two division world champion Danny Garcia however, he’s always jumped right into the mix.

After winning the WBC 140 pound title, Garcia (36-2, 21 KOs) didn’t waste any time in facing the top guys such as Amir Khan and Lucas Matthysse. 

His run as a former champion in his second weight class has been littered with several of the top names as well such as Shawn Porter and Keith Thurman. Now, come November 21st, Garcia will add to the murderers row of competition that he has faced when he takes on current unified champion Errol Spence Jr. 

Much like Garcia’s perfectly timed no look left hook, many believe Garcia is catching Spence at his most vulnerable. 

The current unified champion found his sports car upside and himself kissing the pavement following a one car wreck in October of 2019. 

Thoughts of “washed up” and “not what he used to be” permeated through the minds of fans. But even with the uncertainty surrounding the undefeated Dallas native, Garcia isn’t viewing his matchup with Spence as a chance to kick the man while he’s down. The Philadelphia bred former champ always believed that Spence has the sort of holes in his game that he can exploit. 

“I believe so,” said Garcia when asked if now is the time to face Spence on the Last Stand podcast with Brian Custer. “Even before the accident. I felt like I saw some things in the Mikey Garcia fight and the Porter fight. I feel like his style is great for my style. Before anything, I always felt like I could take him. I definitely feel like it’s the right time, it’s Danny Garcia time.” 

Through eight years as a professional, Spence Jr. (26-0, 21 KOs) took everything he wanted. In 2017, he jumped on a plane and went half way across the world to England and ripped the title away from then champion Kell Brook. From there, he ripped away another title, this time the WBC championship from Shawn Porter. 

Simply put, whatever he wants, he takes. 

That way of thinking is something that Garcia is coming around to. And while the two have never faced each other in the professional or amateur ranks, Garcia believes that Spence Jr. has taken away something that belongs to him as well. 

The Philadelphia native becomes surly whenever he watches Spence Jr. walk around with the green WBC title. The name embedded across its gold plate may say “Errol Spence Jr” but Garcia believes that it not only belongs to him, but he plans on ripping it away come November 21st. 

“It’s time for me to go up there and take what’s mine,” said Garcia. “I just need to take more risk. I have to take the belt from the champion. Take what’s mine. I am the true WBC champion at 140 and 147, I had a six or seven year reign. I took a little break but I feel like it’s time to come back and take what’s mine.” 

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Keith Thurman to Errol Spence Jr: “He’s Going to Have to Give Me My Respect One Way or Another”

By: Hans Themistode

Before Errol Spence Jr vs Terence Crawford dominated headlines as the most anticipated contest in the welterweight division, a matchup between Spence and Keith Thurman held that distinction. 

A contest between the pair never came close to materializing though, mostly due to Thurman’s reluctance to face the Dallas native before the right time. That timing however, has seemingly expired. At least according to Spence who expressed absolutely zero interest in taking on Thurman. 

“I don’t really care about him anymore,” said Spence to Ray Flores of Premier Boxing Champions several months ago. “He didn’t give me the opportunity when I wanted it, so I don’t care about fighting him. I was calling him out, you know wanting to fight him and he didn’t want to give me the opportunity. He didn’t want to fight me. So now I don’t need him at all. He’s not even on my radar. I feel like he’s not even on my level.” 

With a surprisingly difficult win against Josesito Lopez coupled with a loss in his last contest against Manny Pacquiao, Thurman finds himself both belt-less, and no longer undefeated. With that being said, Thurman does hold wins over former champions in Danny Garcia and Shawn Porter. 

Despite those aforementioned wins and lengthy title reign, Spence has shown no interest in adding Thurman’s name to his ledger. Be that as it may, the former unified titlist currently ranks number five in the WBC sanctioning body. 

If Spence is no longer interested in stepping inside the ring against him, then Thurman is handing him only one other option.  

“If he really doesn’t want to see me at 147 then he’s going to have to leave the division,” said Thurman to PepTalkUk. “I’m not leaving the division. He’s going to have to give me my respect one way or another.”

Exiting stage left of the welterweight division doesn’t seem to be in the immediate future of Spence. But with four of his past five opponents having previously held a world title, the road to keeping his belt will be a difficult one. 

