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Danny Garcia “Spence Three Times Stronger Than Thurman But Thurman Was The Better Skilled fighter”

Posted on 05/02/2021

By: Hans Themistode

When Danny Garcia tasted defeat for the first in his career against Keith Thurman in March of 2017, the Philadelphia native was adamant that he was the recipient of a bad decision. The former two-division champion dropped his WBC welterweight title via split decision after his second-half rally fell just short.

In his most recent ring outing, Garcia was thoroughly out-boxed as he suffered the most lopsided loss of his career against unified champion, Errol Spence Jr.

The consensus surrounding both Spence Jr. and Thurman is that the unified titlist is far and away a much better fighter. However, after sharing the ring with both, Garcia actually gives Thurman the nod in several categories.

“I feel like Thurman was the better skilled fighter,” said Garcia during a recent interview with FightHype.com. “Thurman had better defense, he’s faster and he’s stronger. Spence is not as fast or not as much power punching as Thurman but he’s a lot physically stronger. He’s three times stronger than Thurman.”

Presently, Spence Jr. is heading towards a unification showdown with WBA titlist, Yordenis Ugas. As for Thurman, his return to the ring is still an open-ended question as he’s remained on the sidelines since his close split decision defeat at the hands of Manny Pacquiao in July of 2019.

Putting his one and only loss to the side though, Garcia is steadfast in his belief that not only is Thurman and Spence Jr. operating on the same level but so is Shawn Porter and WBO belt holder, Terence Crawford.

“I been in there with all of them and they’re all at the same level,” continued Garcia. “I fought him (Crawford) as an amateur at the highest level so I would say that they’re all on the same level, all of them.”

In Garcia’s contest against Porter which take place in September of 2018, the Philadelphia product came up just short in his bid to become a two-time welterweight champion. In terms of Crawford, while both he and Garcia have yet to share a ring in the pros, they’ve swapped fists on two separate occasions in the amateurs with Garcia winning their first contest before losing the second.

While many of the top names in the division are all targeting showdowns against one another, Garcia will no longer be amongst them. The 33-year-old officially stated a few months ago that his days at 147 pounds are over as he will instead opt to move up to 154.

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Keith Thurman To Errol Spence Jr.: “I’m Superior To The Fighters You’ve Been Fighting”

Posted on 04/09/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Keith Thurman continues to stare at his fight calendar, hoping and praying that a fight date appears. The former unified welterweight champion has sat on the sidelines for a year and a half as he nurses injuries he suffered after his last contest, a split decision loss against Manny Pacquiao.

During his absence, current unified 147-pound titlist Errol Spence Jr., has continued to dominate the competition. With the Dallas native fresh off a one-sided win over former two-division champion Danny Garcia, he now appears to be angling for a unification showdown against WBA belt holder Yordenis Ugas.

Thurman, on the other hand, continues to gaze at his empty schedule. In a perfect world, Pacquiao would be number one on his Hitlist, but if he’s preoccupied, Thurman would love a shot at the man holding the most gold.

“I’d say Errol Spence,” said Thurman during an interview on the PBC podcast. “He’s the unified champion and has the most credit.”

For as much as Thurman (29-1, 22 KOs) wants to face the Dallas product, Spence Jr. has reiterated on numerous occasions that it simply won’t happen. After spending most of the early portion of his career chasing Thurman, now that Spence Jr. (27-0, 21 KOs) is the one holding the titles, he’s in no mood to face Thurman anymore. In fact, Spence Jr. has gone as far as to say he would rather move up or down in weight than take him on.

While the decision is solely his, Thurman believes there’s no other way for Spence Jr. to prove how great of a fighter he truly is. Fighting the likes of Ugas, Danny Garcia and Shawn Porter won’t get it done either. Thurman maintains that if Spence Jr. truly wants to claim he’s on top of the welterweight food chain, then he has no other choice but to fight him.

“Shawn Porter, Danny Garcia – I beat both, he beat both. I’m superior to the fighters you’ve been fighting. Why not step up the competition. Let’s see how great you really are against Keith “One Time” Thurman.”

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Keith Thurman On Errol Spence Jr.: “He’s Fought A Lot Of My Competition But Hasn’t Fought Me, What Kind Of Statement Is He Really Trying To Make?”

Posted on 04/03/2021

By: Hans Themistode

There’s something about the resume of Errol Spence Jr. that looks awfully familiar. From Leonard Bundu to Shawn Porter to Danny Garcia, they all share one thing in common. They’ve suffered defeats at the hands of both Errol Spence Jr. and Keith Thurman.

Not only have the pair shared the ring with many of the same fighters but currently, the manner in which they won those fights are eerily similar. While names such as WBO welterweight belt holder Terence Crawford and future Hall of Famer Manny Pacquiao are amongst the elite, it is Spence Jr. who currently holds two of the four major world titles.

