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ShoBox Results: Unbeaten Jaron “Boots” Ennis Looks Spectacular in Winning No. 21

Posted on 07/21/2018

By: Ken Hissner

Vito Mielnicki’s GH3, Victory Promotions and Banner Promotions at the WinnaVegas Casino & Resort, Sloan, Iowa, brought in the hottest prospect in the country in unbeaten Philly welterweight Jaron “Boots” Ennis, taking on Armando “The Gentleman” Alvarez, of Key West, FL, for the vacant WBC United States Silver (USNBC) welterweight title over 10 rounds of boxing over USA Showtime.

Welterweight Jaron “Boots” Ennis, 21-0 (19), of Philly, easily demolished Armando “The Gentleman” Alvarez, 13-1 (7), of Key West, FL, at 2:59 of the third round.

In the opening round it was all Ennis showing his quickness as the plodding Alvarez is doing more holding than fighting. Ennis starts moving and still out landing Alvarez. Alvarez warned for a low blow by referee Adam Pollack. Ennis impresses the fans having the bewildered Alvarez he signed for this one.

In the second round Ennis gave Alvarez all kinds of moves confusing him. Ennis fighting southpaw landed a lead left to the chin of Alvarez. Back to orthodox Ennis rocked Alvarez with a left hook to the head. Ennis kept backing up Alvarez who continues to do more holding than fighting. A right uppercut to the body hurt Alvarez. More body shots from Ennis had Alvarez looking bewildered. In the third round Ennis was “having fun” which is part of his entertaining to the fans.

Ennis stood looking away with an eye on Alvarez who threw a punch missing by a mile. An Ennis body shot dropped Alvarez who was cut under the left eye. Another half a dozen punches from Ennis without return. Suddenly Alvarez took a knee taking a county. A left hook from Ennis dropped Alvarez on the seat of his trunks. Alvarez tries holding taking much punishment as the referee asks him several times if he wants to continue before finally stopping it with a second left in the round. Ennis looked superb and very entertaining. Alvarez proclaimed before the fight he will go to the body but it was Ennis who went to the body.

Ennis is managed by his father while being promoted by Chris Middendorf’s Victory Boxing Promotions. “There are a lot of questions swirling around Ennis right now. Does he deserve to have his first fight on national television as the main event on ShoBox? Why was he fighting in Utah, New Mexico, Indiana, North Carolina, Virginia, DC, and small shows? Why was he moved so quickly with twenty fights in his first two years as a pro? Are all of your questions answered after tonight?” said Middendorf.

“I’m really excited about “Boots” and I brought Chris (Middendorf) in with his Victory Boxing Promotions. I am now starting my own promotion called N.O.W. Promotions. We will co-promote “Boots” together. I have big plans for him. I’ve had (Terence) Crawford and other pound for pound guys. I have had 34 world champions. I am so high on “Boots”. He wants to be the best fighter in the world. Crawford felt the same. Those guys are special. He just turned 21 (June 26th). His dad and I have known each other for 20 years. I’m getting ready to put 5 or 6 prospects with his dad. He teaches defense that nobody does anymore. They just teach offense. He takes his time with them and teaches them to slip punches,” said Dunkin.

Super lightweight southpaw Montana “Too Pretty” Love, 11-0-1 (5), of Cleveland, OH, and Kenneth “Bossman” Sims, Jr., 12-1-1 (4), of Chicago, IL, battled to a 8 round draw in a good fight.

In the first round both boxers let it all hang out. Sims had Love pinned against the ropes. Sims was landing lead rights to the chin of Love. In the second round Sims landed half a dozen unanswered punches before backing off the taunting Love. Sims turned southpaw the second half of the round.

In the third round it was Love landing a right hook. Seconds later a lead left to the chin of Sims by. Sims went back and forth orthodox to southpaw seeing a different Love in this round. In the fourth round Love had Sims on the ropes. Best round so far for Love evening the score.

In the fifth round Love knocked out the mouthpiece of Sims halting the action until referee Paul Parry gets the corner to replace it. It was a big round for Love. In the sixth round Sims comes out fast knowing the fight is slipping away from him the past three rounds. Love pinned Sims on the ropes until the referee breaks them. Back into the middle of the ring Sims took over.

In the seventh round Sims kept Love against the ropes but did catch several counter rights to the head. Close round for Sims. It was possibly the best round of the fight. In the eighth and final round it was Sims keeping Love against the ropes for the most part. The fans were loving the action. Sims was showing good hand speed at the end. Good action in this one.

Scores were 77-75 Sims, 77-75 Love, 76-76 a draw. This writer had it 77-75 Sims.

Lightweight Thomas “Gunna Man” Mattice, 13-0 (10), of Cleveland, OH, came off the canvas to win a highly disputed split decision over Armenian Zhora Hamazaryan, 9-1 (6), of L.A., CA, over 8 rounds.

In the first round Mattice moved well to his left using his jab. Hamazaryan walked Mattice against the ropes landing good body shots as Mattice held his hands high. Mattice started moving again boxing well. Hamazaryan landed a good lead overhand right to the chin of Mattice. In the second round Hamazaryan had Mattice covering up until after a jab a power shot right on the chin of Mattice dropped him for an 8 count. Hamazaryan jumped on Mattice who was holding and even wrestled Hamazaryan to the canvas. A left hook by Hamazaryan to the chin of Mattice had the latter grabbing to get through the round.

In the third round Mattice’s head seemed clear as Hamazaryan is trying to pick it up where he left it off in the previous round. Mattice was boxing well but took a good right on the chin from Hamazaryan that didn’t seem to have any effect.

Mattice ended the round with a right uppercut to the chin of Hamazaryan. In the fourth round Mattice boxed well even in close. A left hook from Hamazaryan to the chin had Mattice falling into a clinch. They exchanged rights up to the bell.

In the fifth round Hamazaryan kept coming in low trying to get under the jab of Mattice that is bothering him. Mattice landed right uppercuts and chopping rights to the chin and head of Hamazaryan who seems to be tiring having only four rounds of boxing in the past twenty rounds. In the sixth round Hamazaryan rushes in taking counter punches from Mattice. Mattice the second half of the round is on the run again. Hamazaryan seemed to get a second wind pressuring Mattice with wild left hooks and overhand rights to the head.

In the seventh round Hamazaryan kept the pressure on Mattice hurting Mattice with a right to the chin forcing Mattice to clinch forcing referee Adam Pollack to warn him for holding. Hamazaryan landed a leaping left hook to the chin of Mattice who continued to move to his left trying to avoid left hooks from Hamazaryan. In the eighth and final round Hamazaryan kept Mattice on the move with good body and head shots. In the final minute Mattice started using more offense but Hamazaryan got right back into his face with both hands.

Scores were 77-74 Hamazaryan, 76-75 Mattice twice. This writer had it 77-74 Hamazaryan.

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Jaron “Boots” Ennis Thrills Fans for 20th Straight Win Friday

Posted on 06/02/2018

By: Ken Hissner

Philadelphia’s welterweight sensation Jaron “Boots” Ennis stopped “Mighty” Mike Arnaoutis in 2 rounds for his 20th straight win at the Showboat Hotel & Casino Friday in Atlantic City, NJ.

