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The “Experts” Pick Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather (Part 1)

Posted on 04/06/2015

The bout needs no introduction. Nor do many of the names who will appear on this list. Still, each person quoted here will be identified with what he or she is best known for. Most are experts of the fight game. Some, however, are just interesting characters. Enjoy part one of our series.

MIKE TYSON (Former Heavyweight Champion): “Iron Mike” makes it clear that the only guys to give “PacMan” trouble were dudes that “threw over a hundred punches a round…Floyd doesn’t throw nowhere near a hundred punches a round.” Bottom line, Tyson expects Pacquiao to overwhelm Floyd on May 2nd. “This guy’s like perpetual motion,” he says of Manny. (CBS)

Prediction – Pacquiao

KEITH THURMAN (Welterweight Contender): “I lean towards Mayweather,” the man known as “One Time” says. “He hasn’t shown us anything to doubt him. He is pound for pound the best.” Indeed, Thurman feels he knows how “Money” is going to best his man in Vegas. “He’s gonna pot shot with the jab to the stomach, the jab to the head, like he likes, and he’s gonna mix up his power punches.”

Prediction – Mayweather

NACHO BERISTAIN (Legendary Trainer): “I believe that Pacquiao has forty-five percent of a chance,” claims Beristain, the man behind Juan Manuel Marquez, who has faced both Manny and Floyd in the ring. “Mayweather is the favorite, but by very little.” Pacquiao, he states, has an appealing “commercial style,” yet Mayweather has a “defensive style that is kind of weird.” And undoubtedly hard to overcome. (Daily Mail)

Prediction – Mayweather

CONOR MCGREGOR (UFC Fighter): “I think Mayweather stops him,” the outspoken Irishman claims. Indeed, the rising UFC star thinks it all comes down to who has done a better job standing the test of time. “I feel,” says McGregor “Mayweather has aged better…I think he’ll stop him (Pacquiao) towards the end.” (Fight Hub TV)

Prediction – Mayweather

RONDA ROUSEY (UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion): “If Manny doesn’t jump in and if he uses really relentless pressure and uses all of his speed, I think he’s going to give Floyd an extremely hard time,” the baddest woman on the planet claims. “I think that’s a really good strategy for him.” While admitting Mayweather is a brilliant defensive technician, Rousey still feels “if he (Pacquiao) keeps his feet planted and still uses his hand speed and pressure,” he’ll do very well indeed.

Prediction – Leaning Toward Pacquiao

DOLPH LUNDGREN (Actor): When asked if either Floyd or Manny could best his character in Rocky IV, Lundgren couldn’t help but smile. “I’m afraid not,” he answered gamely. “They’re too short.” (TMZ)

Prediction: Ivan Drago

RAY MANCINI (Former Lightweight Champion): “The fight should have happened a long time ago,“but the same thing I said would happen six years ago I think will happen, I think Mayweather beats him.” Mancini makes it clear Pacquiao’s “is a bad style for Mayweather,” but he still believes Floyd will carry the night. (GMA News)

Prediction: Mayweather

METTA WORLD PEACE (Former NBA Star): “Pacquiao’s not going to run. Floyd’s not going to run.” So says the one time Defensive Player of the Year. “It’s just going to be a great fight,” he claims. Still, this legitimate “fan of boxing” believes Floyd will walk out the ring undefeated on May 2nd. “I see Floyd winning,” he predicts. (Dontae’s Boxing Nation)

Prediction: Mayweather

JOHNNY NELSON (Former Cruiserweight Champion, Sky Television Broadcaster): “That’s a hard one,” the knowledgeable Brit claims, “because Floyd Mayweather’s style and his approach to fighting is what I was brought up on.” Indeed, the man seems a bit torn. “Common sense tells me to favor Floyd Mayweather,” he says. Still, when Nelson really thinks it over, he seems to arrive at a different conclusion. “I’m kind of leaning towards Manny Pacquiao,” he admits. (ES News)

Prediction: Leaning Towards Pacquiao

BRUCE TRAMPLER (Top Rank Matchmaker): Trampler may work for the promotional company that makes Pacquiao’s fights, but the man is confident nonetheless. “If you had to design a fighter, a style that could beat (Floyd),” he says, “you’re going to come up with a left-hander who’s good with lateral movement, side to side, shifty [who] can punch with either hand.” Guess who fits that description to the letter? (LA Times)

Prediction: Pacquiao

SERGIO MARTINEZ (Former Middleweight Champion): “Floyd Mayweather can have Manny for breakfast, lunch or anything,” says Martinez. “Pacquiao is still a long way from being ready.” It’s easy to claim Martinez is being a bit sore after losing to another Freddie Roach trained fighter, Miguel Cotto, last year. Still, Martinez seems confident in his opinions. “This was never too much of a fight to me,” he claims, “because Mayweather is in a league of his own.” (Bad Left Hook)

Prediction: Mayweather

C.J. ROSS (Former Las Vegas Boxing Judge): Speaking of Pacquiao, Ross declares that “he has the heart…but I don’t see it going past the eighth.” At least we wouldn’t have to worry about a controversial decision if that were the case.

