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Christy Martin Gives Her Opinion On Laila Ali vs Claressa Shields On Boxing Insider Radio: “Laila Ali Would Bust Her Ass”

Posted on 01/29/2020

Before great female fighters such as Ann Wolfe and Laila Ali took the boxing world by storm, Christy Martin helped place it on the map. 

Martin recently sat down with Boxing Insider Radio which airs every Tuesday and is available on iTunes, Spotify and Boxinginsider.com, to discuss her induction into the boxing hall of fame. She also gave her opinion on Claressa Shields and what a showdown against Laila Ali would have looked like.

The career of a female boxer has never been known for its longevity. With both Ali and Wolfe’s career lasting nine years, Martin found a way to stick around the sport of boxing for 23 years. Throughout much of the 1990s and the early 2000s Martin was the face of women’s boxing. 

The ridiculous amount of hard work that she put in has paid off as she will be inducted into the boxing hall of fame later this year. 

It may have seemed like a no brainer decision for everyone else looking on the outside but Martin was left speechless when she heard the news.

“I remember being the Grand Marshall for the boxing hall of fame induction weekend back in 1996,” said Martin on Boxing Insider radio. “Just to be around all of those legends it was great. Never could I have imagined that I would be inducted into the boxing hall of fame. It’s a dream come true.”

Martin may have did all of the hard work inside of the ring, but her soon to be hall of fame career wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for her promoter, Don King.

“I was just really lucky to get Don King involved in my career. So I got the chance to fight on the undercard of Mike Tyson numerous times. Fighting in Vegas and Madison Square Garden. I got exposure like no other female fighter had ever gotten. I honestly think that Don King is the world’s greatest promoter. He bought a lot of excitement to boxing and he made every fight an event. I remember fighting on those pay-per-view shows and he had world champion 12 round fights on the undercard that didn’t even make tv time. He was great at what he did.”

Times have changed. Having a championship fight on the non-televised portion of a card today would simply never happen. Hell, it’s difficult just getting one in the co main event.  

When we take a look at the resume of Martin, it resembles someone’s idea of a cruel sick joke as she fought a murderous row of competition. Martin ducked no one in her fighting career and it shows on her resume. It’s the very reason why she managed to get a spot in the hall of fame. It’s almost hard to believe that it’s been seven years since anyone has last seen her in the ring. 

At age 51, she still looks like she can compete in the ring right now, but don’t count on it. With the sort of fighters she’s fought, Martin’s name isn’t mentioned nearly as much as it should in the discussion of who was the greatest woman of all time (G.W.O.A.T). 

At the moment, the G.W.O.A.T title has been seemingly taken away by Claressa Shields. Her claim to that lofty status isn’t without merit. Not only does Shields have two gold medals but she also has world titles in three different weight classes. Yet, none of those accomplishments mean anything to Martin as she considers Shields claim to the mantle a tenuous one. 

“My momma told me a long time ago that if you don’t have something good to say about somebody or something you shouldn’t say anything. Claressa Shields has accomplished great things as an amateur fighter. To get the honor to go to the Olympics is awesome. Of course that is something that wasn’t even available to the ones that came before her.”

If you ever took the time to sit down and watch a male boxer speak during a press conference, you’ll notice just how brash, cocky and maybe even board line delusional they can come across at times. Females on the other hand, are usually much more reserved. 

Not Shields. She’s a great fighter, and she knows it, but she wants to keep reminding the world just how great she is.  

That penchant for trash talk and giving herself all the praise in the world might bring in high ratings whenever she fights, but it doesn’t sit well with Martin.

“I think that she is young but she has great marketing people around her. I don’t know why they haven’t sat her down and told her that she needs to pay a little more respect for the people that came before you. Had it not been for them, your road would not have been so easy. You probably would not have been given the opportunity to even box, had these women not come before you.”

Cast aside the brashness of Shields and just view her as a talent. Simply put, she’s one of the very best that women’s boxing has ever seen. But much like every other great fighter in their respective sports, they are always compared to those that came before them. 

In the case of Shields, her comparison partner has always been and always will be, Laila Ali. So just like any other comparison, the question becomes, who would win between the two? 

 If anyone can give a sound judgement on how a fight between Shields and Ali would play out had they fought in their primes, it would be Martin. She did after all lose via stoppage to Ali back in 2003. When asked the question, Martin didn’t hold back with her response.

“Laila would bust her ass. It is what it is,” said Martin. “Claressa Shields doesn’t fight coming forward and she can’t fight going backwards. She wants to cry about needing to fight three minute rounds so that she can knock girls out but I knocked out 31 girls in two minute rounds so I don’t understand why it takes so long, if you’re going to get it done, then get it done.”

While the opinion of Martin is respected, Shields has never been the type to hold her tongue for anyone. So it seems like it’s only a matter of time before she responds.

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Claressa Shields Continues To Make Her Case As The G.W.O.A.T

Posted on 01/14/2020

By: Hans Themistode

It’s always frowned upon when a person brags and boast about themselves. 

Let everyone else speak of your greatness while you remain humble. 

Not everyone believes in this way of thinking. Boxers such as Floyd Mayweather Jr and Muhammad Ali spent the majority of their careers telling any and everyone who would listen that they are the very best. 

A number of boxers have soon followed suit. Claiming that they are the next best thing but have often fallen short of their lofty claims. It isn’t easy to gloat of your talent while backing it up each and every time. 

One fighter who has recently followed in the footsteps of those with overwhelming confidence has decided to take things to another level. 

Claressa Shields has just officially entered her name in the record books. This past Friday night on January 10th, at Ocean Resort Casino, in Atlantic City, Shields made it look easy in defeating former champion Ivana Habazin via unanimous decision. In the process of picking up the win, Shields brung home the vacant WBC and WBO Jr Middleweight world titles. 

The newly won gold that currently occupies the space around Shields waist, also came with the distinction of becoming the fastest fighter regardless of gender to win world titles in three different weight divisions. 

The accomplishments of Shields seem almost spurious. Three division world champion in only ten fights, 77 wins in the amateurs against only a single defeat and two Olympic gold medals. 

Thanks to her many achievements, Shields has been given the crown by most as the greatest female boxer of all-time, and certainly the best of this generation. Although the achievements of Shields are constantly celebrated, her aforementioned crown as the best female boxer in the world is often times taken off and replaced with a black hat. 

In the sport of women’s boxing, the fighters are great, but they conduct themselves in a humble manner. Not Shields. She is a firm student of the Muhammad Ali and Floyd Mayweather Jr school of trash talking. Much like her two predecessors, she backs up every word that she says. 