With names such as Danny Garcia, Manny Pacquiao, Terence Crawford and of course, Keith Thurman, the bullseye that is currently marked on the back of Spence is something he should get comfortable with. 

“Errol is champion and a lot of people are going to be gunning for him,” explained Thurman. “If he wants to keep dominating 147, then he’s going to have to pretty much answer to everyone.”

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Errol Spence Jr. Feels 100% But Admits Retirement Once “Creeped Into My Mind”

By: Hans Themistode

Turning 30 years of age may feel like the beginning of old age for most, but for professional athletes, it usually signals the beginning of their primes. 

Unified Welterweight champion Errol Spence Jr. capped off his 20s with a win over Shawn Porter which netted him the WBC title to add to his IBF belt. It was the perfect way to begin his 30s. But with a horrific one car accident in October of 2019 setting the tone, things began to look bleak. 

The Dallas native was thrown out of his Ferrari at high speeds just before it crashed. Surviving the wreck seemed impossible, but Spence proved that he not only has an iron chin inside of the ring but also outside of it as he reportedly was left with only a few missing teeth. 

Fans were relieved to hear the news. Their favorite fighter would simply heal up and get back to kicking butt. That may have been the viewpoint of those on the outside. From Spence’s point of view though, he thought this could be the end. 

“When I was hurtin’, it creeped into my mind,” said Spence on “The Last Stand podcast with Brain Custer. “I can say like November, December, I was like, ‘Man, I don’t know if I’m gonna be able to box again. I’m hurtin’ like bad.”

Retiring at the age of 30 is something that many dream of. No longer do you have to clock in and deal with mountains of paperwork. Nor do you have to deal with an annoying boss. But for Spence, retirement was the furthest thing from his mind as he was just getting started. 

Now though, it was staring him down as though they were facing off in the ring. 

A truncated career almost became a reality. But when the ball dropped to signal the start of a new year, Spence began to feel like a new man. 

“January came around, because I was already running [in] like December, I was already running a little bit, but my hip was still hurtin’, but I was still running. And then around January, February – like right now, I have no pain at all. And that’s when I really felt good. I was like, ‘Oh yeah, I’m gonna come back. I’m gonna come back guns blazing, too.”

Spence spent most of his time out of the spotlight following his accident. Normally, he would grab a ringside seat at boxing events and flash the jewelry that he worked so hard to get, along with his million dollar smile. The camera would continually fixate on him throughout the night as well. But for months he was hardly seen. When he did make a public appearance, the criticism came in waves. 

Words that used to accompany his name such as great, the best and unbeatable, were quickly replaced with washed up, fell off and has-been. The negativity doesn’t bother him though. He just simply wants you to keep that “same energy” when it’s all said and done. 

“Like a lot of people are writing me off right now. I want them to keep writing me off. I want them to keep saying I’m fat and, you know, I look out of shape, I look overweight and things like that. Like, right now I look small right now. Like I’m getting there. And um, I just want everybody to keep doubting me. It’s just fuel to the fire. But at one point, I did think I wasn’t gonna come back. Like when I was like super in pain, I was like, ‘I don’t think I’ll come back.’ I was like, ‘I’m about to take Brian Custer’s broadcasting job.”

COVID-19 has been hell for both boxing fans and fighters as the deadly disease forced the sport into a hiatus. But in the case of Spence, it was exactly what he needed. The extra time off has been great to him. But he still has one more hurdle left to clear.

“Right now, I think I’m a hundred-percent back,” Spence said. “Yeah, I think I’m a hundred-percent back. I haven’t sparred yet. That’s something I can’t do because I have two posts in my mouth now. And they already healed up. I’m about to get a third post in my mouth. And then, after all that heal up, then I’ll be able to spar.”

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Jaron Ennis on Terence Crawford: “Whatever He Can do, I Can do Better”

By: Hans Themistode

When you think of the Welterweight division, you think of unified champion Errol Spence Jr, WBO belt holder Terence Crawford and WBA titlist Manny Pacquiao. Names such as Danny Garcia, Yordenis Ugas and Shawn Porter are also mentioned near the top of the division as well. 