Prediction: Mayweather

HULK HOGAN (WWE Hall of Famer): “There’s too much money to be made,” the wrestling icon claims. “It’s gonna be a draw, brother, so they can make the money again, jack!”

Prediction: Draw

LARRY FLYNT (Publisher): “I think Mayeather’s going to win,” Flynt says, “but I’m going to bet Pacquiao.” Sounds like someone’s suspicious of the ethics of the fight game. (TMZ)

Predition: It depends on what you mean by “win.”

MIGUEL COTTO (Middleweight Champion Of The World): “I think it’s going to be a really tough fight,” Cotto – whose fought both men – admits. Still, he has a favorite. “Working with Freddie Roach for the last two fights, I know what he’s capable of doing with Manny.” Said like a true stablemate. (ESPN)

Prediction: Pacquiao

SAUL “CANELO” ALVAREZ (Former Super Welterweight Champion): “I don’t know,” says Mayweather’s former foe. “I don’t want to predict.” Pacquiao may be a dyed in the wool congressman, but it’s pretty clear here who the diplomat here is. (ES News)

Prediction: Abstains

“SUGAR” RAY LEORNARD (Multi-Titlist And Boxing Icon) If anyone knows what it’s like to step into the ring for a world class, bank breaking matchup, it’s Leonard. So when the boxing legend and famed broadcaster weighs in on Floyd and Manny, it’s something worth paying attention to. “You’ve got to give Mayweather the edge,” he says. Still, he makes it clear that the match is a toss-up. “I wouldn’t bet my house on either guy,” he claims. (ES News)

Prediction: Leaning Toward Mayweather

KELL BROOK (Welterweight Champion): After a very impressive showing against Jo Jo Dan recently, Brook is a fighter to keep an eye on – and to listen to. After all, he’s the only welterweight not named Manny or Floyd who people feel holds a legitimate title in the division. “It’s the fight that we all wanted to see,” he says of Mayweather-Pacquiao. So, who does he think will carry the night? “I believe Mayweather’s going to win the fight,” he says. (iFL TV)

Prediction: Mayweather

DANA WHITE (UFC President): Although White is known as an MMA guy through and through, few may know that the man has a serious boxing background. He’s also an enormous fan of the sweet science. So who’s White taking on May 2nd? “Five years ago,” he claims, “I’d have Pacquiao winning that fight.” Now, though, he sees things a bit differently. “Floyd’s tough, man,” admits White. “I would have to give Mayweather the edge.” (MMA Weekly)

Prediction: Mayweather

AMIR KHAN (Welterweight Contender): No one seems to want a major fight like Amir Khan does. That doesn’t mean, however, that he can’t sit back and objectively pick a winner for this one. Khan states that Mayweather “might put pressure on Manny Pacquiao to show that ‘look your pressure does not work against me’ so it’s going to be a good fight to see.” Regardless, Khan believes it’s going to be Floyd’s night. “I favor Mayweather more,” he says “because his style suits Manny Pacquiao.” (Sky Sports)

Prediction: Mayweather

MIKEY GARCIA (Super Featherweight Boxer): Garcia may have been out of the ring for a while now, but it’s worth noting that the man’s actually sparred with Pacquiao in the past. Still, he’s pretty clear in his prediction. “Mayweather by decision,” he states firmly. “First three or four rounds, Pacquiao’s aggressive, making a good fight. But then Mayweather starts outboxing him, figures something out and just takes control.” (ES News)

Prediction: Mayweather

CHRIS ALGIERI (Welterweight Boxer): The last man to face Manny certainly didn’t look great in doing so, but with some hard earned lessons learned, Chris Algieri’s got a prediction for May 2nd. “I think he (Manny) can actually give Floyd a run in this fight,” he says. Still, “I’m going with Floyd…its styles.” (PIX11)

Prediction: Mayweather

WILL FERRELL (Comedian): “Manny Pacquiao is going to win because of his great ability as an orator in the Manillan senate.” And here we were thinking Pacquiao was just a congressman. (ESPN)

Prediction: Pacquiao

ROY JONES JR (Iconic Multi-Division Champion): “Both guys are capable of knocking out anybody in their respective weight classes” one of the all-time greats claims. Fine Roy, but who wins? “I don’t know.” A frustrating response, sure, but a respectable one from a professional analyst. (ESPN)

Prediction: Abstains

MICHAEL RAPPAPORT (Actor): “I got Manny Pacquiao,” the energetic thespian claims. “Period,” Yet Rappaport’s not done yet. “You’re going to see Floyd Mayweather actually get knocked down,” he continues. That being said, Rappaport doesn’t expect the fight to end early. “Twelve rounds,” he claims of the bout’s distance. (ESPN)

Prediction: Pacquiao

LAILA ALI (Former Super Middleweight Champion): “I’ll probably go with Mayweather because he is a skilled fighter,” the female boxing pioneer (and daughter of a certain former fighter) claims. “Pacquiao is a great fighter,” she admits, “but I always go with skills over just being a brawler like Pacquiao.”

Prediction: Mayweather

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