In the Main Event Philadelphia’s Jaron “Boots” Ennis, 20-0 (18), stopped Greece’s southpaw “Mighty” Mike Arnaoutis, 26-11-2 (13), at 2:59 of the second round for the WBU Welterweight title in a scheduled 10 rounds.

Both boxers came out southpaw with Ennis firing punches and dominating Arnaoutis who seemed bewildered having no answer for the 20 year-old Ennis.

In the second round Ennis came out orthodox and it looked like he was enjoying himself thrilling the many fans in the crowd wearing T-shirts with his name on it and the rest of the crowd. A straight left put Arnaoutis into a squatting position as Referee Alan Huggins registered an 8 count. Ennis jumped on him with a flurry of punches dropping Arnaoutis in the corner of Ennis. Again an 8 count was registered and it seemed pointless that the Referee didn’t wave it off at that time. Again Ennis was all over Arnaoutis whose corner stood there with a white towel but never threw it in the ring so the referee finally waved it off at 2:59 of the second round.

Afterwards Showtime’s Barry Tompkins and Steve Farhood were talking to the young Ennis’ father-trainer “Bozy” Ennis and matchmaker Chris Middendorf. Ennis must have taken pictures for some 20 minutes with his many fans afterwards. It was great to see one of them with the younger Ennis between his two brothers, former boxers “Pooh” and Farah. “I went into there wanting to have fun and I did,” said Ennis. He made it look so easy!

“Arnaoutis told me your son is a future champion,” said “Bozy” Ennis. He added “He took his time and was magnificent in there”. The “architect” Middendorf seemed quite pleased to see this tremendous talent from Philadelphia win his 20th straight, 18 by knockout in just 26 months. He has been the No. 1 contender in the USBA with none of the remaining contenders willing to step in the ring with him for the vacant title. So Middendorf arranged for the WBU Welterweight Title to be on the line.

In the Co-feature Chris “Sandman” Thomas, 9-0-1 (6), of Tom Rivers, NJ, blew through Darryl Bunting, 3-4-2 (1), of Asbury Park, NJ, at 1:06 of the third round of a scheduled 8 rounds for the NJ State Middleweight Title.

In the first round with plenty of screaming fans behind Thomas Bunting came forward running into a countering Thomas going for an early knockout. Thomas rocked Bunting with a right to the chin. He followed up with a combination dropping him for an 8 count from Referee Dock. Bunting was saved by the bell. In the second round Thomas landed a pair of right hands to the head of Bunting. A wild right to the chin from Thomas put Bunting against the ropes.

In the third round Thomas ended it with a flurry of punches causing Referee Dock to wave it off to the delight of Thomas’ many fans.

Former NJ Heavyweight Champion southpaw Dan Pasciolla, 9-4-3 (0), of Brick, NJ, lost a disputed 8 round split decision to Quian “Silverback” Davis, 5-0-2 (2), of Mays Landing, NJ, for the vacant NJ Heavyweight title.

In the first round Davis landed the first punch a right to the chin of Pasciolla. Shortly later Pasciolla landed a left, right combination to the head of Davis. Pasciolla landed a flurry of punch having Davis against the ropes. In the second round Pasciolla had Davis against the ropes. Seconds later Pasciolla landed a combination buckling the knees of Davis. Pasciolla was too busy for Davis putting him against the ropes just prior to the bell.

In the third round Davis landed a right uppercut to the body of Pasciolla. Pasciolla landed a flurry of punches pinning Davis against the ropes. Pasciolla walked into a Davis right uppercut. Pasciolla landed a short left to the chin of Davis at the bell. In the fourth round Davis landed a lead right on the chin of southpaw Pasciolla. Pasciolla came back with half a dozen unanswered punches to the body and head of Davis. From out of the corner Davis landed a short right to the chin of Pasciolla who countered with a combination making Davis clinch.

In the fifth round Davis went to the body of Pasciolla in the middle of the ring. A Davis lead right to the chin rocked Pasciolla. In the sixth round Pasciolla landed half a dozen unanswered punches to the head of Davis who was again against the ropes. Davis came back seconds later with a good body shot stopping Pasciolla in his tracks.

In the seventh round Davis landed a straight right to the chin of Pasciolla. Davis came back with a 3-punch combination to the body of Pasciolla. At the bell both fighters were still punching one another. In the eighth and final round with the title on the line a near exhausted Davis tries for the one shot but was completely dominated by Pasciolla. The Referee was Harvey Dock.

Judge Bennett scored 77-75 Pasciolla, Carter 78-74 and Barnes 77-75 for Davis. This writer had it 79-73 Pasciolla.

Russian Welterweight Yurik “Don’t Be Sorry Be Carefull” Mamedov, 10-1 (3), of Brooklyn, NY, won a lopsided 8 round decision over southpaw Kashon Hutchinson, 3-5 (1), of Reading, PA.

In the first round Mamedov kept the pressure on Hutchinson with a good body attack. Mamedov was warned for hitting behind the head by Referee Dock including a punch after the bell. In the second and third rounds Mamedov kept coming forward with Hutchinson countering mostly off the ropes. Mamedov kept up the pressure mainly to the body as Hutchinson returned fire but couldn’t keep Mamedov off of him with Mamedov getting a second warning for hitting behind the head by Referee Dock.

In the fourth and fifth rounds Mamedov kept up the pressure wearing down Hutchinson. Hutchinson tried boxing Mamedov but didn’t have enough power to hold him off. Mamedov drove Hutchinson across the ring with no return. Mamedov ended the fifth round with a solid right to the chin of Hutchinson.

In the sixth round Mamedov chased and caught Hutchinson driving him to the ropes throughout the round. Mamedov ended the round rocking Hutchinson who complained of a late blow to Referee Dock. In the seventh round Hutchinson lost a point for holding. Mamedov kept up the pressure as a near exhausted Hutchinson barely got through the round. In the eighth and final round Hutchinson was looking to survive as Mamedov kept out working him looking for the knockout. Hutchinson was able to last out the round.

Judge Bennett had it 79-72 while judges Carter and Barnes had it 80-71 as did this writer.

Atlantic City’s Joel De La Paz, 8-1 (4), won a close decision over Willis “The Prophet” Lockett, 16-23-5 (5), of Takoma Park, MD, over 6 rounds.

In the first round Lockett used a jab but was countered well by De La Paz to the head. At the bell De La Paz rocked Lockett with a straight right to the chin. In the second round Lockett kept a busy jab mostly to the body of De La Paz who was content to load up with a limited amount of counter punching.

In the third round Lockett put more behind his punches with a solid body attack and an occasional left hook to the head of De La Paz who throws one punch at a time sparingly. In the fourth round Lockett kept coming forward out working De La Paz who landed several left hooks by not enough to keep Lockett at bay.

In the fifth round De La Paz did more posing than throwing as Lockett kept busy to the body. De La Paz with hands to his side kept moving away from Lockett who did his best to catch up to the fleeting De La Paz. In the sixth and final round De La Paz landed a 3-punch combination to the head and body of Lockett who kept pressuring him with body work.

Judge Barnes 60-54, Bennett 58-56 and Carter 57-57 as did this writer.

