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Three Takeaways: Where Does Canelo Go From Here?

By: Jonah Dylan

After a packed boxing schedule a weekend ago, it was only fair that this weekend was much more tame in the meaningful fights department. As for the next few weekends, well, whatever.

There was news, though! And lots of it regarding arguably boxing’s biggest star, Canelo Alvarez. The whole situation could’ve been avoided if he’d just agreed to fight Gennady Golovkin – the fight everyone wants to see – for a third time. Instead, he refused to do that, and Golden Boy ended up blowing their negotiation for a mandatory fight with Sergey Derevyanchenko. Now Alvarez, who finished his last fight with three alphabet belts, has only one.

So let’s unpack that and also take a look at the limited action from the weekend.

1. The situation is still very much salvageable, and here’s how.

Let’s just get this out of the way first: Canelo should just fight GGG. If he wins, we never have to talk about this again. Now, no matter what happens in his next fight, this is still going to hang over both guys for the foreseeable future, especially because John Skipper and DAZN have invested so much money in them fighting each other.

Ok. Golovkin is going to fight Derevyanchenko for the vacant IBF belt, and that’s that. Canelo still needs an opponent. There are two very good options.

The Canelo-Callum Smith hype seems to have stalled, but why? Smith is definitely the man at 168, and Canelo has always wanted to fight the best. He was willing to move all the way up to light heavyweight to fight Sergey Kovalev, so it’s not out of the question that he would move up one division to face Smith. The news that Billy Joe Saunders is likely to sign with Matchroom mean a Saunders-Smith unification could be next, but I’d rather see Canelo go fight Smith in England.

Smith is absolutely massive and would tower over Alvarez, who would probably employ the same game plan he used against Rocky Fielding of attacking the body nonstop. It would be a great clash of styles and would be a very intriguing fight for DAZN.

Then there’s Demetrius Andrade, who’s basically been chilling for the past year, cruising to wide decision victories while he waits for a big-name opponent to fight him. This didn’t seem like a fight Alvarez really wanted until recently, when his other options thinned out. This fight should be for the undisputed middleweight title, but sanctioning bodies had to get in the way of that.

Still, Alvarez against Andrade would be a big fight, and it would give Andrade the big opportunity he’s been waiting so long for. If Alvarez won this fight, there would really be nothing left for him to do at 160, and he could plausibly vacate his belts and go fight Smith or Kovalev. It’s enticing.

Still, give me Canelo-Smith, Andrade-Jermall Charlo and Golovkin-Derevyanchenko. Of course, it’s boxing, so dream scenarios rarely work out, but a guy can dream.

2. How good is Adam Kownacki?

I still don’t think we really have an answer to that question, but he’s taken solid step-ups in competition over the last year. He’s passing the tests, and Kownacki-Arreola didn’t lack in drama, but I’ll admit I have some difficulty finding a path for victory for him against the top heavyweights.

You can compare him to Andy Ruiz because of his body type, but Kownacki doesn’t have Ruiz’s hand speed. Yeah, I know he broke Compubox records for his output against Arreola, but I think Ruiz would overwhelm him anyways. His defense is suspect, which makes me doubt he’d survive 12 rounds with Deontay Wilder, and I don’t see how he’s better than Tyson Fury in any category. Maybe he could use Ruiz’s playbook against Anthony Joshua, but even in that fight I think he’d struggle with Joshua’s power.

But alas, he’s a fun fighter to watch, and he’s a good draw in Brooklyn. A Wilder-Kownacki fight at Barclays Center would do big business, and PBC knows that. If Wilder gets through his next two fights, it wouldn’t be surprising to see him facing Kownacki. I just don’t think Kownacki is ready for that.

3. Top Rank clearly has very different plans for Michael Conlan and Shakur Stevenson

And it’s hard to blame them. Conlan is a massive draw in Belfast, as we saw over the weekend. It doesn’t matter who he fights: if Conlan is on the card, fans will be there. He could never leave Belfast, fight guys you’ve never heard of, and probably draw 10,000 people for the rest of his career.

After the 2016 Olympics, Conlan and Stevenson were Top Rank’s two biggest signings, and the clock started ticking for a fight between them in, say, 10 years. Just a few years later, though, it’s very clear that Stevenson has progressed far quicker than Conlan, at least in the ring. Stevenson has dominated everyone thrown in front of him and will fight for a world title this year. You could make the case he’s ready to fight anybody in the featherweight division.s

We’re still waiting for a big Conlan step-up fight. He hasn’t been super impressive so far, but then again, he doesn’t really need to. He’s a star, no matter what. Top Rank knows they can move him along much slower than Stevenson, and why wouldn’t they? They’re selling tickets and people are happy. It’s just that before the hype train even left the station, Conlan-Stevenson is losing speed.

In terms of next steps, the Conlan-Vladimir Nikitin fight still makes sense to me, even if Nikitin isn’t all that great of a fighter. Top Rank signed Nikitin seemingly just for this fight, and it’s an easy one to sell. Unless Conlan is making a major step-up and really chasing a world title, this is a decent fight to make.

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Canelo Stripped of IBF Title

By: Sean Crose

Canelo Alvarez has been stripped of his IBF world middleweight title. Furthermore, he is no longer going to be facing Sergiy Derevyanchenk as his next opponent, as was widely expected. Canelo was supposed to face Derevyanchenk as his mandatory, but a deal between the two camps was unable to be made. The IBF subsequently stripped boxing’s biggest star of one of his belts after having given numerous extensions for a deal to be reached. Although Canelo has been said to be one of the few boxers on earth to not need a belt, being stripped of a major title never makes for good PR.

Perfectly aware of this, Canelo’s promoter, Oscar De La Hoya, released an official comment on the matter. “We are extremely disappointed at the IBF for forcing the world’s best fighter to relinquish his world title,” he began. “We have been in serious negotiations with Sergiy Derevyanchenko’s promoter. We offered his team an unprecedented amount of money for a fighter of his limited stature and limited popularity, but the truth is that I’m now certain they never had any intention of making a deal. But instead they wanted to force us to relinquish Canelo’s belt.”

In other words, De La Hoya argues that Derevyanchenko’s camp is looking for a way to get a crack at the title other than having to face the highly skilled Canelo. “This is an insult to boxing,” De La Hoya continued, “and more importantly an insult to the boxing fans of the world.” The Golden Boy Promotions honcho then directly attacked the IBFs reputation. “This decision,” he said, “validates already existing concerns about the credibility of the IBF championship. Canelo inherited a mandatory challenger by defeating Daniel Jacobs, the man who beat Derevyanchenko, so to strip him of his title without giving him enough time to make the best fight possible is truly what is wrong with boxing.” De La Hoya’s statement then ended in what was essentially the strongest way imaginable: “I plan,” he said, “to aggressively consider all legal actions possible.”

Yet Lou DiBella, who reps Derevyanchenko, had a different take on the matter. “This is trash,” he tweeted in response to De La Hoya’s firery statement. “How dare the @IBFUSBAboxing not take bribes, not kneel to Oscar and Ginger, and actually have the NERVE to abide by their WRITTEN rules. Credibility? What dat, Oscar? Where’s yours?”

As things now stand, Canelo is still looking for an opponent for his next fight. He reportedly refuses outright to face arch foe Gennady Golovkin a third time (at least for the time being), although that might be the fight most fans would want to see. DAZN, the streaming service which pays Canelo an enormous sum of money, also wants a third Golovkin fight Canelo, however, is known for his stubbornness. There was talk on Thursday evening that Canelo may fight WBO middleweight titlist Demetrius Andrade next. That would prove to be a major fight between two top middleweights – should it be made. As for Derevyanchenko, it is said he is now in line to face an yet to be determined opponent for the IBF strap.

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Canelo Announces He Won’t Fight In September

By: Sean Crose

Although Mexican holiday weekends in September and May are known as occasions for Canelo Alvarez fights, this September’s Mexican Independence Day weekend will be an exception. For it’s been announced that the red haired star will not be fighting this on September 14th, as was widely expected. “As a Mexican,” Alvarez declared, “it’s a responsibility and an honor to represent my country in both May and September…those are my dates. However, as a world champion in multiple weight classes, I also have the responsibility of delivering the most exciting and competitive fights possible. That’s why Golden Boy and my team have decided to postpone the date in order to do right by my fans by promoting the best fight possible and with the best opponent possible.”

Word is that Canelo isn’t interested in fighting arch rival Gennady Golovkin again – at least not in the near future – and that there simply aren’t any names that can feasibly be matched with Canelo in time for September 14th. Possible opponents whose names were being bandied about were Sergey Kovalev, and Demetrius Andrade, among others. ESPN reports that DAZN, the streaming service Canelo fights on, had wanted Canelo to face Golovkin for a third time after two popular, lucrative and highly controversial middleweight title bouts. Yet apparently the biggest name if the fight business wanted nothing of it. ESPN also reports that, although DAZN was happy to let Canelo fight light heavyweight kingpin Kovalev instead of Golovkin, a deal simply couldn’t be reached for the September 14th fight date.

With all that in mind, Canelo is still expected to fight once again in 2019. At the moment, the 52-1-2 fighter is in the midst of an insanely lucrative 300-plus million dollar contract with DAZN. That means, however, that DAZN most likely has a say as to who Canelo gets to fight. With Golovkin having signed onto the streaming service for a ton of money himself, there may indeed be friction now that Canelo has opted not to face Golovkin again. Many, if not most, feel Canelo lost his first fight with Golovkin, although the judges ruled it a draw. There are those who felt Canelo lost his second fight with Golovkin, as well, though the judges gave him the nod on that occasion. That being said, Canelo is widely regarded as a fighter who isn’t afraid to take risks, a fact some would say is evidenced by Canelo’s seeming interest in facing Kovalev, a highly skilled, naturally bigger man.

