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Mayweather-McGregor Press Tour Wraps Up Nasty Fashion In London

Posted on 07/14/2017

Mayweather-McGregor Press Tour Wraps Up Nasty Fashion In London
By: Sean Crose

The Mayweather-McGregor media tour finally wrapped up Friday in London at Wembley Stadium. The entrances were done European style – in other words, they were high end and impressive. What’s more, the press conference was literally being held in a ring. “He’s being made to wait,” the British commentator claimed while McGregor waited for Floyd to slowly make his entrance. Once both men were in the ring, however, they stood face to face and talked smack – as has been the case all week. Then, a press setup consisting of tables and chairs was quickly and professionally arranged and things began in earnest before the thousands of gathered fans.


Stephen Espinoza took to the mic, and was booed, as he had been for days. After came the combatants (introduced by Dana White and Leonard Ellerbe respectively). McGregor got on the mic first and, as always, had plenty to say.

In short, the Irishman got up and did his routine. He told Mayweather to act his age, to put down his cell phone, to get his “shit together.” He then abused Espinoza once more and even patted Mayweather’s head. The man didn’t look good, though. Sweating profusely and breathing heavily, he appeared moments later as if he were sick. Mayweather on the other hand, came out and abused his man for what seemed like forever. “You’ve done a hell of a job bringing this bitch to the table,” he told Dana White by way of an abusive compliment. Throw in a homophobic slur and the man called Money reminded people of how nasty he could be at these events.

Surprisingly enough, McGregor appeared a bit gracious during a brief Q@A with the press immediately after the smack talk ended. There was no prolonged staredown after, however, as both men quickly slipped out of the ring with their teams.

It’s no doubt been an exhausting affair for the combatants, along with those who are in their camps. Make no mistake about it, though, this was a circus, soup to nuts, a circus that got progressively uglier as time went on (though the second to last stop on the tour, Brooklyn, may have taken the proverbial cake).

Now all that’s left for both men to do is train and fight. Floyd is the heavy favorite. Conor is the crowd favorite.

The bout will unquestionably be a massive pay per view success. Will it be much of a bout, though? That’s the question discerning minds are undoubtedly asking.

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