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Showtime Boxing Results: Lucas Matthysse Smashes Lamont Peterson, Alexander Defeats Purdy

Posted on 05/18/2013

By: William Holmes

It’s not a very good idea to promote a boxing card in Atlantic City and have zero fighters from Philadelphia, New Jersey, or New York City.

Simply having Philadelphia boxing legend Bernard Hopkins as part of your promotional team does not lead to ticket sales.

Lamont Peterson gets knocked down by Lucas Matthysse during their welterweight bout at Boardwalk Hall. Matthysse won via third round TKO. Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight’s card in Atlantic City was stacked with talent from top to bottom, but it was devoid of local talent to help bring in the fans. Boxing looked bad tonight because they had a potential fight of the year candidate broadcast in a half empty arena while a local MMA promotion in a casino down the street was completely sold out.

However, tonight’s card was still broadcast worldwide and featured some of the best fighters in the junior welterweight and welterweight divisions.

Lee Purdy (20-3-1) and Devon Alexander (24-1) was the first bout of the televised portion of the Showtime card in the welterweight division.

Many felt that Lee Purdy had little to zero chance of winning, which was true, but that didn’t mean Lee Purdy didn’t come to fight and wouldn’t show hurt. Alexander started off by snapping his right jab in the face of Purdy and banging at the body of Purdy. Purdy employed a peek-a-boo defense but a no punch offense.

Alexander continued to bang combinations at the body and head of his opponent throughout the entire fight. Purdy would land an occasional punch, but by far he was eating more punches. Alexander’s right hand was especially devastating.

Purdy smiled and shook his head no after every combination from Alexander never had Alexander in trouble. Purdy’s nose began to bleed in round five, and by the end of the seventh round his corner had seen enough.

Lee Purdy’s corner stopped the fight before the start of the eighth round and Devon Alexander won by TKO. After the fight Alexander stated he hurt his left hand early on in the fight, which may have been the reason he used his right hand so often.

Washington DC native and IBF Junior Welterweight Champion Lamont Peterson (31-1-1) was the first fighter to enter the ring and it immediately became apparent that a large portion of the crowd in attendance was supporting Peterson.

The WBC Interim Super Lightweight Champion Lucas Matthysse (33-2) was the second man to enter the ring but was greeted with a smattering of boos.

The referee for the fight was Steve Smoger. Peterson came out tentative while using his jab and backpedaling. It was obvious that he was wary of Matthysse’s power. The first round was close and neither fighter appeared to have an advantage.

In the second round Peterson landed an early 1-2 combination but Matthysse connected with his straight right hand and followed it with a left hook that knocked Peterson down. Peterson was hurt and Matthysse chased Peterson around the ring. Peterson connected with a left hook at the end of the round.

In the beginning of the third round Matthysse fell to the ground after throwing and missing with a wild hook. Matthysse connected with a straight right hand and Peterson responded with a solid uppercut. They both appear the land a hook at the same time but Peterson goes down hard.

Lamont is barely able to get back on his feet and was on shaky legs but he beat the count. Matthysse followed it up with a combination and Peterson falls backwards. The referee waived off the fight at 2:14 of round three.

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