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Jake Paul Violently Ends Rivalry With Tyron Woodley, Stops Him In The Sixth

Posted on 12/19/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Tyron Woodley was apoplectic when he was told the final result for his first showdown against Jake Paul four months prior in his boxing debut. The former UFC welterweight belt holder believed he did more than enough to be given the victory, however, he was forced to live with a split decision loss. While he was given the opportunity to redeem himself, the former UFC star simply couldn’t take advantage.

The animosity was clear from the very beginning as both men appeared anxious to get their contest underway. However, neither took control of things in the first few minutes.

Woodley sauntered out slowly. He kept his hands up high and crouched low. Paul, meanwhile, appeared much more relaxed. He pumped his left-hand jab right into the face of Woodley and quickly followed it up with an overhand right. While those blows connected, Woodley took them well. With just over a minute remaining in the period, Woodley began letting his hands go. He connected on a stunning left hand that forced Paul into temporary retreat mode.

As Woodley came out to start the following round, he continued his momentum. He continually pushed Paul and forced him to fight on the back foot. A visibly tired Paul seemed frustrated as Woodley continued to dish out punishment.

In the ensuing rounds, the action slowed to a crawl. In the process, both men began wrestling and maneuvering to gain an advantage in their position. Even with Woodley outmuscling his man, Paul remained calm.

As round six came rolling by, fans began getting comfortable in their seats as they mercilessly booed the none action. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, Paul landed a clean overhand right. The moment the blow landed, Woodley immediately crashed into a heap motionless. While Chris Young initially began his count, he waved off their contest as Woodley was unresponsive on the canvas.

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