Canelo’s last fight showed him besting the highly regarded Daniel Jacobs in impressive fashion, earning a well deserved unanimous decision win in Las Vegas, a city seen, sometimes skeptically, as the Mexican icon’s second home. Should Canelo fight again this year, which is something that is highly expected, it still remains uncertain who it is he will face. Canelo now holds belts in both the middleweight and super middleweight divisions. The World Boxing Council is particularly impressed with Canelo, who it recently gave a special title to.

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Ranking Canelo’s Next Opponents

By: Hans Themistode

There is currently a long line of contenders circling around the block for a shot at Middleweight champion Canelo Alvarez (52-1-2, 35 KOs).

The cinnamon headed champion has been linked to Jermall Charlo, Demetrius Andrade, Sergey Kovalev, Jamie Munguia, Callum Smith and of course Gennady Golovkin. Each fighter believes that they should be next. Every single one of their claims are legitimate, but Canelo can only choose one. Who exactly should get chosen is the real question.

Thankfully for Canelo we’ve decided to help him with such a decision. Below is a list of each man and where his ranking should be in terms of the radar of Canelo Alvarez. Whomever is chosen will have earned their shot, while the others will have to wait on the sidelines.

6. Jaime Munguia

Although Jaime Munguia (33-0, 26 KOs) is an undefeated belt holder at the Jr Middleweight division, he ranks last on this last. Munguia struggled mightily in his last two contest. At just age 22, he still has plenty of time to improve. A matchup against Canelo Alvarez at this point would be career suicide. He brings power and a never say die attitude, but against Canelo that won’t be nearly enough.

5. Gennady Golovkin

It may come across as a shock to see the former unified champion Gennady Golovkin (39-1-1, 35 KOs) so low on this list. It’s been well documented the ring wars that these two have shared. One could argue that Golovkin deserved the nod in both contests. Instead he had to settle for a draw and the first loss of his career.

As a champion for close to a decade, Golovkin deserves another opportunity, however, a third fight between the two wouldn’t exactly excite the fans now would it? That’s not to say that he isn’t deserving, but how about we get a few more fresh matchups in before we revisit a possible third showdown.

4. Callum Smith

In December of 2018, Canelo successfully moved up to the Super Middleweight division and made quick work of Rocky Fielding. In doing so, he became just the ninth Mexican born fighter to win a world title in three weight divisions. Although that is quite the accomplishment, many have placed an asterisk by it. Fielding held the WBA Regular title. Callum Smith (26-0, 19 KOs) on the other hand holds the full title.

If Canelo wants to quiet his naysayers who believe that he only went up to Super Middleweight to take on a weak challenge than he should take on Smith next. The problem with this matchup is that although Smith is terrific fighter, he is relatively unknown and brings very little in terms of a fanbase. Still, if Canelo wants to bring credence to his claim as a three division world champion then he needs to take on Smith to end the debate.

3. Demetrius Andrade

The WBO Middleweight champion Demetrius Andrade (28-0, 17 KOs) has been calling for a big fight for years now. No matter how many times he has asked, he has never been able to land one. Following his terrific performance against Maciej Sulecki where he completely shut out the former title challenger, Andrade may finally get his wish for a big fight.

Canelo has confirmed that there has been talks of a unification clash between the two. Andrade has just about everything that you need in order to become a star. His personality is infectious and boxing ability is outstanding. He just might be next in line to take on Canelo Alvarez.

2. Jermall Charlo

Houston native and huge puncher Jermall Charlo (29-0, 21 KOs) successfully defended his WBC crown for the first time against the unheralded Brandon Adams. It was a dominant performance, one that has put Charlo on the radar of Canelo.

Many have anointed him as the next great American champion. It’s easy to see why. His brash attitude followed by his aggressive style in the ring has lead to eye catching performances. The WBC belt holder has been calling out Canelo Alvarez for years but to no avail. Luckily for Charlo, he might soon get his wish.

Sergey Kovalev

Before a few weeks ago, a proposed matchup between unified Middleweight champion Canelo Alvarez and current WBO Light Heavyweight title holder Sergey Kovalev (33-3-1, 28 KOs) would have seemed ludicrous. Now, it not only seems possible but likely. Canelo hasn’t just floated around the idea of climbing up two weight divisions to challenge Kovalev for his title but he seems to want that fight next. The unified Middleweight champion would be at a decided disadvantage in just about every category. Height, weight, reach, power, you name it and Kovalev holds the significant edge.

That is exactly why this bout ranks number one on our list. Unlike Canelo’s bout against Rocky Fielding where although Fielding was the bigger man, Canelo was the much better fighter, in this contest it would be something else entirely. Canelo has made a career of taking on the toughest challenges, but this would truly be his daring to be great moment.

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Everything Wrong with the State of Boxing, Summed up by the Middleweight Division

By Jonah Dylan

Two of the three middleweight world titleholders were in action this weekend, as Demetrius Andrade and Jermall Charlo both cruised to title defenses in their hometown. It’s always frustrating when two world champions defend their belts in separate fights on the same night, but this night pretty much illustrated all the problems boxing has in this day and age.

First of all, I like Andrade. He’s a fun personality, he comes to fight and he has really impressive skills. The mainstream boxing media seems to be obsessed with him, and I don’t totally get it. His resume is pretty thin and he’s never really been tested, so I don’t quite get why everyone is acting like he’s up there with Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin. Maybe he is, but there are still a lot of unknowns.

Andrade and Charlo would be a nice fight, but there’s almost no chance it happens. That’s because of the fact that Andrade is with Eddie Hearn and DAZN and Charlo is with PBC, a huge promotional divide that rarely gets crossed. That’s one of the main problems in the sport in this day and age, where promoters are extremely reluctant to let their fighters cross the metaphorical street and face other top fighters. So even though we’d like to see Charlo fighting the DAZN guys, there’s almost no path for him to do so.

Then there’s the nonsense of promotional bodies. Nothing illustrates that better than the absurd decision by the WBC to make Alvarez the “Franchise Champion,” a designation that makes no sense. In doing so, they elevated Charlo – who had been the interim champion – to the full titleholder and Alvarez now only holds the IBF and WBA belts.

First off, no one should ever be defending an interim title. If there is an interim title fight, the winner should either fight the full titlist in the next fight or someone should be stripped. It’s absurd that anyone would ever be defending an interim title. Charlo was set to defend it for the second time and then was elevated to the full champion earlier this week. The timing of the WBC’s decision was clearly based on the timing of Charlo’s fight, because they wanted him to be defending the title he’d actually be holding after the fight. It’s all nonsense.

Alvarez had been on a quest to unify the entire division, so the WBC should have ordered a fight between him and Charlo if he wanted to keep his title. For all the nonsense about sanctioning bodies, the one thing they can actually do that’s beneficial is order fights between fighters from different promotional companies. In this case, they could’ve ordered Alvarez (DAZN) to meet Charlo (PBC) and if Alvarez turned down the fight then it would’ve made sense to strip him. Stripping him without even giving him the chance to defend the belt doesn’t really make sense.

After the WBC’s decision, there’s little to no chance that we’ll see an undisputed champion in the middleweight division.

To cap it all off, another issue in the sport is that oftentimes the best fighters never share the ring, for one reason or another. Alvarez and Golovkin are the two best guys in the division, but Alvarez is chasing Callum Smith and Sergey Kovalev, so it looks like we won’t see that fight next. Add it to the list, honestly.

There are lots of intriguing fights in the middleweight division, and it really should be one of the hottest divisions in the sport. But for the foreseeable future, we’re probably gonna see Charlo against PBC guys, Andrade against Matchroom guys and Canelo against super middleweights and light heavyweights. If Canelo is moving up, Golovkin vs Andrade is the fight to make, but I see why Golovkin’s team doesn’t have much incentive to chase that fight. In just a few months, the division went from one of boxing’s best to a mess. And there’s no end in sight.

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Canelo-Jacobs Reportedly Lures In 1.2 Million Viewers

By: Sean Crose

It appears DAZNs three hundred fifty plus million dollar investment in middleweight king Saul “Canelo” Alvarez may be paying off. The streaming service announced on Wednesday that over 1.2 million viewers logged on to see last Saturday night’s middleweight title unifier between Canelo and Brooklyn’s Daniel Jacobs as it was broadcast live from the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Canelo won the fight by unanimous decision. The fact that the WBA, WBC, and IBF middleweight titles were on the line, coupled with the fact that Jacobs was considered one of the best fighters in the middleweight division walking in, meant that Canelo-Jacobs was the biggest boxing match of the year to date.

The viewership results are good news for DAZN. The international streaming service reportedly discovered 600,000 of Saturday’s 1.2 million viewers came from the United States. Canelo, the most popular boxer on the planet, turned more than a few heads when he signed exclusively with DAZN in 2018, effectively leaving behind the Pay Per View model he had cashed in on throughout the previous five plus years. Aside from near record breaking numbers when he faced Floyd Mayweather back in 2013, Canelo has done huge Pay Per View numbers against Miguel Cotto and Gennady Golovkin (twice) respectively. In order to get an effective return on the stated three hundred sixty five million dollar Canelo contract, DAZN will have to bring in a healthy influx of subscribers.

Aside from Canelo, DAZN has also brought in arch rival Golovkin, as well as highly skilled WBO middleweight kingpin Demetrius Andrade, making for a scenario where the biggest names in the division can face off with less of the political issues that currently plague boxing’s promotional and broadcasting scene. Heavyweight honcho Anthony Joshua will be making his US debut on DAZN as well, when he faces off against Andy Ruiz June 1st at Madison Square Garden in New York.

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Saunders Wants the Canelo Fight

By: Michael Kane

Billy Joe Saunders is due to face German based Albanian Shefat Isufi on May 18th at Stevenage FC’s Lamex Stadium for the vacant WBO world super middleweight title.

However one man is on his mind as he took to Frankwarren.com to call out Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez.

