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Tyron Woodley Rips Jake Paul’s Critics: “He Would Literally F*ck Y’all Up”

Posted on 01/21/2022

By: Hans Themistode

Tyron Woodley had an enormous amount of hubris heading into his showdown against social media star turned professional boxer, Jake Paul. Though Woodley spent decades honing his craft in an MMA cage, the former UFC welterweight champion was steadfast in his belief that he could waltz into a boxing ring and put a halt to Paul’s hype train.

In just over one year, Paul decided to forgo his YouTube stardom and opted for a career in the pugilistic sport. As a result, the social media sensation scored concussive knockout victories over fellow social media star Ali Eson Gib, former NBA player Nate Robinson, and former MMA standout Ben Askren.

Despite his streak, Woodley was adamant that a showdown against himself would end in a painful night at the office for the eccentric newly turned boxer. Still, regardless of Woodley’s warnings, Paul eked out a close split decision win during their first showdown in August of 2021. Three and a half months later, Woodley attempted to redeem himself, filling in as a late replacement for the injured Tommy Fury.

But, despite Woodley believing he would even the score, Paul landed a jaw-dropping knockout blow in the sixth round. The moment Paul’s vaunted right hand connected, Woodley immediately face-planted, resulting in several Knockout of the Year awards being bestowed upon Paul.

Since suffering the cataclysmic defeat, Woodley has been publicly chastised. He’s also noticed that many are attempting to call Paul out, including his fellow MMA fighters and regular fans of the sport. Having spent 14 rounds with Paul, Woodley believes that if the former YouTuber decides to lace up his gloves and face everyone who continues to call him out, Paul would ultimately render his doubters unconscious.

“A lot of people are saying ‘oh you got knocked out’ but he would literally f*ck a lot of y’all up,” said Woodley on The MMA Hour. “MMA fighters and other people who are just bumping at the gums, he’s an athletic kid that don’t have no job beyond this. He don’t have no kids, he don’t have no business he’s running. He can have the best trainer, the best coaches, the best nutrition.”

Long before Woodley stepped into the ring against Paul, the 39-year-old believed that his overall fighting experience, albeit in a different combat sport, would lead him to victory. Still, while he was ultimately proven wrong, Woodley doesn’t view his latest defeat to Paul as a complete stain on his resume. Instead, the future MMA Hall of Famer is simply chalking up his loss to a flawless right hand that landed at the perfect time. Nothing more, nothing less.

“I didn’t really see me getting knocked out by a YouTube kid. I saw a f*cking phenomenal punch landing at the perfect time. That’s really the only thing that’s been playing in my mind over and over and over again.”

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Tyron Woodley: “I’m Not Done”

Posted on 12/20/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Tyron Woodley enjoyed a wildly successful career in Mixed Martial Arts. For just over a decade, the St. Louis, Missouri, native fought the best of the best in the steel cage, and more times than not, his hand was raised in victory. But while his time in the octagon will likely lead to a Hall of Fame destination, his professional boxing career hasn’t lived up to his expectations.

For the second time in roughly four months, Woodley has come up short against social media star turned pro boxer, Jake Paul. After a split decision loss in late August, Woodley attempted to redeem himself this past weekend at the Amalie Arena, in Tampa, Florida.

Early on, Woodley fought Paul on even terms. But, in the blink of an eye, the former YouTuber turned in a Knockout of the Year candidate, violently stopping Woodley in his tracks in the sixth round.

Despite being winless in the squared circle and four months away from his 40th birthday, Woodley doesn’t see a retirement light at the end of his tunnel. In fact, for those who have pitied the former UFC star for precipitous fall from grace, Woodley isn’t interested in the sad faces and tear-filled pats on the back.

“I’m not done,” said Woodley following his knockout defeat. “Please do not look at me with sorrow eyes. Please don’t look at me and shake your head. I done f*cked a lot of people up. A lot of people had to have that talk in the locker room. A lot of coaches had to go back to the drawing board. It broke their heart when I took that from them.”

Although the goal for Woodley was to even the score with Paul and force a trilogy between them, his knockout defeat has changed his future plans…somewhat.