In the opening bout Camden, NJ, Welterweight Vidal Rivera, 8-0 (5), kept unbeaten knocking out Jose Ramos, 11-14-1 (8), of Tijuana, MEX, at 2:37 of the second round, of a scheduled 6.

In the first round Ramos was the aggressor while Rivera dealt out a good body attack. Referee Mary Glover called a slip due to a low blow against Ramos. In the second round Rivera continued a vicious body attack whole moving around Ramos. Even off the ropes Rivera pounded Ramos with a right to the head and a left hook to the body dropping him for the count.

Philly southpaw Super Featherweight Donald “No Love” Smith, 7-0 (4), knocked out Deo Kizito, 2-1-1 (1), of Rubage, Uganda, at 1:21 of the second round.

In the first round Smith came out landing a short left to the head driving Kizito back several feet. The taller Smith dominated the round with his jab as Kizito kept trying to duck under it with little success. In the second round a right hook from Smith dropped Kizito who tried beating the count of Referee Glover but failed. Smith continued to have a vocal group of fans behind him.

Philly Heavyweight Darmani Rock, 11-0 (7), Maurice Harris, 26-21-3, of Newark, NJ,

North Philly Bad Lands Super Bantamweight Angel “Pretty Boy” Pizarro, 4-0 (3), knocked out Terrance “Trigger Man” Moore, 0-3, of Wilson, NC, at 1:38 of the first round of a scheduled 4.

In the first round Moore came charging out after Pizarro who evaded most of his rushes countering him well. What looked more like a slip Referee Mary Glover counted as a knockdown when Moore went to the canvas. Moore got up charging Pizarro again as his corner yelled “to the body” and he followed those orders with a chopping right to the head of Moore who hit the canvas for good as Referee Glover counted him out.

In attendance were former Cruiserweight Champion Al “Ice” Cole, No. 1 Super Middleweight contender Jesse “Hollywood” Hart and former contender Hector “Macho” Camacho, Jr. Ring Announcer was Mark Fratto. Thomas “Cornflake” LaManna it was announced will be back in action possibly on August 18th in Atlantic City. He is the son of the promoter Debra LaManna.

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Philly’s Unbeaten Jaron “Boots” Ennis Wins 19th in 24 Months

Posted on 04/20/2018

By: Ken Hissner

The best Philly prospect since 1984 Olympic Gold Medal Winner Meldrick Taylor just won his 19th fight and 17th by stoppage. Yes, that’s Jaron “Boots” Ennis out of his father’s Bozy’s Dungeon in North Philly.

Promoter Chris Middendorf informed this writer that Saturday at the Masonic Temple in Norfolk, VA, stopping his opponent Ghana’s veteran Sam Amoako, 23-17, out of Silver Spring, MD, in the first round. Amoako had been stopped twice before but never this fast inside of a round. He had gone 10 full rounds with now No. 13 WBO contender Thomas “Cornflake” LaManna in his previous fight.

It all started when “Boots” father signed him with manager Cameron Dunkin as his co-manager based on Dunkin’s relationship with former Philly boxer Anthony “the Messenger” Thompson being one of Dunkin’s former boxers.

Dunkin hooked up with his friend promoter Chris Middendorf of Victory Promotions and they teamed up for “Boots” pro debut April 30th 2016 at the Dixie Convention Center in St. George, Utah, promoted by Victory Promotions. Ennis ended the bout with a knockout in 0:42 seconds of the first round. In May in his Philly debut another first round stoppage but in only 0:23. In June in Springfield, VA, a knockout in 0:20. In July he had a stoppage at 1:34 of the 4th round in Rio Rancho, NM. In In August he scored a knockout at 2:52 of the 2nd round at the Grundy Arena, in Bristol, PA. In September back in Philly winning a 4 round decision and again in Philly’s 2300 Arena, in November same place in his first 6 with a stoppage after 4 rounds. In December a stoppage at 0:55 the 6th at Philly’s SugarHouse Casino.

In January of 2017 it was time to step it up for “Boots” with some winning record veterans to “learn the business” as well as possible. Elvin Perez, 28-16-4, was knocked out in 0:35 of the first round at the 2300 Arena. Same facility in March against veteran James Winchester, 20-12, one of the dirtiest fighters out there scoring 60-53 on all 3 score cards over 6. In May his first appearance at the Masonic Temple in Norfolk stopping Eduardo Flores, 25-26-3, at 1:57 of the fourth.

In June for “Boots” it was Wilfredo Acuna, 16-20, who was knockout in 1:23 of the first back at the 2300 Arena. Less than 3 weeks later Robert Hill, 6-32-1, lasted into the 3rd round at the Durham Arena, in NC. In August Ricardo Cano, 17-13-8, was knocked out 0:40 of the first in an 8, at the Howard Theatre in DC. In September Lionel Jimenez, 3-18-1, was knocked out at 2:43 of the first at the National Guard Armory, in Hammond, IND. In October Ayi Bruce, 23-14, was stopped at 1:37 of the first in a 6 in Springfield, VA. Rounding out 2017 it was George Sosa, 15-10-1, was knocked out at 1:09 of the second in an 8.

Opening up 2018 “Boots” stopped Gustavo Garibay, 13-9-2, at 2:14 of the 4th in a 6 back at the SugarHouse Casino. That brought him up to last Saturdays first round stoppage in an 8 at the Masonic Temple in Norfolk.

Middendorf had this to say about “Boots” defeating Amoako: He overwhelmed Sam Amoako in the first round, landing multiple combinations. He crushed him at the end of the round with a body shot. Amoako took a knee and the ref waved it off. Amoako showed no desire to continue.

As for the future “Boots” next fight will be announced this week per Middendorf and added: We knew when we signed “Boots” he knew how to fight. We knew he had a great team with him and in Philly there was talented and varied sparring (“The New” Ray Robinson also trained by “Bozy”). Our goal was to get him fighting pro and get his fights around the country and on some level stay under the radar so he could develop with as few distractions as possible. It is clear now that he is ready to step up his fights and start gaining a foothold in the rankings.

Remember he is still a few months short of his 21st birthday! (June 26th) “Boots” and his team have worked hard to get to this point, and they are ready to really move forward. It has been a great run to get these 19 wins in less than two years. Cameron Dunkin and I are excited and confident in “Boots” as he meets the challenges ahead.

“Boots” gave away some weight and took it to Amoako with body shots that were unbelievable. He dropped him and the guy didn’t want to get up,” said “Bozy” Ennis. The next fight should be in Atlantic City for a (minor) title.

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Philly’s Top 8 Prospects Ennis, Carto, Fulton, Cuevas, Pizarro’s, Sparrow & Folly Are 80-2

Posted on 02/19/2018

By: Ken Hissner

At the present time the city of Philadelphia once a major player in boxing doesn’t have any world champions. Still fighting are several such as Danny “Swift” Garcia who held WBC titles at super lightweight and welterweight. The other is Steve “USS” Cunningham who held titles at cruiserweight.

Leading today’s top 8 prospects out of Philadelphia is welterweight Jaron “Boots” Ennis, 18-0 (16), trained by his father Derrick “Bozy” Ennis. Their gym is over the Harrowgate Gym on Venago Street off of Kensington Avenue called “Bozy’s Dungeon”. Ennis also trains current top welterweight “The New” Ray Robinson.