Canelo unified the WBC, WBA Super and IBF middleweight titles at the weekend with his win over Daniel Jacobs at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on Saturday.

Former WBO world middleweight champion Saunders said, “I would love the Canelo fight, but does he want to fight me? I don’t think so.

“If they do want to fight me, ring me up. I am not asking for millions. Just be fair with me and we can get the show on the road.

“Canelo has cemented his name, made good money and is a superstar in the sport. I wouldn’t say he is avoiding me, but there are plenty of people he can pick apart from Billy Joe Saunders.

“That is a fact. Who wants to fight a slick southpaw who is hard to hit?

“It could be middleweight or super-middleweight. I want the big fights and that is a reason I am moving up to super-middleweight. I cannot get the big fights at middleweight.”

Jacob’s had agreed to a clause in that he couldn’t regain too much weight on the day of the fight, he came in 3.6 lbs over this and was penalised by approx $750,000.

Saunders said this wouldn’t restrict him.

“I wouldn’t be restricted for any weight clauses at all.

“Daniel Jacobs was clearly struggling to come in the next day only three pounds over the agreed weight. If he wanted to balloon up he would have been eight or nine pounds above what he was at the weigh-in.

“That has cost him a lot of money and I believe that took a bit of performance away from Jacobs.”

If Saunders can become a two weight world champion by adding the Super middleweight title, he would be interested in facing fellow Englishman WBA super champion Callum Smith in a unification bout.

Saunders said, “Callum is a good fighter and big, but I think people go on about size in this sport too much.

“We saw David Haye beating Nikolai Valuev. Size doesn’t matter in this sport.

“If you’re good enough, you’re good enough, end of and I believe I am good enough to beat Callum Smith. That is a fight I would entertain.”

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Alleged DAZN Bias Front Page News after Canelo Decision Victory

By: Jesse Donathan

The lead up to Saturday nights highly anticipated clash between Mexican middleweight superstar Canelo Alvarez and Daniel Jacobs brought out a range of emotions and fears among fight fans and pundit alike. Straight out of the mandatory Boxing 101 course, BoxingInsider.com’s Sean Crose wrote in his May 03, 2019 article titled, “Judging Concerns Hang Over Canelo-Jacobs Fight Week,” that, “There is no doubt that Saul “Canelo” Alvarez is the biggest star in boxing.” But, as Crose points out, “Canelo’s popularity among Las Vegas judges, however, has caused many to raise eyebrows.” The question of whether Daniel Jacobs, a cancer survivor and natural fan favorite, could get a fair shake loomed like a dark cloud in the week leading up to Saturday nights showdown between the two boxing rivals.

While most fans seem content with Canelo’s Saturday night decision victory, UFC Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier was left wondering which fight the DAZN fight analysts were watching. “Brian Kenny and Sergio Mora really suck! Canelo won but Danny fought a good fight man wtf they ruined the fight,” wrote Cormier in his Saturday night Twitter post.

The former WBC Super Welterweight Champion and DAZN analyst Mora caught wind of the Cormier tweet and replied, “Sorry you thought I sucked champ. I think your striking sucks. Let me work with you so @JonnyBones doesn’t kick your (expletive) for a third straight time.” Normally, I would find such back and forth exchanges between professional fight analysts unfortunate, though a semi-regular occurrence on Twitter, but it does highlight the potential for bias in the sports entertainment industry. Something which many longtime fans will tell you is a given due to the saturated state of bias and corruption that permeates nearly all facets of combat sports today.

For his part, Cormier wasn’t alone in his observations. Forbes.com contributor Brian Mazique critiqued the DAZN fight analyst crew himself, finding it hard to remember a more blatantly slanted broadcast in his May 5, 2019 article, “Canelo Alvarez Vs. Daniel Jacobs: Despite Biased Commentary, Saturday’s Fight Was No Blowout.” Canelo is reported to have signed a $365-million dollar deal with the streaming service DAZN, 35-million from the Jacobs fight alone according to a May 4, 2019 bloodyelbow.com article titled, “Canelo vs Jacobs salaries: Alvarez gets $35 million, Jacobs to get over $10 million,” by author Anton Tabuena.

Prior to Saturday nights middleweight bout, Canelo and Jacobs famously scuffled, with Jacobs letting Canelo know he was there to kick butt and chew bubblegum. And he was all out of bubblegum. In a May 3, 2019 latimes.com article titled, “Canelo Alvarez and Daniel Jacobs have to be restrained at weigh-in,” author Lance Pugmire noted that things got slightly out of hand at Fridays weigh-in. “Jacobs quickly assumed his position on Alvarez’s side of the stage for photos of their face-off.” According to Pugmire, “When Alvarez approached, Jacobs met him by aggressively pressing his forehead to the champion’s.”

The theatrics didn’t stop there either, according to a May 4, 2019 boxingscene.com article titled, “Jacobs Faces $1M Penalty, 3 ½ Pounds Overweight at 2nd Weigh-In,” author Keith Idec writes, “Eddie Hearn wasn’t kidding. Daniel Jacobs’ promoter suggested Wednesday that Jacobs could ignore the 170-pound limit for his second-day weigh-in the morning of his fight against Canelo Alvarez.” According to Idec, “Oscar de La Hoya, Alvarez’s promoter, told ESPN.com that Jacobs weighed 173.6 pounds at their second-day weigh-in.” According to boxingscene.com:

“The 32-year-old Jacobs told a group of reporters Tuesday at MGM Grand that he intends to weigh a maximum of 175 pounds when he enters the ring Saturday night to face Alvarez.”

Considering Jacobs is reported to have weighed 173.6 for the 2nd weigh-in on Saturday morning, I have a hard time believing he will be entering the ring Saturday night no more than 175 pounds. Idec would go on to write that, “The 5-feet-8 Alvarez (52-1-2, 35 KOs) stands four inches shorter than Jacobs (35-3, 29 KOs).” During Friday’s pre-fight face off, Canelo appeared to be the smaller man by some margin before things got out of a hand, despite wearing what appeared to be red and white elevator shoes to neutralize the obvious height discrepancy for the cameras.

“Regardless, Jacobs weighing in 3 ½ pounds more than what was allowable in their contracts will not prohibit their 12-round, 160-pound unification fight from taking place Saturday night at T-Mobile Arena,” explained Idec.

The second day weigh-in stipulations highlighting the roles overall size, weight cutting, proper hydration and game planning play at the most elite levels of professional boxing. These variables and more all come together in the alchemy of the sweet science, that when firing on all cylinders, leads to the kind of elite pugilistic performance we saw Saturday night between two great fisticuff artists.

“Canelo is already all but confirmed for Boxing’s Hall of Fame, and that’s no small achievement, but to be remembered as one of the greatest middleweights in boxing history is an impossible task for 99% of professional 160lbers,” writes BoxingInsider.com’s Ste Rowen in his May 3, 2019 article titled, “Canelo Has the Throne & And is Now Three Fights Away from Middleweight Immortality.” Rowen would go on to note, “When money isn’t an issue, for Canelo, it should now be all about his lasting legacy.”

“In his backstage exhalation, Canelo Alvarez spread his arms wide on a couch, surrounded by championship belts on each side, content that the boxing world is his,” writes latimes.com columnist Lance Pugmire in his May 5, 2019 article, “Canelo Alvarez wants to ‘fight for a title’ — and maybe make Gennady Golovkin squirm.” Pugmire would go on to note that with, “Álvarez’s over Daniel Jacobs in Saturday night’s middleweight unification bout at T-Mobile Arena both bolsters his case as the boxing’s No. 1 pound-for-pound fighter and provides him a wealth of leverage in negotiations for his next fight.”

Canelo is well on his way to cementing his legacy as one of the best, capturing Jacobs IBF title Saturday night to add to his own WBA and WBC titles. Though as BoxingInsider.com’s Ste Rowen points out, the history of the middleweight division commands that Canelo is going to have to really do something special in order to walk the hallowed halls among boxing royalty like Marvin Hagler and Sugar Ray Robinson. Hagler had his war with Hearns, Canelo has questionable decision victories over Gennady Golovkin to highlight the mountain Canelo has left to climb if he wants to cement his name as one of the all-time great middleweights.

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Saul Alvarez to Face Gennady Golovkin or Demetrius Andrade

By: Waqas Ali

Saul Canelo Alvarez is on the verge of facing rival opponent Gennady Golovkin or American Demetrius Andrade.

The Mexican superstar recently defeated former world champion Daniel Jacobs in a twelve round unification bout on Saturday night.

The bout took place at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas with over 20,000 in attendance.

Alvarez took Jacobs’ IBF middleweight title and added that to his WBA, WBC and Ring Magazine belts.

Making him one belt away from the WBO claimed by Andrade.

In the first round, both fighters were caution with their punches. Carefully not trying to get countered as they go on. In the last minute of the round, Jacobs (35-3) increased his activity level to try and steal the round.

Jacobs would take the early rounds based on his activity level and would often land some hooks on top to win rounds.

In the fourth round, Alvarez (52-1-2) came back with punches of his own and around the 43-second mark, Alvarez connected three straight left hands to Jacobs that got the pro-Alvarez crowd on the edge of their seats.

In round nine, as Alvarez continued to dominate with his power punches and swiftly providing good head movement and footwork, he was hit with a massive over-left hook by Jacobs that didn’t even drop him.

It was perhaps the most memorable punch in the entire fight.

At the end of the fight, Judges scored the fight 115-113, 115-113, 116-112 in Canelo’s favour after 12 rounds.

According to Compubox stats, Alvarez landed 188 of 466 (40%) punches thrown, whereas Jacobs landed 131 of 649 (20%) attempted.

Alvarez landed 121 of his power shots and connected at 45%. Also, in round 11 he landed 55% of his power punches.

