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ShoBox Results: Unbeaten Jaron “Boots” Ennis Looks Spectacular in Winning No. 21

Posted on 07/21/2018

By: Ken Hissner

Vito Mielnicki’s GH3, Victory Promotions and Banner Promotions at the WinnaVegas Casino & Resort, Sloan, Iowa, brought in the hottest prospect in the country in unbeaten Philly welterweight Jaron “Boots” Ennis, taking on Armando “The Gentleman” Alvarez, of Key West, FL, for the vacant WBC United States Silver (USNBC) welterweight title over 10 rounds of boxing over USA Showtime.

Welterweight Jaron “Boots” Ennis, 21-0 (19), of Philly, easily demolished Armando “The Gentleman” Alvarez, 13-1 (7), of Key West, FL, at 2:59 of the third round.

In the opening round it was all Ennis showing his quickness as the plodding Alvarez is doing more holding than fighting. Ennis starts moving and still out landing Alvarez. Alvarez warned for a low blow by referee Adam Pollack. Ennis impresses the fans having the bewildered Alvarez he signed for this one.

In the second round Ennis gave Alvarez all kinds of moves confusing him. Ennis fighting southpaw landed a lead left to the chin of Alvarez. Back to orthodox Ennis rocked Alvarez with a left hook to the head. Ennis kept backing up Alvarez who continues to do more holding than fighting. A right uppercut to the body hurt Alvarez. More body shots from Ennis had Alvarez looking bewildered. In the third round Ennis was “having fun” which is part of his entertaining to the fans.

Ennis stood looking away with an eye on Alvarez who threw a punch missing by a mile. An Ennis body shot dropped Alvarez who was cut under the left eye. Another half a dozen punches from Ennis without return. Suddenly Alvarez took a knee taking a county. A left hook from Ennis dropped Alvarez on the seat of his trunks. Alvarez tries holding taking much punishment as the referee asks him several times if he wants to continue before finally stopping it with a second left in the round. Ennis looked superb and very entertaining. Alvarez proclaimed before the fight he will go to the body but it was Ennis who went to the body.

Ennis is managed by his father while being promoted by Chris Middendorf’s Victory Boxing Promotions. “There are a lot of questions swirling around Ennis right now. Does he deserve to have his first fight on national television as the main event on ShoBox? Why was he fighting in Utah, New Mexico, Indiana, North Carolina, Virginia, DC, and small shows? Why was he moved so quickly with twenty fights in his first two years as a pro? Are all of your questions answered after tonight?” said Middendorf.

“I’m really excited about “Boots” and I brought Chris (Middendorf) in with his Victory Boxing Promotions. I am now starting my own promotion called N.O.W. Promotions. We will co-promote “Boots” together. I have big plans for him. I’ve had (Terence) Crawford and other pound for pound guys. I have had 34 world champions. I am so high on “Boots”. He wants to be the best fighter in the world. Crawford felt the same. Those guys are special. He just turned 21 (June 26th). His dad and I have known each other for 20 years. I’m getting ready to put 5 or 6 prospects with his dad. He teaches defense that nobody does anymore. They just teach offense. He takes his time with them and teaches them to slip punches,” said Dunkin.

Super lightweight southpaw Montana “Too Pretty” Love, 11-0-1 (5), of Cleveland, OH, and Kenneth “Bossman” Sims, Jr., 12-1-1 (4), of Chicago, IL, battled to a 8 round draw in a good fight.

In the first round both boxers let it all hang out. Sims had Love pinned against the ropes. Sims was landing lead rights to the chin of Love. In the second round Sims landed half a dozen unanswered punches before backing off the taunting Love. Sims turned southpaw the second half of the round.

In the third round it was Love landing a right hook. Seconds later a lead left to the chin of Sims by. Sims went back and forth orthodox to southpaw seeing a different Love in this round. In the fourth round Love had Sims on the ropes. Best round so far for Love evening the score.

In the fifth round Love knocked out the mouthpiece of Sims halting the action until referee Paul Parry gets the corner to replace it. It was a big round for Love. In the sixth round Sims comes out fast knowing the fight is slipping away from him the past three rounds. Love pinned Sims on the ropes until the referee breaks them. Back into the middle of the ring Sims took over.

In the seventh round Sims kept Love against the ropes but did catch several counter rights to the head. Close round for Sims. It was possibly the best round of the fight. In the eighth and final round it was Sims keeping Love against the ropes for the most part. The fans were loving the action. Sims was showing good hand speed at the end. Good action in this one.

Scores were 77-75 Sims, 77-75 Love, 76-76 a draw. This writer had it 77-75 Sims.

Lightweight Thomas “Gunna Man” Mattice, 13-0 (10), of Cleveland, OH, came off the canvas to win a highly disputed split decision over Armenian Zhora Hamazaryan, 9-1 (6), of L.A., CA, over 8 rounds.

In the first round Mattice moved well to his left using his jab. Hamazaryan walked Mattice against the ropes landing good body shots as Mattice held his hands high. Mattice started moving again boxing well. Hamazaryan landed a good lead overhand right to the chin of Mattice. In the second round Hamazaryan had Mattice covering up until after a jab a power shot right on the chin of Mattice dropped him for an 8 count. Hamazaryan jumped on Mattice who was holding and even wrestled Hamazaryan to the canvas. A left hook by Hamazaryan to the chin of Mattice had the latter grabbing to get through the round.

In the third round Mattice’s head seemed clear as Hamazaryan is trying to pick it up where he left it off in the previous round. Mattice was boxing well but took a good right on the chin from Hamazaryan that didn’t seem to have any effect.

Mattice ended the round with a right uppercut to the chin of Hamazaryan. In the fourth round Mattice boxed well even in close. A left hook from Hamazaryan to the chin had Mattice falling into a clinch. They exchanged rights up to the bell.

In the fifth round Hamazaryan kept coming in low trying to get under the jab of Mattice that is bothering him. Mattice landed right uppercuts and chopping rights to the chin and head of Hamazaryan who seems to be tiring having only four rounds of boxing in the past twenty rounds. In the sixth round Hamazaryan rushes in taking counter punches from Mattice. Mattice the second half of the round is on the run again. Hamazaryan seemed to get a second wind pressuring Mattice with wild left hooks and overhand rights to the head.

In the seventh round Hamazaryan kept the pressure on Mattice hurting Mattice with a right to the chin forcing Mattice to clinch forcing referee Adam Pollack to warn him for holding. Hamazaryan landed a leaping left hook to the chin of Mattice who continued to move to his left trying to avoid left hooks from Hamazaryan. In the eighth and final round Hamazaryan kept Mattice on the move with good body and head shots. In the final minute Mattice started using more offense but Hamazaryan got right back into his face with both hands.

Scores were 77-74 Hamazaryan, 76-75 Mattice twice. This writer had it 77-74 Hamazaryan.

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