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Mikey Garcia vs. Vasyl Lomachenko: Who You Got?

Posted on 04/12/2017

Mikey Garcia vs. Vasyl Lomachenko: Who You Got?
By: Francisco Martinez

This past Saturday’s masterful performance by Hi-Tech Vasyl Lomachenko satisfied the boxing world as a whole and left us wanting more. Left us thinking who is Lomachenko? Some go as far as to say he’s The Matrix and his self proclaimed Hi-Tech skills or as he would say in other words, Lomachenko Style. A style confusing not just his rivals but the masses who have witnessed it and leaving expert perplexed as to who this phenom is comparable with and who out there can compete with the Hi-Tech inside the ring.


Quickly after his fight veteran boxing expert and long time HBO commentator Max Kellerman quickly asked him about 135lbs WBC champion Mikey Garcia who’s just 5lbs above his division of 130lbs making it a possible fight and one that’s at high demand. Lomachenko simply replied “I’m gonna go back home get some rest and then after that we’ll start negotiation with all the champions at 130lbs and if we can’t get anybody we can move to 135lbs and we’re gonna do damage out there to” as for a Mikey Garcia fight he says “I want to see that fight to. If this is the fight that I can make history with I want to make this fight right away”

One of the biggest fights to make this year but if it’s possible is another thing. Robert Garcia, trainer and brother of Mikey Garcia assures the people this fight will happen and doesn’t think past history with Top Rank promotions and Mikey Garcia will get in the way of making this highly anticipated fight but Mikey Garcia does warn and remind Vasyl Lomachenko that he is a “boss” and that he isn’t. He answers to his “boss” Bob Arum

“We can talk as much as we want but like I said in the end he has to talk to Bob Arum who’s his boss and talk to me. I already told everybody else I’m my own boss I can talk to Bob, bosses talk to each other. He can say all he wants but he’s got to talk to his boss first” Mikey Garcia now his own boss after a nasty 2 year court battle with Top Rank promotions and president, owner Bob Arum. Mikey proud of standing up for his rights as a athletes and let’s it known every time he gets a chance and in this case even pulls rank on 2 division champ Vasyl Lomachenko.

As heated and entertaining this fight is getting Mikey Garcia & Vasyl Lomachenko both do seem very interested in this match up as does Robert Garcia but warns Lomachenko that he should grow into 135lbs before stepping into the ring with Mikey as he feels Mikey will be “too big, too strong” for him right now at the moment “Me personally Lomachenko is my favorite fighter. Yeah he could challenge Mikey, Mikey could be challenging Pacquiao, Thurman and it doesn’t mean it’s gonna happen. So when it does happen Mikey is too big and too strings for Lomachenko, you know and Lomachenko is my favorite fighter but I think Mikey is too big and strong for him. I can’t say rounds but I think Mikey is gonna hurt Lomachenko when they fight cause I do think they’ll fight”

A fight that Mikey Garcia’s father hopes will take place in 2 more fights for Mikey being that he wants that 2 year layoff completely dusted off of any ring rust that’s if any ring rust Mikey has which has not been seen in his 2 past fights since the layoff even producing what many think is the knockout of the year with Dejan Zlaticanin who many thought was the best 135lbs at that time. Mikey disposed of him in 3 rounds leaving him unconscious for a few minutes.

Mikey Garcia holds all the cards at this point of his career by being his own “boss” and having options from Vasyl Lomachenko to Terry Flanagan and Jorge Linares all possible fights along with other names like IBF champion Robert Easter Jr. who called out Mikey after his last outing. Mikey being in control of his career promises all his fans and supporters along with his biggest critics as well that the best is yet to come. Assuring this half of his career will be the better part.

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