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Mario Barrios Interview “I Most Certainly Will Be Going for the Knockout!”

Posted on 05/10/2019

By: Benny Henderson Jr.

Coming up this Saturday night, May 11th, at the EagleBank Arena in Fairfax, Virginia, to be televised live on Fox, the undefeated 140-pound contender, Mario Barrios 23-0 (15 KO’s) puts his unblemished record up against the battle tested Argentinian fighter, Juan Jose Velasco 20-1 (12 KO’s) in a scheduled 10-round Junior Welterweight match-up.

Since making his pro debut in 2013 at the age of eighteen, the now, twenty-three year old ring warrior has banged out twenty-three consecutive victories, and the tough Texas plans on keeping his record intact this Saturday when he faces off against what he says, his toughest opponent to date.

Read on to see what Mario Barrios had to say about his upcoming bout, his training camp, career and more.

Benny Henderson Jr.
You have the fight coming up May 11th against Juan Jose Velasco, give the readers your thoughts on that upcoming match-up.

Mario Barrios
This will be another step-up fight against a tough opponent who has fought at the elite level. Although he lost to Regis Prograis, he gave him a good fight. This fight will air on FOX national, where the whole world will be watching. I’m looking to get the win and look impressive doing it. If I get him hurt, I most certainly will be going for the knockout.

You have fought some tough opponents in your time as a professional fighter. Being brutally honest, where do you believe Velasco ranks amongst your opposition, when it comes to level of competition and durability?

Velasco will be my toughest opponent to date. He’s only got one lost to one of the best fighters in the division in Prograis. I’m expecting a very tough fight.

Without giving away too much, what does Velasco bring to the table that you feel poses a great threat to you in this match-up, and what kinks do you see in his armor that you feel you can capitalize on?

The fact that he’s coming off his first loss, I know he’s coming in the best shape of his life. With that being said, I will have to be on my game to be victorious. There is no big threat, I just know he’s going to be at his best. I see some flaws that were exposed in the Prograis fight that I’ll be attacking, but that is confidential information.

Your thoughts on your training camp and preparation for this upcoming bout?

First off, training camp has been great. I’ve been out in Bay Area with Virgil Hunter for the last six weeks, getting ready for this fight. We got great sparring and I’m learning a lot with Virgil on using my reach. In addition, I’ve been doing my strength training with Victor Conte and Remi Korchemny at the SNAC facility. After moving up from super featherweight to super lightweight, my power has increased tremendously. This power surge is what make me standout from others coming up in the 140 pound division.

What is a typical day of training for Mario Barrios like?

I usually will get up around 8:30 and make my way to the SNAC facility to start training with Remi and Victor. After that I head to the gym around noon to get my boxing workout in. On sparring days I’ll head to the gym around 11:30 and then do my evening workout after that. That’s usually how my days go in camp.

I know as well as you know, a fighter should never overlook their opponent and gaze into the future ahead of their task at hand. But I have to ask, what timeline do you give yourself for a title shot, and if victorious against Velasco, any names come to mind who you might would like to step in the ring with?

I feel I’m ready to fight for a title now, but I let my management team make those calls. I just fight who that put in front of me and take it fight by fight. Velasco is another fighter in front of my that I must beat to get me my world title shot. Right now, I’m ranked #1 in the WBA, so a fight with Regis Prograis is on the horizon. I’m ready to fight anyone they put in front of me, and that includes all the champions at 140.

What about Mario Barrios outside of the ring? What are some of your hobbies and interests aside from the sport of boxing?

I like to travel to different city’s either here in the US or outside the country. Seeing other places and cultures if very cool.

If you could list three major influences in your boxing career, what three would that be?

God, Family and my team. Without none of them, I would not be where I’m at today.

If you could send Juan Velasco a message before this match-up, what message would that be?

Let’s give the fans a great night of boxing and show them why we are both worthy of TV.

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