For Jacobs, 32, this was a complete downfall statistic for him as he landed 32% in his previous eight fights. He landed 7 power shots per round in this fight with Alvarez after landing 12 per round in his previous eight fights.

Officially, Alvarez has had two bouts under the super-middleweight division and five at middleweight.

The question now remains is: Will Alvarez fight Golovkin for a third time or attempt for a fourth world title fight against Andrade?

During the build-up of the Jacob-Alvarez bout, ‘Canelo’ stated his desire to aim for the WBO belt and add to his collection.

“Nobody in Mexico has ever done that, won all four belts in one division, so that’s my motivation,” Alvarez said, before the Jacobs fight.

However, after defeating Jacobs, Alvarez is open to fighting Golovkin too.

“I’m just looking for the biggest challenge. That’s all I want. No, for me, it’s over,” he said regarding any unfinished business with Golovkin.

“But if the people want another fight, we’ll do it again, and I’ll beat him again.

“That’s why I’m here. That’s what I was born for — to fight, to defend what’s mine. I’ll fight anyone.

Gennady Golovkin is a fighter with an exceptional power ratio of 87% and known for activeness, punching ability, calculating puncher and haymaker hunting.

He had a 23 knockout win streak dating from June 2008 – March 2017.

Both fights with Alvarez were close in their respected styles and performances. Fans on the Golovkin side firmly believe that both results of the bouts were exceptional robberies.

Both GGG and Andrade have fights later this year and have to win in order to secure themselves a bout with Alvarez.
By the numbers, Golovkin who is ranked no.3 Pound for Pound (by Boxrec), throws at a high amount of 64 punches which is nine more than the average middleweight (55) and lands at 25 (39%). The average middleweight lands at just 16 (30%).

In the power punching department, Golovkin throws around 35 with a connect rate of 44%. The average middleweight throws around 31 with a rate of 37%.

With regards to Andrade, his record consists of 26 wins (16 KOs) and zero defeats.

In the amateurs, he defeated future world champions like Keith Thurman, Austin Trout and Daniel Jacobs.

The 30-year-old, who holds the WBO middleweight belt has a great sense of style of being cautionary with his combinations and as a southpaw can be a limit for his conventional opponents on landing their jab.

His body movement is a positive asset, considering the fact that he is able to move away from any return shots.

Alvarez has not faced a competitive southpaw with lateral foot movement since Erislandy Lara in July 2014 in which he only landed five jabs out of his 97 landing total. A bout with these two would be interesting.

In terms of statistical data, he throws around 60 and lands at 18 (30%). By the power punches, he attempts 32 with a connect rate of 45%.

Another fighter that has entered the debate but not on the mainstream spectrum as of yet is current WBA and Ring Magazine Super-middleweight champion. Callum Smith. The Liverpool-born fighter has a record of 25 wins and no defeats.

He’s also tall with a height 6 feet 3 inches and a reach advantage of 78 inches. Smith is known for his active punching ability and body shots. Ironically, body shots are also favouritism of Alvarez’s punching of expertise.
Especially the left hook to the body.

His notable opponents that he defeated are Rocky Fielding & George Groves.

According to a poll conducted by Editinking, out of 5,100 plus voters, 59% chose Alvarez to beat Smith and 41% for the English fighter.

The boxing world is up and rolling by naming who should Alvarez fight next. Both fights are interesting as many of the Golovkin fans want to see vengeance taken against the Mexican based on the last two disputed results. Politics is a dangerous game and has a long history with boxing. Going as far as 150 years ago. Andrade is in a good position as he could prove how much has in value of his style and skills against one of the biggest names in boxing today. Though he did not manage to prove his name against Billy Joe Saunders but no doubt against Alvarez, it will be a mega-fight. Smith is a good name and also a possible threat to Alvarez. He’s tall and possesses good power to really knock his opponent off the canvas. Being England and his hometown of Liverpool, the fight would definitely be a huge sell in the UK. Venues like the Echo Arena, Manchester Arena, O2 or even Wembley stadium would be a big attraction. Liverpool is a passionate crowd for their heroes and figures and are always behind them. It wouldn’t be a surprise to many if a crowd was a majority pro-Smith rather than pro-Alvarez in the UK.

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Canelo Alvarez: Face Of Boxing And The Best In The World

By: Hans Themistode

Canelo Alvarez (52-1-2, 35 KOs) didn’t just prove that he is the best Middleweight in his division but, he also showed that he is the best fighter in the world.

This past Saturday night on Cinco De Mayo, Canelo successfully defeated Daniel Jacobs (35-3, 29 KOs). The win added yet another title around the Mexican superstar’s waist. Canelo now holds the WBA, WBC, IBF and Ring magazine Middleweight titles.

For as great as Canelo has been in his career, there has always been a few lingering question marks. His resume is filled with wins over great fighters, this is true. However, it is also filled with a bit of controversy as well. Wins over Erislandy Lara and Gennady Golovkin (GGG) are sometimes questions. Favorable judging has also been the narrative surrounding the three division world champion. Some have questioned his place amongst the elite of the boxing world today. These anecdotes can be put to bed.

Now former, IBF Middleweight champion Daniel Jacobs is a great fighter, one that provided Canelo the platform to showcase that he is the best in the world.

Jacobs has the full package. The power to stop any boxer dead in their tracks, and the boxing ability to out skill them as well. You name it and Jacobs possesses it. Although their fight which took place in front of over 20,000 fans at the T-Mobile arena in Las Vegas, Nevada was a nip and tuck affair, Alvarez dominated for long stretches and made it clear who the better fighter was.

We all understand what happens now. Canelo will be given no opportunity to enjoy his victory, instead the immediate question will be, who should he take on next? Canelo will have no shortage of opponents to choose from.

Undefeated WBO title holder Demetrius Andrade (27-0, 17 KOs) is a name that has been on the tongue’s of many of the fans. He may not be the biggest name but he very well could be the biggest threat. How about Jermall Charlo? Not only does he also boast an unblemished record consisting of 28 wins with 21 stoppages but he also holds the mandatory position for Canelo’s WBC title.

Last but certainly not least is GGG. There is a reason why the former unified champion was in attendance this past Saturday night. A third installment between these two would certainly present fireworks once again.

Whomever the Mexican megastar takes on next will undoubtedly present him with a challenge. That aforementioned challenge is one that he will be well equip for.

Canelo Alvarez has been the face of boxing for a number of years now. He was also considered one of the very best fighters in the world. However, with his penchant to not only take on but defeat the best fighters out there, he has now elevated himself to another level. His victory over Daniel Jacobs has now cemented him as the best fighter in the entire world.

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Jacobs vs. Canelo Round by Round Results: Canelo Outclasses Jacobs

By: William Holmes

The main event of tonight’s card was between Canelo Alvarez (51-1-2) and Daniel Jacobs (35-2) for the WBC, WBA, and IBF Middleweight Titles.

Golden Boy Promotions and Matchroom Promotions put on this event, and it was streamed live on the DAZN Streaming network.

Daniel Jacobs had a clause in his contract where he was only allowed to weigh in at 170lbs the day after the weigh ins, but he came in at 173.6lbs and had to pay a fine of 250k per pound.

But that may have been done on purpose, as this was the biggest fight of his career.

Carlos Rivera sung the Mexican National Anthem and Lisa Marie Smith sung the national anthem of the United States.

Daniel Jacobs entered the ring first after what appeared to be some technical difficulties with the audio from DAZN, and Canelo entered second to a loud chorus of cheers.

The following is a round by round recap of tonight’s main event.

Photo Credit: Golden Boy Boxing Twitter Account

Round 1:

Jacobs looked like he has a significant height advantage when they met in the middle for prefight instructions. Both boxers are in an orthodox stance. Canelo has a knee pad on his left knee. Canelo paws out a jab at Jacobs. Canelo misses high with a left hook. Jacobs is circling away from Canelo and flicks out a jab. Jacobs flicks out another jab. Jacobs lands two jabs followed by a right cross to the body. Canelo lands a hard right ot the body. Canelo bounces a left hook off the high guard of Jacobs. Jacobs is active with his jab to the head and body of Canelo. Good right to the body by Canelo. Jacobs looks a little weary of Canelo’s power. Jacobs lands two shots to the body of Canelo. Jacobs switches to a southpaw stance, but then goes back to an orthodox stance. Close tight round, Canelo may have landed the harder shots.

10-9 Canelo.

Round 2:

Jacobs throws out two pawing jabs. Jacobs with another double jab and Canelo answers with a left hook upstairs. Canelo lands a good right to the body of Jacobs. Jacobs lands two quick jabs. Canelo comes in with a right hook behind a feint. Jacobs jab to the body is accurate. A jab from Canelo gets Jacobs off balance. Canelo lands a good left hook to the body of Jacobs. Jacobs lands a short right to the body. Jacobs lands two good hooks to the body of Canelo. Canelo lands a good right hand upstairs and follows it up with two uppercuts to the body. Canelo barely misses with a left uppercut and Jacobs makes him pay with a combination to the body. Good jabs from Jacobs. Good shots by both at the end of the round.

10-9 Canelo, 20-18 Canelo

Round 3:

Canelo flicks out a jab at Jacobs and has him backing up early. Canelo pressing forward and Jacobs attempts to keep him away with a jab to the body. Jacobs switches to a southpaw stance and throws out a straight left hand. Jacobs lands two jabs to the body and Canelo lands a short right hook. Canelo lands a hard body head combination on Jacobs. Canelo seems to be finding his groove. Jacobs then answers with a good combination in the middle of the ring. Jacobs with three straight jabs followed by a short right hook. Jacobs ducks under a Canelo right hook. Canelo lands a jab to the body of Jacobs and Jacobs answers with two shots of his own to the body. Good left hook to Jacobs’s chin by Canelo. Jacobs paws out two jabs on Canelo and Canelo answers with an uppercut to the body.

10-9 Canelo, 30-27 Canelo.

