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Mayweather-McGregor: Twitter Numbers, Directv Video Billboards, Undercard, more!

Posted on 08/24/2017

Twitter Going All Out for Mayweather vs McGregor

Boxing and MMA fans alike have had the fight on their minds and it has shown in their Tweets. There have been more than 9.5 million mentions about the fight since it was announced in June. Here’s a look at how each fighter stacks up on Twitter:

@FloydMayweather Followers: 7.4 million Mentions: (since June 14) 5.5 million Most ReTweeted Tweet: 99K RTs

@TheNotoriousMMA Followers: 5.5 million Mentions: (since June 14) 8 million Most ReTweeted Tweet: 253K RTs

Twitter also launched special hashtag-triggered emojis for each of the fighters. Fans using #FloydMayweather or #Mayweather will trigger a rendering of Mayweather’s face, while Tweeting with #ConorMcGregor and #McGregor will render an emoji of McGregor’s likeness.

Watch Mayweather / McGregor Projected Onto Building Structures

In preparation for Saturday night’s Mayweather/McGregor fight, wanted to share a few updates on some cool ways AT&T is promoting the fight, which will be available to our DIRECTV and U-verse customers. We just published THIS blog on the topic this morning.

Cross-country building projections w/ real time polling – Fans in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami and New York will be able to get in on the action from their hometown. Select buildings in these cities will project massive videos on their structures promoting the fight, along with LIVE polling of Mayweather/McGregor fight winner projections.
Below is a list of where projections will take place in each city. Note—we’ll potentially project on multiple buildings in each city (from 8-11pm local time), but these are the ones where we’ll begin. Let me know if you’re interested in the full list for each city.

Atlanta: Peachtree Center Ave & Auburn Ave
Chicago: 830 S Wabash Ave
Dallas: 2201 N Field St
Houston: 1410 Pease St
Los Angeles: W Olympic Blvd & S Flower St
Miami: 5th St & Ocean Drive
New York City: 8th Ave & W 27th St

Mayweather vs McGregor PPV Undercard Press Conf Quotes from Wednesday


“It feels great being a 22-year-old world champion on the biggest card in fight sports history. I’m ready to shine.

“I’ve watched Fonseca and he’s a tough, undefeated opponent who has a high work rate and good defense. My team has a great game plan for this fight and there are several things we plan to do in order to successfully defend my belt.

“It feels great being the youngest U.S. champion and I’m happy that I’m making my fans and the city of Baltimore proud.

“I just want to keep winning, look spectacular while doing so and keep building towards being that next PPV superstar in boxing. Keep supporting me and I’ll fight for you.”


“I’m taking in the moment and enjoying it. I’ve always dreamed of being on a card like this, it just so happens to be the biggest card in combat sports history. I’ve trained hard to take this title away.

“I’m an athlete. I can box or I can go forward and apply pressure. I can dominate at all three distances; it just depends on the opponent.

“Gervonta is a good fighter. He has respectable power but I don’t believe it’s true knockout power. I have a game plan to win this fight.

“I will be the first world champion from Costa Rica and that’s what it’s all about. I fight for my family and my country.”


“This is a real good feeling. I’m loving the moment. I’m on the biggest stage in the boxing world. This is already a big fight between me and Jack but to be on this historic stage is truly special.

“Jack is a good, solid fighter. He’s a good operator. It’s going to be a good fight and a tough one. I’m going to take him on and get the win.

“It’s not a huge jump in weight but I think at some point in the fight he will feel the difference. At this level, it’s different than what he’s used to.

“I’m always learning in this sport. I have more experience and I’ve matured as a person and as a fighter. All around I’ve taken big steps to become a world champion again and I’m not planning to lose my title.

“It’s going to be an intense fight. There will be a lot of big exchanges of punches. Ultimately, my experience as an established light heavyweight will make the difference. I think I’ll win this fight by a wide decision.”


“I know Cleverly is a tough guy who comes to fight and I think he’s going to be perfect for my style. We have a great game plan for him.

“I’m always thinking knockout. It’s easier said than done. I’ve been robbed my last two fights so I know that I have to get this done inside of 12 rounds.

“There are bigger and better fights here in the light heavyweight division. There are a lot of big fights and money to be made in this division.

“I thought my last four fights were clear wins. But none of them were unanimous. It happens in this sport but hopefully this time I don’t have to worry about the scorecards.

“I want to fight Adonis Stevenson. But I’m not overlooking Cleverly at all. I’m 100 percent focused on this fight. After I get the win, I’m going to go after the big fights.”


“This is a great feeling. I’m very excited. I have a lot of great energy right now and that’s going to carry me into the fight.

“I know Steve Cunningham has a lot of experience, but I think that experience is going to lead to him underestimating me. If he does that, It’s going to be his downfall.

“I can do anything in the ring. I can box and I can brawl. Most of all I like to be smart and try to set guys up for big shots.

“It’s so motivating being in the Mayweather Boxing Club right now and seeing all of these guys put the work in. Everybody wants to be the guy who’s winning. Everyone is looking up to Floyd and trying to have a career like his. It makes you want to keep driving to be the best you can.

“I don’t know his strategy but I’m going to be smart and feel him out. This win could put me real close to superstardom. I want to get this win and become the face of the cruiserweight division in America.”


“This is special. Amazing doesn’t really do it justice. This is the biggest event I’ve ever been a part of. It’s unique and it’s special and I can’t wait to start off the PPV card.

“Tabiti is young, hungry and he wants to be like Floyd, in all kinds of ways. Plus, he has Floyd Mayweather Sr. in his corner and that’s dangerous. I’m taking him very seriously. I’m expecting a very good fight from this young man and I know they’re expecting the same from me.

“I know I have a mission to accomplish. Just like when I was in the Navy, we had something to do. The mission is to beat Andrew TAbiti and to win. I have to push and grind and stay away from my family for eight weeks. I’ve just been envisioning winning.

“I think a win here shows that Steve Cunningham still looks great at 41-years-old and I look forward to showing everyone on Saturday.

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