Yet, in the case of 22 year old Jaron Ennis, he believes that he is better than them all. With 23 knockouts from his 25 career wins, Ennis has scored a permanent spot on sports shows with eye-catching knockouts. 

Of all the current champions and contenders, if the fighter nicknamed “Boots” had his pick of the litter, he’d be facing off against Crawford. Not many are clamoring at a shot against who many believe is the best fighter in the world, but Ennis on the other hand, is dying to get his hands on him.

“It’s gonna be me in there just doing my thing, because I’m fighting somebody that is sharp like me,” Ennis said. “So, it’s gonna be me out-thinking him and me putting my combinations together, doing my thing and coming out with that win. Don’t get me wrong, he’s definitely a great fighter but whatever he can do, I can do better.”

Ennis may have his eyes set on the top of the division, but he still has plenty of work to do near the bottom of it. Currently, he ranks number 12 in the WBO and number 14 in the IBF. If he continues to deliver wins at his current pace though, he could find himself standing across one of those very champions he has mentioned. 

He isn’t going to be picky, but whomever he faces, he would rather it isn’t Spence.

“I don’t feel like nobody would get the credit they deserve if they beat Errol Spence,” Ennis said. “They’ll be like, ‘You was supposed to do that because he was in that car accident.’ But I feel it would go the same way with Spence as with Crawford. I would out-think him. I’m smart, being this young. I can out-think anybody. I can out-think ‘em, out-smart ‘em, and I have tricks. I’ve got something they don’t have. When you have tricks, you can beat anybody. With Crawford and Errol Spence, I feel like I have more tricks than them, and I can out-think ‘em.”

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Errol Spence Jr: ” Ugas is a Very Good Fighter But Nobody Knows Who He is”

By: Hans Themistode

Being a great fighter just isn’t good enough. At least according to unified Welterweight champion Errol Spence Jr. 

At the moment, the Dallas native is sitting at a table with a pen in his hand waiting to sign a contract. The names that he has been most linked to are WBA belt holder Manny Pacquiao, WBO titlist Terence Crawford and former two division world champion Danny Garcia. One name that is currently trying to place himself into the mix however, is Welterweight contender Yordenis Ugas. 

Pacquiao, Crawford and Garcia all share a few things in common. They aren’t only great fighters but they also bring a certain level of cachet to the table. 

Simply put, neither of those aforementioned fighters can walk to their respective drug store or go out on a midday stroll without getting mobbed by fans. Especially in the case of Pacquiao. 

Ugas on the other hand, can go unnoticed. 

His low profile suits him. He isn’t loquacious and may even come across as introverted. Inside of the ring however, it’s a whole different story. 

The phrase “I let my fists do the talking for me,” is a great way to describe Ugas. But while that has led him to winning ten of his past eleven fights, it won’t get him on the radar of Spence. 

“Ugas is a good fighter,” Spence told Brian Custer, a Showtime broadcaster. “He’s a very good fighter. I think he’s a guy that, you know, that’s always extremely focused. He has, you know, that Cuban training factor, where, you know, he’s always training, he’s always focused. It looks like he’s always in shape. But, you know, as far as big names, he’s not a big name. You know, I think that’s the only knock to him. You know, a great fighter, but not a big name. I mean, he’s not Danny Garcia, not Pacquiao, you know, he’s not Terence Crawford.”

At one point, Spence was once in that same position. Screaming for a big fight at the top of the mountain tops while most who were at the top of said mountain barely heard him. In fairness though, Ugas did receive his shot at stardom in a 2019 contest against Shawn Porter. To the chagrin of those watching at the Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, California, Porter was given the split decision win.

The bitter taste of defeat was quickly washed away following two wins over Mike Dallas Jr and Omar Figueroa Jr. Now, he finds himself rated third in the WBC rankings. A belt that Spence just so happens to hold position of. Still, it’ll take more than a climb up the rankings to entice Spence into fighting him.

“That’s the only knock to him. Once he gets there, once he gets behind me, then I’ll turn around and we’ll fight. But, you know, right now, you know, it’s not a guy that, you know, I’m just gonna be calling out to fight because, I mean, hardcore boxing people know him. But outside of that, you know, nobody know who he is.”

