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Jermell Charlo and Tony Harrison Look to Settle Their Feud

By: Hans Themistode

With Jermell Charlo and Tony Harrison officially set to share the ring once again, the two continued to show exactly why their December 21st rematch, will be nothing but fireworks. 

The scene from their press conference to promote their event was filled with f bombs, shouting matches and long stares. It’s a long cry from their first conference back in late 2018. At the time, Charlo was the undefeated WBC Jr Middleweight champion and seemed poised to continue his meteoric rise. 

Photo Credit: Premier Boxing Champions Twitter Account

When the two met for the first time at a conference in Brooklyn, Charlo and Harrison was actually complimentary of one another. Harrison, praising Charlo for his true championship attitude while also being grateful for the opportunity to compete against him. While Charlo on the other hand gave credit to Harrison for his boxing ability and the things he has done in his community of Detroit. 

After 12 rounds of boxing on December 22nd, the boxing world was shocked when Harrison pulled off the stunning upset, winning by unanimous decision. Now that the two are set to do it again, they can end the debate of who exactly is the better fighter. 

Although this bout will take place in just over a month, they were originally set to square off on June 23rd. An ankle injury however, sidelined Harrison. Or at least, that was the belief. Charlo never believed for one second that Harrison was actually hurt. 

The new WBC champion has since denied those allegations. However, for some inexplicable reason, he seemingly admitted to faking the injury during the conference. 

“Pull out the fight with an injury and put on a boot,” admitted Harrison. He also added that he wasn’t actually hurt either.

It sounds as if Harrison admitted to faking the entire injury doesn’t it? Don’t place too much thought into the words of Harrison. He seems to enjoy getting under the skin of Charlo time and time again. 

“I’m living in his head,” said Harrison. 

As for Charlo on the other hand. He doesn’t believe that what Harrison said was a joke. It only confirmed his original thought process of Harrison pulling out of the contest just to prolong their rematch. 

“He told you in Mexico that he had ligament damage He didn’t have surgery. What you think about that?” Said Charlo. “He didn’t have surgery, he supposedly pulled out of a fight before the fight, and he talked a whole bunch of shit at this press conference…then all the sudden he didn’t come out June 23rd to fight me, because he had to have surgery and faked the injury and I put it out on blast. Now he comes outs saying he’s good to go — what was the purpose of pausing? ‘Cause you thought that maybe I need to fight someone else? I did. I blasted him in three, sleeped him in three. All he did was added fuel to the fire. The torch is lit. And if you put that torch next to gas, what happen? Everything else catch on fire, and his ass his gas, and we finna blaze his motherfuckin’ ass. That’s it! It’s what I say and how I feel. And if he like it or not, he gotta deal with it. I’m not gonna stop being who I am. I won that first fight.” 

Things between these two have gotten very personal to say the least. What started off as a healthy rivalry, has turned into an all out war. Thankfully for boxing fans, the war of words is over and these two can settle their differences in the ring once and for all.

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