Round 4:

Canelo is showing good upper body movement. Canelo partially connects with a three punch combination. Jacobs is sticking to his jab. Jacobs is very active with his jab, but not landing any hard punches. Jacobs barely misses with a straight right hand. Jacobs throws out two jabs followed by a hook to the body. Canelo lands a good sweeping right hook to the body of Jacobs. Jacobs with a jab followed by a left hook. Canelo lands a clean straight right to the chin of Jacobs. Canelo is a hard target to hit and landing from good angles. Canelo lands a rising left hook on Jacobs. Canelo’s upper body movement is making it very difficult for Jacobs to land a punch. Canelo had a great round.

10-9 Canelo, 40-36 Canelo.

Round 5:

Jacobs misses wildly with a three punch combination. Canelo continues to slip the punches of Jacobs. Canelo continues to come forward while showing great upper body movement. Canelo lands two good hooks to the body of Jacobs. Canelo flicks out three straight quick jabs. Canelo lands a sharp quick jab. Canelo’s jabs are landing while Jacobs is using his more as a range finder. Canelo looks to be in complete control. Canelo lands a jab and follows it with a two punch combination. Canelo lands a good left to the body of Jacobs. They get a little bit chippy as the round ends.

10-9 Canelo, 50-45 Canelo.

Round 6:

Canelo still pressing forward and showing excellent upper body movement. Canelo barely misses with a lead left hook. Canelo is outlanding Jacobs 60-43 at this point in the fight. Canelo able to easily avoid the combination of Jacobs. Canelo follows a jab with a connecting lead left hook. Jacobs able to land a few shots on Canelo when in close. Canelo lands a good reaching jab. Jacobs goes into a southpaw stance. Jacobs still can’t find his target even in a southpaw stance. Canelo with a good right hook to the body of Jacobs. Canelo still stalking Jacobs. Jacobs lands two short hooks to the body of Canelo. Canelo lands a good uppercut on Jacobs.

10-9 Canelo, 60-54 Canelo

Round 7:

Jacobs starts off this round in a southpaw stance. Canelo pressing forward on Jacobs still and has Jacobs on the run. Canelo lands a good hook to the body after a straight right hand misses. Canelo has Jacobs back against the ropes and gets in a few shots to the body. Jacobs paws with the jab in a southpaw stance. Canelo looks fresh despite using a lot of energy. Jacobs lands a good short right hook, perhaps his best punch of the night. Jacobs has Canelo’s back against the ropes and lands a few punches to the body. Jacobs remains in a southpaw stance. Jacobs is keeping his jab in the face of Canelo and lands a left to the body of Canelo. Jacobs throws his jab in the face of Canelo but eats a counter left hook. Canelo lands another hook to the body and Jacobs throws out a flurry as round ends.

Closer round, but still 10-9 Canelo, 70-63 Canelo.

Round 8:

Jacobs is back in an orthodox stance. Canelo still pressing forward and digs in two hooks to the body of Jacobs. Canelo connects with a lead left hook and Jacobs answers with a short uppercut. Jacobs just can’t find his target with his punches. Canelo’s defense is masterful at this point. Jacobs misses with a three punch combination badly. Canelo lands a good short left hook. Jacobs has Canelo back to the ropes and lands a combination to the body and head. Canelo lands a hard left hook that may have stunned Jacobs. Canelo is landing some heavy shots as Jacobs tries to open up his offense. Canelo is hurting Jacobs. Canelo with a good body head combination. Jacobs was on the offensive as round ends, but still a Canelo round.

10-9 Canelo, 80-72 Canelo.

Round 9:

Canelo comes out aggressive this round behind his jab. Canelo barely misses with a straight right hand and Jacobs goes in a southpaw stance. Jacobs throwing out a lot of right jabs in the face of Jacobs. Jacobs’s straight lefts look weak though from this position. Canelo lands a heavy punch to the body of Jacobs. Jacobs gets tagged with a left hook as he lunges forward. Canelo with more heavy body shots. Canelo lands a good straight right to the chin of Jacobs. Good left hook by Canelo followed by a combination. Jacobs lands a short left hook and snaps the head of Canelo with a heavy right hand. Jacobs is back in an orthodox stance. Jacobs takes a deep breath then throws out a combination and lands a few good punches. Better round for Jacobs.

10-9 Jacobs; 89-82 Canelo.

Round 10:

Canelo presses forward to start the tenth round. Jacobs is in a southpaw stance. Canelo lands a good jab in the face of Jacobs. Jacobs has Canelo’s back near the ropes and lands a few shots in tight. Canelo lands a hard right hand on Jacobs in the middle of the ring. Canelo lands a good left hook to the body of Jacobs. Canelo flicks out a sharp jab and follows it with a hook upstairs. Good exchange in the middle of the ring and Jacobs may have landed the harder punches. Canelo is clearly out boxing though. Jacobs has Canelo back against the ropes and lands some good punches to the body and head. Canelo barely misses with a looping left hook. Jacobs goes back into a southpaw stance. Canelo lands a good straight right.

10-9 Canelo; 99-91 Caenlo.

Round 11:

Jacobs clearly needs a knockout to win this fight. Canelo lands a good heavy left hook to the body. Jacobs is back in an orthodox stance but then switches to a southpaw stance. Canelo bounces a right hook off the guard of Jacobs. Canelo lands a good straight right hand on Jacobs. Canelo lands a clean jab. Jacobs lands a combination to the body of Canelo. Canelo isn’t really bothered by the punches of Jacobs. Canelo bounces two jabs off the face of Jacobs. Crowd booing the action in the ring. Canelo lands a straight right hand. Jacobs lands two punches upstairs but then Canelo ties up. Canelo lands a short right uppercut followed by two jabs. Announcer says Jacobs is having a good eleventh round but he’s not landing any punches of note. Canelo lands a hard right hand. Canelo clearly wins this round.

10-9 Canelo, 109-100 Canelo.

Round 12:

Jaobs is in an orthodox stance, but probably needs a knockout to win. Jacobs badly misses with a left hook and slips to the mat. Jacobs complains about a wet spot in the middle of the ring and the referee dries off the mat. Canelo looks like the fresher fighter. Canelo lands a hard left hook and Jacobs lands at air. Jacobs has Canelo’s back near the ropes but misses and Canelo is able to get Jacobs to back up with combinations. Good straight right by Canelo. Canelo lands a hard uppercut on Jacobs. Crowd is starting to boo the action in the ring again. Jacobs misses with a looping hook to the body of Canelo. Jacobs is unable to score a knockout in the final round.

10-9 Canelo; 119-109 Canelo.

The judges scored the bout 115-113, 115-113, and 116-112 for Canelo Alvarez.

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Canelo vs. Jacobs Undercard Results: Diaz and Ortiz Shine with Stoppages

By: William Holmes

The T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada was the host site for tonight’s middleweight showdown between Canelo Alvarez and Daniel Jacobs on the DAZN Streaming network.

The main card started at 9pm, and the undercard before the main card featured a shocking 13-1 underdog upset by Anthony “Juice” Young of Pleasantville, New Jersey over former junior middleweight champion Sadam Ali by a third round stoppage.

The first fight of the main card was in the super featherweight division Jonathan Oquendo (30-5) and Lamont Roach Jr. (18-0-1).

Both boxers fought out of an orthodox stance and Oquendo was pressing forward early and able to land some shots that forced blood to come from Roach’s nose.

Roach was landing some solid hooks on Oquendo in the second round, but Oquendo was banging to the body and applying heavy pressure. Oquendo was warned in the third round for holding Roach and to keep his head up.

Oquendo had Roach hurt badly in the fourth round with some body shots that forced Roach to hold on for most of the round. However, Roach turned the tide back in his favor in the fifth round by landing some heavy shots, though he landed one at a time instead of throwing combinations.

Oquendo’s activity likely won him the sixth round, and he was the more active fighter in the seventh also though Roach did land some hard counters.

Oquendo lost a point in the eight round for an headbutt which was a little bit questionable. The final two rounds played out like most of the fight, with Oquendo pressing the pace but Roach landing the cleaner shots.

The judges scored it 97-92, 97-92, and 96-93 for Lamont Roach Jr.

The next bout of the night was Freddy Fonseca (26-2-1) and Joseph Diaz (28-1) in the super featherweight division.

Fonseca and Diaz both fought out of a southpaw stance, and this was Fonseca’s first fight in the United States.

Diaz looked strong and healthy at 130 pounds, and landed heavy body and head shots early on. By the third round it was clear that Diaz was clearly the superior fighter, and had landed 50% of his power shots by the fourth round.

Fonseca had a decent fifth round, though was still out struck and out landed by Diaz. Diaz brutalized Fonseca in the sixth round and out landed him 30-4 in punches and scored a late round knockdown when Fonseca was forced to take a knee.

Diaz continued to land power shots at will in the sixth round and forced Fonseca’s corner to step up and stop the fight.

Joseph Diaz wins by TKO at 2:07 of the seventh round.

The co-main event of the night was between Vergil Ortiz (12-0) and Mauricio Herrera (24-8) in the welterweight division.

Herrera looked a little soft going into the ring, but he was a rugged veteran who’s been in the ring with some tough fighters.

Ortiz showed off his power early by being patient and solving the jab of Herrera and hurting him with a left hook at the end of the round. Ortiz remained patient in the second round and badly hurt Herrera at the end of the round and forced a knockdown as the round came to an end. Herrera got back to his feet, but was badly hurt as he returned to his corner.

Ortiz came out blazing in the third round and landed a crushing straight right hand that sent Herrera to the mat and forced the referee to stop the bout.

Vergil Ortiz wins by TKO at 0:29 of the third round.

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Canelo Has the Throne & Is Now Three Fights From Middleweight Immortality

By: Ste Rowen

Picture the scene, Las Vegas, December 14th; the Mexican national anthem rings out as Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez, WBA, WBC, IBF & Ring Magazine champion prepares to walk out and into the ring with WBO champion, Demetrius Andrade in Canelo’s third fight of the year.