The father was 4-1 (3) as a professional and decided to concentrate on his 3 sons. The eldest Derek “Pooh” Ennis was 24-5-1 (13), and held the USBA Super Welterweight title and is now 38 having retired after losing in July of 2014 to current IBF Super Middleweight champion Caleb Truax.

The second son Farah was 22-2 (12), having won the NABF Super Middleweight title. His second loss was to current WBA Light Heavyweight champion Badou Jack. His following fight was his last on May of 2015 ending with a win. He is 35.

The third son to come along is 20 year-old welterweight Jaron “Boots” Ennis, 18-0 (16), who was an Olympic alternate after losing 2 of 3 to Gary Antuanne Russell. He turned professional in April of 2016 under manager Cameron Dunkin. He has been promoted by Chris Middendorf’s Victory Promotions. His biggest wins were over Ayi Bruce, 23-14 and Gustavo Garibay, 13-9-2 in his most recent bout. He is 9-0 in Philly rings.

Next up is bantamweight Christian Carto, 13-0 (11), who trains out of the Rosati Gym in South Philly’s S. Chadwick St. The owner is his trainer Mickey Rosati. He is managed by his brother Frank III who was a novice Golden Gloves champion. Carto lives in Deptford, NJ.

Carto won the National Golden Gloves in 2014. He turned professional in July of 2016 and is 11-0 in Philly and scheduled March 2nd at the SugarHouse Casino in Philly in the 8 round main event against James Smith, 12-1, of Detroit. His two biggest wins have been over Juan Guzman, 22-7, and Alfonso Melendez, 14-1. He is 21.

Next up is featherweight Stephen “Cool Boy Steph” Fulton, 12-0 (5), who trains out of the James Shuler Gym on Brooklyn Street in West Philly owned by Buster Custus.

Fulton is a former National Golden Gloves champion in 2013T and trained by Hamza Muhammad. He has fought for one year in the World Series of Boxing prior to turning professional in October of 2014. He has only fought once in his home city of Philly. He is 23.

Fulton has defeated 5 unbeaten opponents including Luis Rosario, 8-0-1, and Adam Lopez, 8-0, in his last bout in December of 2017.

Last but not least is Jeremy “King” Cuevas, 7-0 (6), a 22 year-old southpaw. His biggest win was in September of 2017 stopping Justin Savi, 31-13-2. He is 6-0 in Philly rings and trained by Tony Bersanti.

Cuevas turned professional in October of 2016.

The Pizarro brothers are part of another pair of Puerto Rican decent with a big fan following. The younger, 18, Lightweight Branden, is 8-1 (4), and scheduled to fight this Saturday taking on Marlon Lewis, at the Orlando Live Event Center, in Orlando, FL. He is trained by his father Angel, Sr.

The older brother 22, is Super Bantamweight Angel Pizarro, Jr., 3-0 (2), who has had several cancelled bouts since his last fight. He is also trained by “Bozy” Ennis.

Super Featherweight Avery Sparrow, 9-1 (3), is 22 and in his last 3 fights has defeated Isaelin Florian, 6-0, Joey Laviolette, 6-0, and in his last fight Jose Lopez, 19-1-1, in his first 10 round bout. He is No. 14 in the WBO. His trainer is Vaughn Jackson and his adviser is J Russell Peltz. He is scheduled to take on Jesus Serrano, 17-5-2 (12), of Sonora, MEX, on March 9th at the Parx Casino, in Bensalem, PA.

Super Bantamweight Manny “Major Pain” Folly, 10-0 (8), is 25, and a former Philadelphia Police Officer. He is trained by “Bozy” Ennis.

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These Three Hold the Future of Philadelphia Boxing in Their Hands

Posted on 10/04/2017

By: Ken Hissner

At the end of this article this writer will talk about the three boxers in Philadelphia who hold the future of Philly boxing in their hands!

For some time Philadelphia writers, trainers, boxers and promoters have said Philadelphia is the “boxing capitol of the world!” Currently Philadelphia does not have a world champion. Only seven of Philadelphia’s boxers are in the WBA, WBC, WBO and IBF ratings.

The most recent world champion was Danny “Swift” Garcia, 33-1 (19), who is currently now ranked No. 2 by both the WBC and WBA. He lost his WBC welterweight title by split decision to WBA champion Keith Thurman in March and hasn’t fought since. His manager is Al Haymon and his promoter is Golden Boy Promotions. He is trained by his father Angel Garcia at their DSG gym in North Philadelphia.

Steve “USS” Cunningham, 29-9-1 (13), the former two-time cruiserweight champion is listed at No. 15 by the IBF. He recently lost a lack luster decision. No one keeps in better condition than “USS” does. Newark, NJ, is having a cruiserweight title match and the opponent is a former opponent of his. “USS” should be on that show! He is trained by Naziim Richardson and promoted by Main Events.

Jesse “Hard Work” Hart got his opportunity recently coming off the canvas early in the fight but made a strong second half finish in losing but will probably keep his No. 1 WBO status among super middleweights but isn’t ranked anywhere else. How can that be? If he comes down to earth after that loss he still has potential to be a world champion but you can’t split his time between two gyms with two different trainers and expect results! It’s Fred Jenkins, Sr. at the ABC Recreation Center in North Philly and it’s his father Eugene “Cyclone” Hart in Joe Hand’s South Philly gym.

Super welterweight Julian “J Rock” Williams, 23-1-1 (15), lost in a WBC title attempt in December of 2016 to Jermell Charlo but is still ranked No. 6 in the WBC, No. 9 in the IBF and No. 15 in the WBO. He is still young and still has a future. Stephan “Bread Man” Edwards is his manager and trainer at Shuler’s Gym in West Philly.

Welterweight southpaw “The New” Ray Robinson, 24-2 (12) due to inactivity has dropped in the ratings but is still No. 10 in the WBO, No. 11 in the IBF and No. 13 in the WBC. He can make anyone look bad. So why doesn’t the Garcia people consider a Philly bout with him? He is trained by “Bozy” Ennis at “Bozy’s Dungeon” in North Philly. He is managed by David McWater.

“Hammerin” Hank Lundy, 28-6-1 (14), is No. 10 in the WBC lightweight rankings and has fallen to the “Philly Jinx” on more than one occasion. He’s 3-3 in his last 6 fights. “Cornbread” Ramsey was back in the corner last fight. He trains out of the Marion Anderson Gym in South Philly. Tevin “American Idol” Farmer, 25-4-1 (5), is No. 2 in the WBC, No. 5 in the IBF and No. 9 in the WBO. Coming off an injury he should be ready to go again soon. Marc Cipparone is his manager while “Chino” Rivas trains him in Cherry Hill, NJ.

Now let’s get to the “future” of Philadelphia. The best prospect since 1984 Gold Medal Olympia is welterweight Jaron “Boots” Ennis, 15-0 (13), who at age 20 is on the verge of stepping up the competition. Promoting his fights with Victory Promotions is Chris Middendorf who has him either in Philly October 21st or in DC October 14th. To have him in fifteen fights in eighteen months is impressive. He was an Olympic Alternate in 2016. His father “Bozy” trains him at “Bozy’s Dungeon” North Philly Gym over the Harrowgate Gym.

