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Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury Full Betting Odds

Posted on 02/20/2020

By: Hans Themistode

WBC Heavyweight titlist Deontay Wilder and Lineal champ Tyson Fury is staging one of the biggest fights in the history of boxing this Saturday night. Everyone has an opinion as to how they think it’ll play out. If you’re interested in laying down a bit of money on the winner or if you want to take things a bit further and predict exactly how the contest will end, then you can find the complete odds for the fight below. 

Photo Credit: Mikey Williams/Top Rank Promotions

For those that are new to the gambling world and need a bit of guidance than look no further. 

If you are a firm believer in Deontay Wilder and have decided to lay down some money on him, then a $100 bet will bring you back just over $90 in addition to the $100 you originally laid down in the first place. The same results will occur if you decide to take Fury instead since they both have the same odds. Another draw, although highly unlikely, is extremely profitable. At +2000 odds, a $100 bet will bring you back $2100 total.

Now that you’ve gotten a sense of how sports gambling works, take a look below and see if you like any of the odds for the big fight this Saturday night.

Fight Winner 

Deontay Wilder-110
Tyson Fur-110

How Many Rounds Will The Fight Go?

Under 2 rounds+1000
2 Rounds or more-5000

How Many Rounds Will The Fight Go?

Less than 4 rounds+500
4 Rounds or more-910

How Many Rounds Will The Fight Go?

Less than 6 rounds +275
6 Rounds or more-400

How Many Rounds Will The Fight Go?

Less than 8 rounds +150
8 Rounds or more-200

How Many Rounds Will The Fight Go?

Less than 10 rounds+100
10 Rounds or more -139

How Will Deontay Wilder Win? 

Deontay Wilder                                Rounds 1-4+650
Deontay Wilder                                Rounds 5-8+400
Deontay Wilder                                Rounds 9-12+500
Deontay Wilder                                On Points+800

How Will Tyson Fury Win? 

Tyson Fury                                         Rounds 1-4+1600
Tyson Fury                                         Rounds 5-8+1200
Tyson Fury                                         Rounds 9-12+1600
Tyson Fury                                         On Points+150

Will The Fight Go The Full 12 Rounds?


Down But Not Out

Deontay Wilder wins after being knocked down+900
Tyson Fury wins after being knocked down+550

Gone In 60 Seconds

Deontay Wilder wins in 60 seconds+8000
Tyson Fury wins in 60 seconds+20000

Individual Round Betting For Deontay Wilder

Deontay Wilder in Round 1+3300
Deontay Wilder in Round 2+2500
Deontay Wilder in Round 3+2200
Deontay Wilder in Round 4+2000
Deontay Wilder in Round 5+1800
Deontay Wilder in Round 6+1600
Deontay Wilder in Round 7 +1400
Deontay Wilder in Round 8+1400
Deontay Wilder in Round 9+1600
Deontay Wilder in Round 10+2000
Deontay Wilder in Round 11+2200
Deontay Wilder in Round 12+3300

Individual Round Betting For Tyson Fury

Tyson Fury in Round 1+8000
Tyson Fury in Round 2+5000
Tyson Fury in Round 3+5000
Tyson Fury in Round 4+5000
Tyson Fury in Round 5+4000
Tyson Fury in Round 6+4000
Tyson Fury in Round 7 +4000
Tyson Fury in Round 8+4000
Tyson Fury in Round 9+4000
Tyson Fury in Round 10+5000
Tyson Fury in Round 11+6600
Tyson Fury in Round 12+6600

Final Judgement

Deontay Wilder by Unanimous Decision +1400
Deontay Wilder by Split Decision+1800
Deontay Wilder by Majority Decision+3300
Tyson Fury by Unanimous Decision+250
Tyson Fury by Split Decision+900
Tyson Fury by Majority Decision +1800

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