“I think Ivana cant take a piece of humble pie and go back to Croatia,” said Shields during her post fight press conference against Ivana Habazin. “Hopefully on her next try she will become a world champion against somebody else but like I said I am the great woman of all time cause she couldn’t do nothing with me. Zero.”

Shields has the look and feel of a once in a lifetime sort of fighter, but she still has a long list of competitors in front of her. Elio Cederroos and most notably Cecilia Braekhus lead the charge in terms of women who would be best suited to take her own next. 

For now, Shields will not only enjoy this victory but she will also continue to let the world know with both her fighting ability in the ring and her mouth outside of it, just how great she truly is.

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Claressa Shields Attempts to Become Fastest Three-Division Boxing Champion

Posted on 01/09/2020

By Robert Aaron Contreras

Jeered as much as she is cheered, Claressa Shields is putting women’s boxing on the map. But the lead-up to her next championship fight has seen her reputation slip into infamy. 

Shields (9-0, 2 KO) will presumably (fingers crossed) meet Ivana Habazin (20-3, 7 KO) on Jan. 10, from Atlantic City, after two previously-scheduled dates in 2019 were scrapped. First, Shields came down with an injury in training camp, cancelling their initial fight in August. Earlier in the year, she had unified all four major middleweight titles with a wide decision over Christina Hammer. Holding one belt herself, Hammer was Shields’ biggest test to date. So when the dust settled, the undefeated champion was out of challengers. It called for new terrain. So Shields opted to move down in weight to 154 pounds.

When injury struck, Habazin wasn’t buying it. Making her stateside debut by way of Croatia, Habazin speculated Shields, who turned professional at super middleweight, was having trouble cutting weight. Resentment grew between the opposing camps heading into their subsequent booking in early October. On the day of the weigh-ins, a verbal altercation erupted between James Ali Bashir, who is Habazin’s head trainer, and Shields’ sister. Then Ali was blindsided by Shield’s brother then rushed to the hospital and the fight was again called off.

In the aftermath Shields came off unapologetic on an impromptu live stream. Seemingly more concerned with the fight falling through, perhaps even the missing paycheck, rather than Ali’s health, social media tore into her. That Shields would find herself in the crosshairs of online trolls was not surprising—given her penchant for replying, blocking, and flying into a tizzy, just the attention anonymous boxing accounts crave. But the tension and disparagement will go through the roof when boxing fans find reason for self-serious moralizing. Which was just the case when Shields’ own brother was convicted of striking Ali, fracturing the face of the 71-year-old coach.

Shields alleviated herself by reasoning her brother wasn’t technically on the payroll. She felt no culpability. And if she didn’t put the hit out, then she shouldn’t. But communicated so matter-of-factly was bound to miss the mark.

Perhaps Shields will find solace on Friday despite the ring’s violent nature. Fighting a gloved opponent and not character accusations. After all her resume faces little scrutiny. A win on Friday would make her the fastest three-divisional champion in history. The noted “triple crown” was first accomplished by Bob Fitzsimmons back in 1903, securing the record after over 80 fights. This weekend Shields enters her 10th pro bout. 

Only 24, Shields has become the face of women’s boxing in America. Following the previous decade and the success of the UFC’s Ronda Rousey, Shields is at the forefront of a sociopolitical push to equal its male counterpart. Across the pond, promoter Eddie Hearn has gone all in on Katie Taylor, a standout Olympian herself, and a two-weight world champion. Welterweight champion Cecilia Braekhus, is well considered the most talented female boxer on the planet.  Mostly competing in Europe, HBO put Braekhus on center stage last year, headlining their final boxing card.

Habazin, in 2015, challenged Braekhus. But never stood a chance. Shields’ massive -8000 odds suggests Habazin doesn’t here either. Especially considering she fought the bulk of her career at 147 pounds, and at 154 pounds hasn’t battled anybody worthy of note. Her last opponent entered the ring with a .500 record.  Before that? Three more nondescript opponents, with records as poor as 5-5 and 0-3 (respectively?).

Shields should take care of business, officially positioning her one division above Braekhus, boxing’s “First Lady,” and that much closer a superfight to decide the figurehead of the sport.

Jaron Ennis on tap

Ennis, 22, was due for action in support of Shields and her Michigan debut before the event imploded. He went on to front the bill himself and crushed Argentinian Demian Fernandez.

Friday, against Bakhtiyar Eyubov, will represent the first fight of the year for Ennis. No surprise given the Showtime broadcast will be the first major boxing card of 2020. It was routine last year, going 2-0, punching in two knockouts. Before pelting down Fernandez, Ennis was on ShoBox. There, crushing Bolivian veteran Franklin Mamani. Not a worldbeater, to be sure, the Mamani had been stopped twice before (including in three rounds by Dejan Zlaticanin) but never as quickly as Ennis did. The Pennsylvania prospect ended his man’s night in one round.

Eyubov, 33, has never been stopped. But he has been defeated. In fact, after opening his pro career with 13 straight victories, he went winless through 2019: drawing with the unheralded Jose Luis Rodriguez, a Mexican gatekeeper continually fed to upcoming lightweights; then outboxed by blue-chip prospect Brian Ceballo.

Ennis has quite the reputation, punching with more never than his tall frame would suggest. Standing above just about any recognizable welterweight, save for perhaps Maurice Hooker and Ray Robinson, both who lack the snapping punches Ennis possesses, he is lethal. And should mow over Eyubov.

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Claressa Shields vs Amanda Nunes Super Fight Being Eyed By Dana White

Posted on 12/14/2019

By: Hans Themistode

Women’s boxing has always been placed on the back burner of the sport. For whatever reason, it just doesn’t gain the sort of traction or attention that it’s male contemporary. 

Two division champion and self proclaimed greatest female fighter of all time, Claressa Shields, has done her part in changing the perception that is surrounding women’s boxing. It isn’t just that she has captured two Olympic gold medals. Nor is it because through nine professional contests she has already won world titles in two different divisions. Although those reasons play a part in it, the reasoning behind her fame and notoriety is because of her otherworldly skill level. 

On the tenth of January in 2020, Shields will look to add another world title in yet another weight class when she takes on Ivana Habazin. 

Hyping up this contest as a 50/50 matchup would be an easy task, but it also wouldn’t be truthful. No one is expecting Shields to struggle with Habazin. 

