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Tyson Fury’s New Training Method? “Masturbate 7 Times a Day”

Posted on 01/17/2020

By: Hans Themistode

We may only be in the first month of the new year, but WBC titlist Deontay Wilder and Lineal Champion Tyson Fury could certainly lay claim to already having the fight of the year already wrapped up. 

Both Heavyweight big men are set to throw down on the 22nd of February at the MGM Grand Arena, in Las Vegas, Nevada. If this contest will be even half as good as their first matchup which took place in late 2018, then it’s going to be a close and competitive bout. 

Since their first encounter,  both men spent the entire 2019 boxing calendar taking on somewhat stiff competition. For Wilder, he spent his portion of the year taking on Dominic Breazeale and Luis Ortiz, stopping both of them in devastating fashion. Fury on the other hand, took on two unheralded foes. In May, it took Fury just two rounds to stop Tom Schwarz. Just a few months later in September, Fury got all he could handle from Otto Wallin before ultimately coming out with the decision victory. 

Now that each Heavyweight has gotten everyone else out of the way and have gotten through their media press conference, it’s time for the training to begin.

When it comes down to a mega showdown in the sport of boxing, just about every boxer knows exactly what to do. Yet for a contest of this magnitude, Fury has added a new wrinkle to his training.

“I masturbaute 7 times a day,” said Fury. “It keeps me testosterone pumping. I gotta keep that testosterone flowing for the fight. I don’t want the levels to go down.”

Laugh if you want, but it actually does make a bit of sense. Fury has said on numerous occasions that he doesn’t want to leave his rematch with Wilder in the hands of the judges this time around. Constant masturbation with his right hand just might add the sort of strength that he needs in order to end the night early. 

Alright, that isn’t exactly true but who knows. If Fury really is masturbating 7 times a day, the power in his right hand could be out this world by the time the fight actually takes place. 

Other than masturbation, Fury has a strict training regime.

“I get up in the morning take a shower, take a shave, brush me teeth, go downstairs for breakfast. Then I go to the gym do some working out, then I comeback take a shower regroup and have some more food. That’s it, train twice a day. Eat, sleep, train and repeat. I’m really eliminating all of the distractions. No phones nothing like that. No diet cokes. This is the first training camp in 10 years that I haven’t had any Diet Coke.”

Training twice a day and ridding himself of distractions seems like a good idea, but the key to victory could very well be in the amount of times Fury is masturbating. 

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