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Bob Arum: “Fury is Going to Knock Wilder Out Before The Eighth Round”

Posted on 02/19/2020

By: Hans Themistode

Everyone has a different way of processing information. There’s a reason why no two people are the same. It’s simply because everyone has a bit of a unique look at certain things in life. 

Yet, if you asked several individuals who was going to win the 1990 contest between James “Buster” Douglas and then undefeated Heavyweight unified champion Mike Tyson, everyone would have given you the same answer. 

Tyson, by brutal stoppage.

At that point in time, simply making it out of the first round against Tyson was a victory in itself. But pulling off the upset seemed virtually impossible. Well, as luck would have it, Douglas would go on to not just win that bout, but do so via knockout. 

That contest may have taken place over 30 years ago, but it is still considered the biggest upset in sports history. 

In his younger days, Mike Tyson was a man amongst boys and as he got older, a monster amongst men. At no point in time would anyone have picked against Tyson while he was still in his prime. The unbelievable run Tyson went out left many calling him “the baddest man on the planet.” 

Fast forward 15 years since his last fight, and now another Heavyweight champion has taken his nickname and made it into his own. That would be none other than WBC titlist Deontay Wilder. 

Through 43 career fights, Wilder has a near spotless record of 42 wins against zero defeats. 41 of those wins have within the distance. And course, one draw. 

On February 22nd at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada, Wilder will have his chance to make up for his small blemish in the draw column when he takes on Tyson Fury in their highly anticipated rematch.

As mentioned in the very beginning, just about everyone looks at things differently, and this rematch between Wilder and Fury is clear proof to that statement.

If 20 different people were posed with the question of who will win the rematch between Fury and Wilder, more than likely you will receive 20 different answers. But there does seem to be one prevailing thought process throughout it all. 

If Wilder wins, it is going to be via stoppage. If Fury on the other hand, leaves with his hand raised, it will be because he out boxed Wilder and won a decision on the judges scorecards. 

With Wilder’s ability for knocking out virtually all of his opponents and Fury showing otherworldly boxing skills in the ring, it makes sense to everyone.

Well, everyone but boxing promoter Bob Arum. He fully understands why that storyline has played out but he simply doesn’t agree with it.

“Fury is not like any other fighter,” said Arum during a recent press conference. “There is something magical about him. On February 22nd, I’m going to make a prediction because I’ve watched Tyson Fury train in my gym in Las Vegas and I think it’s not going to be a decision this time. I think Fury is going to knock Wilder out before the eighth round.”

Many would tend to disagree with the statement of Arum. If this contest simply becomes a fire fight, then there just isn’t many boxers in the history of the sport that brings more heat to a contest than Wilder.

“He has that one weapon and that is this massive right hand which to me looks like the hardest hitting right hand that I’ve seen. Certainly since George Foreman.”

At one point, Foreman was also considered the biggest puncher in all of boxing. His 1974 contest against Muhammad Ali shared many similarities to the contest that will take place this Saturday night as well. 

Foreman in a sense, was Deontay Wilder. A strong, powerful puncher. While Ali on the other hand was nothing more than a boxer. Much like Wilder, Foreman’s path to victory would be via stoppage. And much like Fury, Ali needed to box, box, box and box some more. 

Yet, it was Ali who smelled blood and ended the contest in the eighth round. The same round Arum just predicted Fury would get the job done in against Wilder. 

Coincidence? Probably not.

During their first encounter, regardless of what has been said, Fury did rattle Wilder several times. This time around, Arum fully expects his man to go in for the kill.

“It’s not like the first fight when Wilder was in trouble a few times in that fight. Fury’s not gonna let him off the hook. He’s gonna go for the knockout and finish him off this time.”

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