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McGregor: “In My Mind It’s An Easy Fight.”

Posted on 08/12/2017

By: Sean Crose

“In my mind,” Conor McGregor told a throng of journalists at Friday’s media workout, “it’s an easy fight.” Perhaps he was telling the truth. Swaggering around the UFC training center in Las Vegas, the man certainly seemed confident – or at least desperate to appear confident. That was nothing new to those MMA fans who have followed the Irishman’s meteoric rise. Indeed, whether he’s preparing for the ring or the octagon, McGregor makes one wonder if he’s actually masking some deep insecurity with all his bluster. No matter. He’s proven wildly successful in the UFC and now that success – coupled with his over the top personality – has led to a lucrative novelty boxing match with 49-0 Floyd Mayweather.

It was clear during the proceedings that McGregor is one of those people who always positions himself to have the upper hand…or at least to appear to. When asked why he refused help from boxing wunderkind Vasyl Lomachenko, for instance, the Irishman was flip and dismissive. “He needs to challenge himself,” McGregor said. “He’s pretty skilled…but he’s not applicable for this camp.” Sure enough, McGregor seemed equally dismissive of the sport of boxing. “I’m from a different game,” he quipped. “I’m from a more ruthless game.” The UFC star also stated his belief that boxing referees keep the combatants from complete destruction. Referring to mixed martial arts, he claimed that “there’s no wincing to the ref.”

There is, however, tapping out, something McGregor did less than a year and a half ago during a major fight with Nate Diaz. None of the reporters gathered, however, seemed to bring that fact up – at least not at the moment. Mayweather was certainly brought it up, however. Yet McGregor wanted the world to know that he didn’t fear the legendary fighter at all. “If we go eight ounces,” McGregor claimed in reference to glove size, “he’s not going two rounds.”

Make no mistake about it, McGregor acts more like a WWE star than a professional boxer – or even a professional mixed martial artists. “It’s okay to love me as much as I love me,” he told those gathered around. “It’s okay. Let it go.” Although most analysts aren’t giving McGregor a real chance against Mayweather, the man is certainly talking a good game. Arguing that boxing has been consisting of the “same boring shit,” MMA’s wild child went on to add on Friday that he will “rule over both (sports) with an iron fist.”

McGregor’s public workout, however left some puzzled. In fact, some boxing journalists took to openly mocking the man on Twitter afterwards. And in truth, watching the bearded red head prance around a ring was a sight which bordered on the comical. Who knows, though? Perhaps McGregor truly will surprise everyone (without the benefit of a gift decision).


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