It’s a pipe dream of course. Canelo hasn’t fought more than twice in a year since 2011 but 2019 feels like an opportunity, one that he’s not had since he came up against Floyd Mayweather, for the current WBA ‘Super’, WBC & Ring middleweight champion to be remembered as an all-time great.

Canelo is already all but confirmed for Boxing’s Hall of Fame, and that’s no small achievement, but to be remembered as one of the greatest middleweights in boxing history is an impossible task for 99% of professional 160lbers.

Ask someone in the know who the greatest middleweight of all time is and they’ll most likely say Marvin Hagler, Carlos Monzon or perhaps Sugar Ray Robinson. It’s pretty much a given that no modern boxer will be able to eclipse any of those three men, or even other 160lb greats down the years such as James Toney or Bernard Hopkins, but, as in Canelo’s case, they can stand alongside them. But it’s going to take multiple fights against the cream of the crop at this weight, to be recognised as such.

The flame haired boxer has, thus far, taken on all comers from welter to middle in 54 bouts; losing just once, to Floyd, along the way. The Tapatio most recently earned a close decision over Gennady Golovkin and saw 2018 out with an easy stoppage of Rocky Fielding, up at super-middle, but the real glory lies in the glamour division. The plan for Alvarez in 2019, assuming he continues to win, should be Danny Jacobs this Cinco de Mayo weekend, the rubber match vs. Golovkin in September and then, assuming Andrade continues to win, a December matchup with the WBO champion to become the undisputed king of the middleweights; a feat not achieved since Jermaine Taylor decisioned Bernard Hopkins in 2005.

There should be no promotional or programming disputes as all four of the boxers mentioned are signed with DAZN and with Canelo continuing to be the biggest draw in the sport – a crown he’s only really competing against heavyweight champ, Anthony Joshua for – every fight is a big money event for the Mexican.

The incentive for rivals of the unified champion is clearly there, so it’s surely now all down to how ambitious Alvarez wants to be at 160. When money isn’t an issue, for Canelo, it should now be all about his lasting legacy.

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Canelo vs. Jacobs Notebook

Compiled By: William Holmes

Canelo Alvarez and Daniel Jacobs are set to face off on Saturday night at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. This event will be streamed live on DAZN and is one of the most anticipated matchups of the year.

Below you’ll find a collection of various news, tidbits, and press releases for Saturday’s bout.

Canelo vs. Jacobs Final Press Conference Quotes

WBC, WBA, Lineal and Ring Magazine Middleweight World Champion Canelo Alvarez (50-1-2, 34 KOs) and IBF Middleweight World Champion Daniel “Miracle Man” Jacobs (35-2, 29 KOs) hosted their final press conference today ahead of their 12-round unification fight. The event will take place on Saturday, May 4, 2019 at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas and will be streamed live exclusively on DAZN.

Below is what the fighters and their teams had to say at today’s final press conference:

Canelo Alvarez, WBC, WBA, Lineal and Ring Magazine Middleweight World Champion

“Look, we’re just ready for Saturday. I’ll repeat to you – I’m ready, I’m ready to continue writing history like I always have.”

“I’m a fighter that’s fought all the styles. What he brings on Saturday night is going to bring the reaction out of me to counter whatever he brings.”

“In boxing, anything can happen. That’s including the knockout. If it’s there, trust me, I’m going to go for the knockout. I don’t care if he’s bigger, stronger, it’s never bothered me. I have the capability. I have the experience to overcome that and more.”

Daniel Jacobs, IBF Middleweight World Champion

“I just feel as if the thirst for this fight is at an all-time high. We are only three days away from a mega fight and it’s such a privilege to be here right before this mega showdown. This is the opportunity of a lifetime for me and I’m mostly excited to get in there to show the world that I am the best middleweight of my generation. I finally have an opportunity to prove it, to go against Canelo Alvarez. You guys are going to see fireworks, masterful boxing, skills, dedication, persistence, and grit, most importantly.”

“I’m gonna talk inside the ring and let my fighting speak for itself. To Canelo – let’s put on a good show my brother.”

What has been tougher – preparing for this fight against Canelo or his fight against GGG? “I think mentally, Golovkin started out as the most devastating power puncher and boogeyman of the division. So mentally, he was tougher. Physically, this is much harder preparation because Canelo is very agile, he’s very fast, his offensive onslaught is at an all-time high. It’s a drastic difference. I thought I won the GGG fight and I assure you I will win this fight without controversy.”

“What will take the win will simply be me being the best version of myself. My physical advantages in itself can win me the fight, but I also have the mental capacity. I’m in my prime. I’m the only fighter Canelo has faced since Floyd Mayweather to be in his prime. I’m super confident and I’m going in there with the ability as well.”

Eddy Reynoso, Co-Trainer and Manager to Canelo Alvarez

“Saturday night we have a great fight in a division that’s given boxing historically great fights, and without a doubt Saturday night you’re going to have one of the greatest fights between two of the best fighters, two great champions. Ever since we began our career in boxing with Canelo, we always knew we’d have to take these types of risks in fights. These are the types of fights that catapult you to the top, to the elite level.”

“We have a tremendous challenge in front of us, a tremendous champion in Daniel Jacobs. But this year, our goal is to sweep the middleweight division and win all four belts, and Daniel Jacobs will not obtain that goal.”

Jose “Chepo” Reynoso, Co-Trainer and Manager to Canelo Alvarez

“I would like to give you a little bit of what happened in camp, all the hard work, all the intense work, the long hours of training. Because intensity is what we expect in the fight. And all this hard work is just what gives us the tranquility and the peace of mind that come Saturday night, when his hand is raised, it will reconfirm to everyone that he is the best middleweight on the planet.”

Andre Rozier, Trainer to Daniel Jacobs

“We had a fantastic camp. I’m just happy that Danny has finally reached his pinnacle. This is the point that he has strived to get to since he first began boxing. And, he is ready. I thank Canelo for accepting the challenge. I expect a fantastic battle but as it was just told – it is my birthday, and my son is going to present me with the best birthday present I could ever get by having his hands raised in victory.”

Keith Connolly, Manager to Daniel Jacobs

“A bunch of people have asked me if I’m excited for the fight. I’m most excited to see how this all turns out – the Daniel Jacobs story. I’ve known him for about 15 years since he was a teenager and it’s been an honor to see him grow from the boy that I first met to the man that he is now. This fight is happening at exactly at the right time. He’s physically mature but more importantly, he’s mentally mature. I expect him to embrace everything Saturday night and come out victorious.”

Oscar De La Hoya, Chairman and CEO of Golden Boy

“This Saturday the #1 and #2 best middleweights on the planet will put everything on the line for one simple reason – to see who is the best. That is boxing at its finest. Indeed, this is the biggest fight in boxing featuring the biggest star in boxing in the biggest place for boxing on the biggest platform for boxing.”

“In life there are challenges that strengthen a person’s character and determine how this person will be remembered. Boxing is no different. The men we have before us today have faced tough challenges that few on the earth can relate too. Outside of the ring these men have already proven what they are made of, but this Saturday, these men will also determine who will be remembered as the best middleweight of their time the only way they know how – with their fists.”

“We are excited to be at the forefront of this new era of boxing with DAZN and look forward to continuing to make boxing more accessible and affordable for fans.”

“Saturday night we expect fireworks, we expect a war, we expect an amazing fight, with two gentlemen who have done an amazing job getting to this point.”

Bernard Hopkins, Golden Boy Partner and Future Hall of Famer

“To Danny Jacobs, I’d like to say this is a historical moment for your team. This is real special. It doesn’t happen in any division but I’m glad it’s happening now. To Canelo, Jacobs, well done. Now let’s take care of business.”

Eddie Hearn, Managing Director of Matchroom Boxing

“We just want three simple things. We want to make sure Daniel Jacobs is victorious on Saturday night and we truly believe from the bottom of our hearts that he will be. We want to make sure we spread the gospel that great fights can be made. You can take risks. It’s fun. It’s called sport. That’s what we have to remember. Why these young men started was about greatness. It was how many belts they could gather. Could they reach the Hall of Fame? Could they create a legacy? And, I want the message of Daniel Jacobs to be spread worldwide. The illness and disease of cancer touches all of us. With Daniel Jacobs, you have a message of complete hope to anybody in suffering. Danie Jacobs was paralyzed. He was told he may never walk again, and certainly never fight again. Right now, I want this story to be spread worldwide to look at this fine young man and realize there is hope. If he can do it, you can do it. And on Saturday, I believe he’ll become victorious and become the unified champion of the world.”

“I know right now that this side has a feeling of excitement and nerves going into this weekend because this is a wonderful fight between two great champions and this is what the sport of boxing is all about.”

On the judges for Saturday: “I believe we have four outstanding officials across this fight who are going to give Daniel Jacobs and Canelo Alvarez a complete blank canvas and mutual respect.”

Joseph Markowski, Executive Vice President of DAZN North America

“To be clear, this fight would be on pay-per-view on any other platform – 80, 90, maybe even 100 bucks. But instead of offering this fight for $100, we’ll offer you an entire year of fights for $100 with our annual pass – incredible value in the next couple of months: Canelo vs. Jacobs on May 4, the World Boxing Super Series on May 18, Oleksandr Usyk’s heavyweight debut on May 25, Anthony Joshua’s U.S. debut on June 1, Gennady Golovkin’s return on June 8, and premium Bellator MMA. And that’s on top of the rest of our 100+ fight nights a year, including the fact that both Canelo and GGG will be back fighting on DAZN in the fall.”

“This weekend is massive for the middleweight division, a truly electrifying fight. It’s also massive for the DAZN business but most importantly for fight fans. On Sunday morning, instead of fans waking up to a $100 bill, those fight fans will have an entire year of content to look forward to. It’s a transformational moment.”