As for who she could be taking on next once she dispatches of Habazin, your guess is as good as mine. The cabinet is extremely bare in women’s boxing. Because of the lack of competition, Shields has began to grow a liking to the world of mixed martial arts. She has even began training for a possible debut in the sport. 

Never one to pass up on an opportunity, UFC President Dana White has expressed major interest in matching up Shields with the greatest women’s fighter the UFC has ever seen. Amanda Nunes.  

The aforementioned Nunes has a scheduled contest this Saturday night on December 14th, against Germaine de Randamie. 

Sitting front row to check out her possible future opponent will be none other than Claressa Shields.

“Claressa Shields is coming,” said White. “She’ll be here Saturday to watch the fight. She’s coming to watch the fight, and I will be honest with you, Claressa Shields’ people and I have talked. I don’t know, we’ll see. We’ve talked. I know they’re both interested in it, too. We’ll see how this whole thing plays out. We have a lot of respect for her, too, and she’s going to come to the fight and should be fun.”

The two star fighters from different combat worlds have expressed a great level of interest in making the contest happen and it should come to the surprise of no one that they both believe that they would annihilate the other if the contest took place in their respective sport.

“If she wants to see me then come to my world,” said Nunes. “We can take a girl from a low ranking right now and put her against Shields and Shields won’t make it past the first round. I’m not a boxer. I’m an MMA fighter. If I wanted to be a boxer then I would’ve been. I respect boxing a lot but its not my world. If she stepped into the cage with me she would stand no chance. Her leg would be done because I would kick her all day. If she makes it past the first round then I would like to see if she can make it through the whole fight.”

Nunes would hold a significant advantage in the cage, but what if the tables were turned and she entered the world of Shields?

“In boxing I would put Amanda Nunes to sleep,” said Shields.

Dreaming and fantasizing about this contest shouldn’t be done just yet. There are too many variables that must take place first. Both women have upcoming contests that they both must get past. Furthermore, if a contest were to materialize, where would it take place? A cage or the ring? 

There are too many questions right now and few to no answers. With that being said however, one thing is for sure, if Dana White truly wants this fight to happen, then he’ll get it done.

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Claressa Shields vs. Ivana Habazin Rescheduled Once Again

Posted on 11/18/2019

By: Hans Themistode

For the third and hopefully last time, Claressa Shields and Ivana Habazin are officially set to share the ring with one another on January 10th, 2020 at the Ocean Casino Resort in Atlantic City, New Jersey. 

The two were originally supposed to settle their feud on August 17th, at the Dort Federal Event Center in Flint, Michigan. However, during Shields training camp, she dislocated her right knee and was forced to withdraw from the contest. The bout was quickly rescheduled for October 5th, in the same exact arena. 

Unfortunately for everyone involved, that contest was once again postponed, but this time for other reasons. 

A day before the contest was set to take place, the trainer of Habazin, 68 year old James Ali Bashir, was attacked by the brother of Shields, Artis Mack. Bashir was immediately rushed to the hospital due to serious facial injuries. 

Upon his release, he would then suffer from a brain bleed due to the attacks and be forced to once again return to the hospital for further treatment. Mack was eventually arrested and is now looking at serious charges because of his actions. 

With the non stop merry go round of drama between everyone involved, it is great to see that these two fighters will finally get the chance to settle their differences inside the ring. The drama that has ensued has pushed Habazin to a whole new level of motivation. 

“I’ve been thinking about this since October and I have more of an incentive now given what happened,” said Habazin. “I feel like I’m fighting for James Ali Bashir, as well as for my own pride and respect. I’m also fighting for my country. I want to make Croatia proud that I am their daughter, and I feel that I now have their full support. Claressa is just a brief stop on my journey. I have bigger dreams and bigger shoes to fill in my life. I’m on my way to fulfilling my personal legend — being crowned the undisputed women’s junior middleweight champion. This is just another step on that journey. Given my faith, I feel that while what happened in October was incredibly unfortunate, this was God’s plan. And I have faith that my hand will be raised in victory in January.”

The motivation will certainly be at an all-time high for Habazin, but Shields won’t be lacking in that department either.

“My goal is to become three-division champ faster than any man or woman in history,” Shields said. “This is a very significant fight for both of us. We have both trained really hard twice and great opportunities await the winner, so hopefully three times is the charm.”

The making of this contest has been an arduous one. The previous issues that they have had towards one another is extraneous at this point. Claressa Shields and Ivana Habazin will look to start off the 2020 boxing calendar with a bang.

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Claressa Shields Brother Charged With Assaulting James Ali Bashir

Posted on 10/18/2019

By: Sean Crose

In a display off-putting even for the rough and often seedy world of professional boxing, trainer James Ali Bashir was assaulted several weeks ago at the weigh in for the Ivana Habazin-Claressa Shields middleweight title unification fight. After being taken to the hospital that day, Ali Bashir had to return to the hospital several days later after medical professionals became alarmed with the seriousness of his injury. The individual behind the attack was unknown for some time. On Wednesday, however, Artis J Mack was named by Michigan prosecutor Prosecutor David Leyton as the individual responsible.

Mack, who is Shield’s 28 year old brother, pleased not guilty to the charge of “assault with intent to do great bodily harm less than murder” in Genesee District Court on Thursday. According to Michigan based publication M Live, a police officer caught sight of Mack leaving the Dort Federal Event Center after the incident on October 4th. The officer then reportedly tailed Mack and subsequently arrested him. M Live also reports that “Mack is currently being lodged in the Genesee County Jail on a probation hold stemming from an unrelated second-degree arson charge he pleaded guilty to in 2017.” Should he be convicted of the Ali Bashir charge, Mack can face up to a decade behind bars.

Frank Manley, who is Mack’s attorney, claims that video evidence of the weigh in event of October 4th will shed new light on the scenario. “I’ve seen some of it,” M Live quotes Manley as saying, “and some of the language that I heard … if in fact that was directed at someone, you might very well expect some type of action in return.” Although he didn’t condone the assault, Manley claimed he believes “there’s a lot more to it than maybe has been reported so far.”

For her own part, WBC, WBA, and IBF Female middleweight champion Shields has condemned the attack, stating on social media that “the actions that took place against Coach Ali was not right,” adding that “I do not stand for that and do not in any way justify what happened no matter what he said!” Shields was not in the area of the attack when it took place. Though there was clear friction between Shield’s and Habazin’s camps beforehand, it appears the assault was the act of a single individual acting alone. Needless to say, Shields’ fight with Habazin, which had been scheduled for the following day, and was to be aired live on Showtime, was subsequently called off.

