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PBC On Fox: Ugas Bests Ramos For WBA Welterweight Title

Posted on 09/06/2020

By: Sean Crose

The 25-4 Yordenis Ugas faced off against the 26-3-2 Abel Ramos at LA’s Microsoft Arena Sunday night for the WBA welterweight title. It was the main event of an unusual Sunday edition of PBC on Fox, and was scheduled for twelve rounds. Ugas appeared comfortable and largely in control during the first. Ugas then effectively stabbed with his jab while stalking his man in the second. By the third, Ugas was appearing to be the more skilled of the two fighters, but Ramos was able to land on his man by round’s end.

In the fourth Ramos was able to buckle Ugas’ knees. The fifth was an exciting affair, with both men engaging aggressively. Ugas put his punches together well in the sixth. Ramos was unable to engage effectively in the seventh. The eighth saw Ramos unwilling or unable to move forward against the sharp jabbing Ugas. The ninth saw more of the same, as Ugas kept his man at bay.

Although he was breathing heavily after the tenth, Ugas showed that he was well in control of the fight. Ramos was able to land in the eleventh, but Ugas continued to pepper his man with a stinging jab. Ramos looked for clean shots in the twelfth, and even landed a few, but was simply not able to get the better of Ugas.

Ugas ended up winning by a split decision, thanks to scores of a puzzling 117-111 for Ramos, 115-113 for Ugas, and 115-113 for Ugas.

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PBC On Fox: Juarez Bests Linger

Posted on 09/06/2020

By: Sean Crose

Junior welterweight Omar Juarez, 8-0, stepped inside the ring at LA’s Microsoft Arena on Sunday to face the 13-3-2 Dakota Linger in a scheduled eight round affair. Juarez was able to land clean and hard in the first. Linger was sharp and game, but it was clear in the second round that Juarez was able to land at will while maintaining distance. The third round saw Juarez continue to do well – but Linger was getting in shots of his own. Linger showed he wasn’t going to be wiped out in the fourth, throwing and landing effectively.

Things became something of a fistfight in the fifth. Both men looked sharp throughout the chapter. Juarez ended the sixth with a powerful body shot. Linger continued to fight gamely in the seventh, but it was Juarez who was in control. Linger was tough and competitive throughout the eighth, but he didn’t have enough to top Juarez. In fact, it looked like Juarez might have had his man on the verge of being stopped.

The judges ended up ruling in favor of Juarez by scores of 80-72, 79-73, & 79-73

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PBC On Fox: Ramos Mows Through Garcia

Posted on 09/06/2020

The 14-0 Estaban Garcia faced off against the 12-0 Jesus Ramos in the first fight of the PBC on Fox card Sunday night. The first round of the scheduled eight round junior welterweight battle, which went down at LA’s Microsoft Theater, was something of a feeling out process for each fighter.

Ramos came alive in the second, however. Starting off by using his solid jab and height advantage, the Arizona native went on to land clean. Having clearly hurt his man, Ramos unloaded, leading the referee to smartly stop the fight. It was an impressive showing for the rising 19 year old.

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PBC Preview: Ugas-Ramos

Posted on 09/05/2020

By: Sean Crose

PBC on Fox will be airing a rare Sunday evening card on September 6th live from LA’s Microsoft Theater. The main event will present an interesting matchup between the 25-4 Yordenis Ugas and the 26-3-2 Abel Ramos. At stake will be one of the WBA’s welterweight titles (the sad thing here is that both fighters are title worthy contenders, but the WBA has so many titles that the beltholders end up having their accomplishments downplayed). Regardless, this is a match worth watching, as it features two high level boxers facing off with a lot at stake.

Ugas may be 34 years old, but he’s quite proficient at his job. Not only did he give Shawn Porter a scare last year, he was last seen besting the previously undefeated Omar Figueroa. The hard hitting 26-3-2 Ramos has also been on a hot streak as of late. The 29 year old has won his last eight in a row. Also worth considering is the fact that, up until the Covid-19 pandemic, both men tended to fight regularly, opting to stay active rather than settling for a contest every so often. Again, this is an interesting matchup.