Undercard Final Press Conference Quotes

The undercard of the spectacular Canelo vs. Jacobs card hosted a press conference featuring Vergil Ortiz Jr. (12-0, 12 KOs), Mauricio “El Maestro” Herrera (24-8, 7 KOs), Joseph “JoJo” Diaz Jr. (28-1, 14 KOs), Freddy Fonseca(26-1-1, 17 KOs), Lamont Roach Jr. (18-0-1, 7 KOs), and Jonathan “Polvo” Oquendo (30-5, 19 KOs).The event will take place Saturday, May 4, 2019 at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas and will be streamed live exclusively on DAZN.

Below is what the fighters had to say at today’s press conference:

Vergil Ortiz Jr., Super Lightweight Prospect:

“I trained really hard for this fight. I was training hard before I knew I was fighting Mauricio Herrera. I was sparring 10 rounders in February. I’m more than ready for this fight. Mauricio has never been stopped. I’ve stopped everybody. I’m more than ready to go into this fight. I’m prepared. Mauricio has been in there with Danny Garcia and Jose Benavidez, who I do believe he beat, and in my eyes he is a world champion. We all know who won. But those guys weren’t me. He didn’t fight me, he didn’t fight Vergil Ortiz. We’re going to see how the fight plays out May 4th.

“About my dad. I really wouldn’t be here without him. He didn’t have the best childhood growing up and he made sure he did everything in his power that I did. I don’t think his dad was there for him when he grew up but he made sure he was there for me. My mom wasn’t there. He played both parts. That’s something you don’t see all the time. Usually it’s the mom who stays with the kid. My dad is the one who stayed with me, was there for me. Thank you dad, I love you.”

“On a more serious note, I can’t wait to eat tacos after this fight. I’m hungry. Other than that, hopefully after this fight, I get a world title shot soon. There’s a couple fights out there. Like, Maurice Hooker, we’re both with DAZN. So, Eddie, make the fight with Maurice Hooker happen please? We’re both from Dallas, we’re both on DAZN, I grew up watching Maurice Hooker on Golden Gloves, he knows me as well. In a couple years, I’ll take on Errol Spence too. I don’t mean that like I’m going to go through everybody. I just believe in my ability.”

Shouting out to Miguel Cotto in the crowd: “I want to thank Cotto. He was one of my favorite fighters growing up, my dad based my style off of Cotto. I don’t know if he knew that.”

Mauricio Herrera, Former Interim WBA Super Featherweight Champion:

“This fight is really motivating. As many of you know my career has gone through ups and downs. In 2014 when I had fought Danny and felt I’d been robbed and then had the chance to win a WBA interim title which I won, and then later that same year, I got robbed again. That really left me in a bad place. I didn’t care for boxing and I was unmotivated. A lot of the fights you see where they’re close and I look bad in, it’s because I’m unmotivated in those fights. I’m slowly getting my motivation back.”

“This kid Ortiz has 12 wins and 12 knockouts, undefeated. On Saturday I’m really motivated. I do want to bring my career back. I trained really hard. You’re going to see I’m not an old lion. And if I’m an old lion, I’m a hungry lion. Come Saturday, you’re going to see a great show. Don’t tune me out. Saturday, you’ll see the Maestro comeback.”

Joseph Diaz Jr., Super Featherweight Contender:

“I’m going to go out there and showcase that I’m the next superstar in boxing. Freddy, I appreciate you coming down from Nicaragua but come Saturday night you ain’t gonna get that victory bro. You’re going to go home sad with a couple black eyes. I’m very, very focused. I’ve been training my ass off. 2018, I dealt with a lot of adversity. My dream is to become a world champion, and 2018 really hurt my heart. I was really at rock bottom. Just being focused and having good family supporting me through the rough times, it really meant a lot to me, it made me more motivated, it made me more into a savage and into a beast. I’ve been training my ass off and I’m very determined to turn into a champion by the end of the year. Come May 4th, I’m going to show you that I’m the real deal.”

“Everybody says I have a sno-cone head now but it’s all good.”

Freddy Fonseca, Super Featherweight Contender:

“I know the challenge I have in front of me, I know that JoJo is the favorite, but we’re coming in the best conditions to ensure victory for Nicaragua. I’m very happy for this opportunity because it’s my opportunity to show that I will be a world champion by beating JoJo Diaz.”

Eric Gomez, President of Golden Boy:

On Vergil Ortiz Jr.: “Vergil Ortiz is a top prospect in boxing. I’ve said it before. There’s other good prospects out there but the skills this kid has, I haven’t seen in a long time and I’ve been promoting boxing for 20 years. He’s incredible, he can do it all. This is a tough test. This a real test for him. I was a little worried when Robert Diaz came into my office and said Mauricio will fight him. I was worried but I believe in his abilities. In order to beat Mauricio Herrera and to prove he’s a tough prospect moving into a contender status, he’s going to have to be victorious. This is the biggest test of his career. Where else, a better place, than the T-Mobile Arena here in Vegas. We’ll see if he’s ready to shine or not.”

On Mauricio Herrera: “Mauricio Herrera is a tough, tough veteran. He’s fought everyone in this sport. He gave Danny Garcia life and death in Puerto Rico. He’s been doing that for a long time. You name it, he’s fought the who’s who in boxing. He’s here to prove he can still compete at a very high level. He’s fighting a tough, tough prospect that’s coming up. He’s faced every kind of style, every kind of fighter in different positions, world champions, prospects, contenders. He’s ready to put on a show on Saturday.

On JoJo Diaz Jr.: “He’s ready to fight for a title, but he’s gotta get past Saturday’s test. There are a few options for him if he gets past this test, and we feel that for the next fight, he should be able to fight for the title. There are a few champions there lurking around.”

Lamont Roach Jr., WBO International Super Featherweight Champion:

“The time is now for those who haven’t seen me. This is the type of opponent that we’ve been waiting for, for a long time. This is where we are going to capitalize and show that we are ready for a world title in the 130-pound division. This is not the first time I’ve faced a veteran and probably not the last time. We trained our asses off in camp, we had good sparring, good strength and conditioning camp, trained mentally, and I’m just ready to be a world titlist and it starts with Saturday night.”

Jonathan Oquendo, NABO Super Featherweight Champion:

“This will be a unification fight because I have the NABO Super Featherweight belt while Lamont Roach has the WBO International Super Featherweight belt. The whole world knows all the hard wok I put in for this Saturday. We know the quality of fighter that he is, we know the capabilities he has. But I like challenge. He likes to fight, I like to fight, and we’re going to make sure we have a great battle and a victory for Puerto Rico.”

Hector Soto, Vice President of Miguel Cotto Promotions:

“This Saturday, we’re going to have a big fight between Jonathan Oquendo and Lamont Roach. This will be a unification fight between international titles because Jonathan Oquendo is the proud owner of the NABO Super Featherweight belt, and after that, he’ll be looking for a world title. He has done all the necessary preparation to ensure triumph and a victory for all of Puerto Rico.”

John Ryder, Interim WBA Super Middleweight Contender:

“With Lemieux, it was a big upset but we got a great replacement in Bilal Akkawy. I think we’re all in for a real treat come Saturday night.”

Bilal Akkawy, Super Middleweight Contender:

“This is a big opportunity. It’s an opportunity for me to prove myself. It’s a world title fight so there’s no way I would turn down a fight like that. I’m going to make the most out of the opportunity come Saturday.”

Eddie Hearn, Managing Director of Matchroom Sport:

“This is a big fight for the mandatory position of Callum Smith. It’s a huge opportunity for John Ryder. He’s turned his career in extraordinary fashion. We know what a tough fight this is. We knew David Lemieux was a tough fight but we know Bilal Akkawy comes in as a young man, extremely hungry, very dangerous, and this is going to be a very explosive fight.”

Sadam Ali, Welterweight Contender:

“I’m excited for this fight. It’s on a big card. 26-1 underdog? That’s crazy! I’m excited, ready for any opponent, any style that comes to me. I understand it’s a big opportunity for him, he’s been waiting for a moment like this, I know he’s coming strong, but I’m excited to go out there and shine. I’m ready to go.”

Anthony Young, Welterweight Contender:

“As a person, all I can ask for is opportunity. Getting the opportunity to fight a former world champion in Sadam Ali, who defeated a legend. They got me 26-1 underdog, so if you’re looking to win some money, put it on me. Sadam is Muslim, I’m muslim, that’s my brother, but Saturday, one of us has got to go, and it ain’t gonna be me.”

Joseph Markowski, Executive Vice President of DAZN North America:

“Saturday night is not just important because we’re unifying titles in the middleweight division. When you put on events of this magnitude, you know you will have a significant audience and a perfect opportunity to introduce future headliners to sports fans. At DAZN, we’re invested in the sport of boxing – not just its biggest names. And while we put great emphasis and resource into fights like May 4, we put on more than 100 fight nights a year and know how important it is to build the next generation.”

“We are committed to these boxers, making sure we broadcast their bouts so fans can witness their talents as they ascend to becoming main event fighters.”

Canelo vs. Jacobs Face Middleweight Unification Fight to be Shown Live in US Movie Theaters

On May 4, boxing’s biggest star will take a step closer to becoming undisputed champion as Canelo Alvarez (50-1-2, 34 KOs) defends his WBC, WBA, Lineal and Ring Magazine Middleweight World Titles in a 12-round unification fight against IBF Middleweight World Champion Daniel “Miracle Man” Jacobs (35-2, 29 KOs) during the celebratory weekend of Cinco de Mayo. The highly anticipated bout and its co-featured fights will broadcast live from T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas to big screen across the nation as “Canelo vs. Jacobs.” A full undercard, featuring David Lemieux vs. John Ryder, will be shown prior to the main event.