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Trainer James Ali Bashir Back In Hospital After Assault

Posted on 10/10/2019

By: Sean Crose

Boxing received another black eye last week when Ivana Habazin trainer James Ali Bashir was punched from behind immediately at the weigh in for Habazin’s scheduled title bout with rising star Claressa Shields. There had been words between the Bashir and someone who may have been from Shield’s camp shortly beforehand, so tensions were running high. Still, the blow sent Bashir to the hospital and shockwaves throughout the boxing world. Saturday’s Habazin-Shields match was canceled, and the action – by a still unidentified assailant – was widely and rightly condemned. Ali Bashir himself was sent to the hospital while photos of the man being wheeled out of the Dort Federal Event Center in Flint, Michigan told a disturbing tale.

The news went from bad to worse on Tuesday. “Yesterday,” Habazib tweeted, “my coach James Ali Bashir was called by Detroit hospital’s personel and told that he needs to go to the nearest hospital ASAP because he has bleeding in his brain! I feel very bad because of all this thing what happend. My prayers are with him!” Bashir’s sister, also took to Twitter on Tuesday. “My brother, legendary #boxing trainer James Ali Bashir has been rushed back to the hospital due to bleeding in his brain.. Prayers are needed immediately for him!!! This is a nightmare. 🙁 #boxing community he needs all prayers&healing! @AliBashirTeach”

Although no word has yet been given of Bashir’s condition, there’s no denying that a return to the hospital is a frightening development. Although some suspect a person form Shield’s camp was behind Friday’s assault, Shields herself denied the allegation. “I had a chance to talk to coach Bashir Ali today,” Shields tweeted on Monday, “he know I had nothing to do with what happened and I let him know I’m sorry about everything. He said the same and he let it be known he wasn’t upset with me. I’m glad we had a chance to talk and pray he has a speedy recovery.”

Ali Bashir is well known throughout the fight game, not only through his own work as a trainer, but also through his association with the late legendary trainer Emanuel Steward. One of the more notable fighters Ali Bashir has worked with has been former heavyweight kingpin Wladimir Klitschko. Ali Bashir was unconscious for more than fifteen minutes after being struck by the still unknown assailant on Friday. Blows to the back of the head are extremely dangerous and, needless to say, are illegal in the sport of boxing.

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More At Stake as The WBC Places Their Title on the Line in Claressa Shields Contest

Posted on 10/04/2019

By: Hans Themistode

Claressa Shields will be looking to solidify herself as the best female boxer in the world when she takes on Ivana Habazin. The contest is slated to take place this Saturday night on October 5th, in front of Shields hometown crowd of Flint Michigan, at the Dort Federal Center.

This will be Shields first attempt at a world title in her third weight class. Earlier this year she defeated long time champion Christina Hammer to unify Middleweight titles. It was a dominant performance by Shields who made it look easy against an opponent who routinely ran through her competition before being matched up against Shields.

Now that she has conquered two separate weight divisions, she will be looking to do it in a third. This contest was originally supposed to have just the vacant WBO Jr Middleweight world title at stake. Both of these women will have even more to fight for as it was just announced that the vacant WBC belt will be on the line as well.

“The WBC is proud and happy to be part of this herstoric event”, said WBC Women’s Championship Chairman Malte Mueller-Michaelis. “Both Shields and Habazin are outstanding athletes so we are looking forward to an exciting bout.”

Shields isn’t looking to simply pick up a world title. She is also chasing history. With a victory on Saturday night she will become the fastest fighter in history to win world titles in three different weight classes. A record that is currently by pound for pound stalwart Vasiliy Lomachenko. A feat he was able to accomplish in his twelve professional contest.

In order to accomplish this feat, she will have to defeat a formidable opponent in Ivana Habazin. The aforementioned Habazin is a former Middleweight champion and has shared the ring with some of the best boxers in the world today. In 2014, she lost a close decision to the only woman who is considered to be just as talented as Shields in Cecilia Braekhus.

With just 9 fights under her belt, this would seem like a bridge too far to cross for any other fighter, but not for Shields. The two time gold medal winner believes in her skill, and so do the people who she is surrounded by.

“Winning a world title in a third weight division faster than any man or woman in boxing history is a once in a lifetime opportunity and accomplishment,” said Shields’ Manager Mark Taffet. “I know Claressa will rise to the occasion, and I’m thrilled both the WBC and WBO belts will be on the line.”

Shields is a special fighter, there is no doubt about it. With the domination she has displayed at both the Super Middleweight and Middleweight divisions, it seems like a safe bet to assume that she will have the same level of success in her new weight class. It won’t be easy on Saturday night but with two belts now up for grabs, Shields will be as motivated as ever.

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Shields vs. Habazin Fight Preview

Posted on 10/03/2019

By: Oliver McManus

The self-styled ‘greatest woman of all time’, Claressa Shields (9-0) returns to her home city of Flint this Saturday for a long awaited homecoming bout. Waiting for her in the ring will be Ivana Habazin (23-3) of Zagreb, Croatia, with the WBO and WBC ‘Diamond’ super welterweight titles on the line.

Shields has been a dominant force in women’s boxing since making the decision to turn professional in 2016: she’s been a world champion since her third fight and became ‘undisputed’ in her most recent. Habazin is somewhat of a stalwart in the European scene, a bit like Shields’ last opponent Christina Hammer, having boxed professionally since 2010. The 29 year old has had limited success at world level with one win (three if you count the IBO) to counter her three losses – against Mikaela Lauren, Eva Bajic and Cecilia Braekhus.

Her confidence is high going into this postponed contest having recently avenged the loss to Bajic and comfortably won the IBO middleweight title. Dropping down to super welterweight suits Habazin well – it is her more natural weight class – but it’s likely she’ll be the smaller fighter on the night with Shields likely to gain more in the rehydration process.

The lure of any potential knockout finish to proceedings should be minimal. Couple that with more methodical approaches from the protagonists and you could be forgiven for labelling this fight an ‘intriguing chess match’, ‘a battle of wills’ or any other such well-worn cliché. It is an approach that has served Shields well, however, with a brash confidence to expose her opponents through sheer technical superiority.

Against Hammer we saw Shields respond to Hammer’s more upright, rangy style by cutting the ring off effectively. The movement of Shields loosened as the fight progressed and that’s when the ‘showman’ or ‘show-woman’ aspect of her boxing came to the fore Hammer began the fight as the instigator looking to disrupt a rhythm but it was Shields who was dominant and that’s the sort of game-plan you’d expect her to take against Habazin.

