ESPN Boxing Results: Andres Cortes Picks Himself Up Off The Deck to Defeat Alejandro Salinas

Lightweight prospect Andres Cortes found himself in a difficult position tonight. He was bloodied, battered and knocked down during the early part of his contest against Alejandro Salinas.

While it wold have been easy for Cortes to say to himself that tonight was not his night, he simply fought harder. Cortes has brawled throughout most of his career, but tonight Salinas met him in the middle of the ring and threw shot after. Although he had success early on, Cortes made the adjustment and picked his man apart during the second half of the fight.

At the end of eight rounds, all three judges scoring the contest allowed the undefeated fighter in Andres Cortes to leave the ring with his perfect record intact. The final scores were as followed: 76-75, 79-73, 77-74.

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