Although the Dallas native has run through many of the top names, Thurman simply yawns as he’s been there done that. If Spence Jr. truly wants to separate himself from the pack, then he’ll lace up his boxing gloves and take him on instead.

“He’s fought a lot of my competition but he hasn’t fought me yet,” said Thurman during an interview with Pro Boxing Fans. “What kind of statement is he really trying to make in the welterweight division?”

Long before the powerful southpaw held two major world titles, the WBA and WBC belts rested safely on Thurman’s audacious shoulders. At one point in time, a mega showdown between them was all the rage in the welterweight division. However, with Thurman suffering numerous injuries and long stretches on the sidelines, the interest in their contest has seemingly died down.

Thurman on the other hand, is firmly of the belief that if they at long last stood across the ring from one another, their clash would be an instant classic.

“He is a great champion but I do think when we clash, it’ll be one of the biggest in the welterweight division.”

For as badly as Thurman wants to get his hands on Spence Jr., the feeling isn’t exactly mutual. After spending years calling him out, Spence Jr. has now shown no interest in facing Thurman, even going as far as to say “that sh*t ain’t happening.”

For the former unified champion, however, he long planned on facing Spence Jr., he simply ran into a roadblock in Manny Pacquiao. The 42-year-old handed Thurman the first defeat of his career in July of 2019. Since then, he’s remained inactive as he recovers from hand surgery. With everything pointing in the right direction in terms of his health, Thurman believes building up their showdown is no longer needed. In fact, if it was up to him, he’d get Spence Jr. in the ring as soon as humanly possible.

“I think we’ve waited long enough. I would really like to make that fight happen as soon as possible. The whole goal after the Pacquiao fight was to go after Spence anyways. That was going to be the next big major fight. I’d be happy to make it happen this year.”

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Errol Spence Jr. vs Terence Crawford: We Don’t Even Care Anymore

Posted on 03/28/2021

By: Hans Themistode

It was fun at first. Adamant fans of Errol Spence Jr. would argue daily with supporters of Terence Crawford. They would scream, shout and more times than not, use every curse word in the book against one another. The main topic of discussion was always the same, their inevitable showdown.

“Spence is too big and too strong for him.”

Crawford backers would of course counter with “Spence is bigger, but Crawford is way more skilled.” Their fulmination would carry on for minutes, then hours, then days, then months and now – years. Yet, nothing has been proven.

From the moment Errol Spence Jr. laced up his boxing gloves and entered the ring for his first professional fight in 2012, his skills were obvious. While Floyd Mayweather Jr. was still dominating the sport, it was clear his time was coming to an end. Names such as Keith Thurman and Shawn Porter were constantly being pushed as the next big thing.

But while those aforementioned names have gone on to have distinguished championship-level careers, they haven’t been Errol Spence Jr. The Dallas native has it all: power, speed, footwork, skills, ring IQ and punch resistance. You name it and Spence Jr. more than likely has it.

His coronation was stamped long before he traveled overseas to rip away the IBF welterweight title from the cold hands of Kell Brook.

“I truly believe this kid right here is the future of boxing,” said Floyd Mayweather during an interview in 2015.

From there, Spence Jr. would win, win, win and win some more. With that said, so too was Terence Crawford.

He didn’t receive the same level of fanfare as Spence Jr., but the Nebraska native went about his business in the same destructive manner at both 135 and 140 pounds. As the wins continued to pile up on both sides and with Crawford’s move to 147 pounds inevitable, the taste buds of fight fans began to water.

Spence Jr.? Crawford? In the same ring? Where do we sign?

Fans began discussing it quietly amongst themselves then, as Crawford officially made the move up in weight in 2018, it was all anyone could talk about. There was still work that needed to be done for Crawford however but it made sense.

With Spence Jr. holding onto the IBF title, he assured everyone that all Crawford needed to do was lace his waist with gold.

“Hopefully he beats Jeff Horn and gets that belt,” said Spence Jr. when interviewed on ESPN’s First Take show in 2018. “When he does get that belt, we can make that happen.”

Seemingly all that was standing in the way of a mega-fight between the pair was Australia’s, Jeff Horn. Needless to say, fans were already saving their hard-earned money to purchase a Crawford vs Spence Jr. Pay-Per-View before Crawford even stepped foot into the ring with Horn.

While he was tough and resilient, no one, even those who resided in his hometown, believed he would pull off the win.

Everyone was proven to be Nostradamus as Crawford annihilated him via ninth-round stoppage and pried away his WBO title. But while many of us believed the fight was coming next, we were forced to wait. Crawford rounded out his year by knocking out Jose Benavidez and began the following year by destroying Amir Khan.