Not really a ground-shaking opponent to return her home city with but few are really on a palpable level when it comes to Shields. Should be routine but at least is has sentimental value.

The undercard will see Jaron Ennis taking on Demian Daniel Fernandez over the course of a ten round welterweight contest. The unbeaten (23-0) Philadelphian has impressed here at Boxing Insider since making his debut at the age of 18. Now 22 it’s safe to say he’s served his apprenticeship and is looking to creep closer to a world ranking; he’s already got a foot in the WBC’s door via their USNBC Silver title.

No such additional trinket will be on offer for his but on Saturday but Fernandez (12-1) is the ‘interim’ WBO Latino champion so is likely to be a fair gauge of his current ability. Indeed the 30 year old Argentine was particularly impressive against, fellow Argentine, Diego Ramirez last October when he refused to buckle under the planted feet of his compatriot. He ultimately won the contest 96-94 (x2), 97-93 against the man who would go on to defeat, former British champion, Bradley Skeete.

Ennis will look to replicate that aggression of Ramirez, with better results albeit, as he looks to continue his run of 13 early finishes.

A heavyweight co-feature has Jermaine Franklin (19-0) battling Pavel Sour (11-1) in a fight which has potential to throw up ANYTHING. It could be a re-run of Dubois vs Tetteh from the weekend – a clear gulf in levels – or it could result in a thrilling slug fest a la Ibeabuchi-Tua (admittedly hyperbolic but you get the point). Franklin has underwhelmed for a long time now and his progression has significantly stagnated; a split decision against Jerry Forrest in July was particularly painful to watch.

Nonetheless Dmitry Salita perseveres with the 25 year old who continues to promise he’s ‘the next big thing’ whilst offering up little supporting evidence. Sour doesn’t make such bold claims and, by all accounts, the 36 year old is happy with his lot but clearly sees this as an avenue to more testing contest and, importantly, more lucrative purses. The sole blemish on his record was a 1st round knockout loss to the ever-ferocious Filip Hrgovic. Since then he has claimed, and defended, the Czech national title against Vaclav Pejsar and a subsequent defence against Tomas Salek. A puncher, but against untested opposition, his best hope is that Jermaine Franklin well, does yet another ‘Jermaine Franklin’.

The main event looks to provide the main talking point from the show and, certainly, if Claressa Shields has her way it’ll be her cries of “I AM the Greatest Woman of All Time” that ring in our ears as we try to sleep. The party in Flint, Michigan, if she wins will run for some time longer.

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Showtime Boxing Preview: Shields vs. Hammer

Posted on 04/11/2019

By: Oliver McManus

Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City will be the location for Claressa Shield’s attempt to become the undisputed champion of the world. This Saturday, in only her ninth professional contest, T-Rex will look to add the WBO Middleweight title to her already impressive collection. Of course Shields is just one half of that contest and, in the other corner, Christina Hammer will be confident in her own ability to pull off a perceived upset.

Photo Credit: Showtime Boxing Twitter Account

Hammer, born in Kazakhstan and living in Germany, has been a professional since her opponent was just 14 years of age. In ten years of professional boxing Hammer has been at the forefront of European female fighting. Cecilia Braekhus is the obvious flagbearer – and, indeed, the only other undisputed champion – but Hammer has been regularly showcased on German terrestrial television and was one of the first female fighters to gain mass media attention.

A bona fide world champion since 2010, she has subsequently been involved in 15 world title fights in which she’s unified – at one time holding both WBO and WBC belts – and became a two weight world champion.

The 28 year old naturally boxes from range with, genuinely, light and bouncy footwork. She tends to work her way sideways around the ring, as opposed to just marching forward, and peppers away with the left jab. A fighter who looks to control the fight and pick off the rounds instead of chasing the finish, Hammer uses her height to advantage and doubles up on her punches well. A real highlight, for me, is a rolling right hook that often breaks through the guard of her opponent.

Shields, the betting favourite at 1/4 (Hammer can be found at 3/1), is equally methodical in her approach to each contest with three of her last fight bouts ending in shut-out victories. Flak has been attracted for such an approach with critics labelling her fight-style as ‘boring’ but, evidently, it’s effective and continuing to flourish for the American.

Two times an Olympic champion, Shields is no stranger to dominant success and has found herself at the top of the women’s game pretty much since she turned professional in 2016. Self marketed as “The Greatest Woman of All Time”, here she is headlining the fourth televised card of her career – something unprecedented a mere five years ago.

It is likely that she will box reactively, as opposed to proactively, come Saturday night and respond to the work-rate of her German opponent. In doing so she will be able to take a measured approach to nullify the threat posed by Hammer. Fireworks are unlikely but this is a genuine “super fight” of women’s boxing and it’s by no means a foregone conclusion.

The undercard features two exciting heavyweight contests – and I’m not talking about Samuel Peter vs Mario Heredia – with Jermaine Franklin taking on Rydell Booker and Otto Wallin fighting Nick Kisner. Both contests will be over 10 rounds.

Franklin will be looking to record the 18th victory of his professional career, after nine months without a fight. The Saignaw-fighter has been doing the media rounds ahead of this particular contest and recently declared himself “the best heavyweight prospect, period”. That statement is questionable given the meteoric rise of talents such as Filip Hrgovic and Joe Joyce.

The unbeaten fighter is determined to vindicate Dmitry Salita, who signed the heavyweight last year, and start proving his worth at the top end of the heavyweight division. Booker, 13 years older at 38, will look to record his fourth consecutive win and advance his record to 26-1. That single loss came at the hands of James Toney, in a WBC title eliminator, back in 2004. His career stalled in the aftermath with a lengthy spell in prison for drug-related offences. A win against Franklin would put his name back on the map of American heavyweights, who seem to always stumble into fights they rarely deserve.

Otto Wallin is a big, angry Swedish fighter who has been knocking around the European scene for a while, now. Hopes have been high but, for varying reasons, we’ve yet to see Wallin really kick on. Now based in New York, signing with Salita Promotions, he’ll look to crack the American market. 20-0, the 28 year old’s best win was in his last fight, 52 weeks ago, against Adrian Granat. Wallin controlled the, all-Swedish, contest with considerable ease and displayed his ability to box and move, whereas in previous fights he has been boxed in as a brawler.