After suffering his fourth consecutive loss in the UFC, Woodley was subsequently cut from the roster. At the moment, the soon to be 40-year-old is a promotional free agent and has the freedom to do whatever he pleases.

Despite millions upon millions of dollars resting safely in his bank account and a likely gold jacket awaiting him the moment he walks away from combat sports for good, Woodley believes that his rivalry with Paul has reinvigorated him.

“That young hungry bull that went on that crazy run in the UFC and Strikeforce and all of these different organizations is back.”

In terms of what Woodley plans to do next, that’s an ambiguous question. While he built his name and legacy in the octagon, he isn’t ruling out a possible return to the ring. In the end, Woodley simply wants to continue brawling for as long as possible.

“I just want to fight man. I had already planned to fight four times next year. This doesn’t change the plan.”

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Jake Paul Violently Ends Rivalry With Tyron Woodley, Stops Him In The Sixth

Posted on 12/19/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Tyron Woodley was apoplectic when he was told the final result for his first showdown against Jake Paul four months prior in his boxing debut. The former UFC welterweight belt holder believed he did more than enough to be given the victory, however, he was forced to live with a split decision loss. While he was given the opportunity to redeem himself, the former UFC star simply couldn’t take advantage.

The animosity was clear from the very beginning as both men appeared anxious to get their contest underway. However, neither took control of things in the first few minutes.

Woodley sauntered out slowly. He kept his hands up high and crouched low. Paul, meanwhile, appeared much more relaxed. He pumped his left-hand jab right into the face of Woodley and quickly followed it up with an overhand right. While those blows connected, Woodley took them well. With just over a minute remaining in the period, Woodley began letting his hands go. He connected on a stunning left hand that forced Paul into temporary retreat mode.

As Woodley came out to start the following round, he continued his momentum. He continually pushed Paul and forced him to fight on the back foot. A visibly tired Paul seemed frustrated as Woodley continued to dish out punishment.

In the ensuing rounds, the action slowed to a crawl. In the process, both men began wrestling and maneuvering to gain an advantage in their position. Even with Woodley outmuscling his man, Paul remained calm.

As round six came rolling by, fans began getting comfortable in their seats as they mercilessly booed the none action. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, Paul landed a clean overhand right. The moment the blow landed, Woodley immediately crashed into a heap motionless. While Chris Young initially began his count, he waved off their contest as Woodley was unresponsive on the canvas.

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Tyron Woodley On His Rivalry With Jake Paul: “This Is The Biggest Fight Of The Year, We Took Over 2021”

Posted on 12/18/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Before Tyron Woodley steps into the ring against Jake Paul later on tonight at Amalie Arena in Tampa, Florida, the UFC star has a strong hunch as to whom he’ll face next.

Following a close split decision loss to Paul on August 29th, in Paul’s hometown of Cleveland, Ohio, Woodley was incensed with the results. Although Woodley admitted that Paul had his moments, the 39-year-old is convinced that he should’ve been given the nod. In addition to what Woodley maintains was shaky judging, in the fourth round, in particular, Woodley believes an injustice was performed.

During the period, Woodley landed a strong overhand right. Once the blow connected, the force of it pushed Paul into the second and third ropes, something that Woodley vehemently believes should have been ruled a knockdown.

Now, with Woodley attempting to get his revenge later on tonight, the former UFC star is completely convinced that once he takes care of business in just a few short hours, Paul will have no choice but to face him once again.

“You’re going to see a trilogy,” said Woodley to several reporters. “You’re going to see him get knocked out. When he gets knocked out on Saturday, you don’t think he’s gonna want to run that back?”

Originally, Paul appeared set to leave Woodley in the rearview mirror. The social media star signed off on a showdown that would see him take on his first actual boxer in Tommy Fury, half-brother of WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury.

Yet, with Fury forced to remove himself from the card due to injury, Woodley was given the call. With no hesitation, the 39-year-old quickly jumped at the opportunity to settle the score with Paul.

