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Chris Eubank Jr Not Impressed With Jermall Charlo: “I believe I Would Win Comfortably”

By: Hans Themistode

Two division world champion and current WBC Middleweight titlist Jermall Charlo has made one hell of an impression whenever he steps foot inside of the ring. He blasted out former champion Cornelius Bundrage back in 2015 for the IBF Jr Middleweight strap and quickly followed that up with back to back wins over Julian Williams and Austin Trout. 

It took him only three fights to call himself a champion once again when he moved up to the land of the Middleweights in 2017. Winning the interim WBC title against Hugo Centeno Jr before ultimately getting elevated to full champion status in mid 2019. He may hold a record of 30-0 with 22 knockouts, but current WBA interim Middleweight title holder Chris Eubank Jr isn’t believing the hype.

“Nothing impresses me,” Eubank told co-hosts Kenneth Bouhairie and Michael Rosenthal. “He hasn’t fought anybody of note. And, you know, I saw a hell of a lot of weaknesses in his ability when he fought [Matt] Korobov. You know, that’s a fight that I believe I would win comfortably.”

Ironically enough, both men were last seen in the ring on the same night. Charlo pounded Dennis Hogan for seven rounds until the referee mercifully called off the contest. Eubank Jr on the other hand, somewhat lucked up in his matchup against the previously mentioned Mat Korobov. 

Eubank Jr came into that contest as a heavy favorite, but Korobov made the first round look easy, boxing circles around his man. Things took a turn for the worst for Korobov when he seemed to dislocate his shoulder in the second round. Eubank Jr reluctantly accepted the victory and the Middleweight title. But don’t expect to see him in a rematch. He now has his eyes set on bigger and better things, including Jermall Charlo and his WBC title.

“Any man who’s got a belt in the middleweight division is fully on my radar,” Eubank said. “And [Charlo] has one of the belts. So, that is definitely a fight that I’m looking to get, you know, this year, hopefully.”

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Chris Eubank Jr on Jermall Charlo: “I Don’t Like His Character”

By: Hans Themistode

You only get one chance to make a first impression, and it seems as though WBC Middleweight champion Jermall Charlo has rubbed WBA interim titlist Chris Eubank Jr the wrong way. 

The two shared the same card in December of 2019. Like all fight cards, press conferences take place with several participants in attendance. It wasn’t a long introduction, nor was it a meaningful one. But Eubank Jr came away with a quick conclusion. Charlo is an asshole.

“I’ve bumped into him a couple of times,” Eubank Jr. told Sky Sports. “We had a press conference before both of our fights in New York. “He is not a likable guy. Some people say I’m arrogant or cocky but I’m a down to earth, decent guy. This guy’s head is in the clouds. He thinks that he’s more than he is. I would take great pleasure in taking him down a peg or two.”

Ironically enough, Eubank Jr (29-2, 22 KOs) is known for having an aloof personality. The nonstop boasting and bragging about his skills haven’t exactly translated to wins. But with that being said, both Charlo and Eubank Jr walked out of Barclay Center on the same night as winners, but Eubank Jr’s win was far less impressive. 

During his co main event matchup against Mat Korobov, he clearly lost the first round and he seemed to be on his way to losing the second as well. Luckily for Eubank Jr though, Korobov dislocated his shoulder during the second round and was unable to continue. Charlo on the other hand, cruised to an easy seventh round stoppage win over Dennis Hogan. 

Eubank Jr, has always had an eye for gold. Not only would a win over Charlo (30-0, 22 KOs) provide him with more of it, but it would also give him the chance to shut a few mouth’s in the process.

“I don’t like his character. He’s got the belt so it will always be an interest. Anyone with a belt in my weight division I want to fight. At this stage of my career, I can’t afford to take any steps back so title fights and big names are what I want.”

The overwhelming thought surrounding Charlo’s career is that he hasn’t been involved in any big fights. Eubank Jr, got that proverbial monkey off his back when he picked up the biggest win of his career against James DeGale. That, coupled with fights against Arthur Abraham, George Groves and Billy Joe Saunders leaves Eubank Jr confident that a fight with Charlo would be in his favor. 

“He hasn’t fought anyone. He hasn’t had any big tests. Until he fights someone like me we will never know how good he is. Anyone can look big and strong and fast against weak opponents. That’s all he’s had in his career. Until he fights someone like me, he will find out that this isn’t the game that he thought it was.”

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Chris Eubank Jr Doesn’t Give Callum Smith or Billy Joe Saunders a Chance to Beat Canelo

By: Hans Themistode

When it was first announced that Canelo Alvarez would be taking on Billy Joe Saunders on May 2nd, for Saunders WBO Super Middleweight title, the news was met with ambivalence.    

Sure Saunders has always flashed greatness in the ring. But he’s also shown to have the capability to completely stink up the joint. 

After back to back impressive wins over Willie Monroe Jr and. David Lemieux, Saunders had never seen his stock look any higher. But in a pattern that has defined his career, Saunders followed up those huge wins with lackluster performances against Shefat Isufi and Marcelo Esteban. Saunders managed to pull out the win in both contests, but he hardly looked impressive. 

Regardless of his recent performances however, Saunders has now found himself in the biggest fight of his career. 


With Saunders making the poor choice of releasing a video depicting how to physically abuse your wife, his boxing license has been immediately taken away. He isn’t completely out of the running to land a fight with Canelo as a meeting to discuss his future has been set, but there is one fighter who would rather them not face off at all.

“It would be a more exciting fight with me [against Canelo] rather than Saunders or Smith,” said Eubank Jr.”

“The entire world knows that Saunders would run for 12 rounds in a boring fight. Then would be caught and knocked out. That is not a fight I’m interested in seeing. I don’t get the interest. Saunders has a belt which is the only reason he has this opportunity but, who knows, maybe that belt won’t be with him for much longer if he’s banned after what he’s done.”

Eubank Jr has been called a lot of things. Not very skilled, a front runner and even a non contender but never a boring fighter. But a fight between himself and Canelo seems far from likely. Another fighter who also found himself on the short list of opponents for Canelo’s next ring appearance was WBA Super Middleweight champion Callum Smith. 

While many believe that the tall, lanky but also hard hitting Smith would cause Canelo a ton of trouble, Eubank Jr see’s that matchup playing out in yet another easy victory for Canelo.

“Smith’s performance against John Ryder? We saw a lot of weaknesses in his game. Canelo is a far superior version of Ryder in terms of his style – come-forward, inside-fighting. Smith couldn’t deal with that against Ryder so what are they thinking? He barely got past Ryder. I think Ryder won that fight.”

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