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Terence Crawford Warns Errol Spence Jr: “Danny Garcia Ain’t No Joke”

By: Hans Themistode

When Errol Spence Jr. left the scene of his one car accident in October of 2019, without any major injuries, hardly anyone could believe it. His high powered sports car was completely totaled, and footage of the wreck left many incredulous to the injury report that stated he only had a few loose teeth and minor facial scrapes. 

A warm up fight for the unified Welterweight champion made sense, but he would hear none of it. 

Now, Spence (26-0, 21 KOs) got his wish in the form of two division world champion Danny Garcia as his next opponent. Many have already penciled in win number 27 for the Dallas native. But WBO belt holder Terence Crawford is telling everyone whoa, not so fast.  

“I don’t know what his status [is] on his injuries, or his health,” said Crawford on the Ak and Barak show. “But all I know is, you know, it’s gonna be a good fight, and Danny Garcia ain’t no pushover. Like I’ve been telling people, he ain’t no joke. And Errol ain’t, either. So, that’s gonna make for a great fight. I wish both of them well and the best.”

Spence was last seen inside of the ring squeezing out a decision win against Shawn Porter. It may have been his toughest fight to date, but Crawford believes that statement can change the moment Spence faces off with Garcia. 

“The way Errol fought Shawn Porter, I kind of think it suits Danny’s style better,” Crawford said. “You know, because I feel like Shawn has a more rugged type of strength than Danny. But I think Danny is more sturdier and punch harder. You know, Shawn got that bull strength, but Danny got like that, ‘You’re not pushing me back’ strength. So it’s gonna be exciting to watch because Errol got that same strength like Danny. Like, ‘All right, I’m gonna out-power you, out-will you, you know, out-punch you.’ So, now it comes to who’s gonna out-will who, who’s gonna take whose punch better. You know, both of ‘em can box, at the same time, so it’s gonna make for an exciting fight.”

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Errol Spence Jr Reveals His Hit List: “Danny Garcia, Pacquiao, and Terence Crawford”

By: Hans Themistode

Everyone has a hit list or a set of goals that they want to get accomplished. Your significant other might want you to take out the trash, clean the dishes and do other chores around the house. For your employer, it could be setting up meetings and grabbing coffee for the staff. 

In short, the hit list of everyone may vary but the point is still the same. 

In the case of unified Welterweight champion Errol Spence Jr. his hit list is short but sweet.

“My goals are Danny Garcia, Pacquiao, and Terence Crawford, or Pacquiao then Terence Crawford that’s my goal.” said Spence to Brian Custer on The Last Stand podcast. “I don’t want to leave 147 without fighting Terence Crawford.”

So far, to the chagrin of Spence, none of the names on his hit list have been marked off. But that in part, is mainly due to the horrific car accident he was involved in this past October. Spence saw his luxurious sports car flip over several times before being flung from his unseat belted chair. The unified champ hit the pavement with the same force that he sends his opponent down to the mat. But in this case, Spence beat the count and escaped with only minor injuries. 

It may sound cliche, but his near clash with death was exactly what he needed. On the outside looking in, Spence seemed to be as disciplined as they come. On the inside however, everything was unraveling for him.

“Don’t take things for granted, at the time I was taking a lot of things for granted.  Slacking off on my training and basically not as focused as I use to be.  For me it was a get back on the ball and heed the warning!  I mean that [car accident] was a big warning because that should’ve been fatal.”

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Keith Thurman: “I Want The Spence Fight”

By: Hans Themistode

Fans of the sport of boxing are constantly left waiting. They want the big matchups to take place and they want it to happen sooner rather than later. But more times than not, they are forced to cross their hands, twiddle their thumbs and wait. 

Once upon a time, one of the most anticipated matchups in the entire sport was between current unified Welterweight champion Errol Spence Jr and the man who was once a unified champion himself in Keith Thurman. 