As Woodley patiently sifts through the 2021 boxing calendar, he can’t help but smile. The former UFC champion admits that there have been plenty of intriguing matchups throughout the year. But, considering that his first showdown against Paul generated roughly half a million pay-per-view buys, Woodley is convinced the combination of himself and Paul is a match made in heaven.

“It’s been a lot of fights with a lot of people but none of them has gotten the buzz of this fight. This is not the YouTuber vs. the MMA fighter. This is I don’t f*cking like you, you don’t f*cking like me. This is the biggest fight of the year, we took over 2021.”

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Jake Paul Believes He’ll Have A Short Night Against Tyron Woodley: “I Think It Happens Inside Of Five Rounds”

Posted on 12/15/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Jake Paul has never been short on confidence. The social media star turned professional boxer has thoroughly enjoyed his time in the ring, racing out to an undefeated record through four pro fights.

Still, while his self-belief is normally through the roof, he’s fully convinced that this Saturday night will be his best showing yet.

In front of what’s expected to be a sold-out crowd at Amalie Arena in Tampa, Florida, Paul is set to take on former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley. The two originally tangoed four months prior in Woodley’s pro boxing debut. Despite promising to the end the former MMA star inside the distance, Paul was forced to settle for a split decision victory.

Following the win, Paul attempted to put Woodley in the rearview mirror. The social media star agreed to terms with a showdown against Tommy Fury, half-brother of WBC heavyweight titlist Tyson Fury. Although Tommy brimmed with confidence, he was forced to pull out of his showdown against Paul due to injury.

With Fury out of the picture, Woodley subsequently stepped in. Having had just two weeks to prepare for his familiar foe, Paul is of the belief that this time around, he’ll end his rivalry with Woodley once and for all.

“I’m feeling great. Best I’ve ever felt going into a fight,” said Paul to a group of reporters. “I’m 110% confident.”

Despite picking up the win in their first contest, Paul was disgusted by his performance. In the fourth round, in particular, Paul was nearly sent into the fifth row. During the period, Woodley landed a clean overhand right that saw Paul crash into the ropes. Although he ultimately regained his composure before eking out the win, Paul believes he’s more than capable of ending Woodley in explosive fashion.

In fact, as Paul puts the finishing touches on a long and arduous training camp, he’s fully convinced that Woodley will meet his demise before the sound of the final bell.

“I think it happens inside of five rounds. In the last fight, it was easy to tee off on him but for some reason, I stopped punching after my combinations. This time, you’ll see me keep punching and that’s going to get him out of there.”

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Tyron Woodley: ‘I Think I’m Getting This Tattoo Saturday”

Posted on 09/23/2021

By: Hans Themistode

After carefully thinking things over, Tyron Woodley has decided to honor his bizarre bet with Jake Paul.

Before the two tangoed on August 29th, at the Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse in Cleveland, Ohio, the pair openly agreed to an intriguing wager. The loser of their showdown would be forced to get the winner’s name tattooed on them with the preceding words “I love.”

With Woodley coming up short, losing a fairly close split decision, Paul was expecting the former UFC star to immediately get inked following their fight.

Sensing a bit of regret, Woodley stated that he would only go through with the bet if he was granted an immediate rematch. As several weeks have now gone by, Paul believes Woodley has been disingenuous about their arrangement and is now moving in another direction.

Apoplectic that he was handed a defeat in his pro boxing debut, Woodley is demanding that the two run things back. While he would love nothing more than to get Paul back in the ring, Woodley feels somewhat contrite for not getting the tattoo in the first place. In an effort to prove that he’s a man of his word, Woodley revealed that he’ll officially go through with their handshake agreement and get the tattoo in the next few days.

“I think the most sensible thing to do is run it back,” said Woodley during an interview with Ariel Helwani. “I think I’m getting this tattoo Saturday, by the way. Yeah, I just feel like I should do it because it’s a solid thing to do. Yeah, I’m going to do it Saturday.”

Woodley, 39, reportedly took home two million dollars after the fight. Also, the former MMA star garnered additional pay-per-view money as the event reportedly sold roughly 500,000 in total.

Woodley’s last-minute efforts to placate Paul’s wishes, however, could be too little too late. The newbie boxer is now angling towards a showdown against Tommy Fury. So far, Paul has gone as far as to offer Fury $1 million dollars, something Fury has openly turned down.