Bantamweight Christian Carto, 12-0 (11), finally got some rounds in this past week in the main event defeating a 14-1 Mexican opponent. He has had twelve fights in fifteen months of boxing and is a former National Golden Gloves Champion. He lost his manager recently to a death and still doesn’t have a promoter. His trainer is Mickey Rosati, Jr. whose gym Carto trains at over Rosati’s Auto Repair garage. He’s had ten fights with Hard Hitting Promotions and two with King’s Promotions. He’s one white boxer that even the most negative black boxing people love him in Philly.

The third is a 17 year-old super lightweight named Brandon Pizarro, 8-0 (4), who will be turning 18 this month. “Gifted” is a crowd pleaser trained by “Bozy” Ennis and his father Angel Pizarro, Sr. at “Bozy’s Dungeon” in North Philly. He is promoted by Hard Hitting Promotions.

On Sunday October 18th John DiSanto is holding his 8th Annual “Briscoe Awards” where most of these boxers along with this writer will be in attendance. It will be held at the Xfinity Live facility at 1100 Pattison Avenue in South Philly.

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Jaron “Boots” Ennis Wins 14th Straight in 0:40 at DC

Posted on 08/13/2017

By: Ken Hissner

It was a three hour trip to DC just to see Jaron “Boots” Ennis, 14-0 (12) get his fourteenth win against Ricardo Cano, 17-14-5 (10), of Mexico City who once went the ten round distance with Saul Canelo Alvarez! The show was promoted by Nations Fight Night’s Tatiana Moton Promotions. Matchmaker Chris Middendorf did a fantastic job considering all the talent in the red corner in a small venue at Howard Theatre meaning a small budget.

The Philadelphia hot prospect in the welterweight division didn’t disappoint his fans after sitting in a basement dressing room while the “band played on” and there were six fights prior to your co-feature bout. “I don’t look for a knockout but when he comes it comes,” said Ennis. He dropped a right hand on the chin of Cano followed by a left to the body and another pair of rights and down went Cano for the count. It was all of 0:40 including the ten seconds referee Sharon Sands counted Cano out. That’s fourteen fights in fourteen months for what this writer calls the “best prospect out of Philadelphia since 1984 when Meldrick Taylor won a Olympic Gold Medal” and went on to become a world champion. He is trained by his father “Bozy” Ennis. Middendorf is responsible or had a hand in all of those 14 bouts.

In the main event welterweight southpaw Patrick Harris, 12-0 (8), of Hyattsville, MD, had one durable and pesky opponent in Jesus Lule-Reya, 11-23-1, out of Ft. Myers, FL, who never stopped coming forward and never stopped throwing punches. Referee Brent Bovell was watching the many punches Lule-Reya was taking but with him firing back he let the six round bout continued until the end. All three officials and this writer had it 60-54 for the winner Harris. Harris is a very good prospect.

Returning “home” after one year from suffering his first defeat welterweight Kareem “Reemo” Martin, 9-1-1 (3), of DC, was like a windmill in breaking down the durable Evincii Dixon, 7-19-2 (1), formerly of Lancaster, PA, but now out of Philadelphia, over six rounds winning all six of them per the officials and this writer.

There two women’s bouts with lightweight Tiara Brown, 3-0 (2), of Bladensburg, MD, after a feeling out first round tore into Tammy Franks, 2-29-1 (0), now out of San Antonio, TX, stopping Franks at 0:49 of the second round.

Super middleweight Franchon Crews Dezurn, 2-1 (1), of Baltimore, MD, had a tough opponent before her in Sydney LeBlanc, 4-3-1 (0), of New Orleans, La, but managed to win all four rounds. Her only loss was to 2-time Olympic Gold Medalist Claressa Shields.

Hot prospect and former amateur champion welterweight Brandun Lee, 5-0 (4), of Coachella, CA, who at 18 shows worlds of potential as he took apart game Roy Garcia, 4-25-1 (3), of Alice, TX, at 1:23 of the second round as referee Sands had seen enough. Lee recently played Bruce Lee in a film.

Junior welterweight southpaw Tyrek Irby, 4-0 (1), of DC, demolished late sub Anthony Alston, 0-2 (0), of Raleigh, NC, 0:58 of the first round. Opening the show was prospect Shynggyskhan Tazhibay, 5-0) (3), now out of DC, who was a fan’s favorite won all four rounds over southpaw Robert “Hitman” Hill, 7-34-1 (1), of Gulfport, MS, taking all four rounds. Judges were Brent Bovell, Wayne Smith, Eric Irizarry and Tammyi Jenkins with Dave Braslow being the referee for both bouts. Well known Ring Announcer was Discombobulating.

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Philly’s Jaron “Boots” Ennis is the “Can’t Miss Kid” at 147

Posted on 08/09/2017

By: Ken Hissner

This writer has proclaimed Philly’s Jaron “Boots” Ennis as the best looking prospect in Philly since 1984 Olympic Gold Medalist Meldrick Taylor. His next fight is scheduled for August 12th at the Howard Theatre in Washington, D.C. which will be his first 8 rounder. Promotion is Nations Fight Night with Chris Middendorf doing the matchmaking. He also has promoted several of Ennis’ bouts under the name Victory Promotions. Ennis will face Mexican Ricardo Cano, 17-3-2. The show will benefit the Midtown Youth Academy and honoring Lamont & Anthony Peterson.

Ennis was the National Golden Gloves Champion in 2015. At the 2016 Olympic Trials he defeated Gary Antuanne Russell but in the box-offs lost to him twice.

“Boots beat Russell then lost to him with both fair decisions. Then in their third bout Boots got robbed,” said Bozy Ennis.
Ennis has a 13-0 (11) record in 15 months of activity with his last bout “a keep busy fight” at the Durham Armory in Durham, NC, defeating Robert Hill, 6-32-1 who couldn’t come out after three rounds.

His last bout in his hometown was June 2nd at the 2300 Arena in South Philly stopping Wilfredo Acuna, 16-20 (12), of Managua, NIC, at 2:53 of the first round in a scheduled 6.

Ennis in his previous 3 fights prior to his last fight has fought very experienced opponents in Elvin Perez, 28-16-4 KO1, James Winchester, 20-12, W6, Eduardo Flores, 25-26-3 WTKO4 and Acuna 16-20.

Ennis comes from a fighting family with brother Derek “Pooh” Ennis, 24-5-1 having won the USBA Super Welterweight title.

“He is going great and getting moved right. He is a boxer puncher,” said Pooh. “Boots” other brother Farah was 22-2 and won the NABF super middleweight title.

“Boots is definitely a champ in the making! I told his father “Bozy” that when he was still just a young kid. He has great foot work, hand speed and power along with a real disciplined work ethic. His dad is bringing him along the write way! One of the best talents in Philly along with Christian Carto (10-0 10 ko’s),” said Joey Eye (one of the top cut men in the business).

“Jaron Ennis is by far the most talented fighter in the welterweight division. He is a rare combination of speed, power, skills and boxing acumen. Again Cameron Dunkin has signed one of the best fighters in boxing. It is axiomatic that Ennis wins a world title by the end of 2019,” said George Hanson (writer and former amateur boxer).

