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Tyron Woodley Rips Jake Paul’s Critics: “He Would Literally F*ck Y’all Up”

Posted on 01/21/2022

By: Hans Themistode

Tyron Woodley had an enormous amount of hubris heading into his showdown against social media star turned professional boxer, Jake Paul. Though Woodley spent decades honing his craft in an MMA cage, the former UFC welterweight champion was steadfast in his belief that he could waltz into a boxing ring and put a halt to Paul’s hype train.

In just over one year, Paul decided to forgo his YouTube stardom and opted for a career in the pugilistic sport. As a result, the social media sensation scored concussive knockout victories over fellow social media star Ali Eson Gib, former NBA player Nate Robinson, and former MMA standout Ben Askren.

Despite his streak, Woodley was adamant that a showdown against himself would end in a painful night at the office for the eccentric newly turned boxer. Still, regardless of Woodley’s warnings, Paul eked out a close split decision win during their first showdown in August of 2021. Three and a half months later, Woodley attempted to redeem himself, filling in as a late replacement for the injured Tommy Fury.

But, despite Woodley believing he would even the score, Paul landed a jaw-dropping knockout blow in the sixth round. The moment Paul’s vaunted right hand connected, Woodley immediately face-planted, resulting in several Knockout of the Year awards being bestowed upon Paul.

Since suffering the cataclysmic defeat, Woodley has been publicly chastised. He’s also noticed that many are attempting to call Paul out, including his fellow MMA fighters and regular fans of the sport. Having spent 14 rounds with Paul, Woodley believes that if the former YouTuber decides to lace up his gloves and face everyone who continues to call him out, Paul would ultimately render his doubters unconscious.

“A lot of people are saying ‘oh you got knocked out’ but he would literally f*ck a lot of y’all up,” said Woodley on The MMA Hour. “MMA fighters and other people who are just bumping at the gums, he’s an athletic kid that don’t have no job beyond this. He don’t have no kids, he don’t have no business he’s running. He can have the best trainer, the best coaches, the best nutrition.”

Long before Woodley stepped into the ring against Paul, the 39-year-old believed that his overall fighting experience, albeit in a different combat sport, would lead him to victory. Still, while he was ultimately proven wrong, Woodley doesn’t view his latest defeat to Paul as a complete stain on his resume. Instead, the future MMA Hall of Famer is simply chalking up his loss to a flawless right hand that landed at the perfect time. Nothing more, nothing less.

“I didn’t really see me getting knocked out by a YouTube kid. I saw a f*cking phenomenal punch landing at the perfect time. That’s really the only thing that’s been playing in my mind over and over and over again.”

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