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Jake Paul Only Willing To Give Tyron Woodley A Rematch Under One Condition: “Get The tattoo, Put It On Instagram”

Posted on 08/30/2021

By: Hans Themistode

ATLANTA, GEORGIA – APRIL 17: Jake Paul celebrates after defeating Ben Askren in their cruiserweight bout during Triller Fight Club at Mercedes-Benz Stadium on April 17, 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images for Triller)

Although he faced several sticky moments, Jake Paul knew he had done more than enough to earn a victory in the biggest fight of his career. The social media star outpointed former UFC welterweight champion, Tyron Woodley, at the Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse in Cleveland, Ohio.

To start things off, Paul appeared to dominate the action while Woodley sat back and refused to let his hands go. Ultimately though, the future Mixed Martial Arts Hall of Famer found his rhythm in the fourth. The 39-year-old landed the biggest shot of the night which threw Paul into the ropes.

Despite facing adversity for the first time in his career, Paul went on to win a split decision. As he continues to hear the nonstop chatter surrounding his boxing abilities, with a victory over a respected name like Woodley, more so in the MMA world than the boxing community, Paul believes his naysayers are running out of things to criticize him about.

“I won convincingly,” said Paul following his victory. “We’re gonna go back to the drawing board, but I think I proved a lot tonight.”

While Paul is firmly of the belief that he made things look relatively easy against Woodley, the former UFC star believes he was given a raw deal. Immediately following the results, Woodley demanded that the two-run things back. Paul, 24, is more than willing to do so, but only under one condition.

During the lead-up of their showdown, both Paul and Woodley verbally agreed to a bizarre bet. The loser of their showdown would have to get a tattoo stating “I love Jake Paul” or “I love Tyron Woodley”, depending on who won.

With the dust now cleared and Paul emerging as the winner, Paul wants Woodley to pay up. In an effort to entice the former UFC welterweight champion, Paul revealed that he might be willing to give Woodley a shot at redeeming himself in a rematch if he goes through with the bet.

“I told him, if he wants to get the tattoo, put it on his Instagram. Permanent tattoo. Then maybe we’ll talk about it.”

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Boxing Betting — Late Word on the Odds For the Jake Paul – Tyron Woodley Fight

Posted on 08/29/2021

By: Charles Jay

Just so you’re aware, Tyron Woodley is the former UFC welterweight champion and has a very solid background as a collegiate wrestler, becoming an All-American at Missouri (he’s actually a native of Ferguson, which should sound familiar). 

He has won seven of his fights by knockout, which isn’t bad. He has been a “teammate”of Ben Askren, who didn’t last long with Jake Paul. 

And so now I guess it’s personal, as Woodley called out the YouTube star after that fight. 

He last fought in the UFC in March, losing by a decision to Vicente Luque. That was his fourth consecutive defeat; a streak that began when he lost his welterweight title to Kamaru Usman at UFC 235.

On Sunday night he will climb into the boxing ring against Paul, who has won his first three fights by KO. 

As this fight fast approaches, it looks as if, on balance, there has been some late support for Woodley coming in. 

Currently we see a range of prices on Paul to win – the best price we’ve seen is -171, with the biggest price at -213. 

If you really want a better price, take Paul to win by a KO, TKO or disqualification. In this instance, you can get a price of -125. Of course, remember that this fight is scheduled for eight rounds. 

And that having been said, if you really think the fight will go the entire distance, you could get anywhere from +700 to +800. 

You may be a supporter of Tyron Woodley. Many people have weighed in on the side in the last few days. At one of the sportsbooks we observed +183 on him, which might be the best you can find. We’ve seen +175 as well. The best price we’ve seen on Woodley winning inside the distance is +200. And as far as the decision is concerned, you’re going to get a long price there, as high as +1800. 

Regarding the over-under, you could, for example, get -125 on “over” 2.5 rounds, and about -118 on the “under.” 

My feeling about these fights is that I know Jake Paul has gone through the process of becoming a fighter, whether or not he has the ability to ultimately become a very good one. 

