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Floyd Mayweather & Conor McGregor Media Day Quotes

Posted on 08/12/2017


“I’ve been here before and I know what it takes. It’s my same old routine but I’m older now so I have to let the body rest a lot more. With age comes wisdom. When I was a lot younger I would just train and train and never let myself recuperate. When I come back from resting I come back rejuvenated and with a lot more spark.

“This isn’t just a fight; this is an event. We both owe the fans and everyone tuning in a lot of excitement. That’s what we’re there to give them.

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“I know I’m going to face a warrior. It’s not for me to worry about what he does on a day-to-day basis. I have to worry about what I have to go out there and do. I have to execute the game plan. I’m not going to overlook him. That’s why I’m in here working extremely hard.

“When it’s all said and done it comes down to the two competitors. My dad can give me a brilliant game plan but he can’t get in there and fight for me. Same for Conor and his team. It doesn’t matter who the crowd’s rooting for, it’s two men in there.

“This training camp has been a lot different. I’ve spent some time in Miami and in Los Angeles training. I’ve been pushed really hard by the young guys in camp. I don’t need to post every workout video because I’ve been around this sport a long time and everyone knows what I can do.

“On paper we know he’s taller and has a long reach. He has youth on his side. People say that he has power on his side. I know that ring IQ and experience are in my favor. I have the fight knowledge on my side. We both have advantages.

“I know he’s going to come out and try to switch stances. He’ll come out southpaw then go the other way. But all that does is burn energy. Then I’m going to give him a look and give him some knowledge, and we’ll see what happens.

“Conor feels it’s not going to go past four rounds and I don’t think it’s going the distance. We’re both confident in our skills and we’ll see who gets it done.

“My opponent is always confident, but it’s different being in there with Floyd Mayweather. They realize that this is real. But for me, it’s just another day. That’s the mentality that has allowed me to stay undefeated.

“It’s been great to be in a position as a promoter to give knowledge to young fighters. It’s one of my ultimate goals to take a young fighter and make them a household name. I want to take fighters to the next level.”

“Forget what you’re hearing, our fight is doing unbelievable numbers. The pay-per-view will be unbelievable and we’ll have a sold-out crowd. I’m not worried about that.”

“I’m going to keep my composure, I hope he keeps his composure and we can give the fans what they want to see.”

“He’s going to come out and keep switching (stances) and keep switching, He’s going to come out southpaw and then he’s going to switch the other way. But when you keep switching all you’re doing is burning energy.”

“I never said he’s going to beat me, He’s taller with a longer reach with youth on his side and some say power on his side. But boxing IQ is on my side. Experience is on my side and my fighting knowledge is on my side.”

“It’s a victory for him, if he goes the distance, He believes it’s not going to go past four (rounds) and I don’t feel it’s going the distance either. We’re both confident in our skills.”

“I have to worry about what I have to go out there and do, I’m not overlooking him.”

Conor McGregor

I have a game plan and I will execute it perfectly, like always,”

Conor McGregor

“I have been boxing my whole life so this is not a new experience for me.”

“I will rule over MMA and boxing with an iron fist after August 26.”

“The critics say that Floyd has been there before. They discredit my training, my skills, my accomplishments.”

“This isn’t new to me though, just like boxing isn’t new to me. I am no stranger to being the underdog on paper. I am a seasoned veteran and I am confident that I am the better man.”

“After Saturday August 26, I will be a god of boxing.”

“The story of the fight will be waiting to see who takes a step back first. We all know Floyd is a great defensive boxer and he isn’t going to keep coming forward like he says. If he does, it’s going to be a quick night for me.”

“This camp has been amazing. I’m getting better by the day, more alert, quicker.”

“My weight is at a good place but I’m going to be a much bigger man than Floyd when I we step in the ring for the fight and I think that makes a difference.”

“It means the world to have fans travelling from Ireland and all over the world for this fight. This is the biggest fight of all time and we owe them a hell of a show.”

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