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Philly’s Jaron “Boots” Ennis is the “Can’t Miss Kid” at 147

Posted on 08/09/2017

By: Ken Hissner

This writer has proclaimed Philly’s Jaron “Boots” Ennis as the best looking prospect in Philly since 1984 Olympic Gold Medalist Meldrick Taylor. His next fight is scheduled for August 12th at the Howard Theatre in Washington, D.C. which will be his first 8 rounder. Promotion is Nations Fight Night with Chris Middendorf doing the matchmaking. He also has promoted several of Ennis’ bouts under the name Victory Promotions. Ennis will face Mexican Ricardo Cano, 17-3-2. The show will benefit the Midtown Youth Academy and honoring Lamont & Anthony Peterson.

Ennis was the National Golden Gloves Champion in 2015. At the 2016 Olympic Trials he defeated Gary Antuanne Russell but in the box-offs lost to him twice.

“Boots beat Russell then lost to him with both fair decisions. Then in their third bout Boots got robbed,” said Bozy Ennis.
Ennis has a 13-0 (11) record in 15 months of activity with his last bout “a keep busy fight” at the Durham Armory in Durham, NC, defeating Robert Hill, 6-32-1 who couldn’t come out after three rounds.

His last bout in his hometown was June 2nd at the 2300 Arena in South Philly stopping Wilfredo Acuna, 16-20 (12), of Managua, NIC, at 2:53 of the first round in a scheduled 6.

Ennis in his previous 3 fights prior to his last fight has fought very experienced opponents in Elvin Perez, 28-16-4 KO1, James Winchester, 20-12, W6, Eduardo Flores, 25-26-3 WTKO4 and Acuna 16-20.

Ennis comes from a fighting family with brother Derek “Pooh” Ennis, 24-5-1 having won the USBA Super Welterweight title.

“He is going great and getting moved right. He is a boxer puncher,” said Pooh. “Boots” other brother Farah was 22-2 and won the NABF super middleweight title.

“Boots is definitely a champ in the making! I told his father “Bozy” that when he was still just a young kid. He has great foot work, hand speed and power along with a real disciplined work ethic. His dad is bringing him along the write way! One of the best talents in Philly along with Christian Carto (10-0 10 ko’s),” said Joey Eye (one of the top cut men in the business).

“Jaron Ennis is by far the most talented fighter in the welterweight division. He is a rare combination of speed, power, skills and boxing acumen. Again Cameron Dunkin has signed one of the best fighters in boxing. It is axiomatic that Ennis wins a world title by the end of 2019,” said George Hanson (writer and former amateur boxer).

“Boots” works out regularly with one of the top welterweights in the world in southpaw the “New” Ray Robinson, 23-2, who is also trained by “Bozy” Ennis in Bozy’s Dungeon in North Philly. “Boots is like my little brother. He surprises me with his work ethic because he is so young. He has a ton of talent and will be world champ,” said Robinson.

“It’s exciting watching Jaron Ennis fight, even at this early stage, because when you see him in action, you get the sense that he can truly be one of the great ones,” said John DiSanto (Philly Boxing History and Fight News).

“Boots” is one of the most relaxed boxers one would want to see. He fights both orthodox and southpaw and doesn’t miss a beat. It seems like he is very much “at home in the ring!” His trainer/father is one of the best if not the best trainer in Philly.

This writer was able to sit down and ask “Boots” and his father/trainer “Bozy” some questions.

KEN HISSNER: You had a very good amateur background. Was your decision to turn pro and easy one at the time you did?

BOOTS ENNIS: It was a very easy decision to make.

KEN HISSNER: You followed you’re two brothers “Pooh” and Farrah into the pro ranks. Have they had an influence on your fighting as a professional?

BOOTS ENNIS: They had a big influence in my boxing career and my life. They told me what to do and not what to do.

KEN HISSNER: Have you found it much different in training “Boots” compared to training his two brothers?

BOZY ENNIS: Not at all.

KEN HISSNER: Just a little over 15 months as a professional and it seems you are already having a problem keeping the original opponent named. Does it get frustrating when the opponent’s change when you are close to fight time?

BOOTS ENNIS: Sometimes but I’m always in the gym so it usually doesn’t bother me.

KEN HISSNER: “Boots” has fought 7 of his 13 fights in Philly plus 1 in Bristol which is nearby. Do you find it easier training at your gym right up until fight time rather than leaving earlier fighting in places he has like Utah, Virginia, New Mexico, and North Carolina?

BOZY ENNIS: Yes, it’s much easier and better.
KEN HISSNER: You have fought seven 6 round bouts and six 4 round bouts. Your next fight will be your first at 8 rounds. In spite of having 13 bouts only 2 have gone the distance. One 4 rounds and the other 6 rounds. One of your stoppages was in the 6th round. Are you eager to get up to an 8 round bout at this time?

BOOTS ENNIS: I can’t wait. It will give me more time to break my opponent down.

KEN HISSNER: Has the manager Cameron Dunkin been at many of your son’s fights being he is out of Nevada?

BOZY ENNIS: A couple of fights out west.

KEN HISSNER: Since you fight both orthodox and southpaw does sparring with southpaw “The New” Ray Robinson who you’re dad also trains help you boxing southpaw?

BOOTS ENNIS: Yes, Ray has been a big help being southpaw, but I fight my opponent the same either way.

KEN HISSNER: Who usually works the corner with you?

BOZY ENNIS: Shaun Lewis and Lawrence Smalls.

KEN HISSNER: I want to thank both of you for always being available. It’s always a pleasure coming down to “Bozy’s Dungeon.

BOOTS & BOZY ENNIS: No, thank you. You have always been there for us and a real straight shooter.

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