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Round by Round Results: Wladimir Klitschko defeats David Haye

By: William Holmes

It’s been over nine years since we’ve last seen a significant heavyweight title fight that captured the public’s attention. In June of 2002, the world watched as British heavyweight Lennox Lewis defeated the legendary Mike Tyson. Lewis retired briefly afterwards, and the Klitschko brothers have since dominated the heavyweight scene and have struggled to find a credible opponent that the public would take seriously. Enter British heavyweight David Haye. His trash talking and bravado has injected a much needed shot of interest into the heavyweight division. David Haye puts his WBA title on the line against Klitschko’s IBF, IBO, WBO and Ring heavyweight title. The animosity between these two fighters seems legitimate and after several failed attempts at making the fight, tonight the world will discover if David Haye’s fists can back up his mouth.


The crowd in Germany seems amped, and David Haye is making them wait before coming out. It is announced that he is not yet ready to come out and he appears to be still attempting to play mind games with Wladimir Klitschko. David Haye finally comes out to a decent sized pop from the crowd, as it seems apparent that a large contingent of British boxing fans have made the trip to Germany. The Red Hot Chili Peppers blasts through the speakers as Wladimir Klitschko makes his entrance to the ring, with a special guest appearance by George Foreman. A mixture of boos and cheers can be heard from the crowd as Klitschko walks into the ring.

Round 1:

Klitschko is towering over David Haye, and the weight and height advantage is obvious. Klitschko takes the center of the ring and is stalking David Haye. Klitschko throws a few jabs and Haye attempts to get through a few hooks. Haye gets pushed to the ground and the referee lets him get back up. Klitschko lands a few jabs, and Haye tries to get in a few hooks, and misses with a body shot hook. Haye mixes up a few jabs to the body and head. Haye lands an overhand right. Haye is not intimidated by Klitschko, and it was not a bad round for him, but a very tough round to score. 10-9 for Haye.

Round 2:

Klitschko backs Haye into a corner and lands a hard jab that snaps Haye’s head back. Klitschko is more aggressive with the jab at the beginning of this round, and Haye is still trying to jump in with hooks to the head. Haye’s hooks haven’t found it’s target yet. Klitschko misses with a jab and Haye answers with two stiff jabs. Klitschko lands a hard right hand to the head of Haye, and follows it with another jab. Round ends with Klitschko barely missing a hard right cross. 10-9 for Klitschko.

Round 3:

Klitschko again backs Haye up with his jab. Haye lands a hard right hand on Klitschko. Haye throws a jab to the body of Klitschko, and Klitschko still comes forward with his jab. His jab has not been very effective so far in this round. Klitschko lands a decent jab cross combination on Haye in the center of the ring. Haye comes forward with an overhand right and misses, and eats a 1-2 combination by Klitschko. Haye again gets pushed down by Klitschko. Both fighters appear to be stepping up the action this round. 10-9 round for Haye based on the harder punches landing.

Round 4:

Klitschko lands the first shot of round four with a right hand over the top. Klitschko lands a few jabs, and Haye ducks under a straight by Klitschko near the ropes. Klitschko appears to be having some difficulty landing his combinations, as Haye has been very active with his slips and head movement. Haye lands a right that might have clipped the back of Klitschko’s head that momentarily stuns Klitschko, but ends the round landing an overhand right. 10-9 round for Haye.

Round 5:

Klitschko’s corner tells him to be more aggressive, as he may be giving away rounds. Haye is visibly talking to Klitschko as he attempts to establish his jab. Haye has not throwng much this round, and Klitschko is clearly the aggressor, and he’s been throwing more lead left hooks. Klitschko lands a right hand that knocks Haye back. Haye again tries to jump in with
some overhand rights, and again Haye gets pushed to the ground by Klitschko. Haye lands an overhand right as the round ends. Haye appears to have some bloody coming from his nose. 10-9 round for Klitschko.

Photo ODD ANDERSEN/AFP/Getty Images

Round 6:

Klitschko corner again tells him to let his hands go, and Klitschko appears to be taking his corner’s advice. Klitschko lands two jabs to Haye’s head. Klitschko throws a jab cross that gets blocked by Haye, but can be heard. Klitschko lands a hard right. Haye again gets pushed to the ground, and is warned by the referee to not push him to the ground. Klitschko has a mouse on his cheek with some blood dripping down. Another tough round to score, 10-9 round for Klitschko.

Round 7:

Klitschko comes in and throws a lead left hook. Again David Haye gets pushed to the ground, and the referee takes a point away from Klitschko. Haye needs to start throwing more, as he has been very defensive this fight. Haye has been constantly moving, and lands a decent lead left hook. 9-9 round due to the referee taking away a point.

Round 8:

Klitschko appears to be more loose with his jab. Klitschko shortly catches Haye in a corner, but whiffs on a jab cross combination. Neither Klitschko or Haye has landed much this round. Haye tries to jump in with leads to the body, but does not land much. Klitschko wins this round simply for throwing more often than Haye. 10-9 round for Klitschko.

Round 9:

Emmanuel Steward tells Klitschko before the round starts to throw more left hooks. Klitschko catches Haye with a jab before Haye can throw a hook. Haye lands a decent hook to Klitschko’s head. Klitschko lands a right hand on Haye. Haye again falls to his knee, but it appears that Klitschko did not push him to the ground. Klitschko gets warned for throwing back hands at the head of Haye. Klitschko tags Haye with a hard right handto Haye, and hits him with a right hook as the round ends. 10-9 round for Klitschko.

Round 10:

It looks doubtful that either fighter will win this fight by knockout. Klitschko lands a hard right cross and follows it with a jab. Klitschko’s right hand has been landing more often. Haye lands an overhand right, but again falls to his knees. The crowd is starting to chant Klitschko’s name, and he continues to come forward with his jab. Klitschko lands right hand before the round ends. 10-9 round for Klitschko.

Round 11:

Haye really needs a knockout to win this fight. Klitschko continues to come forward with his jab. Haye falls to the ground, and the referee calls it a knockdown. Haye looks frustrated, as Klitschko is cruising to a decision victory. Klitschko lands a hard right hand. Haye has not been able to solve the reach and jab of Klitschko. Haye again falls to his knees while coming forward. 10-8 round for Klitschko.

Round 12:

Emmanuel Steward implores Klitschko to try to finish the fight in the last round. Haye has to let his hands go this round as it is his last chance. Klitschko lands a few jabs to Haye, and Haye finally lands a hard right hand and Klitschko holds on to Haye. Klitschko lands a hard right to Haye, and comes forward throwing. Klitschko lands a nice 1-2 combination. Haye has 30 seconds left to knockout Klitschko, and he has to do something desperate. This fight has been a very disappointing showing by David Haye. 10-9 round for Klitschko.

All three judges score it for Klitschko as he wins by unanimous decision.


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