Tickets for “Canelo vs Jacobs” can be purchased online at www.FathomEvents.comor at participating theater box offices now.

The live broadcast of “Canelo vs Jacobs” presented by Fathom Events and Golden Boy is set for Saturday, May 4 beginning at beginning at 9:00 p.m. ET / 8:00 p.m. CT / 7:00 p.m. MT / 6:00 p.m. PT / 5:00 p.m. AK / 4:00 p.m HI. Boxing fans throughout the U.S. will be able to enjoy the event in more than 500 select movie theaters through Fathom’s Digital Broadcast Network (DBN). A complete list of theater locations is available on the Fathom Events website (theaters and participants are subject to change).

Canelo, 28, is a native of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico who became the top man in the sport by giving fans the biggest and most entertaining fights. At 154 pounds, Canelo captured several world titles and defeated the likes of Austin “No Doubt” Trout, Sugar Shane Mosley, Alfredo “El Perro” Angulo, Erislandy “The American Dream” Lara and Liam “Beefy” Smith. However, Canelo scored his most significant victory yet at 160 pounds, where he defeated Gennady “GGG” Golovkin in their highly anticipated rematch in September 2018 and established himself as the WBC, WBA, Lineal and Ring Magazine Middleweight World Champion.

In his debut performance, Canelo became a three-division world champion by knocking out Rocky Fielding in three rounds to capture the WBA Super Middleweight World Title in December 2018. Canelo will return to middleweight for this fight as he continues to clean out the 160-pound division.

Jacobs, 31, is a native of Brooklyn, New York who is widely considered as one of the best middleweights of this era. Jacobs rose up the middleweight rankings to win the WBA Middleweight World Title against Jarrod Fletcher in 2014 after being away from the sport for 19 months, due to a form of bone cancer that he courageously overcame. Jacobs made several successful defenses, including a thunderous first-round knockout of Peter Quillin the following year. Despite losing to Gennady Golovkin in a very close fight in 2017, Jacobs has remained undefeated since his return, defeating former amateur champion and middleweight contender Sergiy Derevyanchenko to capture the IBF Middleweight World Championship. Jacobs will look to capture more middleweight hardware in the biggest fight of his career.

“We are proud to partner again with our friends at Golden Boy to bring this unification bout to cinemas nationwide,” said Ray Nutt, Fathom Events CEO. “Fight fans have loved watching Canelo on big screen, and we expect them to really enjoy this battle with Daniel Jacobs.”

Telemundo Goes All In For Canelo vs. Jacobs Fight Week

Telemundo Deportes, the Spanish-language home of The Biggest, Best, Global Sports, presents special, pre- and post-fight coverage of the anticipated match between Canelo Alvarez and Daniel Jacobs with extensive coverage across Telemundo Deportes digital platforms and on Titulares y Más, the network’s signature sports and entertainment show, all week leading to Saturday’s big fight.

Telemundo Deportes’ content and promotion across platforms will drive fans to subscribe to DAZN to watch the Canelo vs. Jacobs middleweight championship. DAZN is the sports streaming app that has made its mark on the U.S. sports landscape by delivering premium boxing and MMA events to subscribers without the additional cost of pay-per-view.

As part of the special coverage, Telemundo Deportes’ app and the Telemundo Deportes Facebook page will live stream the undercard event featuring some of the best current and future stars from Golden Boy including the returns of Joseph “JoJo” Diaz Jr., Sadam “World Kid” Ali and Lamont Roach Jr., in separate bouts. The coverage will be in Spanish-language on Saturday, May 4 starting at 9 p.m. ET.

In anticipation of the fight, the Telemundo Deportes app and its Facebook page will also present Spanish-language livestream of the press conference as well as the weigh-in event that will take place at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. In addition, Telemundo Deportes digital and social media platforms will present extensive content throughout the week leading to May 4, including the latest news around the fighters, analysis, short-form features, public workouts, highlights and recaps.

On television, coverage continues throughout the week on Titulares y Más, featuring special segments and reports from Las Vegas with expert analysis and the latest from Canelo and Jacobs. The week-long coverage plans include all main events such as the fighter arrivals, press conferences, weigh-in and interviews with Canelo, Jacobs and Oscar De La Hoya. Karim Mendiburu will host the late-night sports show from Las Vegas starting Wednesday.

On May 4, Telemundo Deportes’ Premier League coverage on Universo will incorporate special segments during the pre-game show at 2:30 p.m. ET, ahead of the Newcastle vs. Liverpool matchup, with live reports and the latest news and updates from Las Vegas. The comprehensive news and information programming around the big fight will conclude that evening on Titulares y Más with highlights, interviews and reactions from Las Vegas.

The Canelo Alvarez vs. Daniel Jacobs super-fight will be streamed live from T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas exclusively on DAZN with coverage beginning at 9 p.m. ET.

Telemundo Deportes is the U.S. leading sports brand and destination for the biggest, best global sports programming in Spanish-language. It is home to two of the world’s most popular sporting events: the FIFA World Cup™ through 2026 and the Summer Olympic Games through 2032. It is also the home of the 2019 Copa America. In addition, Telemundo Deportes broadcasts the Premier League, Boxeo Telemundo Ford, the #1 boxing program in Spanish, and Titulares y Más, the #1 sports news, entertainment and commentary show in Spanish, among other recognized sports properties.

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Canelo vs. Jacobs, Ortiz vs. Herrera Fight Previews

By: William Holmes

On Saturday night Oscar De La Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotions and Eddie Hearn’s Matchroom Promotions will match their best welterweights against each other to unify the WBC, WBA, and IBF Middleweight Titles.

This bout will take place at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The co-main event of the night will be between Vergil Ortiz Jr. and Mauricio Herrera in the welterweight division. Other undercard fights will feature boxers such as Pablo Cesar Cano, Michael Perez, Joseph Diaz Jr., Sadam Ali, Lamont Roach, and Jonathan Oquendo.

Photo Credit: Tom Hogan-Hoganphotos/Golden Boy Promotions

The following is a preview of the co-main event and main event of the evening.

Vergil Ortiz Jr. (12-0) vs. Mauricio Herrera (24-8); Welterweight Division

Vergil Ortiz is a young up and coming prospect that has twelve wins on his record, as well as twelve stoppage victories. He’s only twenty one years old, and will be facing someone that is seventeen years his elder who only has seven stoppage victories.

Ortiz will have about a two and half inch height advantage over Herrera, but will be giving up about an inch and a half in reach. Ortiz has been very active and fought once in 2019, three times in 2018, and five times in 2017. Herrera has not been as active. He fought once in 2018 and twice in 2017.

Ortiz also has a significant edge in amateur experience. He’s a former National Silver and Golden Gloves Champion, while Herrera has no notable amateur achievements.

Ortiz hasn’t faced any top level competition yet, but has defeated the likes of Jesus A. Valdez Barrayan, Roberto Ortiz, Juan Carlos Salgado, and Jesus Alvarez Rodriguez.

Herrera has lost three of his past five fights. He has defeated the likes of Jesus Soto karass, Hector Velazquez, Henry Lundy, Johan Perez, Ji Hoon Kim, and Mike Dallas Jr. His eight losses, many of them recently, were to Sadam Ali, Pablo Cesar Cano, Frankie Gomez, Jose Benavidez Jr., Danny Garcia, Karim Mayfield, Mike Alvarado, and Mike Anchondo.

Herrera is a good test for Ortiz in that he has eight losses but was never stopped, while Ortiz has yet to go to the judge’s scorecards. If Ortiz is able to stop Herrera you’ll know his power is for real, but Herrera doesn’t appear to be a real threat to give Ortiz his first loss.

Canelo Alvarez (51-1-2) vs. Daniel Jacobs (35-2); WBC/WBA/IBF Middleweight Titles

Canelo Alvarez is only twenty eight years old, but already has fifty four fights to his resume and has been a champion in the light middleweight, middleweight, and super middleweight divisions.

His opponent, Daniel Jacobs, is thirty two years old and considered by many to be the best opponent that Canelo could face in the middleweight division.

Jacobs will have about a three and a half inch height advantage and about a two and a half inch reach advantage over Canelo. Canelo has the edge in youth, but both boxers are still in their athletic prime.

Canelo and Jacobs both fought twice in 2017 and 2018, which is pretty standard for most champions and top contenders in boxing. Both boxers have pretty decent power, with Canelo stopping thirty five of his opponents and Jacobs stopping twenty nine. However, Canelo only has two stoppage victories in his past five fights and Jacobs only has one stoppage victory in his past five fights.

Canelo turned professional at the age of fifteen so he doesn’t have the amateur accomplishments of Jacobs, but he was a former Junior Mexican National Championship Gold Medalist. Jacobs had a successful career in the amateur circuit in the United States. He’s a former Junior Olympics National Champion and a former Golden Gloves National Champion.

Canelo’s only loss in his career was to Floyd Mayweather Jr. He has beaten the likes of Rocky Fielding, Gennady Golovkin, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., Liam Smith, Amir Khan, Miguel Cotto, James Kirkland, Erislandy lara, Alfredo Angulo, Austin Trout, Shane Mosley, Josesito Lopez, and Alfonso Gomez.

Jacobs losses were to Gennady Golvokin in a close decision and a stunning upset knockout loss to Dmitry Pirog. He has defeated the likes of Sergiy Derevyanchenko, Maciej Sulecki, Luis Arias, Sergio Mora, Peter Quillin, Caleb Truax, Jarrod Fletcher.

This should be a close and intriguing fight. Canelo, rightly, is the betting favorite and he has the more impressive list of victories. However, Jacobs does have a rather significant height and reach advantage on Canelo and he has spent most of his career fighting in the middleweight division. If Jacobs can stay on the outside and use his reach and footwork to his advantage he can pull out the victory.

But the judges have been kind to Canelo in the scorecards before, and it wouldn’t be a surprise if the same thing happens on Saturday.

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