Having given up a mandatory challenger position for the European title – against Agit Kabayel – he won’t be looking to hang around and Nick Kisner, let’s have it straight, is merely an opponent designed to ease Wallin back in after over a year out. Having campaigned almost exclusively as a cruiserweight, don’t expect him to be able to live with the physicality of his southpaw opponent.

Shields vs Hammer, then, to become the undisputed middleweight champion of the world. Boardwalk entertainment, befitting of Broadway.

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Shields-Hammer “A Big Step Up For Women’s Boxing”

Posted on 04/09/2019

By: Sean Crose

“I’m just ready to beat Christina Hammer up and make her shut up.”

So said Claressa Shields, two time Olympic Gold medalist and current IBF, WBA, and WBC women’s middleweight champion. Shields was on a conference call to promote this Saturday night’s title unification bout against WBO middleweight champion Christina Hammer. The bout is being promoted as the biggest women’s fight in boxing history. That may or may not be true, but the 8-0 Shields, and the 24-0 longtime champ Hammer are most certainly at the top of the pecking order.

“I’m thankful for this opportunity,” Germany’s Hammer claimed. “It’s a big step for women’s boxing, and a big step for me.” The two were supposed to fight last November, but a Hammer injury pushed the battle back to this weekend in Atlantic City (“I still would have won”said Shields). The truth is that Shields isn’t afraid to ruffle feathers, but she also makes it clear that she knows big talk is part of the big business that is boxing. It’s something Hammer concurs with. “I think it’s normal,” said Hammer of the trash talk. “That’s boxing. That’s business.”

“We both talk trash,” Shields admitted. “I can say I don’t like her as much as she doesn’t like me. But at the end of the day, after the fight, I’ll give as much sportsmanship as I can.” Both fighters made it clear that their fight is nothing if not a huge event. Undefeated, young, and decorated, both athletes realize that there’s a lot of bragging rights that come with winning this weekend, though both are already acclaimed in their own right. “Just keep being me,” Shields said in response to the assertion she’s “the face of women’s boxing.” Shields mentioned a piece of advice Andre Ward gave to her: “Just be who you are.” If being who she is brings about a win on Saturday, it will be sound advice indeed.

Although Shields only has eight professional fights to her name, she expressed confidence leading up the bout. “I’m going to whip her ass up all night,” Shields said. “All night.” Yet Shields also showed something of a reflective side during the call. “I’m not a perfect fighter,” she admitted, “just know that I’m getting there.” Not yet twenty-five, it’s clear the former Olympian has a mindset she’s comfortable with. “I just get in there, and win.”

Although Shields may come across as rougher around the edges, Hammer showed that she can subtly and aggressively press buttons. For it was Hammer who interrupted while Shields was answering a question, then laughed when Shields responded.

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Claressa Shields On Christina Hammer: “I’m Going To Beat Her And Mess Her Up”

Posted on 03/29/2019

By: Sean Crose

“We’ve been going twice a day every day except Sunday for five-straight weeks,” says WBC, IBF and WBA middleweight champ Claressa Shields. “We put in lots of rounds sparring, tons of sprinting, pad work, push-ups, crunches and drills to help with my head movement.” Shields has been training hard for her April 13th bout against WBO middleweight champ Christina Hammer. A rare fight for an undisputed championship, the bout will air live on Showtime from Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City. “I don’t want the belts handed to me,” she says. “I’m coming to win every round on April 13.”

Shields travelled to Miami this week after weeks of camp at the US Olympic Training Center, which is in Colorado Springs, Colorado. “I’ve put my body through so much on this camp,” says Shields, “and now it’s time to start cutting it down a bit. I’m in great shape and my weight is on point. I’m also in a great place mentally and very happy with this camp overall.” With the fight now just weeks away, the 8-0 Shields intends to keep sharp in order to be in prime form for her 24-0 opponent, Hammer.

“My main focus now,” Shields says, “is trying to relieve my body while keeping my conditioning…I’m making sure that I go into fight week with no injuries or soreness. I’ve been in Colorado for over a month and it was time for some new scenery.” While the weather in Florida can clearly be nicer this time of year than the weather in Colorado, Shields didn’t go to Miami for a vacation. “I’m still going to be training very hard in Florida,” the native of Flint, Michigan claims. “I just need a little more sunshine and the additional space that’s provided for me down here. We did what we had to do in Colorado. Florida is just an ideal environment all-around and a happy place for me to be these last couple weeks.”

Although Shields is not known for her knockout power – she’s only had two fights that haven’t gone the distance – she is clearly more lauded in America than her more experienced German counterpart. Olympic gold and big backing can do that for a fighter. Still, Shields aims to show she’s more than just hype when she steps into the ring a few weeks from now. “I know what I can and will do on April 13,” Shields says. “I already told Christina I’m going to beat her and mess her up. I’m taking this fight 100 percent seriously. I’m going to go out there and dominate her.”

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Press Conference Quotes: Christina Hammer vs. Claressa Shields

Posted on 02/27/2019

Two undefeated middleweight champions went face-to-face Tuesday as Claressa Shields and Christina Hammer met in New York at a press conference ahead of their battle for the undisputed women’s middleweight championship Saturday, April 13 live on SHOWTIME from Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, N.J.

The SHOWTIME BOXING: SPECIAL EDITION begins at 9 p.m. ET/PT and will feature a long-awaited unification in what is arguably the most significant event in women’s boxing history. In addition to world titles from all four sanctioning bodies, this fight will be for the Ring Magazine Women’s Middleweight Championship, the first time a Ring divisional title has been at stake in a women’s boxing match.

Photo Credit: Showtime Boxing Twitter Account

Tickets for the live event, which is promoted by Salita Promotions, are priced at $150, $100, $55 and $35 and are on sale Friday, March 1 at 11 a.m. ET. Tickets can be purchased through Ticketmaster and at boardwalkhall.com. Pre-sale tickets are available now at the link HERE by using the code BOXING.

Also on Tuesday, SHOWTIME Sports announced that it will chronicle the buildup to Shields vs. Hammer with a two-part digital installment of the Sports Emmy® Award winning programing ALL ACCESS. ALL ACCESS: SHIELDS vs. HAMMER will premiere on March 29 with the second installment on April 5 on the SHOWTIME Sports YouTube channel and SHOWTIME Boxing Facebook page and take viewers into the training camps of both champions. Cameras will be embedded with Shields at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colo., and with Hammer in the town of Seefeld in the Austrian Alps as the undefeated rivals prepare for the most significant fight of their careers.