Spence Jr., on the other hand, walked through Lamont Peterson and handed a beating to Carlos Ocampo. Still, both sides assured us that the fight would happen. But here’s the thing about the sport of boxing. It has a tendency to “marinate,” big fights. Rarely do you see two fighters at the peak of their powers, who are pound-for-pound stars in the same weight class actually face one another.

Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao is a good example of this. Sure they were both still great fighters when they fought in 2015 but by the time boxing fans were served the fight, it tasted a bit stale.

Crawford vs Spence Jr. still feels and looks like a mega fight. One that has over marinated, but one that still tastes like a full course meal. The appetite for their contest, however, is decreasing.

Four years after claiming that a fight with Crawford will in fact happen, Spence Jr. is singing a different tune.

“The fights gonna happen I guess,” said Spence Jr. during an interview with FightHype earlier this year. “We’ll see.”

His unenthusiastic response to their showdown has been echoed by Crawford recently as well.

“I’m not worried about Errol Spence anymore,” said Crawford during an interview with Chris Mannix earlier this year. “I’m past that.”

Fans of both parties have seemingly done the same.

Occasionally you’ll still find a supporter of Spence Jr. sporting his “strap season,” T-shirt while arguing with advocates of Crawford. But what was once a long line of individuals who followed suit, many of them have gone about their business.

Even now, with the frustration at its highest, both sides continue to move in separate directions.

Spence Jr. is angling towards a showdown with WBA champion Yordenis Ugas in an attempt to add a third belt to his growing collection. As for Crawford, he appears to be in the Manny Pacquiao sweepstakes but is more than likely headed towards a showdown against perennial contender Shawn Porter.

The once loud and boisterous arguments that permeated throughout barbershops and meeting rooms have been replaced with empty hallways and disinterested followers. Even super fan Snoop Dogg has grown tired of their shtick and simply wants them to throw down.

“You got two great champions that’s not fighting each other,” said Snoop Dogg during an interview with FightHype. “It’s always like that in boxing. Then they get old, then you don’t want to see it.”

The fight is still likely to happen eventually but at this point in time, both Crawford and Spence Jr. could care less. Now, after hoping and praying for it for roughly five years, we don’t care if it happens anymore either.

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Eddy Reynoso: “For Me, Terence Crawford Is Better Than Spence”

Posted on 03/22/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Like most of the boxing world, Eddy Reynoso, trainer of pound for pound star Canelo Alvarez, finds a matchup between WBO welterweight belt holder Terence Crawford and unified champion Errol Spence Jr. very intriguing.

The two have long been considered the best at 147 pounds but have yet to sit down at the negotiating table to work on a deal. Regardless of the pent up demand for their showdown, both sides are far and away from making their dream bout a reality.

Although Reynoso views them both as extremely skilled and accomplished fighters, Crawford ranks slightly higher in his mind.

“For me, Terence Crawford is the better fighter than Spence,” said Reynoso during an interview with Little Giant Boxing. “He has more abilities and is more talented.”

Recently, both Spence Jr. and Crawford were spotted in Dallas Texas as they attended the clash between Maurice Hooker and Vergil Ortiz Jr. Although Crawford rooted Hooker on, he watched as his fellow stablemate fell at the hands of Ortiz Jr. via seventh-round stoppage.

Immediately following the bout, Crawford (37-0, 28 KOs) was asked by reporter Chris Mannix on the possibility of a matchup between himself and Spence Jr. finally coming to fruition. Not amused by the question, Crawford turned to Mannix and told him that he is moving past their showdown.

“I’m not worried about Errol Spence anymore,” said Crawford. “I already told everybody that fight is history for me.”

Along those same lines, when Spence Jr. (27-0, 21 KOs) was asked, he appeared unenthusiastic about their contest as well.

“It’ll happen I guess,” said Spence Jr. during an interview with Fight Hub TV. “We’ll see.”

While Reynoso would love to see them square off in the ring, he’s currently occupied as he works with both Alvarez and former heavyweight champion Andy Ruiz Jr.

In the case of Alvarez, he’ll look to add the belt of WBO super middleweight champion Billy Joe Saunders to his collection on May 8th. As for Ruiz Jr., Reynoso is working him back into shape as he takes on Chris Arreola next month in his first fight since losing his heavyweight titles to Anthony Joshua roughly a year and a half ago.

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Errol Spence Jr. On Terence Crawford Purse Split: “Y’all Gonna Make Me Do 80/20”

Posted on 03/11/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Errol Spence Jr. has seemingly had a change of heart.

Over the past several years, fans of the unified welterweight champion have urged him to push all his chips to the middle of the table and take on WBO belt holder Terence Crawford. Despite the ongoing call for their showdown however, both sides have haggled over who will receive the bigger slice of the pie.