For years, Spence annihilated his competition. And quickly after, he would call for a matchup with Thurman. For a while, Thurman took umbrage to the constant call outs. Deeming Spence (26-0, 21 KOs) an unworthy challenger. Yet, when Spence finally grabbed his first title in May of 2017, Thurman changed his tune a bit. He talked up a future clash with Spence as the biggest in boxing. But now, with a blemish on his undefeated record and a long injury history, that dream contest has fallen by the wayside. 

At the moment, Spence is on track to defend his titles against two division world champion Danny Garcia, and hasn’t exactly shown much interest in matching up with Thurman anymore. 

“I don’t really care about him anymore,” said Spence to Premier Boxing a few months ago. “He didn’t give me an opportunity when I wanted it. So I don’t care about fighting him. I was calling him out and wanted to fight him, but he didn’t want to give me an opportunity. He didn’t want to fight me. So now I don’t need him. I don’t need him at all. He’s not even on my radar. I feel like he’s not even on my level. I’m looking for big names like Pacquiao, Terence Crawford, Danny Garcia. So I’m not worried about Keith Thurman at all.”

While Spence may have his ship sailed in a completely different direction, Thurman (29-1, 22 KOs) is hoping to flag him down to make the fight happen.  

“I want the Spence fight,” said Thurman in a recent interview. “Ultimately I saw a big clash between me and Spence leading into a year like this 2020, 2021. I always saw the big fight happening. We were both undefeated champions of the world. I thought that was how I was going to be introduced in the Errol Spence fight, as an undefeated Welterweight champion. So with him having two titles we would unify the Welterweight division with our matchup.”

Had it not been for Manny Pacquiao, Thurman would have been introduced as an undefeated world champion in a future Spence clash. The 41 year old Pacquiao would go on to drop Thurman in their July 2019 contest en route to a split decision win. 

Thurman has always lived by the motto “I got an 0 and I’m not afraid to let it go.” Well, now that Pacquiao has taken his 0, Thurman now has his attention shifted towards a Spence fight. 

But even if he was given the chance to face Spence right away, he would take the opportunity, but he would much rather grab a world title first.

“Deep down there’s still a part of me that wants to grab my belt back. Then try to manifest my innermost dreams and desires for the sport of boxing.”

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Danny Garcia Doesn’t Want to Hear Any Excuses From Errol Spence Jr

By: Hans Themistode

Former two division world champion Danny Garcia isn’t a fan of making excuses. 

He didn’t try to justify his lackluster performance in a win against Mauricio Herrera in 2014. He also took losses against Keith Thurman and Shawn Porter square on the chin and didn’t make any excuses for coming up short. 

So now that the Philadelphia native is set to take on Errol Spence Jr following his horrific car accident, he doesn’t want Spence, nor any of his fans to make any excuses should he come out on the short end of the stick. 

“If you ain’t ready, don’t get in the ring. You know?” Said Garcia on the Ak and Barak show. “That’s just that simple. You know, I know they say Manny’s older now, but he’s coming off a big win. So, if he’s old, don’t get in the ring. If Spence ain’t better, don’t get in the ring. “I don’t wanna hear no excuses. I never made no excuses.”

Garcia may not see an issue with fighting Spence during his first fight back, but current WBO Welterweight champion Terence Crawford would hear none of it. A Crawford vs Spence showdown has been on the minds of boxing fans for quite some time now. But with Spence escaping tragedy in a horrific car accident, he now becomes a question mark. So much so, that if Crawford was presented with a contract to take him on next, he would crumple it up and throw it in the trash. 

“I told him ‘Don’t come back trying to fight me because that ain’t the fight you really want on your first fight to come back.” Said Crawford to Chris Mannix a few months ago. “I wouldn’t even take that fight if it was offered to me because it’s a lose-lose situation for me.”

Crawford has become accustomed to criticism. His resume has been picked apart and his level of opposition has been ridiculed for much of his career. So it comes as no surprise that he isn’t willing to give his critics something else to talk about. 

“If something was to happen and I knocked him out or beat him up bad, they (media and fans) would say ‘He’s not the same Errol Spence. He’s coming off a car accident,’ and that would never end for my whole career. I just want to see him at the old Errol Spence that he used to be. Then me and him are going to fight.”

While Crawford is looking to avoid giving more fuel to his naysayers, Garcia on the other hand, isn’t worried about it.

