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Jermell Charlo Says No Thanks to Third Fight With Tony Harrison

Posted on 04/11/2020

By: Hans Themistode

He may not have gotten the win on both occasions, but two fights with Tony Harrison was more than enough for WBC Jr Middleweight champion Jermell Charlo to prove his point. 

Charlo spent the better part of four years as the division’s biggest star. He didn’t have the most belts, he also didn’t have the most knockout power, but he always made the most noise. 

Charlo isn’t the philosophical type, but he believed that his destiny was to become the undisputed champion in the near future. 

Those ideas though, became obsolete when he lost his titles, albeit controversially to Tony Harrison. 

From there, the most unlikely of rivalries began. 

Yet it was short-lived when Charlo won the immediate rematch. Technically, the scoreboard is screaming to the world that it’s tied. So a third fight makes all the sense in the world. But to Charlo, it’s actually more in his favor. 

“Would I ever fight him (again)? F–k no,” Charlo bluntly states. “Why…so we can go back and prove another point, a point we already proved? I already proved that in the first fight, but I guess everyone was just listening to the hype man, to Tony Harrison. He hyped real good, and then he got his ass knocked out.”

“What y’all want me to do, go wiggle and dance with him in the ring? It’s entertainment, and that’s why you should tune in and watch my next fight.”

If it’s entertainment you want, then these two are the one’s to deliver it. Remember when Harrison called Charlo a “cornball” and wore a matching shirt. Or how about when Charlo constantly accused Harrison of faking an ankle injury. Even funnier was the time when Harrison completely acquiesced to Charlo’s faking claim. He even went as far as to say that everyone was in on it.  

Both men might be world class fighters, but their true calling might be on the comedy scene. In the meanwhile, both Charlo and Harrison are at or near the top of the division. But what would be the point in having a third contest? The better fighter was already crowned in their last contest according to Charlo.

“I had to take Tony out. I just wanted y’all to know that was a whole fraud move,” Charlo (33-1, 17KOs) noted while hosting a live chat on the official Facebook fan page of Premier Boxing Champions (PBC). “I don’t know what the boxing world was on when they were trying to do me like that. It’s always something to try to make a legacy important and I guess that’s what I went through.”

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