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Philly Special Sold Out-Here’s All You Need to Know About Friday’s Card

Posted on 02/08/2019

By: Jeandra Lebeauf

On Friday, the rich boxing heritage of Philadelphia begins its next chapter when fighters and fans descend on the historic 2300 arena for a night of action-filled fights when Raging Babe Promotions presents Philly Special.

Promoted by Raging Babe Promotions, the card will be headlined by bantamweight Christian Carto, who won by unanimous decision in November against Pedro Antonio Rodriguez, looks to take the next step in what has already been a promising career as he puts his undefeated record on the line against Victor Ruiz of Mexico. Poised to be the heir apparent in a long line of Italian-American champions, Carto will pull out his full arsenal of tools in route to what he hopes will be an impressive win in front of his hometown crowd.

Tonight’s card is SOLD OUT. Michelle Rosado, President of Raging Babe Promotions says she warned people weeks ago they tickets would go as Philadelphia shows up and shows out on fight night.

“I told people ‘Get your tickets’ weeks ago, and I’m getting calls today from people looking for tickets. Philadelphia is a fight town and people will come out when they know they’ll see good matchups. I’m thrilled the city got behind these fighters and this show.”

Before tonight’s action gets underway, here is the full rundown of what stands to be a night of action-filled fights:

Super welter weight Marcel Rivers (6-0) vs. Derrick Whitley Jr (4-0)

Heavyweight Darmani Rock (13-0, 8 KO) vs Steven Lyons (5-3) of Louisiana.

Super bantamweight Alejandro Jimenez (4-0) vs Edgar Joe Cortes (6-4)

Bantamweight Jonathan Torres (1-0) vs Edgar Joe Cortes (6-4)

Super lightweight Osnel Charles (12-18) vs. Gerardo Martinez (3-1)

Heavyweight Jimmie Levins (0-4) vs. Sonny Carto (Debut)

Fans who missed out on tickets can watch Friday night’s action online courtesy of event partner Fight Night Live Powered by Everlast with the first bout is scheduled to begin at 7:30 EST.
Created and produced by Linacre Media out of New York City, the FIGHTNIGHT LIVE series features professional announcers, multiple camera angles, television graphics, replays and behind-the-scenes access and interviews. The streamed shows are available globally wherever Facebook is available.

The platform, which To Access Fight Night Live, click HERE.

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