“Not at all because if you ain’t a hundred percent, don’t get in the ring.”

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Danny Garcia Facing Either Manny Pacquiao or Errol Spence Jr This Fall

By: Hans Themistode

When Danny Garcia matched up with Ivan Redkach this past January, it didn’t make much sense. He was fresh off a stoppage win over Adrian Granados and looked to be in line to face one of the top names in the Welterweight division. 

To the surprise of no one, Garcia made it look easy against Redkach, winning virtually every round on the judges scorecards. The victory may have added Garcia’s 36th win, but many were still wondering as to why it needed to take place in the first place. 

Now, it’s all making sense. 

Redkach is a left handed fighter. So is unified champion Errol Spence Jr and WBA titlist Manny Pacquiao, the two names Garcia is now focused on.

“I was told either him or Manny Pacquiao,” said Garcia on the AK and Barak show. “I know I said September on [Instagram Live], but it should be in the fall. I don’t wanna say. I don’t wanna give false information, like September. But it may be in the fall. Either him or Manny Pacquiao. So, that’s what I was told.”

The golden pot at the end of a win over either man is huge for Garcia. Spence is considered the best in the Welterweight division, while Pacquiao is a living legend. Fans may have their preference as to who they want to see him jump into the ring with next, but for Garcia, you can place both names in a hat, blind fold him and tell him to choose a name at random. It wouldn’t really matter either way.

“You know, it doesn’t matter to me at this point. Both of them are champions. Spence would be better because I would win two titles. I would also become a five-time world champion. But even beating a legend in Manny Pacquiao would be … that’ll be a great thing for my legacy. So, it doesn’t matter to me at this point.”

While Garcia was walking all over Redkach in the ring on January 25th, Spence was dealing with his own fight outside of it. The Dallas native was involved in a horrific car accident. One that saw his vehicle flip over several times. He proved that he isn’t only durable in the ring but also outside of it as he walked away from the crash with just a few bruises and some brand new teeth. Garcia could have waited for the champ to recover, but with COVID-19 pressing pause on the boxing world, he’s happy he didn’t wait.

“I was supposed to fight Spence in January,” Garcia said. “Remember, January 25th I was supposed to fight him. The fight was done, and I’m glad I did fight in January. If I didn’t fight in January, I would’ve been out the ring for a long time because no one knew about COVID-19. I’m glad I pushed for a fight and I’m glad I got a fight. I would’ve been out the ring for a long time.”

“I just feel like everything happens for a reason,” Garcia said. “You know, I got the southpaw. Now, whoever’s next, Manny or Spence, most likely, it may be looking more like Spence. But if Manny says yes, then it’s Manny.”

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Mikey Garcia Gives High Praise: “I think Floyd is the best I’ve seen”

By: Hans Themistode

COVID-19, has prevented any fights from taking place inside of the boxing ring, but that doesn’t mean fantasy matchups can’t be thought of. Muhammad Ali vs Mike Tyson are hot button topics. But there’s a new debate currently taking place that has the sports world talking.

Floyd Mayweather Jr doesn’t know how to lose. He spent nearly 25 years as a pro and knocked off 50 attempts to sully his record. Simply put, losing isn’t in his blood. However, if Errol Spence Jr was given the chance to be opponent number 51, things would be much different.

“One hundred percent focus in my prime, I think I’d beat Floyd,” Spence told All The Smoke’s Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson on the Showtime Sports YouTube channel. “… I’d just try to break him down physically. I know he’s not going to be broken down mentally. He’s just one of those type fighters, just like Shawn Porter. You can break him down physically, but mentally, he’s always going to be there.”

From the moment those words were uttered, the critics have come from every angle backing Mayweather in a hypothetical matchup. But one voice that stood out from the crowd was former Spence opponent, Mikey Garcia. 

“I’m sure he feels like that, and every fighter should feel like he’s the best,” said Mikey Garcia to Fighthype. 

“It would be a very good fight, and I’m sure Errol would put on a hell of a fight, but I still feel that Floyd would probably win. I think Floyd is the best I’ve seen.”