Here is what the press conference participants had to say Tuesday from Dream Hotel Downtown in Manhattan:


“This has been long overdue. I’m just glad that Hammer is here and the fight is set. She’s been at my fights before but I can’t wait to get inside the ring and show her I’m the real champion.

“I’ve traveled to many different countries and dethroned champions around the world. At the end of the day, I’m coming to fight and I recognize that she’s a great champion. To be a champion for all those years shows that she’s a good fighter. But I also look at resumes, and her resume is not as good as mine.

“I’m not someone coming to lay down. I’m not afraid of her. You don’t win belts by talking. You have to fight. I said two years ago I want to fight Christina Hammer in my seventh fight. It would have been if it weren’t for her medical issue. But now we’re here and ready for April 13.

“April 13 you’re going to see someone fold. I promise you, it will not be me. Make sure you all tune-in.

“I think for women’s boxing this is a true super fight that we’ve never gotten before. We’ve never had a fight like this in women’s boxing. It’s great to make this happen and us being from two parts of the world makes this fight even better.

“She’s not the tallest girl I’ve ever fought. I’m stronger than her and I know it. I got up from a knockdown and won. She can’t do that. I don’t believe she knows how to fight on the inside, but she better learn.

“I want to make her quit. I don’t want her to just know I’m a good fighter, I want her to know I’m great. I wish we could go 12 rounds, but I’ll be prepared for all 10 rounds.”


“I’m very glad to be here and make this fight happen. I’m looking forward to April 13. I want to show the world who I am.

“This is a big risk to come from Germany to the U.S., but I believe the best should fight the best and I did what I had to so that this could happen. This fight can be a game changer for our sport.

“I will give everything to step out of the ring as a winner. I know Claressa Shields is also a great champion. She’s undefeated like me and that’s why people want to see the fight and that’s why we made it happen.

“I want to thank everyone who made this fight a reality and brought us to this stage. It’s huge for me to be here in New York and I am looking to win on April 13.

“This fight is the real deal. This is going to be a game changer for women’s boxing. I think we’re going to inspire a lot of female athletes who want to live their dream. It’s motivation for everyone.

“I’ve had the title for a long time. I always push myself. This is the fight I wanted to show everyone who is the best. I will be the undisputed champion.

“Shields is beatable. Hanna Gabriels caught her in the first round of their fight and I am taller and stronger than Gabriels. I want to finish the job if I get the chance.

“Anything can happen in boxing. I’m prepared to go the distance. Knockout is the goal but most importantly, I want to win.”

DMITRIY SALITA, President of Salita Promotions

“I’m honored to bring to the fans the first super fight in women’s boxing history. A lot of questions surround this fight. Will this be a classic like Leonard vs. Hearns, where the gold medalist handles the experienced pro, or like Mosley vs. De La Hoya, where the boxing pro took the gold medalist down. This fight is going to be for all of the belts and this recognizes the true value and impact of this fight.

“Christina Hammer has been a world champion for over nine years and has won titles in two divisions. She’s charismatic and a superstar in Germany and Europe. As a champion that she is, she’s traveling to the other side of the world to prove that she’s the best.

“Claressa made the Olympic team when she was 17 years old, winning our only boxing medal at the 2012 Olympic games. She’s the only boxer in U.S. history to win two Olympic gold medals in boxing. She’s had a very impressive pro career, beating world champions and top contenders in all her fights. She’s on her journey to be the best and this fight is a big step toward cementing herself as the GWOAT (greatest woman of all time).

“This is going to be a historic night of boxing. If you watch this fight live and in-person, you will want to hold onto your ticket as a memento.”

MARK TAFFET, Claressa Shields’ Manager

“The media support for this fight is outstanding. This is a very special time. This fight is one of the most significant fights I’ve worked on in my career, because of the place it will hold in history.

“Two years ago I met Claressa Shields and we discussed her turning pro. We made a list of dreams and I promised Claressa I would do everything in my power to fulfill every one of them. We’ve had a wonderful journey together. One of those dreams was to make this undisputed championship fight happen. We’re going to keep making dreams happen.”

TOM LOEFFLER, Christina Hammer’s Advisor

“Without the fighters wanting this fight, events like this wouldn’t happen. Christina Hammer wants this challenge and she wants to prove she’s the best middleweight champion out there.

“These two fighters can be an example for a lot of male boxers. These are two undefeated fighters in their prime putting it all on the line to show who is the best. You don’t see that very often these days.

“This is going to be a fun promotion. This is a fight that’s a real 50-50 fight. Claressa will be coming forward with her style and tenacity, going up against Christina’s experience. It’s for all the marbles”

STEPHEN ESPINOZA, President Sports & Event Programming, Showtime Networks Inc.

“Let’s get one thing straight here. This isn’t just an important women’s fight. This isn’t just a high-quality women’s boxing match. This is a high-quality boxing match. This is an important fight. So certainly we have two very skilled women, we’re not going to ignore that fact. But this is one of the best fights that can be made in this sport. Two pound-for-pound boxers, the best fighting the best. If you are not interested in this fight, then candidly, you are not a boxing fan. This is as good as this sport gets.

“We at SHOWTIME have a long history showcasing the best in women’s boxing and MMA. Names like Laila Ali, Christy Martin, Ronda Rousey, Miesha Tate, Gina Carano, Cris Cyborg.; those are all fighters who made their debuts and that became stars on SHOWTIME. This has been a long-time commitment.

“The first nationally televised women’s MMA event was on SHOWTIME. The first domestic televised MMA women’s main event was on SHOWTIME. The first women’s boxing match that was nationally televised was on SHOWTIME. The first women’s main event boxing bout was also on SHOWTIME, and that obviously was Claressa just a couple of years ago.

“So here on this stage you’ve got two of the most elite athletes in the sport. Not two of the elite women’s fighters in the sport, but two of the elite athletes within this sport. Two-time gold medalist, the only American to do that consecutively, and a two-belt world champion versus a longtime middleweight champion who has dominated this division for nearly a decade.

“This is one of the best fights that can be made in the entire sport. We have two of the elite athletes in boxing and they are deserving of having everything that comes with a marquee event on SHOWTIME, including our Emmy Award-winning All Access series.”

JIM WYNKOOP, General Manager, Boardwalk Hall

“We are so excited to have this great fight coming to Boardwalk Hall. It will be our first championship fight in several years and we can’t wait.

“There is a huge history of boxing at Boardwalk hall in Atlantic City and we look forward to writing another chapter on April 13.”

