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Dana White Credits Donald Trump With UFC’s Success in Atlantic City

Posted on 05/07/2012


“It’s actually kind of fun for me (to return to Atlantic City),” said UFC President Dana White. “I’m happy about that because that’s where we started. When we first bought this company, no venues would even take us. Donald Trump was the first guy to say, ‘We’ll do the fights here.’

“Donald Trump gave us our first shot over at [his arena], and then when we left and went to a bigger arena at the Meadowlands, he was one of the first guys there in his seat. He watched the whole card.”

“When we did this FOX deal, ‘The New York Times’ did a big write-up on the FOX deal. Donald Trump sent me that paper and said, ‘Congratulations Dana. You’ve come so far. We’re so happy for you guys.’

“You don’t ever hear me say anything bad about Donald Trump, even when he was part of the Affliction thing. I never said anything.”

UFC comes to Revel Casino June 22.

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