“Boots” works out regularly with one of the top welterweights in the world in southpaw the “New” Ray Robinson, 23-2, who is also trained by “Bozy” Ennis in Bozy’s Dungeon in North Philly. “Boots is like my little brother. He surprises me with his work ethic because he is so young. He has a ton of talent and will be world champ,” said Robinson.

“It’s exciting watching Jaron Ennis fight, even at this early stage, because when you see him in action, you get the sense that he can truly be one of the great ones,” said John DiSanto (Philly Boxing History and Fight News).

“Boots” is one of the most relaxed boxers one would want to see. He fights both orthodox and southpaw and doesn’t miss a beat. It seems like he is very much “at home in the ring!” His trainer/father is one of the best if not the best trainer in Philly.

This writer was able to sit down and ask “Boots” and his father/trainer “Bozy” some questions.

KEN HISSNER: You had a very good amateur background. Was your decision to turn pro and easy one at the time you did?

BOOTS ENNIS: It was a very easy decision to make.

KEN HISSNER: You followed you’re two brothers “Pooh” and Farrah into the pro ranks. Have they had an influence on your fighting as a professional?

BOOTS ENNIS: They had a big influence in my boxing career and my life. They told me what to do and not what to do.

KEN HISSNER: Have you found it much different in training “Boots” compared to training his two brothers?

BOZY ENNIS: Not at all.

KEN HISSNER: Just a little over 15 months as a professional and it seems you are already having a problem keeping the original opponent named. Does it get frustrating when the opponent’s change when you are close to fight time?

BOOTS ENNIS: Sometimes but I’m always in the gym so it usually doesn’t bother me.

KEN HISSNER: “Boots” has fought 7 of his 13 fights in Philly plus 1 in Bristol which is nearby. Do you find it easier training at your gym right up until fight time rather than leaving earlier fighting in places he has like Utah, Virginia, New Mexico, and North Carolina?

BOZY ENNIS: Yes, it’s much easier and better.
KEN HISSNER: You have fought seven 6 round bouts and six 4 round bouts. Your next fight will be your first at 8 rounds. In spite of having 13 bouts only 2 have gone the distance. One 4 rounds and the other 6 rounds. One of your stoppages was in the 6th round. Are you eager to get up to an 8 round bout at this time?

BOOTS ENNIS: I can’t wait. It will give me more time to break my opponent down.

KEN HISSNER: Has the manager Cameron Dunkin been at many of your son’s fights being he is out of Nevada?

BOZY ENNIS: A couple of fights out west.

KEN HISSNER: Since you fight both orthodox and southpaw does sparring with southpaw “The New” Ray Robinson who you’re dad also trains help you boxing southpaw?

BOOTS ENNIS: Yes, Ray has been a big help being southpaw, but I fight my opponent the same either way.

KEN HISSNER: Who usually works the corner with you?

BOZY ENNIS: Shaun Lewis and Lawrence Smalls.

KEN HISSNER: I want to thank both of you for always being available. It’s always a pleasure coming down to “Bozy’s Dungeon.

BOOTS & BOZY ENNIS: No, thank you. You have always been there for us and a real straight shooter.

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Lundy Wins and Ennis Stays unbeaten at 12-0 in Philly Friday!

Posted on 06/03/2017

Lundy Wins and Ennis Stays unbeaten at 12-0 in Philly Friday!
By: Ken Hissner

Peltz Boxing, BAM Boxing and RAGING BABE returned once again to the 2300 Arena in South Philly with veteran “Hammerin” Hank Lundy’s return to Philly for the first time since 2010. Top Philly prospect Jaron “Boots” Ennis increased his unbeaten win streak to 12.


In the main event Lightweight “Hammerin” Hank Lundy, 28-6-1 (14), of Philly, scored a knockdown and stopped late substitute Dany Evangelista, 20-8-2 (16), of Mexico City, at 2:53 of the fifth round in a scheduled 8.

Lundy easily won the first two rounds ending the last part of the second round switching to southpaw. In the third round Lundy landed a solid left hook to the head of Evangelista stunning him.

Evangelista landed his best punch so far in the fight a right to the midsection of Lundy and repeated it at the bell. In the fourth round while in close Lundy landed a double left hook to the head of Evangelista.

In the fifth round Evangelista landed a solid lead right to the head of Lundy.

Lundy looked angry from that and came back with a flurry of punches dropping Evengelista and causing a cut over his left eye. He got up but didn’t respond when referee Gary Rosato asked him to raise his hands so he stopped it.

In co-feature super welterweight Native American Mark Daniels, Jr., of Crandon, WI, 3-1 (1), suffered his first loss when Isaiah Wise, 5-1 (3), of Philly, used a good body attack for all 6 rounds to take the decision.

In the opening round Daniels had his way halfway thru until Wise landed several good body shots with left hooks. In the second and third rounds Daniels switched back and forth southpaw to orthodox but it didn’t matter to Wise who continued going to the body.

In the fourth round Wise landed a solid lead right to the chin of Daniels that stunned him. Daniels came back causing a small cut over the right eye of Wise. In the fifth round Daniels got in his best punch of the fight a left hook to the chin of Wise who came right back with a combination to the body of Daniels. In the sixth and final round Wise continued with a body beating.

Judge’s Poturaj and Lundy had it 59-55 while Kinney had it 60-54 as did this writer. Referee was Rosato.

Top Philly welterweight prospect Jaron “Boots” Ennis, 12-0 (10), scored his twelfth straight win in fourteen months stopping Wilfredo “El Zurdo” Acuna, 16-21 (12), of Managua, NIC, with a pair of knockdowns at 1:23 in the first round.

In the opening round Ennis switched from orthodox to southpaw against the southpaw Acuna and dropped him with a right hook to the chin. Acuna got up and was dropped by a vicious right to the mid-section and counted out by referee Talmadge.

“I always come out orthodox but switched to southpaw and will be back June 17th in Baltimore (per Victory Promotions Chris Middendorf),” said Ennis. In his corner as usual was his father/trainer “Bozy” Ennis. Middendorf and manager Cameron Dunkin have done a fine job keeping Ennis who will turn 20 this month busy.

In the walk out bout cruiserweight Alvin “Iron Majik” Varmall, Jr., 11-0-1 (9), of Catskill, NY, with a pair of knockdowns destroyed Juan Reyna, 6-7-1 (2), of Brownsville, TX, at 2:02 of the first round.

In the opening round Varmall came storming out with solid body work chasing Reyna. An overhand right near the back of the head by Varmall dropped Reyna. A vicious body attack and down went Reyna forcing referee Blair Talmadge to wave it off.

Super lightweight Scott Kelleher, 5-1 (3), of Philly, back from a 13 month layoff was dropped 3 times losing to Dion “Showtime” Richardson, 2-1 (1), of Newark, NJ, at 2:19 of the first round.

In the opening round a right hand from Richardson almost put Kelleher through the ropes causing a knockdown by referee Rosato. Shortly later another right hand dropped Keller down. Before the end of the round Richardson had Kelleher all bloody and down for a third time as referee Rosato waved it off. It was reported Kelleher suffered a broken nose.

In a good featherweight scrap Crystian Peguero, 2-0 (1), of Philly, scored a hard fought decision over Saquan “Roto Rooter” Felton, 0-2 (0), of Rochester, NY, over 4 rounds.