The process is somewhat different from being an MMA fighter, even a top MMA fighter, perhaps not so much in terms of conditioning but certainly technique.

And from that standpoint, Paul has an advantage over Woodley. I say that because I don’t believe over the course of a few months that Woodley is going to work himself into being a professional fighter.

That’s just my opinion. 

So even if Paul is not the most polished guy, if he is persistent over the course of the fight, he will eventually stop Woodley. It’s tough to go eight rounds in your first pro fight.

Let’s add something too – it doesn’t necessarily matter how many fights you’ve had. It matters how long you have been doing it. Jake Paul has been at this for about three years. Woodley hasn’t. 

A quick word about a heavyweight fight on the undercard. Daniel Dubois, if motivated and in shape, isn’t letting Joey Cusamano get too far. You can get +190 out there (well, at least at one place) that the fight will go less than a half a round. Most of the places we have looked at are offering a round and half as the over-under, and there’s at least one place where you can get +210. For the most part, you are laying a price, as high as -175. You can get +130 on the “under,” and won’t have to lay more than -120.

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Tyron Woodley: “I’m Not Here For One Fight Against Jake, I Want A Belt Man”

Posted on 08/28/2021

By: Hans Themistode

We all became accustomed to watching Tyron Woodley step inside the octagon, close the steel door behind him, and do what he’s done for most of his mixed martial arts career, win. However, at the age of 39, Woodley is trying his hand at a new sport, boxing.

The former UFC welterweight champion is mere days away from taking on social media star turned de-facto boxer, Jake Paul. The two will clash in the main event at the Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse, in Cleveland this Sunday, August 29th, in an eight-rounder.

For Woodley, he’s admitted that his showdown against Paul has netted him a career-high payday. That, in turn, has left many wondering if the former MMA star is simply interested in fattening his bank account one final time before pulling down the curtains on his fighting career. But while Woodley doesn’t become acrimonious when asked if he intends on stepping inside the ring one time and one time only, he does turn dead serious when explaining what his ultimate aspirations are in the sport of boxing.

“I’m not here for one fight against Jake,” said Woodley during an interview with Brian Custer on The Last Stand Podcast. “This fight against Jake is to show you that I am here. I ain’t going nowhere and I’m going to put hands on a lot of people. I’m going to get a belt.”

Currently, Woodley has multiple world titles sitting on his championship mantle at home. From July 2016 until March 2019, Woodley held the UFC welterweight title. Having defended his championship crown on multiple occasions and widely considered one of the greatest mixed martial artists ever, Woodley is proud of what he’s achieved. With that said, his shortcomings along the way still haunt him. Now, with a chance to put everything in the rearview mirror, Woodley views boxing as an opportunity to reach heights he never has in the octagon.

“MMA, I got into it at 23, I wasn’t a young MMA fighter. I got into wrestling to be an NCAA Champion and Olympic gold medalist, I didn’t get that. Then I got into MMA to be the best ever. I was a world champion multiple times but I never felt like I was the best ever. This is my last time in a sport to maximize and get to that top, top, top, top, top. I want a belt man.”

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Jake Paul: 190, Tyron Woodley: 189.5, Fight Official Set

Posted on 08/28/2021

By: Hans Themistode

With the scale representing the final hurdle before Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley settle their beef in the ring, it was officially cleared just a short while ago.

First up to the scale was Woodley, a former UFC welterweight champion who is making his pro boxing debut. For the vast majority of his mixed martial arts career, the 39-year-old has competed at 170 pounds. As he showed off his ripped physique, Woodley weighed in at a career-high 189.5 pounds.

Paul, who will be fighting in front of a hometown Cleveland crowd at the Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse, weighed in only slightly heavier than Woodley at 190.

The customary tense staredowns that immediately take place following weigh-ins were nowhere to be found as both fighters went their separate ways. Instead, the pair will do a second weigh-in later this afternoon at 5 p.m., which will be viewed as more ceremonial.

Paul vs. Woodley will headline a Showtime Pay-Per-View that will be available for $59.99.