Garcia knows first hand exactly how great of a fighter Spence is. When the two met in March of 2019, Spence cruised to a unanimous decision victory. Winning every single round on the judges scorecards. But even with the lopsided loss, Garcia doesn’t view Spence as someone in Mayweather’s class. 

Interestingly enough, Spence made sure to preference his comments by mentioning prime for prime, he would beat Mayweather. 

But Garcia doesn’t need to see that hypothetical matchup. A 43 year old Mayweather as opposed to the 23 year old version will be more than enough to get the job done today.

“You can’t go into a fight thinking your opponent is going to beat you. Being realistic, I doubt that. I think Floyd is the best and will always be among the greatest. I think he’s the best at this time. Even if they fight right now, I think Floyd still beats him.”

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Errol Spence Jr Still Waiting on Clearance: “I Can’t Spar Yet”

By: Hans Themistode

Errol Spence Jr had everything you could ever ask for. Millions of dollars in his bank account, two Welterweight titles and worldwide recognition as one of the best fighters around. But just when he was on top of the world, he was nearly thrown from the mountain top due to a horrific car accident. 

The sports car of Spence was unrecognizable as it flipped over several times and sent the unified Welterweight titlist flying from his seat. News of Spence surviving the crash was a relief, but serious injuries seemed to be a forgone conclusion. Yet somehow, some way,  he walked away without a scratch. 

Minor scrapes and busted out teeth made the boxing world and his fans wipe their collective brow. On the outside looking in, a few dental issues seemed like a good trade off for the sort of wreck he was in. But he isn’t exactly out of the woods just yet.

“I have no restrictions in my training except sparring,” Spence told co-hosts and former NBA players Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson. “I can’t spar yet because I got my teeth knocked out. They put two posts in my mouth, well, three posts in my mouth. I’m waiting on them to heal. And once they heal, then I’ll get my permanent teeth. And then I’ll be able to spar.”

Over the past two months, sports fans around the world have been bored out of their minds. Not only are they forced to stay inside due to COVID-19, but there isn’t a single sport that is currently being played to help pass the time. Classic fights from the 70s, 80s and 90s are appreciated, but fans have grown restless. 

Everyone might be tired of COVID-19 but in a weird way, it has been a blessing for Spence.

“In all actuality, this pandemic has really been helping me out a lot. Basically [with] recovery and just taking my time to get back. But I’m already back. I’m a hundred percent. I went to a facility in Cleveland, where they checked me out, checked my brain, gave me MRIs and things like that, and everything went well. So, everything’s been going good. I think I’m 100-percent healthy and in shape.”

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Shawn Porter on Keith Thurman: “I Don’t Think He’s The Same Fighter”

By: Hans Themistode

Shawn Porter has been in some brutal fights during his career. Matchups with Yordenis Ugas, Danny Garcia and Kell Brook turned into all out wars at times. The former two time Welterweight champion was dropped in the final round against Adrien Broner in 2015. He was also stunned in the seventh round against Brook one year prior. 

Even though he’s caught his fair share of punches, no one has rocked him harder than former and current unified champions Keith Thurman and Errol Spence Jr. Finding out who hits the hardest between the two causes him to pause while he wonders out loud. but differentiating between them is impossible.

“Both guys caught me with one punch. One big punch. I don’t know who is the harder hitter,” Porter (30-3-1, 17KOs) noted when asked to choose between the two during a live chat on the Premier Boxing Champions (PBC) Facebook page. “In the ring, when the adrenaline is going and you’re focused on your mission, you’re not thinking about that. “I really don’t know who hits harder.”

It’s easy to forget just how heavy handed and dominant Thurman was at one point. But a long list of injuries saw Thurman sidelined for nearly two years from 2015-2017. Once he came back, he struggled in a win over fringe contender Josesito Lopez before getting dropped and losing a split decision against Manny Pacquiao. Now, Thurman finds himself in the back of the line at the Welterweight division. 

While Porter finds it practically impossible to determine who hits harder between Spence and Thurman, he didn’t hesitate when asked who would win should the two finally meet inside of the ring.

“I’d pick Spence. Keith Thurman has been out of the ring too much. I don’t think he’s the same fighter he was when I fought him. I’d have to go with Spence.”

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