In a close first round Peguero came out looking for another early knockout as he did in his debut but Felton was having none of it. In the second round things heated up with both boxers landing well and sometimes landing at the same time to the chin. In the third round a short right by Peguero to the chin of Felton had him holding on. In the fourth and last round both let it all hang out with the shorter Peguero scoring well but not well enough for a knockdown or knockout.
Judge Lundy had it 39-37 while Poturaj and Kinney along with this writer had it 40-36 for the winner.

In the opening bout super welterweight Ishmael Altman, 0-0-1 (0), of Arapahoe, NC, got the short end of the stick drawing with Tyree Crowder, 0-0-1 (0), of Philly, that ended in a disputed draw over 4 rounds.

In the first two rounds it was all Altman being taller and using his reach chasing Crowder. In the third round Altman continues using his jab with Crowder countering. In the fourth and final round Altman seemed to post a shutout. Referee was Rosato.

Judges Lundy, Poturaj and Frisca all had it 38-38. This writer 40-36.

In a rematch Marko Bailey, 5-0 (3), of Durham NC, won by majority decision over southpaw Vinnie Denierio, 1-2 (1), of Geneva, NY, over 4 good rounds of boxing.

In the first round it was Denierio controlling with a jab and an occasional straight left to the chin of Bailey who was chasing him. In the second round Bailey got a couple of right’s to the head in but Denierio outworked him. In the third round Bailey knowing he may be behind in the scoring aggressively went after Denierio. In the fourth and final round it was all Bailey halfway through the round when both exchanged uppercuts to the chin. Bailey seemed to earn a draw taking this round.

Judges Kinney and Poturaj had it 39-37 while Frisca and this writer 38-38. Referee was Rosato.

Welterweight Marcel Rivers, 2-0 (1), of Philly, scored a knockdown in winning a decision over Jamaal “Shoota” Gregory, 1-0 (1), of Charlotte, NC, over a spirited 4 rounds.

In the opening round both boxers mixed it up well. In the second round Rivers knocked the mouthpiece of Gregory out twice. Gregory did get the last punch in at the bell. In the third round an overhand right from Rivers to the chin of Gregory dropped him. Gregory got up and fought back to a stand still with Rivers.

In the fourth and final round the taller Gregory came back in the best round of the fight to take the round. Referee was Blair Talmadge.

All 3 judges and this writer had it 39-36 for the winner.

In attendance were former Philly world champions “Joltin” Jeff Chandler and Bernard “Be-Hop” Hopkins. It was a sell-out crowd!

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“Hammering” Hank Lundy & Jaron “Boots” Ennis in Philly Friday!

Posted on 06/01/2017

“Hammering” Hank Lundy & Jaron “Boots” Ennis in Philly Friday!
By: Ken Hissner

Lightweight “Hammering” Hank Lundy, 27-6-1 (13), returns to Philadelphia for the first time since 2009. Also on the card is Philly’s welterweight Jaron “Boots” Ennis, 11-0 (9), the best looking prospect in Philadelphia since 1984 Olympian Meldrick Taylor. Peltz Boxing, BAM Boxing and now Raging Babe continue to bring the fans competitive bouts.


Peltz is an IBHOF promoter and matchmaker. Brittany Rogers is one of the youngest promoter-matchmakers in the country and though in her 20’s knows her boxing especially learning from Peltz who goes back to 1969 when he promoted his first show.

There was a press conference Wednesday night at the Xfinity Center in South Philadelphia. There are eleven bouts scheduled but by fight night Friday several will probably be cut out. Boxing Director Greg Sirb gets quite upset when there are more than seven bouts. Raging Babe speaks Spanish and was able to speak to the main event opponent of Lundy in Danny Evangelista, Jr., 20-7-2 (16), from Mexico City in a scheduled 8 round bout.

Lundy is quite outspoken and though failed in a title fight with unbeaten Terrance Crawford at 140 proclaims he will be the 135 champ. He has lost 3 of his last 5 fights and was backed by his promoter from CES Promotions out of Rhode Island telling all in attendance about Lundy fighting Crawford with an injury.

When boxers return to their home base Peltz said in so many words they are at the end of their career. Lundy is 33 and in his eleventh year of boxing. He has returned to his trainer “Cornbread” Ramey who is one of the most respected trainers in Philadelphia.

On the other hand Ennis is trained by his father “Bozy” Ennis who may be the best or one of the best trainers in the city and runs “Bozy’s Dungeon” in the Kensington section of Philadelphia. His son has won all 11 fights in but his fourteenth month since turning professional in April of 2016 under manager Cameron Dunkin. Dunkin chose Chris Middendorf’s Victory Promotions instead of Top Rank who are one and have been one of the best promotional groups in the country for years. Middendorf promoted a pair of shows in Philadelphia and hopefully won’t be returning after the mismatches he put on. Ennis has fought 6 of his 11 fights in Philadelphia and another in close by Bristol, PA. His bout is against Wilfredo “EllZurdo” Acuna, 16-20 (12), of Mauagua, NIC, scheduled for 6 rounds.

Also on hand were super welterweight Mark Daniels, Jr., 3-0 (1), a Native American from Crandon, WI, who as Peltz said was “not hesitant to come to Philadelphia to fight a Philadelphian in Isaiah Wise, 4-1 (3), who is a tough opponent and that’s the way Peltz does his matchmaking putting on competitive fights. This is for 6 rounds.

Well known trainer Don Turner now having a camp in Arapahoe, NC, is from the Philadelphia and brings in a pair of boxers to debut here knowing this area will develop out of town boxers as it did in “Marvelous” Marvin Hagler and Eddie Mustapha Muhammad. He has brought with him super welterweight Ishmael Altman who will face Philadelphia’s Tyree Crowder also in his debut. The other from NC is southpaw Heriberto Polanco who will fight Brooklyn’s Omar Kabary Salem, both in their debuts.

In a welterweight bout two out of state boxers face each other in a 6 round bout in Juan Reyna, 6-6-1 (2), of Brownsville, TX, against Alvin “Iron Majik” Varmall, Jr., 10-0-1 (8), of Catskill, NY. Philadelphia’s prospect Scott Kelleher, 5-0 (3), is returning to action after 13 months and will meet Dion Richardson, 1-1 (1), of Newark, NJ. Another prospect from Philadelphia is Crystian Peguero, 1-0 (1), who made his debut in March. He will meet Saquan Felton, 0-1, from Rochester, NY. Peltz said “I’m bringing a match between lightweight Marko Bailey, 4-0 (3), of Durham, NC, and Vinnie Denierio, 1-1 (10) of Geneva, NY, who I was told was a barnburner in their recent meeting.

Peltz doesn’t always care if the boxers are from the city if he knows they will give the fans something to cheer about.
Philadelphia’s super lightweight Nahir Albright, 1-1 (0), will meet debuting Sultan Zamir Uulu, of KYR now living in Philadelphia. Finally Philadelphia’s welterweight Marcel Rivers, 1-0 (1), meets Jamaal Gregory, 1-0 (1), of Charlotte, NC.

