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David Haye vs. Dereck Chisora: Boxing Insider Staff Predictions

Phillip H. Anselmo

Pick: David Haye W10

“If he’s in the shape (top shape) he says he’s in, Haye should win a decision. But barring an early, and unexpected in my opinion, KO from David, I don’t expect him to bring the type fight most expect. Chisora is very durable. Haye knows this. And if he doesn’t, he’s crazy. But I think he does, and this will make Haye fight smart. I expect a lot of lateral movement and pot-shotting from David. The size of the ring isn’t in his favor, but Haye’s quick head movement, hand speed, foot speed, and tying up at any cost should be enough to trouble a wide-swinging Chisora.


Chisora is what, 20-30lbs heavier than Haye? And that small ring has me thinking as well…? And Haye’s chin has me wondering….?


My prediction could be wrong.

Damn wrong.

But for now, I’ll stand by it.

Enjoy the fight you badass box-a-haulics!!!!!!”

Johnny Walker

Pick: Dereck Chisora TKO9

“I will say this: Haye is still overrated as a heavyweight. I am not convinced by him at all since he entered the division. His best win was over one-foot-out-the-door Ruiz, who didn’t even bother to show for the pressers. People say he beat Valuev, but that’s not what I saw. I saw a guy not just moving but flat-out running, throwing 12 punches a round and getting a very questionable win after Valuev pressed the fight all night.

On the other hand, Del Boy HAS convinced me that he is a very tough and capable heavyweight. He looked great versus Helenius, who not only punches hard but has a solid chin, and only lost to Vitali because VK is an all-time great and can adapt to any situation in the ring and prevail. But Dereck made ATG Vitali, who had just easily battered Adamek, work very hard and he even won the final round of the fight.

Haye looks ripped and says Chisora is fat, but Chisora looks fit enough and strong to me–and unlike Haye, Del Boy does a lot of roadwork, so I don’t think he’ll tire. Haye never does roadwork.

Plus there’s the question of activity: Del Boy is match tough, while Haye has not been very active at all as a heavyweight and has been out of the ring for a year.

So even though my head says Haye just based on his rep for hard punching, I can still find lots of reasons why Chisora could do well here.

So if I have to pick, I’m gonna go with my heart and say Chisora weathers an early storm and stops Haye in the ninth round via TKO.”

Hans Olson

Pick: David Haye W10

“Forget their division…tomorrow’s contest is one of the most intriguing fights in all of boxing…not just for the big boys. I think Haye will drop Chisora early, clipping him with a right hand to the chin, Del Boy’s legs momentarily failing him as the Hayemaker separates the not-yet-warmed pugilist from his senses. I expect this to happen in the first or second round. However, Del Boy will beat the count, survive, and come back. I see Chisora gaining strength as the fight progresses, and Haye will become frustrated. Dereck will adjust and avoid taking a flush shot, utilizing his bob-and-weave, unleashing a smothering close quarters attack. Haye will do a little bit more running when this happens, but he’ll throwing enough to give the illusion he’s landing the cleaner blows. Most of the damage Chisora will do could be obscured by the nature of his fighting style. If David moves enough at the right times (as I expect he will) this will be frustrating for Del Boy, who may resort to some roughhouse tactics inside the “phone booth spots” which may cost him a point. Haye will still have his confidence, but so will Dereck. The last few rounds will be all Chisora, and he’ll grind Haye down, troubling him late. Nevertheless, I think Haye will dig down deep, and land some telling blows to steal the 10th. I see David Haye winning a very close decision…the extra points from the early knockdown and fouling being the difference in the fight.”

William Holmes

Pick: David Haye TKO6

It will be interesting to see how David Haye responds to the one year layoff, but he’s a fighter who hasn’t taken a lot of punishment in his career, and he’s simply too talented of a boxer to lose to the over hyped Chisora. David Haye by 6th round TKO.

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