Recently, Spence Jr. (27-0, 21 KOs) explained that a contest between himself and Crawford could in fact happen, as long as he was willing to take 40 percent at the negotiating table. With most fans believing that revenue should be either split down the middle or, depending on who you’re talking to, one side should take a slightly larger percentage than the other, Spence Jr. has decided that the 60/40 split that he previously agreed to is no longer acceptable.

Instead, the Dallas native has thrown a bigger plate on the table as he demands more.

“70/30 now f*ck it,” said Spence Jr. during a self-recorded video. “Y’all gonna make me do 80/20. One thing I’m a tell y’all is my kids do not eat off no God damn belts.”

Spence Jr.’s demand to take an even bigger chunk of the overall revenue pie won’t sit right with Crawford. As it stands, the former three-division world champion was incredulous to a 60/40 split, even going as far as to say “Y’all won’t hear me talk about the Spence fight again.”

Now, with Spence Jr.’s even higher demands, it appears their contest is improbable at this point.

For Crawford (37-0, 28 KOs), while he would love to prove that he is unquestionably the best fighter in the division, the pound-for-pound star has turned his attention to more realistic matchups.

Currently, the Nebraska native is working behind the scenes in an attempt to finalize a deal that would see him take on future first-ballot Hall of Famer Manny Pacquiao. Although that would be his first choice, it doesn’t appear as though Crawford will get his wish as Pacquiao has recently stated that he is “leaning” towards a fight with Mikey Garcia instead.

It may not be the news he wanted to hear, but Crawford still has another enticing offer on the table. WBO mandatory challenger and former two-time welterweight champion Shawn Porter has stood firmly in front of Crawford telling him that he wants to fight.

Crawford’s promoter in Bob Arum has admitted that a Porter matchup would be most likely if Pacquiao continues to go in another direction. But while Crawford is currently working on his own fight deals, Spence Jr. is doing the same.

The long-reigning champion proved that he was back to his old dominant self following his horrific car wreck in late 2019 with a one-sided win over Danny Garcia just a few months ago.

Nothing at the moment is set in stone in terms of his next contest but the talented southpaw recently set his sights on Yordenis Ugas and his WBA welterweight world title.

“All you needed was something I wanted,” said Spence Jr. shortly after Ugas was elevated to full champion a few months ago.

With both Crawford and Spence Jr. heading in opposite directions, it doesn’t appear that their showdown has gotten any closer to becoming a reality.

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Chris Algieri Doesn’t Count Errol Spence Jr. Out In Possible Canelo Alvarez Showdown: “He’s Got A Shot, A Good One”

Posted on 03/02/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Chris Algieri has heard most of the names. From WBC belt holder Jermall Charlo to former super middleweight champion David Benavidez. All of those names, and several others, are given a very good chance at beating Canelo Alvarez should they ever meet in the ring.

Not mentioned amongst those names, is unified welterweight titlist Errol Spence Jr. The 147 pounder has always been lauded for his skills. But truth be told, many have wondered how in the world the benign knockout artist even fights at his current weight.

Over the years, Spence Jr. has mentioned the possibility of moving up to the middleweight division in order to land a shot against Alvarez. While Spence Jr. is on virtually every pound-for-pound list, practically no one gives him much of a chance against the Mexican native.

Simply put, Spence Jr. is just too small.

In the opinion of Algieri though, he doesn’t exactly agree with those opinions. In his point of view, Spence Jr. actually has all of the ingredients to pull off the upset.

“He’s got a shot. A good one,” said Algieri during an interview with BoxingInsider.com. “Spence is fast, he’s also a lot more technical than people give him credit for. He also pressures nonstop. With Spence, he won’t be a big guy but he is more than big enough to make 160.”

Having shared the ring with him, Algieri knows exactly how good Spence Jr. actually is. In April of 2016, Algieri faced the Dallas native at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. While he boxed well early on, the pressure Algieri alluded to from Spence Jr. caught up to him as he was dropped in round four and hit the canvas two more times in the following round before the referee waved things off completely.

In the mind of Algieri, it isn’t just that Spence Jr. hits incredibly hard. It’s more so about the style in which he fights. For the past several years, Alvarez has faced much bigger fighters. From the likes of former light heavyweight champion Sergey Kovalev to former unified super middleweight champion Callum Smith who held a ridiculous seven-inch height and eight-inch reach advantage.

None of their physical attributes prevented Alvarez from picking them apart. But while most have sat back in awe at Alvarez for taking on those challenges, Algieri views things a bit differently.

“With the big guys, they throw shots then rest then throw shots then rest. That’s why Canelo likes fighting bigger guys. With Spence, he won’t be a big guy but he is more than big enough to make 160.”

Still, even with Algieri tipping his cap to Spence Jr., he’s still giving the slight edge to Alvarez.

“I would still favor Canelo but Spence has a really good shot at winning. He’s a terrific fighter.”