First bout is at 7:30PM and you know a Peltz show always starts on time. It is at the 2300 Arena at 2300 S. Swanson St. at the Front and Oregon area. Peltz said the event is already sold out.

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Jaron “Boots” Ennis Wins Eleventh Straight in Thirteen Months!

Posted on 05/16/2017

Jaron “Boots” Ennis Wins Eleventh Straight in Thirteen Months!
By: Ken Hissner

Philadelphia’s best prospect since Meldrick Taylor who was the 1984 Olympic Gold Medalist, Jaron “Boots” Ennis, 11-0 (9), won his 11th fight in 13 months of boxing. He comes from a fighting family with brothers Farah who was 22-2 and held the NABF super middleweight title and Derek “Pooh” Ennis, 24-5-1, who held the USBA super welterweight title.


“Boots” father Derrick “Bozy” Ennis was 4-1 over six years. He decided to become a trainer for his own sons and other boxers like Anthony “The Messenger” Thompson, 24-3. He works with Angel Pizarro, Sr. for the younger of his two sons 17 year-old Branden “The Gift” Pizarro 5-0 in 7 months. The youngest Ennis is 19 and was a great amateur being the 2016 Olympic alternate splitting with Gary Russell’s brother before losing a controversial box off fight in their third bout to make the team.

“Boots” decided to turn professional in April of 2016 in of all places St. George, Utah. In May he made his Philadelphia debut. In June he was in Springfield, VA. That was three fights all ending in the first round! In July he was in Rio Rancho, New Mexico scoring a stoppage in the fourth and final round. In August he was in Bristol, PA, just outside of Philadelphia scoring a second round knockout. In September he was back in Philadelphia winning his first decision which was over four rounds. He would return in November in South Philadelphia in his first six round bout stopping Chris Alexander, 4-2 in the 4th round. In December another fight in Philadelphia stopping a stubborn Marcus Beckford, 3-4-3, who was determined to go the full 6 rounds but was stopped in the 6th and final round.

“Boots’ would open 2017 in January knocking out veteran Elvin Perez, 26-16-4 in 0:35 of the 1st round back in Philadelphia. In March he was up against one rough and dirty veteran in James Winchester, 20-12, who managed to go the full 6 rounds. Earlier in the bout a frustrated Winchester body slammed “Boots” and punched him in the face while he was on his back. The referee not only didn’t DQ him but never took away a point. Winchester would have been fortunate if he was DQ’d. “Boots” got up and put on a body attack that would make Mike “The Body Snatcher” McCallum proud. “Boots” also cut his opponent winning every round.

In “Boots” last fight on May 13th he would travel back to Virginia, Norfolk this time taking on another tough veteran in Eduardo Flores, 25-26-3. In checking the record of the opponents Flores was in with and their records it’s like a who’s who! He went the distance twice with David Zegarra when he was 10-0 and 24-0 over 10 rounds. He went the 10 round distance with former WBC champion Carlos Baldimor, 46-13-6. Then there was Ebenezer Lamptey, 14-0, over 12 rounds.

Kamat Islam 11-0, losing a 9 round decision. Franklin Mamani, 10-1-1, over 12 rounds. Diego Chaves, 18-0, being stopped in 9 rounds. Erick Bone, 9-0, in another 9 round decision. Australian Wale Omotoso, 23-1, in the 8th round.

Contender Brad Solomon, 23-0, over 8 rounds. Khiary Gray, 11-0, over 10 rounds. Sammy Valentin, 11-0, over 6 rounds. Skender Halil, 13-1 over 6 rounds. Former IBF welter champion Kermit Cintron, 35-5-2, over 6 rounds. Achour Esbo, 13-0, over 6 rounds. Anthony “Juice” Young, 12-2, 6 rounds. Junior Castillo, 8-0, stopped in 5th round.

Thomas “Cornflake” Lamanna, 21-2, 8 rounds. So “Boots” stops Flores, in 4 rounds which was quite an accomplishment!
Going the distance or more than four rounds Flores was to be one tough opponent. Speaking of Lamanna, he is promoting and fighting on his June 10th bout at the Claridge Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City, and has “Boots” scheduled for 6 rounds. “In the first round he boxed Flores who tried roughing him up.

“Boots” in the second round put on a body attack. In the third Flores stepped on his foot and hit him. “Boots” went up to his highest weight of 149 to Flores 151. He fought at 143 in the amateurs and is 5’10”. In the fourth round he had Flores out on his feet before the fight was stopped. “Boots” only got hit three times,” said “Bozy”.

“Cameron Dunkin is one of the best managers around or the best. He knows how to maneuver his fighters around. A lot of people wanted to sign “Boots” but I dealt with Cameron when I had Anthony Thompson so it was an easy pick,” said “Bozy”.

“Boots” will fight half the fight or more as a southpaw before switching back to his natural orthodox. He goes side to side like the old timers. He looks so relaxed in the ring it’s like a sparring session in “Bozy’s Dungeon” in North Philadelphia over top of the Harrowgate Gym. This young man is a church going member and he doesn’t play around in or out of the ring! Its Philadelphia boxers like him who will put the City of Brotherly Love, or Brotherly shove like I like to call it back on the fistic map in the next couple of years! Remember the name Jaron “Boots” Ennis!

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“Boots” Ennis & Eight Unbeaten Boxers Saturday at Philly’s 2300 Arena!

Posted on 01/27/2017

“Boots” Ennis & Eight Unbeaten Boxers Saturday at Philly’s 2300 Arena!
By: Ken Hissner

Headlining Saturday at the 2300 Arena in South Philly in a Victory Boxing Promotions will be the best prospect this writer has seen out of Philly since 1984 Gold Medalist Meldrick Taylor. Jaron “Boots” Ennis, 8-0 (7), will be in his ninth fight in nine months in the main event against Todd Manuel, 12-12-1 (1), of Rayne, La., over 6 rounds in the welterweight division.


In the co-feature is Philadelphia Policeman super bantamweight Manny “Neek” Folly, 8-0 (6), against Luis Rivera, 3-3 (0) of Boston, MASS. Hungarian super welter knockout artist Zsolt “Phenom” Daranyi, Jr., 9-0 (9) out of Toronto, CAN., against Lenwood “Mr. Composure” Dozier, 10-15-2 (5), of Suitland, MD, welterweight Mexico’s Carlos “El Tiburon” Sanchez, 11-0 (10), out of Baja, CA, against Somner Martin, 6-3 (4), of Martinsville, VA, all six round bouts.
Philadelphia’s super lightweight Joshua “Hands of Stone” Jones, 3-0-1 (2), pitted against Jeff “The Hawk” Farmer, 3-7 (0), out of Des Moines, IA, super middle Darren Goodall, 3-0 (2), of New Milford, NJ, against Corvin Farmer, 1-1 (0), of N.C., and making their debuts will be Philadelphia’s super middle Atif Oberlton, welter Brandun Lee and lightweight Christian Camarena, all four’s.

Doors open at 6pm and first bout at 7pm
At the Claridge Hotel in Atlantic City Saturday headlining will be super welterweight Thomas “Cornflake” Lamanna, 21-2 (9), and in the co-feature light heavyweight Chuck “The Professor” Mussachio, 19-3-2 (5), out of Wildwood, NJ. Eleven bouts are scheduled!

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