Yordenis Ugas – Photo From Sean Michael Ham/TGB Promotions 

Ramos’ nephew, the 12-0 Jesus Ramos, will also be fighting Sunday at the Microsoft Theater. The Arizona native will be facing the 14-0 Esteban Garcia. Ramos has won all but one of his fights by knockout, so there may be fireworks when he and Garcia meet for their scheduled 8 round welterweight contest. This is the kind of matchup that serves as a kind of proving ground for each rising fighter, as he moves into more dangerous territory every time he steps inside the ring.

Official Weights:

Yordenis Ugas – 147

Abel Ramos – 146

Jesus Ramos – 142.8

Estabon Garcia – 142

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Yordenis Ugas: “This Is My Time To Shine”

Posted on 09/04/2020

By: Sean Crose

“I’ve done everything mentally and physically in the gym to put me in the best position to win this fight,” says Yordenis Ugás in the leadup to this weekend’s battle with Abel Ramos for a piece of the WBA welterweight title. “This is not going to be easy because I know Ramos is coming with all his might. We are fighting on FOX, the biggest stage in boxing, and I promise to bring an exciting fight for the fans.  This is my time to shine and win my first world title.” At 34 years of age, the 25-4 Ugas has earned fight fans’ admiration the hard way. He came VERY close to beating Shawn Porter last year, then went on to beat the previously undefeated Omar Figueroa.

Ramos, on the other hand, hasn’t lost a bout in eight fights. Also worth noting is the fact that the vast majority of the man’s wins have come by knockout. “I’m very excited for this fight,” Ramos claims. “I trained extremely hard and prepared myself for a tough fight. I know that Ugás always comes to fight and the fact that there’s a title on the line, makes this fight even better. It’s every fighter’s dream to become a world champion. I’m prepared for war. Boxing fans can expect fireworks on Sunday.”

The fight, which will be aired as the main event of a PBC card on Fox this Sunday starting at 8 PM EST, will also feature Ramos’ nephew, the 12-0 Jesus Ramos, as he battles the 14-0 Esteban Garcia in the co-main. “I’m really prepared for this fight, especially after a nine-week training camp,” Ramos says. “We worked extremely hard to come in 100% for this fight. We’re going up against a tough, undefeated opponent that’s coming to win and take everything that I’ve worked for. That just motivates me to give the best of me, so that I can prove why I’m a top prospect in the sport. I expect the best Esteban Garcia on September 6th, and I think our fight can be fight of the night.”

Ramos’ opponent in the scheduled 8 round welterweight battle appears to be equally eager to embrace the opportunity before him. “I’m extremely appreciative for the opportunity to enter the ring once again to fight this weekend,” says California native Garcia. “I know my fans and people who love boxing have been waiting patiently during this pandemic for the return of the sport. I look forward to giving them a great show on Sunday night.”

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Lara Dominates Vendetti

Posted on 08/29/2020

By: Sean Crose

Walking out to the Imperial March of Star Wars’ fame, the 22-3-1, Greg Vendetti entered the ring at LA’s Microsoft Theater on Saturday to face the one and only 26-3-3 Erislandy Lara in a twelve round super middleweight battle. The bout was presented by PBC and was broadcast live on Fox.

The heavily favored defending WBA champion Lara essentially fought a perfect first round, maintaining distance and landing cleanly. Challenger Venditti didn’t look bad – just outclassed early on. Vendetti tried moving in on his man in the second. Vendetti continued to move forward in the third, while Lara employed feints to keep his man at bay.

Lara began striking with power in the fourth. The fifth saw Lara continue to play bullfighter to Vendetti’s bull. By the sixth it was beyond obvious that Lara was the far more skilled of the two fighters. Yet Vendetti kept moving forward gamely.

Both men began fighting on the inside in the seventh. Vendetti continued to apply pressure in the eighth, but was unable to do real damage against the defending champion. Determined to reach Lara, Vendetti pressed forward in the ninth. It was monotonous, perhaps, but there was no doubt Vendetti was aiming to win the fig,ht.

The eleventh saw Lara using his brilliant defense and crisp punching to once again control the battle. Choosing consistency over excitement, Lara cruised through the twelfth, as he had most of the fight. The judges ruled in favor of Lara by scores of 116-112, 117-111, and 117-111.

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