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Terence Crawford Moving Past Errol Spence Jr.: “You Will Never Hear Me Asking For That Fight Ever Again”

Posted on 02/14/2021

By: Hans Themistode

The list of fighters Terence Crawford is likely to find standing across the ring from him later this year is dwindling down.

According to promoter Bob Arum, the two front runners for his pound for pound star is Shawn Porter and Manny Pacquiao. No matter who is chosen from that shortlist, fans of Crawford will be ecstatic to see their man face one of the elites of the welterweight division.

With that being said, a number of his supporters will be disappointed that once again, a matchup between Crawford and unified champion Errol Spence Jr. won’t be taking place.

At one point, Crawford consistently called for a showdown between the pair to end the debate of who is the best in the division. However, with numerous hurdles in the way such as Spence Jr. stating that Crawford must be willing to accept a 60/40 or 70/30 split in order to make the fight happen, the Nebraska native has walked from the negotiating table and doesn’t intend on looking back.

“You will never hear me asking for that fight ever again,” said Crawford during an interview with FightHype. “If it happens it happens, if it don’t, it don’t. I don’t need that fight. I’m not worried about that fight.”

Discussing a matchup between Crawford and Spence Jr. has become pointless. Neither side appear close to agreeing on anything and at this point, their contest seems to be nothing more than a pipe dream.

Rather than continue to discuss his frustrations on the failed showdown, Crawford is fully focused on what lies ahead. With Porter and Pacquiao staring him directly in the face, Crawford can only smile as he envisions facing them.

Preference has never been something Crawford has made important during his career. Simply sign on the dotted line and he’ll be ready to take on whomever is placed in front of him.

Yet, in this instance, Crawford is in fact leaning towards one fighter over the other. In absolutely no way, shape or form is he intimidated by either man, but if he had his choice, he knows exactly who he would choose.

“I prefer the Manny Pacquiao fight over Shawn Porter but Shawn Porter is a great fighter in his own right.”

For Crawford, the now 33-year-old is simply looking to build some legit momentum. After making quick work of former welterweight belt holder Kell Brook in the fourth round of their contest this past November, Crawford found himself on the receiving end of nonstop criticism.

Fans of Crawford believed that Brook was never a worthy challenge. In fact, many are under the impression that everyone Crawford has faced during his welterweight tenure has been subpar.

A matchup against either Porter or Pacquiao on the other hand, would quiet the mouths of just about everyone. Although it’s too early to tell who will be chosen, Crawford will merely continue to pound away at the heavy bag and work on his craft as he awaits confirmation.

“Manny Pacquiao is fast, moves, can punch. Shawn Porter is aggressive, tough, durable. I’ll be ready for whichever one comes to fruition.”

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Derrick James Believes Errol Spence Jr.’s Stellar Performance May Have Chased Manny Pacquiao Away: “When He Saw How Good Errol Looked, I Think He Changed His Mind”

Posted on 02/04/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Everything seemed all lined up for Errol Spence Jr.

Coming into his showdown against Mikey Garcia in March of 2019, the Dallas native had a surprising but welcoming guest sit ringside in Manny Pacquiao. On the night, Spence Jr. dominated Garcia, winning every single round.

The powerful southpaw’s eye-catching performance seemed to be just what he needed to prove to the future first-ballot Hall of Famer that he was a worthy opponent. However, according to trainer Derrick James, Spence Jr.’s lights out showing may have actually pushed Pacquiao away from taking the fight all together.

“Manny came to Dallas when Errol fought Mikey and he said he wanted to fight the winner,” said James during an interview with Fight Hub TV. “When he saw how good Errol looked, I think he changed his mind.”

Instead of taking on Spence Jr. (27-0, 21 KOs) as many assumed, Pacquiao (62-7-2, 39 KOs) alternatively chose to take on then, WBA titlist Keith Thurman. Pacquiao would go on to drop the aforementioned Thurman before ultimately winning a close decision.

Since then, the Filipino native has been sitting idly on the sidelines. The reasoning behind his lack of ring appearances is mostly due to COVID-19 and the restrictions it places on live crowds from entering boxing events.

Pacquiao’s stretch of inactivity has recently led to the WBA stripping him of his world title and elevating then “Regular” champion Yordenis Ugas to “Super” champion status, while Pacquiao has been relegated to “Champion in Recess,” meaning, if and when Pacquiao does return to the ring, he would be given the first shot at Ugas to regain his world title.

However, Spence Jr. is currently in the midst of relieving Ugas of his newly won crown. On the Dallas native’s Twitter account, he seemed to indicate that since Ugas is in possession of the full title, he would love to unify against the Cuban native.

Pacquiao though, doesn’t appear to be in any rush to regain his championship status at 147-pounds. Several sources close to the situation have linked the 42-year-old multiple division titlist to lightweight star Ryan Garcia as a possible exhibition bout between the pair could be on the brink of becoming a reality.