Despite Woodley’s extensive fighting background, he’s pegged as the slight underdog. While he’s often considered one of the greatest mixed martial artists of all time, Woodley appears to be on the downside of his career. He’s currently riding a four-fight losing streak in the UFC’s octagon.

In addition to Woodley’s current form, Paul will walk into their showdown with several physical advantages. For starters, the social media star will enjoy a four-inch height and two-inch reach advantage. He’ll also be the much younger man at 24.

Paul’s experience, while limited, still dwarfs that of Woodley, at least in the boxing ring. In mid-April earlier this year, Paul picked up the third straight knockout win of his pro boxing career, stopping former MMA star and good friend of Woodley, Ben Askren.

Paul vs. Woodley kicks off at 8 p.m. Eastern time.

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Mike Tyson On Jake Paul-Tyron Woodley Fight: “Jake’s Gonna Beat Him”

Posted on 08/24/2021

By: Sean Crose

You don’t have to be an MMA fanatic to understand that Tyron Woodley was some kind of fighter in the octagon. The man held the UFC welterweight title for close to three years – that’s no short period of time in the UFC world. On top of that Woodley bested the likes of Robbie Lawler, Darren Till and Stephen Thomson – notable competition all around. Now, however, Woodley is about to step into the boxing ring as a professional for the first time in his life. This at the age of 39 and after having lost his last four battles in the UFC.

Woodley’s opponent? Jake Paul. Yes, that Jake Paul. Although some may feel Woodley’s seriousness and combat sport experience will allow him to defeat Paul in the ring when the two meet next Sunday in a Triller pay per view main event, legendary heavyweight Mike Tyson is of a different mind. “Jake’s gonna beat him,” Tyson said openly on his podcast. “Woodley’s not a puncher like that, that’s why he wants to fight this guy, to get his last payday probably.” Not that Tyson, who gets as much respect among UFC fans as he does boxing fans, doesn’t hold Woodley in high regard.

“I’m proud of them,” he said of both combatants. “He’s (Paul’s) fighting an experienced fighter. That’s so cool.” Paul has taken his share of criticism, not only for his obnoxious antics, but for not fighting any serious boxers. Paul, however, has rightly said that most boxers fight light competition when things start off. “I don’t know,” said Tyson, “Paul’s a real good striker, and I think people do him a disservice when they go in there and say, ‘He’s blonde-haired and blue-eyed, he’s a white boy’, and I think that also builds their courage up and causes them to get knocked out.”

Tyson may have had a well earned ferocious reputation back in the day, but the man has always been gifted with keen insight. He’s probably one of the most knowledgeable people on earth in regard to boxing’s long history. Tyson also knows from first hand experience what it’s like to engage in ring combat and the psychology that goes with it. That being said, Woodley has been working with the one and only Floyd Mayweather, who is clearly of a different mind than Tyson when it comes to this weekend’s fight with Paul. Woodley also appears to be determined to emerge from the battle victorious. In other words, he seems to see this bout as more than a lark.

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Jake Paul: “I’m Putting The YouTube Community, Disney Channel, TikTokers On My Back”

Posted on 08/24/2021

By: Hans Themistode

No matter who steps into the ring, there’s always a chance that things go the opposite of the way many were expecting.

As Mike Tyson laid flat on his back during his 1990 showdown against journeymen James “Buster” Douglas, virtually no one expected their showdown to have that end result. The same can be said for Andy Ruiz Jr. and his colossal upset over unified heavyweight champion, Anthony Joshua in 2019.

Matches such as though serve as a constant reminder that boxing is an unpredictable sport. But as Jake Paul sits down and analyzes his upcoming showdown against Tyron Woodley this Sunday night at the Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse in Cleveland, Ohio, he simply can’t wrap his brain around the thought of himself losing.

“There’s not a possibility of me losing this fight,” said Paul during an interview with Brian Custer on the Last Stand Podcast.

Currently, Paul is pegged as the betting favorite to take down the former UFC welterweight champion in what will be his pro boxing debut. Regardless of the odds, Woodley believes those who doubt him will be proven erroneous. While he hasn’t fought at the professional level in a boxing ring, Woodley is widely considered to be one of the greatest mixed martial artists of all time. The 39-year-old has, however, suffered losses in his past four appearances in the octagon.

