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Are Those Fury’s Demons on the Horizon?

Posted on 07/10/2019

By: Kevin Dyson

Ever since Tyson Fury beat…sorry drew with Deontay Wilder there has been little else but praise for the big man.

And while part of that is a result of it being pushed as a great story by the press, it stands on its own merits.

In part this has been down to the sight of a new and seemingly more settled and together Fury.

He has waxed lyrical about how much he is relaxed and simply enjoying the sport, especially compared to the years before and after he toppled Klitschko and went into a downward spiral.

He has got himself in great shape, adding improved physicality to his crazy skillset. Even his suits shout IDGAF and he has seemingly filtered out some of his darker aspects.

Of course, this has been aided by the defeat of Anthony Joshua, seemingly confirming Fury’s dismissive view of his countryman and giving him bragging rights in the UK even without a fight between the two.

For all that, he has started to show the re-emergence of concerning traits, despite having a Wilder rematch on the verge of being finalised and the boxing world at his feet.

Firstly he started mouthing off about Wlad Klitschko, moaning that he was trying to cheat him in the build up to their 2015 bout, citing issues with dodgy scales, gloves and the ring itself.

Given the rather mad psychological warfare Fury indulged in throughout the build up, it surprised me to see that the perceived slights still touch a nerve.

We also should not forget that, even if the Klitschko camp did do or intend everything Fury claims, he was also tested positive for nandrolone before the fight, whether as a result of eating boar balls or not. So he is far from an innocent party.

Okay, so his rant was a bit of an anomaly for the new improved Tyson Fury. Maybe it could be brushed off in isolation.

However, it seems as though another fellow Brit, Dillian Whyte, is getting under Fury’s skin in the way the big Traveller is used to doing to his opponents.

I never used to like Whyte, but there is a glint in the eye despite some of the barbs he throws out. It could well be that Fury has to relinquish number one wind up merchant to the Londoner.

Obviously, these are guys who know the value of beef in a fight. But one line from Fury’s comments lead me to believe it is not just show.

A confident and controlled Fury will play the game and indulge in some amusing banter, act a bit vicious but with enough wit to balance it.

Here is what he reportedly said about Whyte to Behind the Gloves.

“He keeps calling me a coward and whatever, let’s see who’s a coward. We’ll see who’s a coward, I’m no coward, you’re a s***house.

“I put it on you in a boxing gym and you s*** yourself, so we’ll see who’s a coward.”

So, yeah, that was six repetitions of coward in a couple of paragraphs. It comes across as genuine and angry. For a guy who dishes it out, it is a bit sad to be honest.

Given Fury v Wilder 2 is going to be next February, this rivalry could have a helluva gestation period.

Fury has questioned Whyte’s stamina, but who has the endurance when it comes to another year of airing their dirty laundry in public.

And just as I finish mulling over the Whyte feud, the ever generous Fury welcomes Andy Ruiz Jr to the top table, mocking him for being the ‘fat kid’ from the film Up! and then dishing out more verbal ‘slaps’.

For a guy who reveled in being the fat guy who beat Klitschko and hailed Ruiz for his win over ‘bodybuilder’AJ despite his physique it is another quick about turn.

And that could be a real concern for the Fury faithful.

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