While James would love it if his fighter was given the opportunity to face Pacquiao, he’s unsure when, or if, it will ever happen.

“I don’t know. I think he’s in the business to unify the belts so you never know.”

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Errol Spence Jr. Appears To Call Out Yordenis Ugas: “All You Needed Was Something I Want”

Posted on 01/30/2021

By: Hans Themistode

LOS ANGELES, CA – SEPTEMBER 28: Erroll Spence Jr. reacts in the ring after defeating Shawn Porter (not pictured) in their IBF & WBC World Welterweight Championship fight at Staples Center on September 28, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. Spence, Jr won by decision. (Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images)

While Errol Spence Jr. has always respected Yordenis Ugas, at no point has he ever looked at him as a viable option. Even with the Cuban native taking home the WBA welterweight title in his last contest against Abel Ramos, Spence Jr. still lacked interest in the bout simply because it was the “Regular” version of the title draped around the shoulders of Ugas as opposed to the “Super” title held by Manny Pacquiao. 

However, with the WBA officially elevating Ugas to “Super” champion and pushing Pacquiao to “Champion in recess,” Spence Jr. (27-0, 21 KOs) has now turned his attention to the 34-year-old full belt holder. 

“All you needed was something I want,” said Spence Jr. on his Twitter account. 

With the possibility of adding a third world title to the two already wrapped around his waist, Spence Jr. appears to be pushing his chips to the middle of the table for a unification showdown. 

Long before Ugas (26-4, 12 KOs) was able to call himself a world champion, he called for a title shot against Spence Jr. With the unified belt holder now seemingly calling him out, Ugas is still as enthusiastic as ever about the possibility of their showdown becoming a reality. 

“I have it,” said Ugas on Twitter in response to Spence Jr.’s Tweet. “We are going to do it for three championships. Let’s give the fans a great fight. I’m ready.”

Spence Jr., of course, is fresh off a one-sided victory over former two-division world champion Danny Garcia in early December. Although most of the boxing world questioned how the Dallas native would look in his return to the ring after spending over a year on the sidelines as he recovered from his horrific car wreck, Spence Jr. quelled any thoughts that he wouldn’t be the same as he went on to completely outclass Garcia over the course of 12 rounds. 

Originally, Spence Jr. pursued a more lucrative matchup with Pacquiao instead. Nevertheless, the future first ballot hall of famer appears to have his mind elsewhere such as a showdown with UFC star Conor McGregor and a reported exhibition contest against lightweight contender Ryan Garcia. 

With Pacquiao officially out of the mix at the moment, both Spence Jr. and Ugas appear to be on a collision course for a unification bout later on this year. 

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Bob Arum Details The One Issue Preventing Terence Crawford vs Errol Spence Jr.: “The Only Issue Is Spence Doesn’t Want To Fight Him”

Posted on 01/29/2021

By: Hans Themistode

While both unified welterweight champion Errol Spence Jr. and WBO belt holder Terence Crawford are grown men, they have seemingly reverted back to children as they simply can’t work out their differences. With both men holding a solidified spot in the pound for pound rankings, the boxing world has clamored for the two to step into the ring to determine just who is the best fighter in the division.

However, the pair have spent more time pointing fingers and blaming the other for the reason why their bout hasn’t taken place. Although fans have taken the side of the fighter they like most, none have been behind the scenes during negotiations.

One person who has though, is promoter Bob Arum.

After picking up the phone to speak with team Spence and his representatives over with Premier Boxing Champions (PBC) and Al Haymon, the 89-year-old is under the impression that all but one person is on board in making the fight happen.

“I’ve talked with Al Haymon,” said Arum on the Three Knockdown Rule Podcast. “He’s amenable to the fight. The only one who’s holding back on it and maybe because he feels that he can’t win the fight is Errol Spence. That’s the truth. The only issue is Spence doesn’t want to fight him. Don’t blame Al Haymon, don’t blame PBC, blame Spence. He doesn’t want to get beat by Crawford. Errol Spence is the obstacle in making that fight, not Al Haymon, not PBC, its Errol Spence.”

In the case of Spence Jr., long before he claimed two world titles, the Dallas native expressed his desire in becoming an undisputed world champion. His quest in achieving said goal, ultimately runs through Omaha’s Crawford.

Despite the skills that are constantly put on display by the former three-division titlist, Spence Jr. (27-0, 21 KOs) has exhibited an extraordinary amount of confidence in a possible showdown between them. Regardless of the faith he has shown in himself, Arum believes it’s all a lie.

Spence Jr. may come across as someone who is confident in his abilities but to Arum, the long-time promoter believes he knows exactly what’s running through his mind.