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DAZN Boxing Preview: Shields vs. Rankin, Miller vs. Dinu

Posted on 11/16/2018

By: William Holmes

On Saturday, November 17th Eddie Hearn’s Matchroom Boxing will put on a stacked card live from the Kansas Star Casino in Mulvane, Kansas on the DAZN streaming service.

The card was originally scheduled to take place in Atlantic City, but the addition of Olympic Bronze Medalist Nico Hernandez, already a big draw in Kansas, was a factor in the change of venues.

The card is stacked with talent, including fighters such as Anthony Sims, Gabriel Rosado, Luis Arias, Nico Hernandez, and Canelo’s older brother Ramon Alvarado.

The main event of the evening is a heavyweight bout between Jarell Miller and Bogdan Dinu, with future title implications on the line. The co-main event of the evening is between Claressa Shields and Hannah Rankin for Shield’s IBF and WBA titles as well as the vacant WBC Middleweight Title.

The following is a preview of the co-main event and main event of the night.

Claressa Shields (6-0) vs. Hannah Rankin (5-2); IBF/WBA/WBC Women’s Middleweight Titles

Claressa Shields is one of the biggest names in woman’s boxing, and she has her sight set on some possible big money matches against Christina Hammer, she first has to get past Scottish boxer Hannah Rankin.

Photo Credit: DAZN USA Twitter Account

Shields is easily one of the top pound for pound female boxers in the sport today. She’s a two time Olympic Gold Medalist and her only loss as an amateur was to Savannah Marshall. She’s never tasted defeat and has two stoppage wins on her record. She’s the same size as Rankin, both stand at about 5’8”. But she’s five years younger than Rankin as Shields is only 23 years old.

Rankin only has one stoppage win on her resume and she did not have the amateur success that Shields enjoyed. Rankin however, has never been stopped but did lost her last bout

Both boxers have been fairly active. Shields fought twice in 2018 and three times in 2017. Rankin fought three times in 2018 and four times in 2017.

Shields only has six professional fights but has never faced an opponent with a losing record. She has defeated the likes of Nikki Adler, Tori Nelson, Hanna Gabriels, and Szilvia Szabados. Rankin’s best win to date was against Sanna Turunen. She has lost to the likes of Joanna Ekedahl and Alicia Napoleon. Her wins include wins against opponents with records of 10-47-3 and 2-21-1.

Shields is an exciting fighter to watch, but Rankin is an opponent with little to no shot of winning. Shields should win easily on Saturday.

Jarrell Miller (22-0-1) vs. Bogdan Dinu (18-0); WBA “World” Heavyweight Title

Jarrell Miller is a very large heavyweight boxer who had a prior successful career as a kickboxer. He’s thirty years old, two years younger than his opponent, but will be giving up about one inch in height to Dinu. But Miller will undoubtedly be heavier than Dinu.

Photo Credit:DAZN USA Twitter Account

When he fought Gerald Washington he weighed in at 298 pounds.

Miller is known for his knockout power. He has stopped nineteen of his opponents, and only one of his past ten opponents made it to the final bell. However, Dinu also has considerable power. He has stopped fourteen of his opponents and is currently riding an eight fight win by stoppage streak.

Miller had some success in the United States as an amateur. He was a NY Golden Gloves Finalist. Dinu had some success on the European Amateur Circuit as a child, but neither boxer was highly successful on the international stage.

Miller has fought twice in 2018 and twice in 2017. Dinu has yet to fight in 2018 and had two fights in 2017 and two fights in 2016. Inactivity may be an issue for Dinu.

Dinu has fought exclusively in Romania and Canada and has not faced the level of competition that Miller has faced. His best wins to date were over Marino Goles and Kertson Manswell.

Miller has never tasted defeated and has beaten the likes of Tomasz Adamek, Johan Duhaupas, Mariusz Wach, Gerald Washington, and Fred Kassi.

This is a fight that Miller should win, but Dinu has the power to test Miller’s chin and the height to match Miller. A win for Miller could lead to a future showdown with fellow DAZN fighter, Anthony Joshua.

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Claressa Shields: “I Just Want The Pound-For-Pound Spot”

Posted on 11/14/2018

By: Sean Crose

Claressa “T Rex” Shileds was expecting to have a major bout this weekend against Christina Hammer. That bout, however, fell through. Therefore, the 6-0 Shields will be facing the 5-2 Hannah Rankin this Saturday at the Kansas Star Casino in Mulvane, Kansas, headlining a card that will be aired live by the DAZN streaming service. Shields will be defending her IBF and WBA world middleweight titles. The WBC belt, formerly held by Hammer, will also be at stake. “The WBC crown was in the hands of Christina Hammer,” promoter Matchroom Boxing claims, “whom Shields was slated to meet this weekend in a unification blockbuster for all four belts, with the German also owning the WBO belt.”

“I’m thrilled,” Shields says, “to be able to continue my road to undisputed this weekend…Christina has first in line when I win the belt on Saturday, it’s not a fight that we are looking to avoid. If she’d been fit to face me then that would be the fight this weekend. I wanted that fight bad.” Shields claims she knew something was amiss with Hammer, who had to step out of the fight due to a medical condition that hasn’t been disclosed to the public.

“I felt that when we did the phone interview and we announced that we were fighting,” says Shields, “I sensed in her tone that something was wrong, that she wasn’t as excited as I was about the fight. She didn’t seem happy, and as a champion I sensed something was wrong and I was right as she was sick. As soon as she comes back, we can fight.” Shields, however, is not going to take Rankin lightly. “Hannah has been Christina’s toughest sparring partner,” says Shields of this weekend’s opponent, “so I am going to make her pay just for that. It’s not a let down for me, just getting in the ring and being able to fight is a joy to me, it makes me happy. Hannah has turned down another fight to take this shot and we’re fighting as a co-main event on DAZN, so it should be fun.”

Shields is reportedly willing to go up to super middleweight, or even down to super welterweight, in order to land fights. “None of the girls at 168lbs,” says Shields, “want to fight me. We’ve offered the fight to Alicia many times and fights to so many of them, they’ve all said I’m too big and they are too little, then they say we don’t offer good money – but we have TV and we’re offering good money for sure.” Shields is even open to fighting welterweight Cecilia Braekhus at a catchweight.

“I think I can go as low as 154lbs,” says Shields, “and I would do that to fight Cecilia for the pound-for-pound spot. I don’t want to go to 147lbs as I would only be able to win the fight and not go on to defend the belts. She can keep her belts, I just want the pound-for-pound spot – she can have the belts and be number two, I’m number one. We can meet at 154lbs, that would be huge.”

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