In an effort to accelerate his boxing skills, Woodley has spent his time working closely with newly inducted Hall of Famer and former five-division champion, Floyd Mayweather Jr.

With Woodley stating on numerous occasions that he refuses to lose to a former YouTuber/Disney movie star, Paul has embraced his upcoming opponent’s trash talk.

As an influx of social media stars continue to make their way to the boxing ring, Paul feels as though he’s leading the charge. After starring in the Disney series Bizaardvark for roughly two years, Paul refuses to let his past acting life define his boxing future.

“I’m putting the YouTube community on my back, I’m putting the Disney channel on my back. I’m putting the TikTokers on my back, I’m putting all the people who weren’t supposed to become something or do something or get hated on because they’re doing shit differently, I’m putting them on my back. I’m putting my family on my back, my team on my back. My motivation is too strong. I’m a mental savage.”

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Jake Paul On Tyron Woodley Showdown: “I Saw A Man Who Accepted A Fight Mostly For A Paycheck”

Posted on 07/13/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Tyron Woodley has accomplished plenty in his mixed martial arts career.

At one point, he was considered the best UFC welterweight in the world and one of the best fighters around. However, at the age of 39 and riding a four-fight losing streak, the end of his career appears to be near.

Still, despite his advanced age and unfortunate luck in the octagon recently, Woodley has expressed an enormous amount of hubris as he prepares for his boxing showdown against Jake Paul on August 29th. But while Woodley believes he’s going to take Paul out in devastating fashion, Paul simply shakes his head as he’s firmly of the belief that Woodley is only in this to fatten his bank account.

“I saw a man who accepted a fight mostly for a paycheck,” said Paul during a press conference earlier today. “I saw a man who doesn’t really have fight left in him. I saw a man who’s been defeated multiple times now and who will be finished and sent into retirement by a YouTube Disney star boxer.”

While Paul has, in fact, built his name through several Disney television series and his social media presence, he has turned into a more than capable boxer. Under the tutelage of BJ Flores, Paul has raced out to a 3-0 start to his career, albeit against inexperienced competition.

After making quick work of fellow social media star Ali Eson Gib and former NBA player Nate Robinson, Paul picked up the biggest win of his career, stopping former MMA star and close friend of Woodley in Ben Askren.

To prepare for what Paul brings to the table, Woodley has been spotted with newly inducted Hall of Famer, Floyd Mayweather. Due to those lessons, Woodley is unbelievably confident that come August 29th, Paul will have the worst night of his professional life.

“He (Floyd Mayweather) showed me stuff not specifically to defeat Jake but to be a world-class boxer in general. Technique’s, positions, placements, hand positions, movements. Everything I throw is going to hurt.”

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Tyron Woodley Shares His Experience Of Training With Floyd Mayweather As He Prepares For Jake Paul Showdown

Posted on 07/01/2021

By: Hans Themistode

When former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley first revealed that he would be taking on Jake Paul, many believed that he would simply become another victim of the social media star.

Whether anyone likes it or not, Paul is currently riding a three-fight win streak in the boxing ring and is fresh off scoring the biggest victory of his career when he stopped former MMA star Ben Askren in the first round of their contest which took place this past April. Although Woodley is considered far and away the best fighter Paul has ever faced, he’ll still faces several disadvantages come fight night.

Besides Paul holding a four-inch height and two-inch reach advantage, at the age of 39, Woodley is getting a bit long in the tooth. Still, regardless of the dust piling up on his birth certificate, Woodley has expressed an enormous amount of hubris for their upcoming August showdown.

Once word spread of Woodley stepping out of the mixed martial arts cage and into the squared circle, many have questioned whether or not he’ll be familiar with the confines of his new fighting home.

Offering to be the panacea to Woodley as he transitions, is newly inducted Hall of Famer, Floyd Mayweather. At first, upon hearing that Mayweather was interested in training him, Woodley took his words as somewhat tongue and cheek. However, after spending his first training session with Mayweather just yesterday, Woodley was somewhat surprised with the level of intensity.