“We’re very confident in the fight. We believe that Crawford will beat him but unfortunately, Spence believes the same thing.”

Crawford, of course, is currently battling the court of public opinion. In mid-November just last year, Crawford (37-0, 28 KOs) dismantled former IBF titlist, Kell Brook, via fourth-round stoppage. While his performance may have been highlight-worthy, many were expecting it as Brook doesn’t appear to be the same fighter he was several years ago.

Upon announcing that Crawford would be taking on Brook, fans of the Omaha native began bellyaching about his opponent selection. Despite winning world titles across multiple weight classes and regardless of holding a seat as either the best pound for pound fighter in the world or at worst, the second-best behind Canelo Alvarez, fans of Crawford have long wanted to see him take on elite competition.

The cries and pleas of the fans haven’t fallen on deaf ears. For Arum, he fully understands that like the fans, Crawford wants to partake in some of the biggest matchups in the sport, and by all accounts, Arum and his Top Rank promotional company believe they are trying their best to placate everyone.

“Terence wants big fights and we hope to deliver big fights for him.”

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Manny Pacquiao: “Spence Is Slower Than Thurman”

Posted on 01/12/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Although Manny Pacquiao hasn’t officially fought since 2019, the eight-division titlist has been quietly doing his homework.

From the moment current unified welterweight champion Errol Spence Jr. stepped foot inside of the ring, he’s been lauded for his ability. The footwork, timing, defensive responsibility and of course, the power – has left many believing that he is the best welterweight in the world. A tag once associated with Pacquiao.

While the WBA 147-pound belt holder may agree that Spence Jr. has all of those aforementioned qualities, he also believes that the Dallas native has one major hole in his game.

“He [Spence] is too slow,” Pacquiao told Josef Ramos of BusinessMirror. “Spence is slower than Thurman but it’s going to be a good fight.”

Facing a young, undefeated, hard-hitting fighter in Spence Jr. would be difficult, but for Pacquiao, he’s overcome that very scenario in his most recent contest. Before Pacquiao took the entirety of the 2020 campaign off mostly due to COVID-19, the future hall of famer had himself a busy 2019.

After making easy work of Adrien Broner in mid-January, Pacquiao eked out a razor-close decision against previously undefeated Keith Thurman. The win for Pacquiao may have netted him the WBA welterweight title, but not without serious resistance from Thurman. Following the victory, Pacquiao tabbed Thurman as the hardest puncher he had ever faced.

Pair their grueling contest along with 26 years of experience, and the now 42-year-old is as confident as ever in securing the victory against Spence Jr. Still, Pacquiao admitted that a showdown with the powerful southpaw wasn’t exactly number one on his todo list.

After accomplishing virtually everything in the sport of boxing, Pacquiao would like to step outside of his comfort zone and do something else entirely unique.

“[Spence and McGregor are] my options, but right now I want to experience fighting an MMA [mixed martial artist],” said Pacquiao. “I will also donate a big portion of my income to Filipino COVID-19 victims.”

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Mikey Garcia On Errol Spence Jr. Wanting To Face Canelo: “I Think Canelo Stops Him”

Posted on 01/09/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Former four-division world champion Mikey Garcia knows good and well just how skilled Errol Spence Jr. is. After all, the 33-year-old was handed his first defeat at the hands of Spence Jr. in March of 2019.

Still, even with Garcia losing every single round of their contest, the California native believes it would be a grave mistake should he decide to move up in weight to face Canelo Alvarez. 

“Canelo beats Spence,” said Garcia during an interview with Fight Hype. “He probably would even stop him.” 

Recently, Spence Jr. has floated around the idea of jumping up two weight classes in order to face the pound-for-pound star. Ironically enough, Garcia (40-1, 30 KOs) was told a similar fate would be awaiting him when his showdown with Spence Jr. was finalized. 

While Garcia was officially a belt holder at 140 pounds, he made his name and spent several years campaigning at 135 pounds. That, however, didn’t change his ambitions of chasing a bigger man in Spence Jr. On what was a forgettable night for Garcia, the multiple-time belt holder had difficulty dealing with the power, reach and overall boxing ability of Spence Jr.

With the unified welterweight titlist currently mulling the idea of moving up two weight divisions himself, Garcia doesn’t view it as a sagacious move. In fact, he believes Spence Jr. will succumb to a brutal ending. 

“Canelo is too big and too strong. Spence is a big dude but he’s still a welterweight. Canelo is a huge dude and I think he stops him.”

As for Garcia, he’s closing in on a year outside of the ring. The California resident was last seen in February of 2020 dismantling former two-division belt holder Jessie Vargas. 

Recent photos of the former champion have shown him to be a bit on the plump side as if late. Regardless of the few extra pounds though, he not only believes that he’s ready to return to the ring but he knows exactly who he wants next. 

