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TMZ Reports Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather is a Done Deal!

Posted on 01/30/2015

By Sean Crose

Update: Bob Arum Tells NY Daily News:

“No, I’m aware of the report, but there are still some contractual issues to work out, It’s close but not done yet.”

“We have two days, it could happen (Sunday),” Arum said in a phone interview with The News on Friday afternoon. “That would be incredible, wouldn’t it?”

“We’re making progress,” Arum went on. “It’s going in the right direction. Everybody looks like they’re digging down to make this happen. We’re just trying to complete the paperwork. I say a couple of days because Floyd has dug in to fighting on May 2 and every day it takes to finalize the fight it takes away from the promotion of it.”

“Floyd Mayweather has agreed to the fight, but there are deal points still to work out but progress is being made,” Showtime spokesman Chris DeBlasio told the Daily News.


Floyd Mayweather has agreed to fight Manny Pacquiao, multiple sources tell TMZ sports, who say the two finally came to an agreement moments ago.

Floyd vs Manny: could it really be happening?

This report has just been posted at TMZ’s webpage. Suffice to say, the Twitterverse is exploding, with some believing what they’re reading, some rolling their eyes and yet others taking a “wait and see” stance.

“After meeting in person at the Miami Heat game earlier this week,” the site reports, “we’re told it’s a done deal. . .and the two sides will make an announcement in the coming days.”


Showtime honcho Stephen Espinoza, however, has tried taking some of the air out of the story.

“TMZ usually has good sources,” he tweeted, “this time, not so much.”

Sports Illustrated also reports that, “Sources tell SI that a Mayweather-Pacquiao deal is not done yet, as TMZ reported. Inching closer and both sides optimistic. But not done.”

The truth, of course, will rear its ugly or pretty head soon enough.

Things had seemed to be dying down in the world of Manny-Floyd hype – but suddenly picked up again when Floyd and Manny met at the aforementioned Heat game this past week. Word then came out that the two men met later in a hotel room to discuss matters.

One thing appears to be certain in all this – negotiations are alive and well – if, of course, the matter hasn’t yet been settled.

HBO and Showtime still have to come to terms.

TMZ has updated it’s Manny-Floyd report:

“A source involved in the negotiations tells TMZ Sports both fighters have agreed to fight and a date and location (Vegas) have already been set.

The source says the formal agreement has not been signed but everyone expects the signatures “soon.” Negotiators are putting “finishing touches” on the deal.”

While some are mocking TMZs report, others are at least in agreement that the dream bout may be about to become a reality.

“We’re really close,” Brian Campbell commented on ESPNs Friday Night Fights “There’s plenty of reasons to get optimistic…this is the time to be optimistic.”

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