“I didn’t know if it was just because he was so disrespected by Jake or if he really wanted to help me,” said Woodley as he spoke on Mayweather’s run in with Jake Paul several months ago during an interview with Fight Hub TV. “He came in yesterday and we trained yesterday and he really wants to help me. I wasn’t prepared to be honest because I just did a crazy workout before and I didn’t know we were going to work out. I didn’t know if we were just going to go over a couple things, show me a couple moves and just for some cameras and photo ops like nah, we really trained.”

While Woodley refrained from spilling the beans on what strategy Mayweather told him to use, the former UFC champion did go into detail about what their first training session was like.

“For one, I shadowboxed for nearly an hour. Just watching my footwork, motion and details. It don’t sound like much but I dare somebody to shadowbox for ten minutes then come holla at me. Your calves are going to burn in a whole different way. After that he said, I want you to jump on the bag. He said give me that UFC power.”

Mayweather, 44, has become very familiar with the entire Paul family. Less than a month ago, Mayweather took on Jake’s older brother, Logan, in an eight-round exhibition. As agreed upon, no winner was announced after their contest but from the outside looking in, Mayweather appeared to get the better of Logan several times over, despite giving up approximately 50 pounds in weight.

With the former five-division world champion officially hanging up his gloves in 2017, Mayweather has stated several times over that he will never return to the ring for a professional fight. Instead, Mayweather has placed his focus on promoting, as he currently has one of boxing’s youngest stars in Gervonta Davis in his fighting stable. Outside of promoting, Mayweather has also turned to coaching. By the sound of it, Woodley is enjoying the motivational push he’s receiving from one of the greatest fighters of all time.

“He was just pushing me, saying hey you the fighter, you the best, you the champion. You the mother f*cker he worried about, he ain’t no fighter, walk him down, punish him. He’s a real coach.”

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Tyron Woodley Not Looking For Boxing One-Off: “I Want To Fight Twice This Year”

Posted on 06/03/2021

By: Hans Themistode

For Tyron Woodley, he made his bones destroying his opponents in the UFC’s octagon. At one point, the 39-year-old was considered the best in the welterweight division as he held the UFC crown from 2016-2019.

Still, despite being a well-respected fighter in the cage, Woodley appears to be ready to move past his time in the octagon and enter the boxing ring full time. Recently, both Woodley and YouTube star turned de-facto boxer, Jake Paul, agreed to terms for a showdown set to take place on August 28th. While on paper it might be the first official boxing match for Woodley but that doesn’t mean it’ll be the last.

“I want to fight twice this year,” said Woodley during an interview with TMZ. “I fight [Jake Paul] on August 28 and I think around November, I’ll be ready to box again.”

For Woodley, the news that he’s fighting Paul was music to his ears. Just a few months ago, Woodley stood ringside as Paul stopped his good friend and former MMA star, Ben Askren. All Paul needed was the first round to get the job done, dropping him in the opening frame before their bout was officially waved off.

Immediately following the win, Woodley dared Paul to face him. While he has never stepped into a boxing ring, Woodley has knocked out several opponents in the octagon. Yet, regardless of his success, Woodley is currently on a four-fight losing streak in the UFC and was brutally submitted in the first round in March earlier this year.

With his UFC career falling apart, many, including Woodley, believed his time at the top of the division and more importantly, cashing big checks, were over. However, considering how much he is getting paid to face Paul, Woodley couldn’t be happier with where his stock is.

“The best thing that’s happened in the last 24 hours is I’m smiling that my market value is where it’s at. You won’t put me in the clearance rack.”

According to Woodley’s manager Malki Kawa, the former UFC champion is making a seven-figure paycheck. Although oddsmakers have already declared Paul as the early favorite heading into their showdown, Woodley is supremely confident that he’s going to make it look easy come August 28th. His belief in himself has nothing to do with overlooking the competition or any possible hubris. Instead, Woodley is simply prepared to put his head down and get to work.

“[The reason I said he’ll be the easiest fight my career], it’s not because he’s an easy fight, but because I’m gonna train my ass off and I’m gonna make it an easy fight.”

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