“I took too much time off. It’s time to get back. I got too fat so I gotta lose some weight. I want Manny Pacquiao then a rematch with Errol Spence.”

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Bernard Hopkins Backs Canelo In Possible Errol Spence Jr. Showdown: “I Don’t Think Spence Understands On That Level Yet”

Posted on 12/29/2020

By: Hans Themistode

Bernard Hopkins has a ton of respect for unified welterweight champion Errol Spence Jr.

However, with the Dallas product stating on several occasions that he would love a matchup with four-division titlist Canelo Alvarez, who currently resides three weight classes above him, Hopkins believes he’s lost his mind.

“I like Canelo in that fight,” said Hopkins during a recent interview with Fight Hub TV. “Spence is not a huge guy. Errol Spence can fight but he’s going to have to be a little puncher to be able to get the respect from Canelo.”

Throughout the eight-year career of Spence Jr., the powerful southpaw has faced a litany of well-established fighters. From his 11th round stoppage win over Kell Brook to his decision victory over Shawn Porter, Spence Jr. has established himself as one of the best fighters not only in the welterweight division, but pound for pound.

Most recently, Spence Jr. put to bed any questions surrounding his horrific car crash in October of 2019 with a one-sided beating against Danny Garcia just a few weeks ago. With the win, the Dallas product claimed the scalp of his sixth-former champion. Still, even with success in both the pros and as a 2012 Olympian, Hopkins doesn’t believe that he’ll have the skill or physical ability to win.

“I don’t think Spence understands on that level yet. He can’t keep him off him man.”

Throughout the history of boxing, size hasn’t always been the key ingredient to winning a fight. Recently elected hall of famer in Floyd Mayweather beat several fighters who were much bigger than he was. Eight division champion Manny Pacquiao made a career out of beating larger men. In 2003, Roy Jones Jr. famously moved up from the light heavyweight to take on then heavyweight champion Jon Ruiz, giving up roughly 30 pounds. But while those aforementioned names were success stories, Hopkins believes that there is a difference between what Errol Spence Jr. is attempting to do and what his predecessors did.

“Skills,” explained Hopkins. “I don’t mind fighting a big guy if he don’t got any skills. I’ll get him tired and then beat him. But if he got skills and he’s been walking around comfortable, been in that position and you just walking right into that? Man, there must be something that I’m missing.”

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Tim Bradley: “I Think Spence Just Wants To Get The money And Leave The Game”

Posted on 12/28/2020

By: Hans Themistode

Errol Spence Jr. and Terence Crawford have been dancing around each other for years now. Most of the world has the pair ranked at the very top of the welterweight division. Deciding who is the better all-around fighter is a question that has yet to be answered, and by all accounts, it doesn’t seem as though we’ll find out anytime soon.

Recently, Spence Jr. has made expressed a desire to jump up two or three weight classes to take on four-division titlist Canelo Alvarez.

While many have viewed Spence Jr.’s ambitions as brazen, former two-division champion Tim Bradley views his desire to do so as money-hungry.

“Why would go up and face Canelo but you won’t face Terence Crawford in the same weight class as you?” Said Bradley during a recent discussion with Andre Ward, Mark Kriegel and Joe Tessitore. “That’s a money thing for him.”

In the case of Alvarez, the Mexican superstar is viewed by many as the number one fighter in the world. He’s also considered the sport’s number one attraction, routinely raking in tens of millions of dollars for each appearance in the ring.

In his most recent bout which took place last week against former WBA/Ring magazine super-middleweight champion Callum Smith, Alvarez reportedly pulled in north of 20 million for his one-sided victory. In September of 2018, Alvarez signed a 10 fight, 350 million dollar deal with DAZN. Although their contract has since been terminated, Alvarez continues to see lucrative offers, including a three-fight deal worth $75 million from Premier Boxing Champions (PBC) earlier this year.

With a career-high payday likely if he were to secure a showdown with Alvarez, although Spence Jr. (27-0, 21 KOs) is only 30 years of age, Bradley believes that the Dallas product simply wants to load up his duffle bag with cash and exit stage left.

“I think that Spence is at a point now and correct me if I’m wrong but I think he just wants to get the money and leave the game.”

For Bradley, a matchup between Spence Jr. and Crawford is one that he fantasizes about but doesn’t expect to happen. One constant issue that has prevented the two from fighting one another is Spence Jr.’s association with PBC and Crawford’s alignment with Top Rank. With that said, Crawford is currently under contract with Top Rank for only one more year. A possible landing spot for Crawford once his contract does expire is PBC.

Still, even if Crawford were to sign on the dotted line with the same promotional outfit as Spence Jr., Bradley still won’t get his hopes up.

“He has no intentions of fighting Terence Crawford. Even if Terence Crawford was to jump ship and go over there to PBC, I still don’t see the fight happening.”

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